5 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Help Monitor Your Company’s Mentions on Social Media

5 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Help Monitor Your Company’s Mentions on Social Media

Your reputation on the social media decides your brand value. If people are talking about you, you are in the limelight. The buzz about your brand can either raise you on top or destroy you completely.

Social media is the actual podium that decides your brand value in the real market. A positive vibe on the virtual world can fuel your marketing engine with jet speed. Nevertheless, negative reviews are the time bombs that gradually sink your ship in the huge sea of similar brands and products.

You can be a big brand and can spread your wings in the entire globe. You can also be a local entrepreneur looking for some organic lead. Or perhaps, you are a social media influencer and want to get a plethora of followers. No matter whoever you are, you cannot secede yourself from the market gimmicks.

Social Media and Your Brand’s Success

To become successful in this highly competitive world is impossible without the association of the virtual world. In a simpler way, social media is the place where people meet and talk nowadays. These virtual platforms are the biggest reason for your impression on potential customers.

But, social media is vast and enigmatic. Check out our previous post to learn about some powerful social media marketing tactics for small businesses in 2019. Apart from that, you need some tools to have incessant eyes on the words people say about you. Is it difficult or easy? Perhaps, if you are aware of some coolest social media monitoring tools, survival in the online market is less difficult.

In this systematic guide, you are about to know A-Z about the social mentions of your brand. You can also know who says what about you and how can you track them. When you have the power to know people’s mind, you can easily leverage them for your plusses.

Before going through the top five monitoring tools, let’s have some knowledge in depth about monitoring.

What is Social Mention?

Let us start with a layman language before proceeding to a professional one. So, whenever someone talks about you on a social platform, it is a social mention. It can be a simple name drop or an online discussion about your brand.

In a more professional tone, a social mention is an event where social media users mention a keyword, brand or a hashtag related to you on any online platform. It can be positive or negative.

Some More Points to Understand Social Mention

  • Social Mention can be done on a channel or a social network where a user mentions words that are allied to your brand. It is relevant to check how many people there are talking about you. You can predict the headcounts that your brand enticed. In other words, it says about your reachability in the social media platform.
  • The sentiment either positive or negative decides your brand value in the market. The sentiment indicator is the attitude of the potential customers towards keywords attached to your brand. You can check the actual ratio of positive and negative comments on a large volume of data. It helps you to decide your next step in the real market.
  • The people’s engagement to your brands proceeds to the possible lead generation. The engagement implies how many likes, comments, and shares you are getting on the social media. This helps you to find the optimal way to the smooth success.

Importance of Social Mention:

For an active blogger like me, social mention is the lifeline. My success depends on the number of organic traffic I get. In addition, my positive brand value is my ladder to ascend on top of my competitors. I am sure the same applies to you. We all are in the market to gain something; it may be either monetary gain or the popularity.

Imagine a situation where your brand is the talk of the social media. However, instead of positive vibes, you are getting negative remarks or haters. If you are monitoring the mention, you can jump on the conversation in the real-time and support your business. Nowadays, social mention is the biggest marketing ploy for any company or influencers.

I, therefore, have compiled here a few benefits that surely help you to broaden your understanding about the social mention.

  • Get Organic Traffic:

Those who talk about you are those who are interested in you. At social media, people share their experiences and expectations about the genuine brands. Often, the information is accurate and is based on real experiences.

You also get to understand your customers. You understand their likes, interest, and concerns and identify your potential customers. The best way to identify such people is to follow them on social media and build a one-to-one repo with them.

It might be time-consuming but the results are worthy of your invested time. You are building your brand value, getting the trust of customers, and creating personal relations with them. So, you are expanding your reachability and earning loyal customers for life.

  • Helping PR Team to Solve the Crisis:

Johnson’s baby product is the living example of how to handle a crisis on social media. Apparently, the brand was in the limelight because of many legal cases globally. The rumor had spread on social media that the brand’s baby powder contains the cancer-causing chemicals. So how Johnson is dealing with this rumor on social media?

The brand has organized many events including factory visits and experts talk in many countries of the world. It invited famous social media influencers, showed them its factories, and organized talked with researchers. The result is interesting. In January 2019, the company experienced gains in various stock exchanges.

The result is always good when your PR team is alert and takes quick actions over social mention on social media platforms. It can prevent disasters. As long as you are attentive to all the kind of responses you get on social media, you can handle any issues before it turns into a storm.

