American Consumer Panels Review 2020 – Get Paid for Testing Product Samples OR Is it a Scam?

American Consumer Panels Review 2020 – Get Paid for Testing Product Samples OR Is it a Scam?

Get paid for testing products? Does that sound fun and exciting? Wait! Can it be an advertisement gimmick or perhaps, a scam?

Paid survey sites have gained remarkable popularity nowadays owing to the lucrative opportunity of making extra money online. Legitimate money-making platforms typically work by gathering valuable consumer feedback through surveys and providing the information to product manufacturers, retailers, service providers, etc. who then use the data for business decision making. Users who take the surveys are rewarded with points, which can be redeemed against cash or special offers.

American Consumer Panels is one such money-earning platform that collects consumer data through product sample testing. Once you sign up for the website, they will give you the opportunity for a thorough run-down of specific products and make money. You can make extra income by just testing products right from your home.

So, does that mean you can earn passive income by working as a product tester in your free time? Do not haste! Read this American Consumer Panels review thoroughly before you decide whether this platform is worth your time. Let’s get started.

What is American Consumer Panels?

Surveys for effective consumer feedback have always been a powerful tool for businesses globally. It helps understand consumer interests, demographics, buying behavior, and other parameters that can help aid in strategic decision making regarding improving product or service quality, etc. Often, a mere questionnaire is not enough to collect consumer feedback, especially when companies want a more in-depth review about their products. In such scenarios, product testing is considered a more effective way to gather valuable consumer insights.

American Consumer Panels is a platform that promises to provide value to companies through product testing by panelists. The website sends samples of a wide range of products for in-house testing by real-time consumers. Panelists registered with American Consumer Panels will test the products, provide feedback, and get rewarded in return.

From your point of view, the website provides an option to make a few extra bucks right from your home. According to American Consumer Panels, they work for a wide variety of companies for which you have to do product testing and provide real-time feedback. For working part-time as a product tester, ACP offers a lucrative opportunity to earn between $25 and $45 on an hourly basis, depending on the type of in-home testing project.

How American Consumer Panels Present Itself?

American Consumer Panels portrays itself as “a consulting firm that specializes in product testing and product development work.” Their official website is built more for companies, providing detailed information about how a business can benefit from product testing as an effective tool to gather consumer insights and real-life user experience reviews.

They highlight themselves as an online platform that designs and conducts “In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT)” globally and locally to provide businesses with valuable user feedback on matters such as product quality and functionality, packaging, product instructions, and other important aspects. The website also emphasizes itself as a “proprietary network of in-home usage testers.”

However, there is very limited information available regarding the opportunity available to qualified product testers, except as provided here.

American Consumer Panels Website: As an individual who wants to make extra money online through ACP, the initial look of the website will disappoint you. It caters solely to businesses and how American Consumer Panels can add value to them.

However, they have highlighted the brands for which ACP does in-home product testing. We do not guarantee the genuineness of the information, but it can help you have a fair idea of what kind of products you might have to test once you are approved. Here is a partial list of clients tested directly or indirectly by ACP panelists (as mentioned on the website):


Overall, the website is not visually appealing or user-friendly but provides detailed information once you browse through all the pages. It takes time navigating the site to find precisely the matter you are looking for.

American Consumer Panels Social Media Connections: When it comes to social media connections, American Consumer Panels is present only on Facebook. However, you might not get frequent posts from them providing information about their paid product testing opportunity, neither does it connect to its members in a valuable manner.

American Consumer Panels Mobile Presence:

ACP does not have a mobile application. One has to sign up through their official website only.

American Consumer Panels Customer Support:

Poor customer support is a major drawback of American Consumer Panels. They do provide their official address, phone number and email id on their ‘Contact Us’ page. But most users have complained that customer support calls go unattended most of the time. Any query or grievance reported via email is also not answered often. This brings a question in mind – is the platform legitimate or a scam?

How do American Consumer Panels work?

As stated by American Consumer Panels, they hire “Product Testers” who can work from home nationwide in the United States. However, to qualify as Product Tester, you have to first meet their key requirements. The website guarantees 15-20 hours of work every week with an hourly rate of $25-45 per hour. The payout will depend on the type of In-Home Usage Test project assigned to you. ACP does not require any experience to become a product tester, neither do you have to purchase any product or pay for its shipping.

Each In-Home Usage Tester is considered an independent contractor who will be sent various types of products to be tested at home. Later, you might have to write reviews of the product, take photographs of your user experience, or record audio. You might also need to provide online or mobile feedback, use products for a certain span of time, read instructions, etc. As a Product Tester, you may also have to participate in video chats or phone calls for communication with market researchers.

