6 Best methods & Apps to see who have viewed my Instagram profile

6 Best methods & Apps to know who have viewed my Instagram profile

Instagram is by far one of the most popular photo sharing platforms at the time being. Since Instagram is a part of the Facebook conglomerate both Facebook and Instagram tend to favor video content over photo content, more and more. We’ve seen this trend growing every year for the past few years and it will probably stay this way.

Where is Instagram heading?

Instagram is popular because of it’s lovely design, ease of use, enormous amount of active people engaging on the platform, and of course because of alle the nice content. You can follow anyone you like, your friend, your neighbour, Kendal Jenner, Forbes or pretty much anything else, just determined by your interests. Instagram covers every topic and interest possible and you will be able to find anything you like on the platform.

Instagram is also one of the reasons why influencer marketing got so popular in the recent years, and why the industry is growing so fast. Influencer marketing is based on branding and selling through other people, just like a referral from a friend, but from social media instead. Especially Instagram, which also incorporated a feature called “partnership with x”, where a brand can directly link a sponsored or partnership post with an Instagrammer, like shown below.Instagrams-Paid-Partnership-Paid-promotion

In this post I’ll cover the top 5 methods on how you can see who had viewed your Instagram profile. 

So let’s get started.

Are you aware of the ‘stalkers’ on Instagram?

At this time being you aren’t able to see the exact profiles of the people who have viewed your profile. At the moment you will only be able to see have have viewed your story, as you probably know already.

You probably want to find out who is watching your profile, and wether or not this guy or girl is stalking. We do understand, we all want some privacy right?

You might feel that there is no need to find out who is viewing your account and stalking your every move on Instagram. But, think about for once.

Don’t you really want to know your stalkers who actually admire you?

Who is stalking your profile?

Who views your profile in general and how often?

However there are solutions to this problems, and even though Instagram doesn’t (like other social media sites) official allow the permission to view the exact profile of people who have viewed your Instagram, you can use some 3. party tools to get some more insight.

Easiest way to stalk on Instagram?

When people are stalking on Instagram you actually stalk people very easy, because you won’t even have to visit their account from your own account or phone.

A very popular tool is www.insta-stalker.com where you can simply type in a username to watch their account posts and stories.

Insta-stalker doesn’t require any login or payment to use their service, however you won’t be able to view private accounts, which is why we recommend having a private account.

Insta-stalker Instagram

There are still methods to view who’s watching your Instagram profile and posts

There are different approached to analysing your Instagram account as well as who is viewing, engaging, liking etc. on your profile and posts. For stories you can simple tap at your stories and you will be greeted by some of the basic details about the story, such as how many have viewed it, and who have viewed your story. Example like shown below

who have viewed your story on instagram

These stories give your and your following a “social rank”, which let’s Instagrams algorithm choose who it thinks matters the most to you. As you might have noticed, you tend to see stories of your friends first (at the top of your Instagram feed) and then you will see celebrities and other people, businesses and pages you follow. The reason for this is the more you engage with one person or page on Instagram the higher social rank it gets to your account. If you stop viewing, liking, clicking etc. on their profile their social rank will drop and vice versa. In other words, a “popularity score“.

For this reason if your account ins’t “private” or you just want to get some more insight of your followers besides stories you still have some options.

  • You can transform to a business account
  • You can use 3. party tools to gain additional insight

How to transform private account in to a business account

Transforming your account in to a business account is fairly simple and easy and doesn’t require any cost or difficult setup. The proces is simple

  • Go to your profile and tab the “settings icon”
  • Tab on “settings”
  • Tab on “Switch to business profile
  • Generally this will also ask you to connect to your business page on Facebook (because normally businesses uses this feature) however you can skip this part and just gain the “business insight” for your profile
  • Add details about profile category and contact info
  • Done

When you got a business account you will gain access to Business Feature and Instagram Insight

This means you and add business features such as “contact button”, “call” and “e-mail” info to your account as well as the Instagram insight, which lets you get a lot more details about your posts, followers and engagement.

Example of Instagram Insights when signing up for business account

instagram insights - business info

Using 3. party apps

When using 3. party tools there are a lot of options to chose from. Most tools are used for businesses and have businesses in mind when it comes to adding features, functionality etc, which also mean that some tools are paid options.

I’ll only cover tools in this post which are mainly focused for personal accounts and therefore also only free tools. Besides Instagram own insight and stories analytics, these tools below are some great options to gather additional information about who views you Instagram and Instagram statistics of your account in general.

