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Movies and TV shows seem to be the air we breathe today. They are our ultimate source of entertainment, which is why it has become increasingly easier to watch them at our leisure. Streaming websites have emerged as a great option for those who want to watch content online but don’t want to spend money over it. But today there are hundreds of such options and it becomes hard to know which ones are reliable. Let’s take a look at what makes streaming sites reliable and what are some good sites to watch content online.

What is GoMovies?

GoMovies was a video streaming platform that allowed users to watch content online without any cost. The vast library of titles, great interface, and ease of watching content made it one of the best choices to watch online content. However, it also made it a frequent target and was ultimately taken down. Recently, GoMovies emerged back but it is only a pale shadow of itself. The domains keep changing and redirecting to URLs that don’t work. The site itself continues to face downtime and other errors while streaming content.

But fear not, as there are other options on the vast internet.

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Pro’s of using a VPN:

  • Bypass geographic restrictions on websites or streaming audio and video.
  • Watch streaming media like Netflix, SolarMovies and Hulu.
  • Protect yourself from snooping on untrustworthy Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Dont get tracked with cookies
  • Gain at least some anonymity online by hiding your true location and IP-adress
  • Block ads
  • Protect yourself from being logged while torrenting.

Con’s of using a VPN:

  • Cost a little bit of money (cheap ones are available though)

Read our full in-depth guide on how to get a secure connection with less ads and no geo-restrictions here.

List of the 25 Best Alternatives to Websites like GoMovies 2019

Like GoMovies, there are other streaming websites that promise to deliver the best entertainment in your living room. Let’s take a look at the 20 best alternatives to GoMovies for watching content online.

1. Openload FreeTV

Openload FreeTV

Let’s start with one of the best ones out there. Openload FreeTV really takes care of your needs. The home page provides you with categories of movies, TV shows, and everything that is popular right now. The page also gives you tools to sort the content according to its genre and release date. But the most interesting feature is a separate category for Netflix, where you can watch all the Netflix content online.

No registration of any sort is required before you start streaming the content. The content is provided along with a short synopsis and IMDB rating. In simple words, Openload FreeTV is designed to serve your entertainment needs and easily justifies why it has been a favorite choice for a long time. Overall, it can be your one-spot-fix for all the entertainment cravings.

2. Putlocker


Putlocker was one of the most reliable platforms to stream free content, which has made it today one of the most targeted ones. But despite changing domains and mirrors, Putlocker refuses to give up. One of the most interesting aspects of Putlocker is the sheer variety of content available. Not only can you watch movies and TV shows, but also specific genres like anime, cartoons, and Asian dramas.

The interface is simple and nothing flashy. You can get straight to stream content without any registration. The website offers numerous alternative servers to watch any content, thus ensuring that the streaming is never down. For loyal fans of Putlocker, this seems like a worthy successor to the original streaming website.

3. YIFY Movies

YIFY Movies

While YIFY is a reliable name in the torrenting world, it also is a great platform for streaming content. Even though YIFY Movies, as the name suggests, only stream movies, you can trust it to find every title worth watching.

What makes YIFY so great is the appealing interface. You can start streaming any movie right off the bat. The site ensures great speed and low buffering, while also providing the highest quality available anywhere. Furthermore, there are social plugins to share it with your friends and a discussion forum to share views with others.

Apart from usual filters, the site also provides you with top IMDB picks and suggestions based on your browsing history. Furthermore, if a title you want to watch is not currently available, you can request the administrators to upload it. YIFY has one of the most dedicated communities in the world of online streaming, so you can be assured that any bug or flaw is soon addressed and rectified.

4. Movie4K


For those looking for a simple and straightforward streaming site, your search ends here. Movie4k allows you to stream any movie you want to watch without loading your browser with unnecessary data. The homepage lists the most popular and latest movies along with their format and IMDB rating. Just hovering over any title will give you further details, thus saving you a click.

One interesting feature of this site is that apart from categorizing movies by genre and year, you can also do the same by quality (HD, Full HD, CAM etc.). Movie4K also ensures to bring the latest movies first to you. However, it is restricted to movies, so you cannot watch other content like TV shows and web series. Still, for the movie buffs, it is a great website to bookmark.

5. FMovies


If you want something classy, FMovies is here at your service. At first glance, the site seems like everything you might have wanted from a streaming service. It is completely free, it hosts both movies and TV shows, and it allows you to both stream and download HD content. Apart from the usual categorizations of year and genres, you can also see which content is popular this week or month.

There are also some featured content recommended by the site owners, which provide the best quality stuff you can watch online. Furthermore, FMovies stream content via multiple third-party servers; so you don’t have to worry about a particular server getting down. Also, the interface is pretty awesome.