Participating in product testing and reviews with ACP is free, anonymous, and secure. It is a good way to make extra cash, and often, you can even keep the product that you have tested. So, that comes as a bonus working with this platform. However, to qualify as a Product Tester may not be easy. Moreover, you have to abide by their terms & conditions as mentioned in the image below:

According to the website, paid product testing offers a lucrative opportunity for anyone considering seasonal or flexible work, a part-time job, or just a way to make additional income online. It has flexible work hours and can be used by anyone, from any background.

Become a Product Tester at American Consumer Panels

If you find American Consumer Panels a fun and simple way to earn more money, it is important to know how to get started. To become a Product Tester, you have to first complete the application process.

This is available here.

Once you click on the blue tab as shown in the image above, you will be directed to a page where you have to provide your valid email address to continue answering pre-qualification questions.

Further, in the application process, you have to answer certain questions based on which ACP will determine your consumer profile and demographics. However, it seems to be a gimmick here because to complete the application procedure, you have to first join the LifePoints Consumer Panel and VIP Voice Consumer Panel. So, even if you are not interested to join this consumer research panels, you have to do it mandatorily if you want to qualify for paid product testing with American Consumer Panel.

After you join both the panels, ACP will get in touch with you if you become a qualified candidate based on your consumer profile and demographics, and client needs. Unfortunately, many users have reported that American Consumer Panels never contacts anyone. Their only objective is to get more members joining the two panels mentioned above.

However, that necessarily isn’t the truth because many users have worked with the platform and reported making money through testing a wide range of products. You may not hear back from them right away but if they do not contact them within 3 weeks, it might be that you did not qualify.

ACP mentions the key requirements of becoming a Product Tester:

  • Ability to follow instructions as specified
  • Enthusiastic and attention to details
  • Must have access to a desktop computer or laptop with high-speed internet connectivity
  • Ability to work for 15-20 hours per week and maintain a specific routine
  • Must have a mobile camera or digital camera that can take clear pictures
  • 18 years and older
  • Good communication skills
  • Honest & reliable

What Happens When You Become a Member?

If you qualify as a product tester, brands will send you a wide variety of products to be tested at home. With these products, you will also get In-Home Usage Test Daily Schedule that defines what exactly you have to do with the products. This may include various tasks such as:

  • Unpacking the products
  • Journal entries
  • Reading instructions
  • Mobile or online feedback
  • Using a product for a certain time period
  • Taking pictures
  • Writing reviews
  • Using MFour’s Mobile In-Home Use Test Technology that helps collect Point-of-Emotion insights
  • Chat privately with a market research firm

Once the product testing has finished and you have documented your in-home usage, the project ends and you will get paid for the number of hours you work.

How Much Money You Can Make on American Consumer Panels?

As a product tester, American Consumer Panels promises to pay $25 to $45 per hour. The amount will vary depending on the type of product testing project you qualify for. They also guarantee to provide you with work for 15-20 hours every week. However, you will get paid only if you complete an assignment as per the In-Home Usage Test Daily Schedule. If the product testing and review is not done in the way specified, the website may not pay you the amount guaranteed.

How Does American Consumer Panels Pay?

American Consumer Panels assures making payment weekly every Thursday by cheque or direct deposit to your bank account.

Pros & Cons of American Consumer Panels

The pros & cons outlined here are based on our review and user experiences with American Consumer Panels.


  • An opportunity to make extra money online
  • Fun & simple way of paid product testing
  • Flexible work timings


  • American Consumer Panels is not BBB-accredited, neither they have any principle operator listed anywhere in their website
  • Poor customer support; they do not attend calls or answer emails when communicated for any query or non-payment. They are also not active on social media
  • Forcing interested users to join other survey panels – LifePoints and VIP Voice Consumer Panel
  • Users have reported that they never received any product for testing even after they qualified as per ACP’s requirements
  • Non-payment, as promised, is another disadvantage that many users have reported regarding American Consumer Panels
  • Many users have complained about spamming and selling their private information to third-parties


Based on the review and analyzing the pros & cons, we cannot give the American Consumer Panel a green badge. It might not necessarily be a scam, but it is recommended that people sign up for the platform with caution.

From a general point of view, the platform seems to be one that gets you to sign up for surveys and other panels to earn affiliate commissions. We may be wrong here. There may be users who are making money through this panel, but we have not come across such experiences anywhere. Most users have reported receiving no product testing assignments but only spam emails.

Therefore, we may conclude that American Consumer Panels is not a scam but you should be cautious when signing up for the panel. It depends on your judgment whether the platform is worth spending your time…and private information.

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