10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools + Important metrics to track your performance

10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools + Important metrics to track your performance

No what matter kind of digital marketing strategy you use in your business, we all know that good and correct tracked data and analytics are an important way to measure your advertising performances and metrics.

This is no different for Instagram. Tracking and analyzing your data can be a key to success if your business is an e-commerce store, affiliate based business, agency or SAAS business.

However when it comes to social media and SEO there are dosens of tools to choose from, and should you go for a paid or free tools. Are the paid even worth the money? In this post I’ll cover the top 10 best Instagram tools as we know of and why you should use those over any other tool available.

NOTE: If you already know everything about metrics, skip the first part and scroll down to our top 10 best Instagram tools section.

Why should I care about Instagram analytics and metrics?

Which tool delivers the higherst ROI? No-one can’t say for sure, but after reading this post, I hope you might get a better and more clear idea of what would be the best match for your type of business.

Analyzing the right metrics is essential to grow your Instagram business account and social media following in general.

You can use Instagrams built-in analyzing tool, but it’s just very basic, especially compared to Facebook business manager for Facebook ads, and doesn’t provide enough in-depth data about how you perform. However it’s easy to get started with, and might be enough for a lot of people who just launched their Instagram.

Plus Instagram recently changed their API so a lot of tools doesn’t work anymore. Either way, we have filtered these out, and hand-picked the tools we think deliver most value, highest precision and give you something more than what all the other tools offer.

If you need some advices or tips regarding understand the metrics of Instagram here is our break-down.

Most important metrics to track on Instagram

In general you can divide the analyzing of your Instagram performance up in 3 parts.

  • Individual posts metrics
  • Account metrics
  • Ads metrics

When you you want to grow your Instagram account, it’s important to know which metrics to look for, especially if you also want to use a third party tool to help you.

These are the most important metrics to understand to get the basic overview of your general performance and what is going on, on your account as well as posts. It’s a guideline, but if you already know these metrics, you can skip to the best recommend Instagram tools below.
Instagram analytics & insights - follower grow - audience demographical information

Individual post metrics

  • Impressions

What is it:

Impressions on Instagram measure the total amount of times your post have been served to any user.

Unlike reach 1 user can have multiple impressions, by seeing your post or ad several times. Impressions count the total amount of views of the post/video.

Why it matters:

It’s a good metric to measure whether or not your post have been seen by your audience.

Also you can’t get engagement or traffic if you don’t get impressions.

  • Instagram reach & reach percentage

What is it:

Instagram’s algorithm changes, just like Facebook does, and Instagram doesn’t create your newsfeed in a chronological order anymore, and does also take relevancy and estimated engagement into account when it design your newsfeed.

Reach is the total amount of people your post has reached. Compared to impressions, if the same user see your post twice, it will count as 2 impressions but 1 reach.

Measuring reach percentage allow you to benchmark how many of your followers actually view your content.

I am sorry to tell you this, if you don’t know already, but just because you have 10.000 followers doesn’t mean that all 10.000 will see your post. Social media channels are too crowded nowadays and the algorithm prioritise differently today. Remember it’s the same for everybody, but just expect lower organic reach.

Why it matters:

By optimizing when you have the highest engagement on your posts, you can schedule your posts (see the tools below) to post when you have the best reachability for your audience.

You can strategically increase your reach and engagement depending on when and how you post.

This is a more general tip, but creating content that fits for Instagram with 1:1 format post and videos as well as creating cool, engaging content will help your post getting pushed more by the Instagram algorithm and you could increase your organic reach by doing so.

Instagram analytics & insights - follower grow - audience demographical information

  • Video views

What is it:

The total number of views for your video post.

Why it matters:

Instagram and Facebook as a business likes video content. Not saying that video NOT always outperform video because it doesn’t, but you should definitely measure the amount of organic views your videos get compared to picture.

If one of the formats perform better than the other, try promoting this some more. This metric will be important for your content marketing strategy. Try to optimize for the most effective mix of the video and pictures.

  • Engagement & engagement rate

What is it:

Generally speaking, one of the most important metrics for your content strategy on Instagram and social media in general. Having high engagement comes with a lot of perks, regarding getting natural exposure, reach and getting pushed by the platform.

Engagement is defined by the aggregated amount of likes, shares, saves and comments you get on your post.

