25 Best Free Websites like CouchTuner [FREE TV & Movie Streaming]

25 Best Free Sites like CouchTuner

When was the last time you used CouchTuner to watch movies or TV serials? Obviously, CouchTuner is the paradise for those who love to watch series online and TV shows without any paid subscription.

We all know CouchTuner is not legal, yet its popularity is immense. However, recently many search engines removed CouchTuner due to technical loopholes.  People addicted to CouchTuner are looking for alternatives everywhere on the internet. So, what if I say there are many other sites that do free streaming of movies and TV serials just like CouchTuner.

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25 Best Alternative Free Streaming websites like CouchTuner

Here I have compiled a list of 25 best free sites like CouchTuner for your use. Let’s check out the list below:

1. Tubi Tv

Tubi Tv

TubiTv is the first name that came to my mind while looking for the best alternative to CouchTuner. It provides free streaming of movies and TV shows. TubiTv is a US-based website and hosts contents from more than 200 partners.

I mostly use TubiTv to watch video contents from famous studios like MGM, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate motions pictures, and others. One can watch different genres like horror, romance, mystery, Sci-fi, Drama, Thriller and many more completely free here. You do not need to pay a single penny for the subscription.

To use TubiTV, you must register to the website. Registration is free. Then you simply search the video you like and if it is available on the site, you can watch it. TubiTv is free on Android, iOS, web, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Xbox, Play stations, Samsung Smart TV and Xfinity X1.

2. PopcornTime


PopcornTime is gaining popularity very fast. It streams all torrent movies and TV shows instantaneously. The services are free and you can stream your favorite shows from anywhere. It constantly searches for the best torrent all over the webs from the best sites and streams on your device. You can watch shows in HD as well. Also, PopcornTime enables you to watch any movie or show with their best versions available on the net.

3. YesMovies


You can download and watch movies and TV series from many genres on YesMovies.  It has the collection of drama, action, romance, thriller, animation and many other genres. It also has separate databases of movies and TV shows for the audience of different countries which include China, France, India, Japan, Korea, US, UK and many more.

It is a good alternative to CouchTuner and it streams free videos.  It has similar layouts like Netflix and offers good features and filter options. The best thing about YesMovies is its easy search options and smooth working style. However, like other free streaming sites, it is also not free of ads. You have to cop up the irritation of handling unwanted ads here like every other video streaming websites.

4. PopcornFlix


Popcornflix is the site you do not need to register for watching online movies and TV shows. You can enjoy your favorite drama on devices like smartphones and computers for absolutely free. There are no subscription fees and no hidden charges.

Also, Popcornflix is a legal site, unlike many other streaming sites. You can watch almost every genre like drama, romance, thriller, horror, action etc. You can also install its app from the iOS and Android play store to watch TV serials and movies on your phone.

However, the site only shows dramas that are available in your country. You need to check the availability of specific dramas in your country or region.

5. CafeMovie


Those looking for a good alternative to CouchTuner, Café Movie is the next best option. The site has amazing collections of movies and TV series. You can find various genres in one place and they are synchronized well. The services on the site are free. However, you need to login before streaming the videos of your choice. You can also watch movies and TV series in HD format. Obviously, the site is not free from ads like all the other sites. You have to bear numerous ads that pop up during the streaming. Café Movie is legally safe, so you can’t expect pirated movies here.

6. SolarMovie


For watching movies and TV shows online for free, Solar Movie is a great choice. Mostly the customers of Solar Movies are from US, Canada, India, and the UK. It has a very reliable search engine. The strong search engine helps you to get whatever movies or TV serials you want pretty fast.

The best thing about this streaming site is that watching online videos here are completely free. You do not need to pay for the subscription charges. However, if you wish to avail premium services, you must buy the subscription.

You can also filter your search specifically for genres, the latest trends, country-specific or most popular videos. You can also check the reviews before watching any video. The site is not ad-free.

7. 123 Movies

123 Movies

123 Movies is a great choice for people who love to watch the latest releases. The site has a great design and easy filter. Finding your favorite movie or TV series is quite easy. The site is free and you do not need to login to watch videos.

123 movies have a superb collection of new and old movies and TV series. Also, the site has organized all the movies and TV series in different genres. That makes your search fast and specific.

You can search based on genre and the year of release. You can also request for the videos that are not present on the site. You can bookmark the videos you were watching and watch again using pause and resume.

Not only you can watch movies online here, but you can also download videos free of cost without registering on the site.

8. StreamLikers


StreamLikers is another great alternative to the CouchTuner. Apart from streaming some collections of movies, the site is free to use. You can watch movies or TV series of your choice without spending any money on the subscriptions.

