Best and Highest Paying Affiliate Program List

Best and Highest Paying Affiliate Program List

Before letting you know about the best affiliate programs, let’s try to sort that what features a program should have to be called as the best.

As an affiliate marketer, I am always looking for the program which is in my best interest but what makes a program the best for an affiliate to choose? There can be various attractions while choosing as:

  1. Highly Paid: A handsome amount of commission offered is the first thing an affiliate will look for. It is the most considerable factor which makes program good or bad for anyone. It can be in a form of one time payment or recurring commissions.
  2. Easy to Start: Usually, there are certain practices and procedures which need to be fulfilled by an affiliate according to the company. This is to assure compliance with the policies of the business. Lesser entry barriers will make a program looks good.
  3. Payout System: The payment mechanism is affiliate friendly that is the due payment should be with the affiliate as early as possible. This can be a great plus to any program.
  4. Easy to Sell: The product or service which an affiliate is going to sell on your behalf is desired to be attractive and easy to sell.

Moving forward, we will evaluate and list some of the best affiliate program tickets on the bases of payouts as the program with the highest earning potential will top the list.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs:

Please note that this list will cater the best affiliate programs with respect to the payments only. Here we go!

7. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a hassle free program to start with. It provides a reasonable commission bracket to affiliates which starts with $60 and goes up to $398 per sale. They do not offer any recurring commissions but it is manageable as it is comparatively easy to sell with BigCommerce.

They have full capacity of e-commerce solutions that allows one to build stores online from scratch. It ensures secure payments, hosting and convertible visitors.

  1. Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager’s nature of business is the most interesting amongst all. They will initiate and manage the affiliate program for a business. Affiliate just has to refer a business that is looking to launch affiliate program and he/she can easily earn straight $500 on every lead.

Affiliate Manager provides strategy, analysis, implantation and human support for any business to launch the affiliate marketing program.

  1. ConvertKit

If you are a person who is attracted to long term and stable income, ConvertKit is the right choice for you. The do offer 30% recurring income against the sale. In addition, the commission can potentially reach up to $600 per month. It’s a heavenly program if someone is visionary in business nature.

They do offer email campaigns following user’s behavior including multiple premium features which are certainly beneficial for a customer or potential customer.

  1. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is very popular amongst the affiliates with a reason. As compared to the ability to be sold, liquid web is paying well for the services sold. It starts with $125 but it can go up to $900 normally. Other than the commissions, 5% recurring commissions will also be a part of the deal.

By the time, you will be having a stable income every month in form of recurring commission of your sales. Off course, your number of sales is going to increase by the time.

The product list includes Managed WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server Services.

3. Volusion

Volusion is providing affiliates with the opportunity to make up to $2000. The product or services are not something which is hard to sell these days. It is an online shopping platform where virtual stores are built for online shopping more or like Shopify.

With Volusion, you will have a very bright chance to reach $2000 mark as a very large market is already there to target. So, do not just focus on the $2000 mark, multiply it with the number of possible sales to estimate.

  1. MaxCDN

MaxCDN is the only affiliate program which is offering 200% commission on your first sale. Yes, 200%!

It has the earning potential $4800 per sale. MaxCDN has been ranked one of the best affiliate program tickets to sell this year. It has the network servers which can load your site faster internationally.

Name like Jquery and Font Awesome are using MaxCDN which is enough to evaluate the popularity of MaxCDN in CDN market.

1.  WPEngine

WPEngine is one of the highest paying affiliate programs currently present in the industry. The affiliate has a surety of getting at least $200 on the sale but this is not something for which the program is known for. The commission can practically be up to $7500 in real. If you are crossing 10 sales targets, you can enjoy the bonus of $1500 as well.

Do you or your platform have the ability to sell the best affiliate program tickets? If yes, get tied with WPEngine right away.

A word from a Professional Affiliate Marketer:

In the field of Affiliate Marketing, mostly the beginners go with the highly paid programs instead of experienced ones. There is definitely a reason behind that. Yes, earning potential is very important as a factor to be considered but ability to be sold and relevance are the equally important factors. How? I think you are smart enough to figure out that if a program is highly paid but it’s not relevant to your resources and skills, you should not jump into it. If a program is not comparatively highly paid but it has relevance to you in any way, you should go with that because you might not be getting the highest commission per sale but you may get a huge number of small commissions very often.

Try to read a complete guide and detailed analysis of best affiliate program tickets to get familiar with the fair deal available for you.

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