Engagement is calculated by the total amount of engagement:

If your post has 105 likes, 21 comments, 9 saves and 15 shares = 150

Engagement for this post = 150

Engagement rate is calculated by the amount of engagement compared to your total followers:

If your post has 105 likes, 21 comments, 9 saves, 15 shares and you have 2500 followers

Engagement rate of this post = 150/2500*100 = 6%

However getting a lot of engagement from the same persons, doesn’t add up in terms of getting high relevancy for the Instagram algorithm. Your engagement have to be unique, and fake likes and comments will easily get caught by Instagram, so don’t bother spending your time or money on this.

We will never recommend anyone to buy engagement or in other ways get fake engagement, however you can ask your audience to engage, comment and like your post of course.

Why it matters:

The higher the engagement and the higher the engagement the better. Not only do you have a have more likes and higher change of getting clicks and followers, but this also send good signals to Instagram, than you publish relevant and high quality content to your audience.

However you should expect your engagement rate to decrease over time as your account grow, this is a normal trend though.

For small Instagram accounts, for example an e-commerce business with 10.000 followers, you would be able to get a 10% engagement rate if you’re doing good, however if you have 1.000.000 followers or maybe 20.000.000 you might get anymore from 0,3% to 2%, which isn’t a lot.

This is a natural process of Instagram prioritizing posts from friends and closer related accounts compared to business profiles and public figures. Not saying this is particular good or bad, but just keep this in mind when you grow.
Instagram analytics & insights - follower grow - audience demographical information

Account metrics:

  • Followers

What is it:

Total amount of followers of your Instagram account.

Why it matters:

This might be pretty self-explanatory however getting more followers have a few benefits.

Your business will get credibility and more trustworthy.

You will get more reach with more followers, which means more engagement, more clicks, more traffic and more sales.

Having many followers will also make your Instagram look more serious and professional.

  • Follower growth rate

What is it:

The percentage of growth in total followers.

Example: If you have 20.000 followers in January and 22.500 in February your follower growth rate would be

(22.500-20.000)/20.000*100 = 12,5%

Why it matters:

Having a high and steady follower growth rate with indicate that you’re doing a good job with your Instagram account and content strategy, as well as scheduling of your post. If you have negative growth or just doesn’t grow any followers, chances are you need to change things up.

  • Top post

What is it:

Top posts let you see the best performing posts you have, organised by either likes, shares, impressions or whatelse you like, depending on your goal.

Why it matters:

Knowing what kind of post performs best for your channel and audience is incredible valuable. This information can help you organise and structure similar content and adjust your content strategies accordingly to this.

This will let you know if you should post more videos, captions, photos, behind the scenes, “how to’s” or whatever kind of content your followers like.

Look at the metrics mentioned above to get a better understand of your posts performance and keep optimzing!

  • Audience metrics (age, gender, geographical location)

What is it:

Instagram insights provide you with some informations about your followers and audience such as gender, geographical location, age etc. Try and get a good understanding of your following and the people who are actually following you. This persona might not be the exact same as you expected or wanted.

Why it matters:

The more you know about your followers the better. Understanding what age you create content to, the country or countries who follow you etc. are great informations to generating new ideas for content as well as generating relevant content.

These informations can also be used elsewhere in your business and might surprise you with the insight and knowledge you get. However don’t make to drastic decisions based on a small follower count, this can change quickly when you only have very few followers and might not be 100% representative for your actual audience and persona.

Instagram stories metrics:

Instagram story-specific metrics:

  • Taps forward

What is it:

How often your audience skipping through your story, to see the next story you have published.

Interesting because, with a lower taps forward ratio the better, the more engaged and interested audience you have.

  • Tap backward

What is it:

How often your audience taps left/ back to see your last story you have published.

  • Exits

What is it:

How often your audience swipes down to exit your story and go back to their main Instagram feed.

  • Replies

What is it:

How often your audience use the “swipe up” feature to either comment directly on your story or in other ways navigate to the content you’re linking to in your story.

Instagram ads metrics:

These metrics are for the advertising/ paid part of using Instagram, and are covered in other posts here on our website with a lot of valuable ressources as well. However some of the most important metrics to look after are the following.

There are many more metrics and performance indicators for ads specific posting on Instagram (using Facebook business manager) but this are covered in other posts.

  • Click through rate (CTR)

What is it:

The click-through-rate or CTR of your ads you’re posting. The percentage of people who clicks on your ad.

  • Cost per click (CPC)

What is it:

The cost-per-click or CPC for each click on your ad. The CPC can both be overall CPC or link CPC. The overall CPC is measured by any clicks on your ad, and doesn’t need to be a click through to your website, which would then be called link CPC.