Also, the site is well designed. It has organized all the movies and TV series well in categories and genres. You can pick your favorite genre from the search or look for the most viewed option. When you click on any video, you can check the rating, general info, and the casting details of the video. In addition, you can either do the streaming in the HD format or download for the further watch.

9. Putlocker HD

Putlocker HD

After Putlocker got into trouble, Putblocker HD replaced the earlier version. This is far better than the original Putblocker in terms of speed and catalogue. Now, the loading is faster and the site has the biggest catalogue of TV serials and movies.

You can filter your favorite video by various segments like genre, top IMDB, most viewed, latest added, featured and many more. Also, you get the latest news about the film fraternity and the newest gossip going around.

The movies and TV series are all free to watch.  You do not need to register yourself or buy any subscription to get services of Putlocker HD.

10. Rainierland


If you are comfortable with the layout of CouchTuner, Rainierland will not disappoint you. It has almost the same layout as CouchTuner. You can watch free movies and TV series here in a good net speed.

The set gives you the facility to choose based on the latest release, most viewed, and best rated. You can also select the movies and TV serials by searching through alphabet or names.

Upon clicking on a movie or TV series, the site tells you about the general info, cast, release year and rating. You can check the info before clicking the movie. That helps you to decide the video and give you a little idea about what you are going to watch.

11. 1Channel


Although 1 Channel is not a secure site, it is a good alternative to CouchTuner. It has a good collection of movies. However, the site is not for the novice. It has only two categories on which you can filter your search. You can choose from the “featured movies” or “movies”.

1 Channel is free to use but you have to register yourself to watch videos.  You have to rely on the search engine to look for the movies. You cannot separate or filter based on genres. Also, streaming is not much smooth. The site has lots of ads that pop up from time to time.

So, if you really know what are you going to watch, then only use the website.

12. Vodly Movies

Vodly Movies

Vodly Movies is one of the few sites that really impressed me. It is an improvised version of 1 Channel. Apart from wide selections of movies and TV series, the site has one of the best filters.

The genre tab has wide varieties of selections so you can choose any movie or TV serial easily. Also, the site offers to filter based on the actor. So, you don’t need to look for various genres to find a movie of your favorite actor. You are just a click away to watch your loved actor.

The services of the site are free. Also, you don’t need to login or register to use the site.

13. Los Movies

Los Movies

Los Movies is another site like CouchTuner where you do not need to log in. In addition, it allows users to filter the movies from a wide and categorized range. You can filter the movies based on genre, country, actor, popularity, director and latest releases.

You watch movies from any country because of the impressive English subtitles. Streaming on Los Movies is free and unrestricted.

However, like other similar sites, Los Movies also has some unwanted links and pop up ads. Also, the movie descriptions here are not detailed and clear, unlike other sites. Since the site has a very wide category list, many movies fall on more than one list. It is sometimes difficult to choose good movies when the video is in a less known language.

14. New Episodes

New Episodes

New Episodes is exclusively for the TV series lovers. As the name suggests, the site starts streaming the episodes of series in minutes after they go on air. You can see all the TV serials of the week on the display here.

Alternatively, you can search for the previously aired series from the search bar. You can also filter serials in alphabetical order. The site allows you to filter based on popular shows, new shows, alphabetically and schedule. Also, you can directly search for the serials from the search bar.

New Episodes has a forum section where you can discuss series, cast and do the gossip. All the services in the New Episodes are free but you need to login before accessing free services of the site.

15. Global TV

Global TV

Like CouchTuner, GlobalTV is also a free online streaming website. You can watch your favorite shows here without any hassle. Global TV is a legally approved website, so you need not to worry about proxy or legal punishment for any kind of piracy issue.

The site has good collections of Canada based TV series. It is like Sony crackle but with much fewer ads and sundry series. Although you can watch series here without login, after login you can see the wide displayed of serials.

The site is for now only available in Canada but there are ways to watch serials here. You can use a VPN and bypass the restrictions.

16. Watch Series

Watch Series

If you are addicted to series and do not mind the interface, Watch Series is a good choice. It has a very simple interface. There is nothing fancy about the website. So, what is the reason for adding this website to this list? The answer is simple. I love easy websites, and I am sure almost everyone does! Searching series here is smooth and quick.  The site does not have multiple links so you can quickly start watching your serial. The only hindrance is login. Yes, you need to register and login before using the services of Watch Series. Here, like many other online streaming sites, all the services are free for the registered members.

17. MovieWatcher


MovieWatcher is another free website to watch online series and HD movies. Just like CouchTuner, it is a free website with good collections of movies and TV serials. The interface is good and you can filter videos easily. The site allows you to filter based on year, genre, most popular, new movies and TV serials. The best part is that you do not need to login to watch your favorite show here.

