Amazon: How to sell and rank on Amazon [Guide 2018]

Amazon - how to sell on amazon 2018 - guide

Ranking and selling on Amazon


Running a market online is one the most difficult thing to do. It takes both the guts and knowledge to go through on a dream of selling stuff online. This is so because the internet is a big market already. It is so filled that about a few thousand persons are already doing what you want to do or sell what you have in mind to sell. This is scary. Imagine you wake up one Xmas morning and find out that the same gift you wanted to give to you mum is what you six other siblings wants. This is worse because in that illustration, you probably won’t be losing anything more the uniqueness of your gift. But in the business of E-selling, you are losing both the uniqueness of your products and sales.

That said, running a business in a market as big as amazon you will need several things to take you to a level where you can comfortably sell without being scared of not selling. This article will cover how you can gain a top rank, how you can set up the right product ads to help boost your sales, how you can create a good product listing. A [unique] product listing also let you stand out amoung the crowd of sellers occupying the large E-market. You will also see how you can optimize keywords. These will give you a leap in sales and let you enjoy your increased revenue from Amazon.

amazon - amazon FBA and organic ranking

There are a simple ways to go about this:

  • One of the best ways to show off what you want to sell is by having a well cut photograph of it. Aside having your main photograph the way Amazon advised which is for the product to fill about eighty percent of the photo frame and it being lucid, it is fairly advantageous for you have supporting photos too (it could be up to six but preferably not less than five). These should carry lifestyle images of the product and also it should be shot from different angles. Basically, having clear good photos of the product is a sure boost.


  • Keywords are really good ways to optimize your product ranking. By this, I mean that long keywords that carry the information of the products are good ways to boost the product’s rank; keywords having really important information about the product. These are very important.


  • Nothing helps a buyer more than having all the information he/she needs about a product. For instance, if I’m about to shop for a phone, I would love to know the RAM, the Internal Memory capacity and so on. Making such informations available and highlighted could draw the buyer in and this in turn helps you ranking– because we all know that good sales equal good ranking and good ranking equal good sales. Funny circle, isn’t it?


  • The first thing a buyer looks at after going through the specs to ascertain if they got the right product is the price. A good price is always the best way to get and hold a buyer. Unfortunately, the competition on Amazon makes it difficult to know which the right price is and which is not. That is why it is advisable to not be rigid with your price. Watch your competitors and find a way to top the competition while not running at a loss. A good price could give you a customer, a genuine price can give you a customer for life.


  • A good product description is like a fine cake design. Before you eat the cake, the aesthetic gets you glued. A good product description can be short or long, what matters is the quality of your description; the way your words make the buyer feel. I once heard that marketing is a psychological process. You make the buyer feel good and they react by buying. A good product description is the first step. And this also makes you stand out amongst other who provides that same product.


  • Another way to get more buyers is to add incentives to the sales. Something like “Buy two and a small pack free” and you won’t believe how your sales would explode. The secret is people want to profit from any venture. Getting more from spending some is more than exciting.


  • After making a sale, give the customer a while to have a little bit of experience with product, and then ask for a review through automated emails. Getting reviews is like being appreciated or endorsed. It is like a currency of its own. A couple of reviews will boost your ranking and like I said before, ranking brings customers which are the goal of every seller. Getting review helps gain sales and relevance which are some of the factors the Amazon product search algorithm (A9) uses to rank products.


  • Another way to get amazon reviews is using the “Early Reviewer Program” where you pay small fees for some customers to write positive reviews on your products.


  • Setting up product ads are little blessings in disguise. Yes, they cost money to set up but they are worth every cent when you start getting sales generated by these ads. The truth about running a selling account on Amazon is that without sales, you don’t get much ranking. The hierarchy looks like this Product Ads—Sales–Reviews—Sales—Ranking—More Sales and Reviews.


The traffic gotten is worth is at the end.

  • Amazon’s own advertising options include sponsored products, display ads, video ads, and any other ad they do through their platform.This is very helpful because it helps you get people to discover your product and as result make sales.


  • Also, using other search engines could help.These search engines could help push in more traffic to help your sales also. Examples are AdWords and Bing Ads work exceedingly well for amazon users. Also making links to your products help your products rank in these search engines. This is called Search engine Optimization or SEO. The links have to be of good quality and on topic though.


  • It is good to find ways to make your customers buy only from amazon.This way they can leave reviews which give you more customers. One way o do this is to give “Amazon only” discounts to make them buy only or mostly through amazon. This can be achieved by using emails to target customers, best customers with good discounts that persuades them to use only Amazon for their online shopping.


  • With the help of Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you can make your selling more efficient. Simply put, it boasts: You sell it, Amazon ships it; making you reliable. The brilliant part of this new extension of Amazon is that it serves across platforms. Which means it doesn’t just ship from amazon; it can help you ship products you sold from your own website—for a different charge though.


You can benefit these with FBA:

  • Good discount for shipping
  • Multi platform operation
  • Good customer experience


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