  • Conversions

What is it:

The by far most interesting one. Conversion can be used for leadgenerating, sales, opt-ins or whatever you want your audience to convert on, and is how many sales/leads etc you convert for your campaign. To know more about conversion optimization and Instagram ads make sure to check out our latest Instagram advertising post.

Best Instagram analytics tools:

The tools we cover in this post aren’t in any specific order, and is just a list of the tools we like the most. The first one doesn’t have to any better than the third one.

1. Instagram insights

Instagram app logo - Instagram insight and analytics

Instagram insights as shown as an example earlier in this post, is probably the most common insight and measurement tool for Instagram users. It’s easy to use and access and can be found within the Instagram app when you have a business account.

In the Instagram insight you will be able to track a lot of the common used metrics such as views, most popular post, story views, reach and age of your audience. However it doesn’t allow you to do more in-depth analytics of your audience and benchmark your performance against other similar profiles etc.

The data is limited though, doesn’t allow to export the data, so if you want to process any of the data, you’ll have to use third party tools, as the one mentioned below.

Recommended because:

  • Easy to use and understand
  • FREE
  • Easy to get an overview of your Instagram account
  • Integrated within the Instagram app

2. Icono-square
Icono-square for instagram and facebook business - analytics tool

Iconosquare let’s you sign into the platform with a free trial, and they’ll email you a performance review with tips on how to optimize your content. Iconosquare offer 3 different services within their platform which they call, analytics, activity and publishing.

Analytics are used to better understand your followers, target audience, discovering new audiences and accurate track and measure your stats and performances. They do give some additional insight and value over a lot of other tools, and the dashboard works very smooth. You’ll also be able to benchmark with other competitors, hashtags etc.

Activity are used connect multiple social media channels, to structure and handle your accounts in one place. You can connect both your Facebook and Instagram account here. You can also track, moderate comments and much more, right from the built-in dashboard.

Publishing are used to creating media library where you can schedule posts and content, to be published at the right media channels at the right time, with the right description and tags. You can also preview what your Instagram account feed would look like with the future posts etc.

Icono-square for instagram and facebook business - analytics tool

Recommended because:

  • Detailed analytics with a lot of helpful datapoints
  • Great visually presented dashboard
  • All-in 1 tool for Instagram
  • Can be used for Both Facebook + Instagram

3. Union metrics

Union metrics - dashboard and social media analytics

Union metrics is another great tool, which offer similar great services and analytics. It can be easy customized to your needs and keywords and cover real-time data so you are always up-to-date with your data and posts.

The data imported into Union Metrics are high quality, and the you will be able to both do research, competitor analysis, track your posts performance, discover new content ideas, as well as nice campaign reporting.

They do also offer free Twitter reporting for some limited data, but a cool way to learn what the platform is all about, if you use Twitter as one of your media channels.

Union metrics - dashboard and social media analytics

Recommended because:

  • Real-time datapoints
  • Detailed analytics
  • Works with both Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • Nice customization


4. Crowdfire
Crowdfire app - social media management marketing tool

Crowdfire is another great option when it comes to social media management tools. Crowdfire is also easy to get started with, and also offers some free learning videos, to help you getting around the platform.

The features of Crowdfire is divded into 5 groups:

  • Content

This is here where you can do article curation, RSS feeds, images etc for your social media accounts.

  • Publish

This is the dashboard where you can publish all your content and the platform you linked with Crowdfire. You can link Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn at the time of writing this article.

  • Manage

The “manage” board is where you can manage your followers/ subscribers, follow other relevant pages or people, engage with fans and monitor your competitors.

  • Analytics

This is the analytics tab of all your social accounts and engagement, and offers most of the features you will be looking for.

  • Mentions

“Mentions” track all mentions and comments within Crowdfire and reply right from the platform. Awesome for customer service and engagement.

crowdfire - social media management tool

Recommended because:

  • Great video tutorials
  • Good functionality
  • Unique follower analytics that expose sneaky unfollowers, so you can unfollow them right back
  • Competition analysis

5. Plann

Plann - Plannthat social media management tool and instagram analytics

Plann or Plannthat is another great option when it comes to Instagram management and analytics. It offers both paid and free plans (haha.. “plans” funny right) and is designed to improve and maximize your Instagram performance and insight.

We have a little less experience with Plann, however that doesn’t make it any worse or better than the other ones. It definitely get’s the job done, and have another approach to Instagram management and analytics than some of other other tools. This is primarily made for the phone when you are on the go, and a lot of the other tools are made to be created when you are on your computer.