6. 123Movie


For a long time now, 123Movie has been a trusted option for users to stream online content. Thus, despite getting down many times, it always managed to get back up. The reason is clear: 123Movie gets its job done perfectly.

The site offers both movies and TV shows across many genres. Apart from sorting content via genres and year, you can also view content from specific countries like India and Korea. The content is hosted on third-party servers, each with multiple mirrors. In case you don’t find what you want to watch, you can always request it and the site administrators are quick to oblige. All of this is done on a simple yet efficient interface.

7. AZMovies


AZMovies promises to be the most comprehensive streaming library of movies, and it seems they are right. You can either view its entire list of movies or sort them by genre or year. Through the Featured option, you can view the most popular movies on the streaming site as per the users. Though not as many as some other streaming sites, each movie has sufficient servers to keep it going without interruption.

Interestingly, there is a supposedly official Reddit account of AZMovies which keeps you updated about the new movies added and other site activities. While AZMovies might not be as great as some other streaming sites we saw thus far, it is good to have it around when no other option works.

8. YesMovies


YesMovies is back and better than ever. The revamp certainly paid off as the new version is much faster and appealing. The homepage is minimalistic and offers only three choices: movies, TV shows, and Search.

Choosing any one would lead you on the comprehensive list of movies and TV shows in its library. YesMovies is better than most other streaming sites because of the sheer details. On the page of any content, you can find info like synopsis, length, genre, year, cast/crew, IMDB rating, views, and reviews. You can even watch a trailer to decide if you would like it or not.

There are also keywords that help you in watching similar content. You can also sort the content according to its country. Overall, YesMovies prove to be one of the better options to stream content.

9. Putlocker HD

Putlocker HD

In case you really loved the old Putlocker site, here is another alternative for you. Putlocker HD has the same content as the original site has, all in HD. Apart from its own server, Putlocker HD also streams movies from third-party servers like Openload. The interface is really simple and does nothing to enhance your movie-watching experience, except the night mode.

The site offers both movies and TV shows, categorized according to genres, year and IMDB rating. However, the site has a lot of ads, both in-line and pop-ups, which might hinder your entertainment. Despite many mirrors, sometimes movies fail to stream. Overall, it is a decent option only if you are a fan of Putlocker.

10. Viooz


Viooz is an interesting streaming site characterized by its huge library of online content. The website offers a wide variety of movies and TV series that cover almost every genre.

There are specific sections to view all the content in alphabetical order or ordered by its IMDB rating. However, perhaps the best part about this site is the sheer number of countries it covers.

Instead of taking content from a handful of countries, the site tries to offer content from more than 2 dozen countries. The website hosts content through third-party servers and frequently updates the list. Each content page comes with basic information about it. The only downside of the website is the sheer number of ads which could spoil your mood.

11. MovieNinja


By far, MovieNinja is one of the best alternatives you can find to watch content online. The streaming website offers almost all the latest movies and TV shows for you in its huge library. The homepage lists some of the popular TV shows and movies for you, while you can explore more by going into their respective sections. Watching content is simple and requires no registration.

However, a registration option is indeed there, with its own benefits. By becoming a “ninja”, you can add content to your watchlist or see what other members are watching this week. The social media plugins allow you to share content easily with your friends. Becoming a ninja also helps to keep your browsing history so that you get relevant recommendations next time.

There is also the option to download content offline. The interface is also smooth and helps you to easily navigate across titles. Overall, MovieNinja is definitely one of the best streaming websites you can ask for.

12. Oakmovies


Oakmovies is a straightforward option to stream movies when nothing works. The site offers a large number of movies to keep you entertained from every genre. Powered by IMDB, it also allows you to sort movies according to its rating.

You can watch movies without any registration of any kind. Each title is sourced from multiple third-party servers to ensure that you never end up disappointed. However, the site only streams movies, so you would have to look elsewhere if you wanted to watch some TV shows. But the thing that really sets Oakmovies apart from other streaming sites is the minimal number of advertisements.


CosmoTube is a good option for those looking to watch a very diverse array of movies online. The website begins by listing the popular titles in its library. As far as functionalities go, it has the usual ones like a search bar and categorization of movies by rating, genre, and year. The movies can be available in multiple formats like SD, Full HD, Ultra HD etc.

The servers are generally stable and buffer quickly, so streaming content is a cakewalk. However, one major downside of Cosmotube is that you must create an account before you can watch online content. CosmoTube is available in select countries only, so you might have to resort using a VPN. Also, the site only offers movies and not TV shows. Still, it is a good streaming alternative to watch movies.

14. iOMovies


iOMovies is a decent streaming site which is characterized by its appealing interface. You can find everything in its proper place without being overwhelmed by the choices. Despite the name, iOMovies stream both movies and TV shows.

