[Guide] – 8 best ways to get more followers on Pinterest – Get your first 1000 followers


In this post I’ll cover how you can grow your Pinterest account and following, to get more engagement, followers, traffic and even in the end revenue from leads and sales.

Why should I care about Pinterest? 🔍

Well, here are some “nice to know” facts about Pinterest before we start.

  1. 41% of U.S online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest
  2. Pinterest ‘views to follower ratio’ are higher than both Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  3. Pinterest generates 372% more revenue per click than Twitter and 18% more than Facebook
  4. 70% of Pinterest users are female
  5. Pinterest have about 190 million monthly active users

Now that is out the way. Back in the days, followers were everything when growing a social media account. More followers = more traffic = revenue. Today it’s different, you can’t just buy 50.000 followers from Asia and expect to have a lot of real, genuine engagement, likes, sharing etc on your account. In most cases you can expect low to zero engagement if doing so. Even growing social media organically (the right way) isn’t worth for every business (depends on audience, platform etc).

This is also why we had never purchased any traffic, followers and similar services. First of all, most of it is fake, secondly this isn’t going to improve your business either way (they don’t care about you and won’t engage or buy anything) and last but not least Google, Facebook and the other giants’ algorithms will find out, and then totally destroy or ban your account/website.

Grow your Pinterest account and make $$$ 💰

In this article, we’ll focus on getting you real, solid humans just like you and me to follow and engage with your pinterest account. Hopefully this will leads to warm traffic/leads/sales in the long run, or maybe you just want to share some awesome infographics or pins you have made, which is totally cool.

We have made several other post about social media, as well as tips and “how to’s” for those of you who are looking for help with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

You can follow along even if you’re totally new to Pinterest and just created your account and also if you’re already running your business and using Pinterest but just want to take it to the next level. The process is the same, just on a different scale, so let’s go! 📈

Skip to tip 1 if you don’t use wordpress.org or just want to get straight into optimising your Pinterest account and grow your following!

You can head over to this site and then create your own widget for a Blogger, Wix, Tumblr or WordPress.com website

Tip 0. Install social media sharing plugin/ widget (wordpress)

This part of the optimisation is the “off-page” part of your actual Pinterest account, however this is important to grow your overall account and following and can give you a big boost, if you already get some decent traffic on your website.

This part is for wordpress only users (if you don’t use wordpress you can skip to tip 1).

  • Install “custom share button with floating side bar”

This is an example, since you can choose a lot of different good social media sharing plugins, however we just use “custom sharing side bar” on this website. It looks like shown below. When installed you will be able to share any multimedia on the page you’re looking at when clicking on the sharing button.

Social media sharing button on wordpress

In order to install “custom share button with floating side bar” head over to your “add plugins” tab on wordpress and just copy/paste the name.

The plugin look like shown below and works like a charm with no problem. However you can choose any plugin you like, this is just and example, and it’s easy to use.

On top of this, your readers can also share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, LinkedInd and most of other other social media platforms.

Social media sharing plugin

After installing you can head over to the settings tab of the plugin to edit the sharing options. The options you can see below is how we have edited our plugin with the media channels we use. You can customise this to your needs and preferences.

Social media sharing plugin


The second part of this step (if of course optional, but a nice feature) is to install a plugin that can import your Pinterest feed. The feed is the actual posts you have made. Maybe it’s not need for your website/blog but it all depends. If you feel like this would make sense on your niche, this is the plugin to use.

  • Install “AccessPress Pinterest”

Install the AccessPress Pinterest plugin. Mostly because you want to add the pinterest widget and Pinterest feed, which you can then add on your website to showcase you latest pins. You might even get some re-pins because of this, who knows.

Pinterest feed - badge


Tip 1. Publish original good content (pins)

Did you know that about 80% of all pins on Pinterest are re-pins?

If you’re just starting on Pinterest or already have created 100’s or 1000’s of pins doesn’t matter. It’s all about the quality. Is it really that simple, in some way, yes. Just like any other content we consume online on social media and websites, we’re looking for the best, most informative, most valuable, most helpful information as possible.

Pinterest pins doesn’t have to be serious and informative, it can also be funny or creative in any other ways, the goal is just to provide some good and unique to your visitors and readers.

Here are some ideas of unique content you can publish

  • Original images/ covers
  • Infographics you have created
  • Quotes
  • Funny/ entertaining content
  • Valuable informational content that help solving a problem

Overall our clients get the best results with infographics, which is just perfect for creative format. Make sure to always stick to the vertical format to maximise the amount of space of the Pinterest wall you can fill up with your post.

