10 Ways to Boost Your Conversion Through Social Media

10 Ways to Boost Your Conversion Through Social Media

According to the Global Digital Report 2018 by We Are Social, there are 4.021 billion internet users worldwide. Of this, a whopping 3.196 billion comprises of social media users globally, with a growing trend of 13% year-on-year. This is why social media marketing has become a huge industry for marketers and businesses where it’s almost “impossible” not to be active on social media (depending on your type of business and audience of course).

The numbers alone should entice all digital marketers to buckle up their shoes, and consider the lucrative opportunities that social media offers.

But let’s be honest.

The competition on various social media platforms is fierce; thanks to its exponential penetration in the field of digital marketing. Every marketer eyes customer attention. And nothing can beat the efficiency of social media in garnering maximum views. In this competitive market, being smart about using social media is more critical than ever.

Try using the following tips to boost your conversion through effective social media marketing. The strategies are straightforward, and it depends on your expertise how you utilize it into an effective marketing tool.

  1. Do Your Social Media Homework

 To be honest, social media is not every marketer’s cup of tea. In fact, there are certain mind blocks that disrupt social media performance and results. It is not like that someday you get up in the morning, post a photo or update about your product on social media, and have business pouring in. You have to stop believing that you can sell directly on social.

Social media is all about human interactions, and if you miss on that ‘interactive’ factor, your social efforts will fail.

Another mind block that stereotyped marketers have is considering social as a tool for popularity. So, if you believe that your social media investment is a failure because you do not have enough ‘follower,’ ‘likes’ or ‘connections,’ then you are doomed from its very start. The primary objective of social media marketing is to promote sales, generate leads, and maximize conversions.

Therefore, it is vital to first understand various aspects of social media, latest trends, case studies, etc. to customize it and use it to your advantage. Targeting Facebook may be an easy bet for you, and the returns are fairly astounding. But there are alternatives that you can try, delivering results at par.

Check out Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or even SlideShare. Study their pros & cons, price differentials and most importantly, reach.

Here is a compilation of the top social networking platforms globally prepared by Hootsuite. It highlights the reach of each platform, ranked by a number of active users (in millions).


Considering all these factors is crucial to before you delve into the world of social.

  1. Schedule Your Interactions Right

A great thing about social media is that you can have followers from across the world. However, that makes interactions a greater challenge for the marketers. For instance, if you want to set up a social media hangout or webinar, getting people from different time zones to interact at the same time is not easy.

Thankfully, there are some great scheduling tools that can help overcome the challenge of distance.

Social media interactions are most fruitful when scheduled according to peak usage times and individual time zones. If you are able to interact with your followers at regular time intervals, whether in individual or via automated tools, you will be in a better position to build trust, long-term customer loyalty and increased conversions. Therefore, scheduling plays an integral role in user engagement and conversions.

DrumUp is a powerful tool that lets you schedule your posts for sharing on different social media platforms. However, a unique thing about the tool is its ease of use and the ability to automatically determine the right time to schedule your posts and engage your audience. It allows you to put all your scheduling efforts on autopilot via a single interface.

Effectively scheduling all your social media interactions is a huge improvement to drive quality leads and increase conversions.

  1. Re-share and Re-purpose

 If you have a brilliant content that is worth sharing, there is no logic behind not sharing it again and again. In fact, using the content for your future shares will boost promotion, improve user engagement and drive conversions. However, the key is to do it differently every time.

For instance, you have once shared a link to an article with a simple summary of what it is all about. If the content is of superior quality and has value to your business, consider re-purposing and re-sharing it again. But this time, do it differently by taking a snippet or quote from the article and share it with the link.

Here’s why re-sharing your social media posts, again and again, can help boost your conversions:

Reshare and Repurpose Social Media Content

Image Credit: coschedule.com

  1. Optimize Your Posts for Each Network

Someone said it right – there is no shortcut to success. If you want to improve lead conversions through social media, it is crucial that you optimize your message for each platform. No two social networks are the same. They have their unique ways of handling text and images. So, if you have multiple platforms to target, make sure you know the strengths of each and how you can take advantage by making each post different.

For instance, Instagram messages have a maximum limit of 2200 characters. It may not sound much interesting if you have something in-depth to share. However, images make up for the lack in word count.

Visual media including images, videos and infographics are a great way to attract user attention and deliver your message in an engaging way. For example, Facebook posts with relevant images garner 53% more likes than standard texts. Twitter, with limiting message length, witness 150% more retweets for posts that have images with it. Likewise, LinkedIn posts having images attract 98% more comments.

It is no surprise that eye-catchy visuals trigger people’s interest more. Therefore, to improve your conversions, take it as a general rule that every piece of shareable content on social media should go with a suitable image.