  • Research or Content Management:

What is the more happening place to gather ideas if not the social media? You get millions of opinionated people to discuss your brand. You get the truth and reality about your impression among the real customers. Also, you get the abundant research materials to understand the market scenario and its taste.

Not only you are getting the live insights but also you can directly involve with the customers. It helps you to comprehend the goods and bad about your product. You can make your future planning and analysis based on the real-time assessments of your organic customers.

You can keep track of all the responses, suggestions, and concerns that you see on social media regarding your brand. Use this information to plan your content strategy. Now that you know the customer’s preferences, you know what to feed them to get the positive result.

  • Brand Building:

Everyday whatever you post on social media reaches to numerous people under the sky. As per McKinsey, “word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool.” The social media reach is vast. It goes from Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, and many other platforms. Every time when a customer reviews you or praises you there, your brand value increases.

So what should you do to make a good reputation? Look for every popular big and small social media platform. Track every keyword and brand mentions that are related to you on these platforms. You can indulge the customers for a positive discussion. Be there and shape the conversation to your benefits. Contact the influencers of social media and invite them to help you with the brand promotion.

List of the 5 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Help Monitor Your Company’s Mentions on Social Media

Social media monitoring tools empower brands and influencers to track and monitor the public views. With new tools every day in the market, you have several options for tracking your performance. Here, I have compiled the 5 best social media monitoring tools to help monitor your company’s mentions on social media.

1. HootSuite


Hootsuite is a leading social media monitoring tool. It offers different plans for individuals, team, business, and enterprises. You can choose your plan, sign up the HootSuite account, and get many benefits.

Let’s have a look what all are you getting with HootSuite:

  • You can start with the 30 days free trial and can cancel the subscription anytime within 30 days.
  • You get the benefit to set up a stream and can monitor your every keywords and hashtag.
  • If you choose a professional plan, then you can manage and monitor up to ten social profiles simultaneously. You can handle all profiles in one place with a single password.

Hootsuite Features

  • You get unlimited RSS integration. That means you get all the contents from trusted sources. Hootsuite offers these content in your post automatically and you can share them as per your comfort later.
  • You get the dash live support where you can call and chat to resolve all your queries and problems.
  • It is a perfect way to stay organized and monitor social media activities without fail.

2. Talkwalker


If you want an easy search option for the social mentions, Talkwaker is one of the best solutions. It provides both free and paid kinds of services. You can ask for a demo before operating the monitoring tool on Talkwaker.

Let’s see what you can do on Talkwalker:

  • It allows you to search all the hashtags and social mentions of your brand on every social media platform.
  • You can identify the most used hashtags and associate your brand with that for more views.
  • You can also search and filter the results by demographic or sentiments. It helps you to understand your reach into different parts of the world. Also, you get an idea about people’s attitude towards your brand.

Talkwalker features

  • You can use the information gathered from Talkwalker for the further marketing planning of the upcoming campaign.
  • After you are happy with their free personalized demo, you can choose from any of the three packages as per your requirements. The three packages are BASIC, CORPORATE, and ENTERPRISE.

Talkwalker plans

3. BuzzSumo


Buzzsumo is not entirely a brand mention tool but it does allow many facilities same as any social media monitoring tool. Let us see what the USP of Buzzsumo is:

  • You can set up a content alert on daily basis. It informs you daily about any references from your brand on any social network.
  • You can also set up alerts for – Your brands, Your competitors, Keywords, Authors, Domain, and Backlink.
  • It also refines your alert. For example, you can search for just the cover of the title. You can also search the full text of the articles.
  • You can set up your alerts via RSS or email.
  • Although the tool is available for a free 7-day trial, to continue using the tool, you will have to choose from any four packages among Pro, Plus, Large or Enterprise.

BuzzSumo plans

  • You can create your personal dashboard to monitor all alerts.

4. Mention


Mention has all the comprehensive features that help you in influencer marketing. It helps you to reach the most powerful influencers who can be a thriving force for a lead generation.

Despite of having paid plans as most other social monitoring tools have, it also allows a free trial to start with.

Mention plan

Let us see what Mention has in its bag to offer:

  • The best feature of Mention is “influencer marketing.”
  • You can check for whom all are talking about your brand.
  • You can sort the influencer scores and contact the top influencers.

Mention Influencer Score

  • Also, you can get the summary of interactions.
  • You can also get a summary of sentiment analysis across social media platforms.

5. agora pulse

agora pulse

agorapulse is a very simple and effective social media management tool. You can start with the 15 days free trial and then upgrade to a paid subscriber.