18. VidSturm


VidSturm is an online streaming site where you will find only two categories i.e. Movies and Shows. No registration is required to use this website. Though the videos here are not organized in genres or other categories to filter your search, the site shows you star-ratings and total duration of each video, which helps you in deciding which video to watch. The frustrating thing about the site is lots of unwanted pop-up advertisement pages, which you have to experience with almost every online streaming site.

19. SnagFilms


This online streaming site contains a huge library of over 5000 independent films and TV shows which are, like every other streaming site, supported by advertisements. The audiences of this online streaming site are mainly from the USA; however, people from other countries can watch videos here as well. The best thing about this site is that you need not to compulsorily register on this site to watch movies and shows here. The site is easy to use and the videos run without having you to wait.

SnagFilms also has its mobile apps on Google Play store and Apple store. So, along with desktop and smart TV users, Android and iPhone users can also watch videos on SnagFilms easily without spending a single penny on any kind of subscriptions.

20. Openload FreeTV

Openload FreeTV

Openload FreeTV is open to audiences from all around the world. With a variety of TV shows and movies well-categorized in alphabets, genres, years, and sub-categories of movies, this site is capable of entertaining their visitors for long. By keeping their database updated with movies and TV series every day, Openload FreeTV makes sure that it is not falling behind any other online streaming sites. The website’s interface is friendly, despite the only frustrating thing which is lots of pop-up ads. Overall, the site is a good alternative to CouchTuner.

21. Coolmoviezone


Coolmoviezone not only offers movies to be watched online for free, but you can also download the videos from here free of cost. One drawback that I found with this online streaming site is that it doesn’t cover TV series. The site offers its viewers to watch movies online in HD. Since I have discussed about a drawback of this site, I am surprised to share one positive point with the same, and that is while spending my time on this site for more than 5 minutes, I neither got to see any ads in between the video I watched, nor did the site show me any pop-up ads. With its neat and clean interface and easy navigation, I really feel that this site will get more popular in the future.

22. Movieninja


Moviennja has a huge collection of Movies in HD quality as well as the latest TV series. Although the site’s database is updated on a daily basis, you can find old movies and TV series easily. It’s because of the user-friendly navigation and well-organized library of the categories on the site. I also found that the site shows lesser ads compared to other online streaming sites. Not only can you comment on the videos you watch, but the site also provides alternative servers in case it fails to load at first attempt. I personally liked this site and I will love to visit it again later.

23. Vumoo


Not only the website presents a huge collection of movies and TV series to watch online, but videos from here can also be downloaded directly to your PC. The site neither requires any sign-up nor does it ask for any paid subscription. With its beautiful interface and well-organized database, this wonderful online streaming site is capable to attract viewers. Despite the large database and daily updation of movies and TV series, searching and browsing videos here is easy and fast. Unlike many other popular online streaming sites, Vumoo has not produced any series for its viewers. In fact, the videos here are provided by non-affiliated third parties, and that is clearly mentioned at the bottom of the site, thus the site doesn’t take any responsibility for any legal or copyright issue.

24. AZMovies


AZMovies is another great alternative to CouchTuner, where you can watch and download movies free of cost. Even, no registration is required to use this site. You won’t find TV series here, but the movies here are of HD quality. To watch movies without any interruption, the site provides the option of choosing among thee servers. With this added feature, you always have two back-up servers which you can use at the time the first server doesn’t work. Though the site contains ads, it will not irritate you by showing pop-ups. Moreover, the movies here are well-organized in genres and years making the navigation and searching super easy for its users. If you are not much concerned about TV series and you are looking to watch movies in HD, you will love this site.

25. TinklePad


TinklePad, like most of the other streaming sites discussed above, provides its visitors a huge database of movies and TV series to watch free without any registration. Apart from a well-organized database of movies in genres and release years and TV series, the site also includes a list of the top IMBD movies. Not only you can stream the videos in HD, but also you can download these videos to your PC free with a few clicks. Though the site is listed in the last position, with a clean user interface a huge collection, and easy search option, it gives a tough competition to CouchTuner.


These were the 25 best alternatives to CouchTuner. All the streaming sites are free to use, though some of them will ask you to register before you may use these. Some of them also provide the option to download videos from there. So, if you are unable to open CouchTuner on your system, you can try these alternatives and enjoy free online streaming.

Also if you want to know more about how to get a secure connection with a VPN or just how to stream with less ads and no geo-restrictions, read our in-depth guide for VPN’s here. ⭐️🌍🙏🏼

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