On the top bar, you can find sections like Suggestions, Movies, TV Shows and Top Rated. There is a wide variety of genres under which all content are categorized. Furthermore, you can also download content so that you can watch it offline later. The embedded player is also quite appealing and aids your movie-watching experience. The simplicity of using it makes iOMovies one of the best alternatives to GoMovies.

15. Vidics


For those who crave entertainment, Vidics is the complete dose. It does all the usual stuff you would expect from a video streaming site: host movies and TV shows, sort them by genre and year, stream through multiple servers.

However, what makes Vidics so unique is the extra stuff it provides. For starters, you can keep track of the schedule for TV shows, thus finding out which episodes aired recently. It tells you about the top TV shows and movies as per the user activity on the site. But even beyond that, you can find the most popular names (actors, directors etc.) based on this activity.

Last but not least, there is a news section covering any happenings of the glamour world. Like we said earlier, Vidics is a complete package for anyone craving entertainment.

16. M4UFreeTV


If you want a decent alternative to GoMovies where you can watch both movies and TV shows, then M4UFreeTV is a decent option. The site has a good collection of titles which keeps updating as soon as anything new is released.

No registration is required to watch the content. The content is hosted on the main server by default, but backup and third-party servers are provided just in case. The streaming is also smooth and does not require a lot of buffering.

On the downside, the website has a poor interface which really does nothing to aid you in the watching (though it also makes the site load much faster). However, if you are someone who only cares about the content and nothing else, this is a good option.

17. Popcornflix


Imagine Netflix, but completely free. Popcornflix is a popular option to watch content online for a long time. It has a huge collection of movies and TV shows. The home page leads you to dozens of titles categorized by their genre.

It is completely straightforward to watch any title; you just click on it and it starts streaming. The embedded player also comes with some unique features. For instance, you can add “moments” (textual or using GIFs) at a certain instance of the movie/episode, which others can read. This allows first-time watchers to know which scenes were interesting and what others felt about them.

You can also queue other titles while you are currently watching any movie or show. While these features require you to register, they are definitely worth it. Overall, Popcornflix is one of the better options to watch content online without any trouble.

18. Moviewatcher


A good option to watch movies and TV shows online would be Moviewatcher. The website has a great collection of titles, both movies, and TV shows, in good quality. It is also updated frequently, so you can safely trust it to find the latest titles. The interface is simple yet easy, so you would have no trouble in navigating through it. The ads are also minimal and do not hinder your experience of online watching. Multiple versions of a title are hosted through multiple servers, each with details like server link and size.

However, one major issue with Moviewatcher is the need to create an account. Though most titles could be watched without registration, the latest titles, as well as HD streaming, is reserved for people who register. Despite this limitation, Moviewatcher is a good option to watch online content. Also, the registration is free of cost; so unless you are someone who is really picky about divulging details online, it shouldn’t be a major issue.

19. Streamlikers


Streamlikers is another decent alternative for people who are looking for a stable streaming site. The interface is pretty simple and unappealing; however, the Night Mode does add a charm to the website.

The homepage simply comes with a search bar, while you can directly go to the movie library with the Movies option. There is another page that sorts movies by the usual filters (year, genre, country) and special filters (most viewed, most favorited, top IMDB). By hovering on any title, you can get quick details about it. The site is easy to use and allows you to watch movies without any hindrance.

However, it does not host TV shows. Furthermore, it is not as fast as other streaming sites to get the latest quality content. Still, if you are looking for something that won’t be taken down every Tuesday, this is a good option.

20. YouTube


Yes, this might look like cheating here, but YouTube is a video streaming site after all. The thing that makes YouTube different is that it has more online content than any other website on the planet. There are dozens of YouTube channels (often belonging to the production houses) that upload their old movies online so that they can be watched free of cost.

Sometimes, some YouTubers also upload the latest movies which could be viewed online (unless they are flagged under copyright). But the best part about YouTube is that it is completely free and you would never have to worry about it going down or changing the domain. It should be noted that while it is easy to find movies on the site, finding TV shows it not exactly easy. Still, people keep trying to upload episodes of popular TV shows, so there is still hope. If you are someone who enjoys watching retro titles, YouTube is the best spot for that.


While streaming online content has become one of our favorite hobbies, it is not exactly an easy job to do. Under constant vigilance, streaming sites kept getting taken down all too often. However, the comprehensive list of 20 alternatives we provided you will ensure that you are never left without an option whenever you desire for some entertainment.

Also if you want to know more about how to get a secure connection with a VPN or just how to stream with less ads and no geo-restrictions, read our in-depth guide for VPN’s here. ⭐️🌍🙏🏼

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