Reasons to create and publish infographics

Pinterest are simply made for the tall vertical format post, make sure to utilise it. If you don’t have a creative graphic designer in your team, you can always use Canva to get started with some good looking images/infographics etc. It’s easy and they offer a free version which is pretty good actually.

Pinterest posts - how to optimise and grow followers easy

Tip 2. Publish pins daily

This is a tip that works on a lot of different platforms. Even though we think you should prioritise quality over quantity, try and post frequently. Most optimal would be daily, this depends on how much content you’re able to produce. If you don’t have any, your only option is to do re-pins.

Posting daily or regularly is also a great way of staying in touch with your audience with your latest news and updates, about your website, product or services.

Reasons why you should pin daily

  • The more pins you got, the more serious your profile looks
  • Will keep your audience engaged on a regularly basis
  • Will send more traffic to your other media platforms and website
  • Consistency looks professional and will help you grow your following

Tip 3. Comment on other relevant & popular pins

A good way to get started and interacting on Pinterest is by going to the “popular section” or type in a keyword of your niche in the search bar. The “popular pins” consists of the most popular pins that have been re-pinned, liked and comment the most in a recent amount of time. The more popular the pin is the more people see the pin and read the comments, therefore this is a good place to place a comment.

For this example I have made search for “SEO marketing” and just picked one of first pins I liked.

Pinterest - seo marketing pin

The reason why you want to engage and comment on the “popular pins” is, that these pins get a lot of views and engagement, and therefore a good way to let other users find your account. Don’t be spammy or try to sell anything, be genuine and real with the pin and try to add something of value. Instead of writing “cool post, try to check out my latest pin, bla bla bla”, try to add a comment that either helps other people, ask about something or in any other way reflects your thoughts around the post.

Pinterest - seo marketing pin comment

Searching for keywords relevant in your niche, also help you to know what works with your target audience and what kind of posts they like. With just a little bit of research you will be able to figure out what kind of content you need to create yourself and just getting overall inspiration.

Pinterest algorithms also detect spammy profiles and therefore you should avoid commenting too much. Leave 2-3 comments a day for a start, and try and make them worth it. Other users will after a while start click on your account, maybe re-pin your posts or follow you. The better comments you make the more real and authentic your profile seem.

Tip 4. Re-pin other pins

When you create your social media marketing strategy for yourself, your business or anyone else you might want to distribute your time somewhat evenly on the media platforms you have chosen. However Pinterest can take up a lot of time if you want to create your own unique content (pins) every time especially if you create big infographics and similar content.

In order to compensate of creating your own content is of course to re-pin others.

Why should I re-pin instead of creating my own content?

  • You save up a lot of time (like a lot.. really)
  • It’s a great way to get noticed by the original creator (maybe they will like or follow you)
  • You will be able to post more frequently
  • You can post pins about subjects where you aren’t the expert yet (for inspiration etc)

Also don’t forget to add your own description and keywords, so you don’t copy/paste the original post. This will also help you with better ranking on Pinterest, and make it unique for your own profile. It’s also a good way to “respect” the original creator of the pin.

Tip 5. Follow board of your competitors

Find a selection of competitors

Find a selection of relevant competitors for your business. Type in some different keywords to figure out what will be a good match and make sure it fits with the brands/ businesses. This tip is about following and spying on your competitors and try and make something better than them.

Pinterest comments - sharing - repin - business - SEO

Follow your competitors followers boards

Click on your competitors followers and start following them. Not the competitor but the competitors followers. If they really are your competitor, chances are that the people who follow also are interested in what you’re doing.

Therefore the people you follow would (if done right) be very targeted and interested in your business and post, which is exactly what we’re looking for.

Follow 35-70 boards a day for a few weeks. You can also search for users based on hashtags# relevant to your niche.

Pinterest comments - sharing - repin - business - SEOPinterest comments - sharing - repin - business - SEO

Create 5-10 different boards

Create 5-10 different boards across different relevant topics after your research. Try to add another 1-2 boards a week, depending on the type of content you create. You can also add a group board (see next tip)

Pin content from your website

With the plugins installed earlier in this post or another tool, pin the content on your website. Try not to over-do it, and prioritise quality content. However posting more frequently than your competitor might be a good way to stay on-top of your audience newsfeed.

Tip 6. Connect other social media platforms

Connecting other social media platforms is a good way of generating followers and traffic across multiple platforms. For example if you already have followers on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, try and redirect them over to your Pinterest (if it lack behinds) and vice versa.