  1. Make Your Message Informative and Interesting

 To generate conversions from your social media campaign, it is vital to educate people with content that is engaging and informative. People want solutions. They want someone to sympathize with their pain, one who would answer their questions and provide valuable information that helps them achieve their goal or overcome a problem. Even on social media, they expect relatable and quality content, especially from brands.

Therefore, you have first to understand what they are asking for and then deliver the right kind of social media content that provides some usefulness or solution to your audience. Being on social media does not always mean using flashy advertising gimmicks or emotive tricks to generate curiosity. The buzz is not likely to sustain for long.

Having said so, your message does not have to be lengthy to be informative. Try to be precise, succinct and useful at the same time. Here is a great example of interesting and informative social media post by Michelle Bridges, the famous Australian fitness trainer.

  1. Make Some Noise on the Social Platform

Have you considered using the potential of audio as a part of your social media campaign? If not, it can be a great way to spike up your message, make it informative and create awareness. Options include creating presentations, panel discussions or interviews that would serve the purpose of both being informative and unique.

However, designing the style and content may be bit problematic but not impossible. It is essential to identify what style appeals to your audience more, what is your message etc. Based on this, create an audio content that is not too lengthy and sounds interesting.

  1. Use Social Media to Build Trust For Your Brand

How do you think consumers differentiate a brand from another? Of course, exceptional quality and great services are taken into account, but what matters more is trust for the brand. Isn’t it the reason why you always buy from XYZ Co. and not just anyone else? So, to attract your audience and boost conversions, it is most essential to infuse trust and reliability among your audience. Lack of credibility and trustworthiness is a conversion killer.

Social media is a powerful trust device, assuring your audience that it is okay to buy from you. Consumers perceive a brand’s high social engagement as a measure of authority and integrity. Here is an example of how this works. Suppose you want to outsource social media conversion optimization solutions for your business. You have shortlisted two companies, both neck to neck, but one is more active on various social media platforms, and the other is not. Which one would you choose?

Typical consumer behavior suggests outsourcing from the one that has an engaging presence on social media. This is because a brand with better outreach, followers and social media engagement is likely to be more credible than the one that keeps up to its own business. While this is an extreme example, but the message is clear.

To be honest, we all are interested in what attracts others. Active social media presence is a crowd puller that shows people’s interest in your brand and attracts new followers and first-time buyers.

The best way to leverage on this opportunity is by adding social media widgets at your e-commerce product page and marketing campaigns. Here are some examples for you:

boost events conversion

 Image Credit: Audiencetools.io

The above example shows using the sign in options with social to boost events conversion.

 Image Credit: Invespcro.com

Social media buttons can also be added to your e-commerce product page to increase shares and improve conversions in the long run.

Adding and changing the position of social sharing buttons is a proven and effective way of building trust to gain new followers and increase conversion. However, the tactic should be used intelligently or elsewhere; it may not deliver results as expected.

Take the example of Taloon.com, a Finland-based hardware e-commerce store with a range of products in electrical, plumbing, gardening, and other construction material. Their objective was to increase the click-through rate for the main CTA on their product pages – Add to Cart. The original version of the pages looked like this:

If you notice, the original page has several social sharing buttons at the bottom. However, during A/B testing, Taloon.com went against the popular trend and removed the widgets. They wanted to see if this would have any impact on their CTR. They created a variation which looked as below:

To everyone’s surprise, the challenger version showed 11.9% increase in CTA click-through rate as compared to the original version.

So, why did it work wrong?

On researching deeper, it was found that the number of shares on the product pages were mostly zero. A poor number of shares or likes reinforce distrust among the consumers, both about the quality of the product and the company. Another factor that affected their conversion rate was a distraction. While Taloon.com had a catchy CTA, the social sharing buttons were so placed as to act as a distraction.

Social sharing widgets are a great way to reed trust in the minds of the customers, but make sure you use them and place them intelligently to maximize shares and boost conversions.

  1. Create Eye-Catchy Headlines

When we say that social media messages need to be informative, it does not mean it has to be boring or dull. You still need to capture the attention of your target audience, and the best way to do this is through your headlines. It goes without saying that the headline is one of the most vital parts of your content. It is the first thing that people will read and it has to be captivating. Otherwise, even a great content would go unread without an unimpressive headline.

Thus, you have to think uniquely to master the art of writing enthralling headlines. Social media headlines work similar to that of your blogs and guest posts. Here are some valuable insights for you to help write your next headline:

  • Headlines that have numbers are likely to perform better. Studies suggest that numbered headlines have exponential click-through rates than any other form. Here is an excellent example of how to use numbers to garner high click-through and conversions for your social media headlines:


 Image Credit: Conversionxl.com

  • It may be surprising but negative headlines are proven to perform better than the positive ones. The concept has challenged our aged-old belief that positivity in headlines is likely to garner to more click-through, readability, shares, and However, that’s not quite true.