If you are afraid of stalkers for your account, always remember to post responsible, and make your account private so only your followers can see what your post.

Here are our recommend list of for 3. party apps to gain more insight of your followers!

  1. Ins Eye – Followers Analytics

Ins Eye - Followers Analytics Instagram app

Ins Eye is the first of 3. party apps we recommend and is one of the popular Instagram analytics app. This is a perfect app if you want to know more about your followers, who’s watching your profile as well as who’s liking but not following.

So, can you see who views you Instagram account and posts? In short, yes with one of the apps you will be able to see who views your posts.

A great fit for any influencer, personal trainer, designer, musician, business or anyone else who’s interesting in growing their Instagram or getting more detailed information about their following and their Instagram profile in general.


  • Track lost followers
  • Find best and worst followers
  • Identify most popular posts
  • Track deleted comments and likes
  • Track who often comments on your post
  • Find out who’s blocked you
  • Get professional user and media insight

2. FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter for Instagram app

FollowMeter is another popular analytics app for Instagram users with more than 3 mio downloads. This is also simple to use and allow you to monitor the most key features of your profile and monitor your follower growth.

FollowMeter also offers a premium paid version with some extra features, however the features listed below are included in the free version.


  • Track number of gained followers
  • Track number of lost followers
  • Track number of non-followers
  • Track most and least liked photos and videos
  • Track total likes
  • Track total comments
  • Track average comments

3. InTrack – Followers Tracker for Instagram

InTrack - followers tracker for Instagram app

InTrack is another Instagram app that allows you to gain some cool and unique information about your Instagram account and followers. This tool offers a 7 days free trial and is then a 4.99$ monthly subscription, however give it a try and see if you like it.

With InTrack you will be able to see who viewed your Instagram account for FREE, and is very easy to use. Give it a try with the trial to see if this is a good fit for you.


  • Track “ghost followers” and stalkers
  • Track who followed and unfollowed you
  • Track who’s following back
  • Track post engagement
  • Track post performance
  • Track best followers

4. Analytics for Instagram + Likes (Instatistc)

Analytics for Instagram + likes app

“Analytics for Instagram + likes” aka Instatistc is another cool app showing you who unfollowed you, who is not following back, tracking stalkers, profile visitors and much mor.

Instatistc have a seperate “track stalkers” feature where you can see your most recent stalkers on your Instagram profile. The app offers a paid subscription, however it’s one of the cheapest options at only 0,99$ a month.


  • Track account analytics
  • Track follower gain/ loss
  • Track stalkers and profile visitors
  • Track account performance
  • Track deleted comments and likes
  • Track which of your followers who likes the most posts
  • Track which of your friends who doesn’t follow you

5. Unfollowers on Instagram Get

Unfollowers on Instagram get

This app is a fast and accurate tool for follower analytics for your Instagram. You can get weekly reports of you Instagram performance and analytics, look for recent unfollowers, tracking who’s not following your account as well as a unfollow your non-follow feature at an ease.

This is another great example of an app where you can view who’s watching you Instagram pictures and videos.

The app offers a paid option of 6.99$ a month for their subscription.


  • Fast “un-follow” feature to unfollow people who doesn’t follow you back
  • Track general instagram analytics
  • Track your most liked posts (photos and videos)
  • Track who’s watching your profile but not following you

6. Followers Stats+ for InstsgramFollowers stats+ for Instagram app

Followers Stats+ for Instagram is another option when it comes to Instagram 3. party tools and apps. This app has a great layout and easy to use design. It’s one of the popular apps for Instagram and allow you to analyse your account with likes, comments, hashtags and much more.


  • Track how many people have blocked you
  • Track general analytics of your photos and videos
  • Track popular hashtags
  • Track how many comments were blocked
  • Track who don’t follow you back

Get to know your stalkers on Instagram

Now we have covered some of the most popular apps for Instagram when it comes to analyzing your Instagram account and finding stalkers. All of the 3. party apps offers a FREE version so you will be able to use them without spending a dollar. However some of them offers a premium version with more features and details.

What are you waiting for?

Get started, hop into your Google Play store or App Store, these apps works both on Android and and iOS and are simple to use. Download your favourite and get started right away. Get going with one of the apps above and find your stalkers and “secret lovers” on Instagram. Most Instagram account holder would like to know who is looking at their photos and following the stories


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