With Plannthat you will be able to:

  • Schedule posts
  • Bulk upload multimedia
  • Unlimited hashtags sets
  • Great performance analytics
  • Awesome app for iOS or Android
  • Drag ‘n’ drop new posts
  • Check competitors
  • Text overlays
  • Sharing across multiple devices
  • Reposting

Plann - Plannthat social media management tool and instagram analytics

Recommended because:

  • Offers FREE plan as well as paid
  • Great value for money
  • Nice app
  • Cool custom design specialised for Instagram
  • Saves you a lot of time on the go

6. Keyhole

keyhole - Instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube social media management tool

Keyhole offer similar awesome features like the other tools mentioned, however we find it more useful for agencies or businesses with a lot of social accounts, because of their pricing strategy. All the nice and cool features are only available for the more expensive packages, and I don’t think it’s worth the money for small businesses who just want to manage, analyze and grow their Instagram and maybe 1 other social media channel.

Keyhole have a free trial as well but starts at 49$/ month up to 999$/month and 1000$+/month for agencies which is a lot of money. Keyhole also have great support and offers some advances tracking features and analytics and works with both Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook

Recommended because:

  • Advanced tracking and analytics for agencies and bigger businesses
  • Great integration with FB, IG, Twitter and Youtube
  • Great support

7. Tapinfluence

TAPINFLUENCE, influencer marketing management tool

Tapinfluence is a more agency and influencer oriented tool and a little less about the Instagram analytics itself. However Tapinfluence will give you a lot of insight in other Instagram profiles in terms of traffic, engagement, targeted audience, best performaning posts.

It’s great to discover new influencers, managing Instagram campaigns and content as well as generating content ideas and inspiration. This can have great value for both small and bigger businesses, but isn’t focus solely on the analytics part, but instead on creating a solid influencer platform.

TAPINFLUENCE, influencer marketing management tool dashboard

Tapinflunce would be a great match in combination with 1 of the other “raw” Instagram scheduling and analytics tool, so you can combine the best of both worlds, to really boost your business on Instagram and social media in general.

Recommended because:

  • Great all-around influencer marketing platform
  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • Works well in corporation with other IG analytic tools

8. Squarelovin

squarelovin - instagram marketing and management tool

Squarelovin is another cool tool without doubt. One of the cool features is that it’s awesome if you want to leverage user generated content on your Instagram.

Their insights tool is on point, and you can optimize when to post, what to post, video/photo etc. You can also track the specific filters you use and measure their performance, crazy right? Might not be the most important metrics, but even the small things can make an impact, and might improve your engagement.

squarelovin - instagram marketing and management toolYou can manage and approve/disapprove user generated content right within the dashboard, and works perfectly for e-commerce businesses, SAAS other web business and advertisers.

Adding products and tags when you schedule the posts and make seamless integration with your homepage or landingpage. And of course you will be able to analyze and track all this data as well!

squarelovin - instagram marketing and management toolRecommended because:

  • Awesome for e-commerce businesses!
  • Nice visual dashboard
  • Unique for leverage of user generated content
  • Good for branding

9. Social bakers

social bakers - social media marketing and management toolAI-powered social media marketing as Social bakers call it. Also a great option when it comes to social media management and Instagram analytics. Social bakers offers a lot of FREE tools as well as paid options.

Mentioned on Social bakers website the call it “sharpen your targeting with AI-powered recommendations tailored to each of your personas, so you can reach them with personalized content” and it is great indeed. However it’s not magical, and you might not better off then the other tools mentioned in this article, however I really enjoy working on their platform.

social bakers - social media marketing and management tool

They have so many features, and is a platform way beyond Instagram analytics, and is a more overall all-in-1 tool for social media marketers and business who want to manage everything in 1 place.

It’s not tailored specific for Instagram but it’s still a very solid and recommendable product as far as I have tried with our team.

Recommended because:

  • Huge platform and features lists
  • All-in-1 tool
  • AI based recommendations

10. Sproutsocial

Sprout social - social media marketing and management toolSprout Social is the last one of our absolut 10 top favorite tools of Instagram in terms of analytics, perfomance and anything else you will need for your Instagram to grow you social media following and business.

Sprout social is complete social media management platform with a variety of features and is somewhat similar like some of the other ones mentioned, but with their own twist. It has comprehensive Instagram analytics and correct data-points (compared to some other tools we have tested, which of course aren’t on this list). You can analyze your competitors and, discover new content creation ideas and everything else you would expect.

It integrates with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and works like a charm, just like the other 9 tools on this list! 🤓⭐️

Sprout social - social media marketing and management tool

Recommended because:

  • Great overall Instagram and SoMe management tool
  • Easy to use
  • Nice competitor analysis


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