Top 20 Anime Sites as Alternative to KissAnime

Top 20 Anime Sites as Alternative to KissAnime

Anime is a very peculiar genre of entertainment after all. While most dismiss it as childish, only true anime fans know that it is anything but not childish. Originating from Japan, anime has formed a strong fan base all across the world.

Almost every anime show has a fandom dedicated to it. For such fans, watching anime online without any hindrance or issues is of utmost priority. KissAnime is such a site that has been serving fans faithfully. But nothing remains faithful always, so we must always look for alternatives.

What is KissAnime?

KissAnime is perhaps the first name that comes to mind when someone wants to watch anime. The website has an amazingly huge library of anime titles including some of the rarest ones. It is quite easy to watch the content online, while some third-party servers even allow downloading it.

But that being said, KissAnime is not perfect. Its interface is cluttered and sometimes become too heavy to properly navigate. The site occasionally gets down due to heavy traffic. But the biggest issue is the ad pop-ups. If you use an ad blocker in your browser, KissAnime most likely would not work and might even ban your IP from accessing the site.

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Con’s of using a VPN:

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20 Best Alternative Free Websites like KissAnime to Watch Anime Online

If you are looking for some other great sites like KissAnime, you will be glad to know that there are more to the anime world than just one website. Here are some of the best alternatives to KissAnime when you want to watch anime online:

1. GoGoAnime


Let’s start with one of the biggest names in the anime world. GoGoAnime is a popular website that hosts a huge library of anime content. The titles range from the most popular to some of the rarest ones.

You can either view the alphabetical list of all titles or search the one you like. The website offers both subbed and dubbed versions. Under the “New Release” section you can find the newly released shows and episodes. Furthermore, there is a separate section for anime movies. You can also view shows by their genre. Overall, GoGoAnime is one of the best alternatives to KissAnime for watching free anime content.

2. 9Anime


Another popular alternative to KissAnime is 9Anime. The site has a vast library of anime across a variety of genres. What makes it a particularly great option is its huge list of HD English dubbed content, which can make it the first choice of those who prefer dubbed versions.

9Anime is updated every day with the latest episodes of ongoing series. Another interesting feature is the search option that offers a variety of filters like genre, year, quality, status, season, and language. You can also watch the Schedule to see which anime will air when. While you can jump straight to watching any show, there is a registration option to become part of a wider community of anime fans.

3. AnimeHeaven


As the name suggests, AnimeHeaven is indeed a heaven for all anime lovers. It has a great library of all the anime titles, from the oldest to the latest ones. It is one of the trusted websites that has been serving fans for a decade now.

The interface of the website is easy and allows you to watch content without trouble. You can sort the content by using a variety of filters. One interesting feature of the website is that it hosts cartoons too, which further expands the options it provides. You can also keep a tab on your favorite ongoing shows and check their schedule. Apart from the multiple ads that pop up before you can play an episode; AnimeHeaven is a great alternative to KissAnime.

4. AnimeFreak.TV


Anime Freak has one of the biggest libraries of anime titles, approximating at around 10,000! The site offers an easy interface which might look plain but is light and easy to navigate through. You can sort videos by name and release date or filter them by year, genre, and language. The site offers a huge collection of both subbed and dubbed anime. You can start watching any show directly, but there is an option to register which allows you to do things like creating watchlist and writing reviews.

5. AnimeLab


AnimeLab stands unique among all anime streaming sites for one reason i.e. the sheer amount of device support. While most anime websites only work on browsers, AnimeLab comes with separate applications for different devices.

Currently, the site could be used on iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Samsung. Moreover, AnimeLab is completely legal and has a contract to stream directly from Japan, thus ensuring that you always get the latest content on your hands. The only issue is that AnimeLab is only available in Australia and New Zealand. It also requires registration to view content. But if you are someone from either of these countries, it is a perfect alternative to watch your favorite anime.

6. Anime-Planet


Another good option to watch anime online is Anime-Planet. The website has a great interface that aids in your online experience. The home page lists some of the best titles categorized in sections like “Newest”, “Popular”, “Recommended” etc.

You can also view titles according to genres and other filters. The website has a great collection of anime new and old, dubbed and subbed. Though you can move straight to watching content, there is an option to register which would give you perks like creating a watchlist, getting better recommendations etc. Apart from some minor ad pop-ups, it is a great site to watch anime.

7. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is a site definitely worth checking out. It has all the usual stuff you would expect from a good anime site i.e. a large collection of titles new and old, subbed and dubbed. But what makes it a better choice is a collection of the manga which you can read online. You can also find anime soundtrack, something which is quite hard to find for anime lovers.

There are also some Asian dramas on the site. You can also download content to watch offline. The only drawback is its poor interface which is riddled with ads and makes it difficult to navigate. But apart from that, it is definitely something you should bookmark.

8. AniWatcher


Without a doubt, AniWatcher is one of the simplest sites you can find for watching anime content. But despite the simple interface, the website leaves no stones unturned to enhance your time on the platform.

The home page simply lists some of the most popular anime titles along with their information. It also links some interesting sections like random anime, list of all anime titles, ongoing series, newly added episodes, movies, cartoons, and recommendations. The list of titles is continuously updated and you can find both subbed and dubbed versions. Moreover, the site asks no details from you whatsoever. It is definitely worth checking out.

9. Crunchyroll


If there is a name that could rival the popularity of KissAnime, it is definitely Crunchyroll. Since its inception, Crunchyroll has been offering quality content to its users without compromise. Its huge library contains not only Japanese anime or English cartoons but also a wider variety of Asian entertainment. A large number of its titles are officially licensed, so you can watch them without the guilt of being a pirate.