You can also easily tweet pins on Twitter so your Twitter followers can see it. If you don’t use Twitter, Facebook can do just the same. This is a good way of getting some of your warm traffic and followers to your Pinterest page without spending any money on marketing (yet).

Google+ and other social media platforms as well as forums often offer an option to link back to Pinterest in your bio or signature.

Tip 7. Run a Pinterest contest

Contest on Pinterest works just as good as contest and giveaways on other social media channels. It’s a good way of “giving back” to your followers, as well as staying interesting as a Pinterest account. When you react to the comments, reply etc. of your followers they will notice and give you credit. Don’t be that kind of guy who doesn’t care about their followers and just post what “they think” they want, instead of listening to their followers.

By running a Pinterest contest you will be able to increase your brand awareness, potentially viral post, new followers, referral traffic to your other social media or website/ landing page.

When running a Pinterest contest you should make sure you follow their guidelines and rules.


  • Remember that Pinterest is all about people discovering things that can inspire them.
  • Reward quality over quantity.
  • Make it easy to get involved with clear and simple instructions.
  • Read our anti-spam measures to keep your contest fun and useful.
  • Check out branding guidelines if you’re going to indicate your reference in Pinterest in any way.


  • Suggest that Pinterest sponsors or endorses you, or the contest.
  • Require people to add Pins from a selection—let them add what they like.
  • Make people Pin your contest rules. You will become notorious by doing it.
  • Run a sweepstakes where each Pin, board, like or follow represents an entry.
  • Encourage spammy behavior such as asking participants to comment.
  • Ask people to vote with Pins, boards, or likes.
  • Overdo it: contests can get old fast.
  • Require a minimum number of Pins. One is plenty enough.
  • Call your contest a “Pin it to win it” contest.

Tip 8. Utilise the right tools for Pinterest

When using Pinterest, you will have the option to look into the analytics data of your account, just like most of the other social media channels, however you can use some third party tools to enhance your experience, understanding and posting even further.

Tool # Tailwind

Tailwind - instagram - pinterest scheduling

Tailwind is used to do smart scheduling of posting. It will provide you with in-depths analytics of your posting, which kind of posts get most engagement, repins etc as well as when to post. Depending on your audience and geography you might want to schedule sooner/later to get the most possible exposure.

With Tailwind there are no guessing when it comes to targeting. You can use the suggested keywords you will gain the maximum exposure of your pin. It’s fairly easy to learn the dashboard and interface and works great. There are many more different scheduling tools, this is just one of many we have used for our clients. The advantage of using Tailwind is that Pinterest have actually officially approved this tool.

Tailwind also offers a free trial, which allows you to schedule your first 100 pins for free. After the trial it starts from 9.99 USD a month.

Tool # Canva

Canva posting for social media Canva is another cool and FREE tool you can use (with paid upgrade). It’s extremely easy to use and is good for marketers who can’t do graphic design or just teams or persons who want to have nice, good looking images/ multimedia without having to understand photoshop and similar software.

Canva is easy to use and fast to setup. Once you get started you can choose the desired format you’re looking for and chose a template or you can just create your banner/infographic from scratch it’s up to you. They have a lot of customisation, both in terms of text, fonts, icons, stock photos and more.

Click “create design” to get started once you’re logged in your account. They have a drop and drop feature which lets you easily customise and edit the cover/banner/ post. You can create whatever multimedia you need for your social accounts here. For Pinterest posts make sure to pick the vertical format for example 800 x 1422 pixels.

Canva posting for social media

Conclusion & Final thoughts 💭

To wrap things up. Make sure that you have already filled out all the necessary informations about your Pinterest profile, to let your visitors know and find your website, other social profiles etc.

Make sure to add:

  • Contact name
  • Business name
  • Contact e-mail
  • Business type
  • Profile picture
  • About section
  • Website link
  • Connection to other social media channels
  • Location if any

I have tried to focus on the most important part and aspects of posting and growing a professional Pinterest account. There are many other ways of growing a Pinterest account and many other tools to use, however we find these steps the best and most effective way of doing so. These tips and strategies are used by all our clients who have a Pinterest account and everybody was able to grow over 1000 followers within weeks doing just that.

You have now learned to do the following:

  1. Intall social media sharing plugin to your website/wordpress
  2. Publish good, unique content to your Pinterest
  3. Commenting on other posts to gain exposure
  4. Repin good pins
  5. Follow the competition “strategy”
  6. Connecting and sharing on other social media accounts
  7. Running Pinterest contests
  8. Utilising awesome Pinterest tools

Please let me know what you think, what is the best/worst tip?

Have you learned anything new or do you want to share some of your own thoughts and ideas, please let us know in the comments.



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