Positive words include most, best, always, etc. Negative words in headlines include worst, never and others. So, when Outbrain conducted a study, it was found that negative superlatives in headlines perform 60% higher than the positive ones and 30% better than the control.

 Image Credit: Conversionxl.com

Outbrain summed up this surprising fact saying, “Audience aversion to positive superlatives may simply be a product of overuse, or it could be because readers are skeptical of sources’ motives for endorsement. On the flip side, sources of negative information may be more likely to be perceived as impartial and authentic. Whereas positive superlatives may have become clichéd through overuse, negative superlatives may be more unexpected and intriguing”.

  • The headline should be clear, precise and to the point. Great titles leave no space for ambiguity. A study on five common title types suggested that the more clarity the headline has, the more attractive it is. You have to be most specific to your audience. For instance, “How to Write for Social Media and Double Your Click-Through Rates in Thirty Days.” The title has its focus, and the benefit presented very clearly; no uncertainty, no ambiguity.

If you want to improve your content’s value, contribution, worth and impact, make sure you have some great headlines going with your social media post.

  1. Relieve Your Audience from the FUDs (Fears, Uncertainties, and Doubts)

 A good example of using social media to eliminate the FUDs is one of GoTire’s franchisee who uses Twitter and Instagram to post enticing photos of their operations in action. Check out GoTire Vaughan’s Instagram posts, and you will see a range of vehicles, in a variety of locations receiving a variety of services. Most of these images have the GoTire truck in the background for effective branding.

The images are not professionally taken, but GoTire does it uniquely by featuring photos to answer customer questions such as how do they operate, what services they offer, etc. With visual answers to customer queries, the franchise efficiently removes many of the uncertainties and concerns that might hold back a prospect from converting. And they do this on social media, even before they get to the website.

  1. Utilize Data Analytics

To boost your conversions through social media, you have first to know what’s working and which are falling out your expectations. Track performance of your social media content, likes and shares using powerful data analytics. Tools like Google Analytics and Kissmetrics can help you monitor the results of your social media campaign in real time. They remove the guesswork from data analysis and provide what is true and relevant.

Do not remain happy having a social media presence. That won’t generate ROI for you. Instead, analyze the data to identify which posts are working, how you can make them better and which areas need some serious tweaks. Continuous monitoring also helps determine the right kind of audience, the right message and the right time to post for better conversions. You can also analyze visitor data to understand where, when and how most of your traffic is coming from.

Put the above tactics into practice, and it will definitely work out best to ensure a strong social media presence and higher conversions in the long run.

Examples of How Brands Use Social Media to Increase Conversions

 Betty Crocker

Let’s begin with a simple example of how Betty Crocker uses different social networking platforms to increase conversions and boost sales for their range of food ingredients. They use their Facebook page and YouTube account to share short videos of recipes to engage their followers better. These recipes are kept simple to attract viewers to try them, using the ingredients from Betty Crocker.

The social media campaigns through various channels have caused a significant boost in Betty Crocker’s awareness and sales in no time.


The mobile phone case industry is highly competitive. If one cannot stand out and establish their brand in this crowd, they cannot garner results as expected.

Peel is a brand that sells super-sleek cell phone cases, with an edge of being both stylish and functional. To highlight their USP, they used the potential of social media, showcasing their products in a unique manner. They use engaging Facebook video ads that help narrate a story of what distinguishes their products from others.

The campaigns are a huge hit, resulting in 16x growth in revenues and 3x higher ROI.

And not just social media ads! Peel has also succeeded on organic social, using visually appealing and cohesive posts and feeds that help reinforces trust among the followers, build relations and improve conversions in the long run.


Oreo is another great example of how impactful social media ‘buzz’ can go in the long run to generate better user engagement, higher sales, and improved ROI.

Back in 2013, when the leading American brand made a stunning tweet to capture its Super Bowl audience, it garnered spectacular engagement and massive ROI. The tweet had the catch line “Power out? No problem. You Can Still Dunk in the Dark.” The message was simple but gained 10,000 retweets in just one hour, with huge conversion rate and ROI following back to back.


 Maintaining a strong and effective social media presence is a great way to increase customer engagement and improve your conversions in real time. However, results take time and you need a patient and systematic approach to have the results as expected. Most importantly, you have to continuously analyze your data and scale up your techniques to stay in trend.

The above tactics will definitely go a long way in delivering better conversions and high returns.

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