The interface of the website is pretty cool, but there are mobile apps too in case you don’t prefer the browser mode. The only possible obstacle is that it is not completely free, and some of the more popular titles require a paid membership. However, given the fact that the platform has more than a million paid subscribers, it is safe to assume that the membership is worth it.

10. AnimePark


AnimePark is a decent site to watch the latest and popular anime shows. The interface of the website is quite simple and gets your straight to the popular titles on the website. There is also a list of genres that you can use to filter the results.

However, the best part about AnimePark is that it allows you to freely download content from the site. Not just that, but it also allows you to download whole seasons or even entire show in a batch. The website also groups shows by time to help users watch the latest stuff. Overall, it is one of the best sites to watch anime online.

11. AnimeFrenzy


AnimeFrenzy combines two things that anime is known for: content and community. It has a huge library of anime titles, both subbed and dubbed. The site also updates daily and you can always find the latest stuff.

You can also find cartoons and adult content here. But what makes it special is the community. Within the website, you can find an embedded chat room where you can talk to other users. Beyond this, you can join the community on Reddit and discord. AnimeFrenzy is a great option if you want to be in touch of a wider anime community.

12. WatchAnimeMovie


The objective is in the name itself. “WatchAnimeMovie” focuses primarily on movies. While it might have negligible content on anime shows, its library of movies is comprehensive. Not only does it offer anime movies, but also other types like cartoon movies and short animated movies. Other content on the website includes anime abridged series, anime web series, online anime games, anime OVA, motion comics etc.

The drawback of the site is that it is updated very infrequently and you might not always find the latest stuff. Still, if you are someone who loves watching anime and cartoon movies, this is a website you should definitely keep tabs on.

13. OtakuStream


Quite different from other anime sites, OtakuStream is actually a community built by fans. They usually link videos uploaded on third-party servers and do not rip from official anime sites. Members could provide subbed versions of anime while other members can request for anime not currently available on the site. The collection is not as huge as some other alternatives on the list, but the community is far more active than any other. Thus, if you ever want to watch an anime which is so rare that it can’t be found anywhere, you will always find someone on OtakuStream to oblige. The interface of their website is also neat and appealing.

14. Horriblesubs


If you ignore its weird name, Horriblesubs is actually a pretty decent website to stream anime. While the interface is bland and can’t hold a candle to KissAnime, its library can. It has a huge number of anime titles across multiple genres.

You can also view schedule to see upcoming episodes or check which shows are airing currently. The website actually focuses on downloading more than streaming. Each episode comes in multiple video qualities. You can download them directly or via torrent. In short, it is gold for those who prefer offline viewing.


We might be cheating here, but is an important site to have if you are looking for anime online. Instead of an anime streaming website, is an anime streaming search engine. It means that you can find which anime could be viewed online on which sites. The website provides links to streaming sites like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, Netflix and many more. This saves you a great deal from having to Google search each time you want to view a new series.

16. Animeland


If in case you are looking for a website that focuses on the dubbed versions, then Animeland seems like a good option. The website has a huge library of anime titles, both shows, and movies.

While English dub is the main focus here, you can also find subbed versions of many. The interface of the website might look old and boring, but the content is amazing. The site also updates regularly to include the latest content, so you will never miss anything. Overall, it is a must-have for the fans of English-dubbed anime.

17. Narutoget


Naruto is one of the biggest anime franchises ever. If in case you want to exclusively watch the Naruto series, then Narutoget is the place to be. The website hosts all the dubbed and subbed versions of Naruto, Naruto:Shippuden, and Boruto. It also streams all the Naruto animated movies. The interface is really plain but fast and light. In short, this is the ultimate website for all the Naruto fans. However, for people who want to watch multiple shows, this might not be the best option.

18. Manga-Anime here

Manga-Anime here

Manga-Anime here used to be a great website to watch anime content once upon a time. Sadly, the website went inactive in 2016. However, unlike most other old anime sites, Manga-Anime here is still alive and can be accessed. It has a pretty good collection of classic and popular anime. What’s more, an entire section is dedicated to manga. From Tokyo Ghoul to One Piece, you can read your favorite manga online here. If you are not in search of the latest content and would rather prefer classic anime and manga, then this website is worth noting.

19. Hulu


Again, it might look we are cheating, but it is worth mentioning here. Hulu is one of the most popular choices in the world as far as streaming online content is considered. While most people use it to watch network shows from HBO, Showtime etc, few people are only interested in its anime collection. Hulu does have a decent collection of popular anime shows like Afro Samurai, Bleach, Sailor Moon, and Code Geass. While the library is not as comprehensive as of those websites dedicated to anime, it is a valuable perk. Hence, if you are already a Hulu subscriber, you might want to check out its anime recommendations.

20. Kuroani


Lastly, we have Kuroani, an excellent alternative to KissAnime. The website is really simple and straightforward. It has three broader sections: Anime, Cartoons, and Popular. The library of anime titles is decent and contains all the notable ones you might want to watch. There are also a large amount of cartoons, ranging from classics to the latest ones. You can also check the schedule to see which episode is supposed to air soon. The dark, minimalistic theme of the website is devoid of ads for the most part, making it very appealing. If you are a fan of both anime and cartoons, this is definitely worth checking out.


True anime fans know the real meaning of binge-watching entire seasons in a day. In such cases, not only the availability of content is important, but also the quality of content and the interface of the website are considerable factors. On the basis of such parameters, we brought to you the above list. Most of these sites are as good as KissAnime, while some even surpass it. But in any case, you won’t ever have to worry about the site getting down or the ad blocker causing troubles. There are enough options in your hand now.

Also if you want to know more about how to get a secure connection with a VPN or just how to stream with less ads and no geo-restrictions, read our in-depth guide for VPN’s here. ⭐️🌍🙏🏼

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