Let us find out more about agorapulse:

  • You can track customer conversation.
  • You can check your customer’s detailed profile. It helps you to distinguish between fake and organic traffic.
  • Also, you can add your 10 media profiles and see all the activities happening to your profile.
  • You can read the user’s review, check their activity and reply to their comment.
  • The tool is perfect for the brands having multiple accounts and large customer service base on social media.

Some Useful Tips to Respond to Social Mentions

Now, you know about the above 5 social media monitoring tools and you also know how to handle them. It is now time to learn how to respond to social mentions.

You know the world out there is cruel and has a short memory. You cannot expect everyone to praise you. Similarly, you cannot expect them to remember you even when you are not active. You must take every social mention as an opportunity to present your brand in a more fascinated way. You lose once and this can lead to social chaos later.

So, let us see some necessary tips to handle social mention:

1. Reply on Time and Do It Quickly:

It depends on how cleverly you use your social mentions. A news agency or an influencer is talking about your brand. Do not waste time and share it right away on every social media platform. Let people know that you are the talk of the town. There is an old say “to attract a mass, first gather people around, others will come automatically.”

In addition, if someone praises you on the social media respond quickly and show your gratitude. Even if someone has negative remarks for you, respond quickly and very politely. Let the world know that you care and you are consistent to improve your brand.

According to a report about customer experience, almost 64% of consumers expect brands to respond and interact with them. In the same time, 80% business buyers expect the same treatment from the companies.

customer experience

It is a no brainer that your fast response will earn you happy and loyal customers. It can further turn into an influencer that will bring potential customer for you.

2. Be Attentive and Do Not Deviate from Your Brand’s Voice:

Every brand has a USP. It is important for the person running your social media account to be accustomed to your brand’s tone. A well knowledgeable social media manager can turn any negative situation into your benefit.

Honesty and humble tone is the one you need in the social platform. People there scrutinize your every move and your every statement. Make your language very simple. Keep it accessible for everyone so that even a 7th grader can understand your comment.

Make your statement formal. If you want to put visual information in your comments, do not forget 14 years old is also reading you. Keep it under PG-13 on an online social platform. Avoid emoji that is confusing or for adult uses. Even, do not post any suggestive visuals. Whatever you are responding on social media, always try to make it appropriate and easy to understand.

One very important rule is to stay professional. You just do not want to appear on Twitter pages that make fun of your statement. Avoid cringe-worthy and teenager statements that make you the topic of laugh or criticism.

3. Do Not Play Defensive:

You cannot stop people’s mouth. When you are on the world platform and open for every kind of reviews, so be ready to handle criticism. It might be possible that the criticism is real and you are wrong. Avoid getting offensive and take their criticisms as critiques.

Even when you handle a very angry customer, there must be a reason for his/her anger. Instead of ignoring that comment, it is an opportunity for you to go down deep and check the real problem. It says, without fire, there are no fumes. So, try to understand your customer’s pain points and correct it before the pain spread into the masses.

Accountability is the main aspect of every brand. You cannot hide or run away if something goes wrong. It is easy to delete hate comments or surpass conversations purposefully. It can be a short-term solution but global customers are watching your attitude towards your people.

So, what can you do when you are on the target of trolls? Stay calm and address every mention with a positive approach. Do not show arrogance and accept your faults. Show the trolls that you can shut their mouth with your performance. In a simple way, do not feed the trolls more materials to downgrade your brand.

4. Move Personal Conversation to Your Direct Message Box:

Many times, you need the customer’s personal information. At those times, it is good if you move the conversation into direct messaging. Customers are often not comfortable to share their personal information on social media platforms where anyone can access that information. It is also wrong with the security point of view.

It happens sometimes that a misunderstanding creates a spiral of humor resulting degrading your brand value. In such situations, it is good to take that out of the prying eyes. Solve the problems personally or through your media team as soon as possible.

A single DM (direct message) and a quick tweet can save you from future disasters. When a customer needs detailed answers or if it is a nuanced response, private communication is most suitable.


Apart from these monitoring tools, you can check Facebook and Twiter monitor tools as well. Even Instagram also provides insights where you can see the reach of your post demographically and a number of likes. These monitoring tools are a boon for business. Whether you are an influencer or an entrepreneur, you cannot ignore the social media mentioning tools. Check all the monitoring tools, go for the free trials, and choose the one that suits you the best. We live in an era where social media rules. Use it for your benefits and maximize your profit. These tools are way cheaper than hiring a media agency just to track your performance. So, they are helpful when you are looking for some cost cutting as well.

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