10 Best Tips for Going Live on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

10 Best Tips for Going Live on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

As per the statistics provided by MWP, every week, 78% of people watch online videos. And the daily viewer of online videos is 55%.

Another recent statistic provided by Hubspot shows that the worldwide consumer percentages of 73% prefer watching entertaining videos on social media.

Live video streaming is a recent phenomenon on social media. I am sure; you must have watched live streaming on Facebook or Twitter. Most of the time brands do live video streaming and talk about their products. They also seek instant reactions from the consumers and talk directly about their concern and queries.

The scenario is very clear. Live streaming is the new way of advertising products/services, connecting to the consumers, and convert social media users into potential customers.

Here in this article, you will learn the step-to-step guide of video streaming at some famous social media platforms. You will also learn some cool tips for going live on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Apart from going live on Facebook or Instagram, if you want to promote your products/services on these sites through paid advertisements and are confused about which platform to chose, read our previous post that explains a detailed comparison of Facebook ads and Instagram Ads to help you understand which one is better for your business.

How Streaming on Social Media Live Helps Your Brand?

5 years prior live video streaming was a dream discussed on various platforms with lots of hope. Today live video streaming on social media is a reality.

Video marketing has now become an integral part of brand advertising. It also allows meaningful conversation between the real consumers and the brand directly. You can say it is now a powerful tool to communicate your brand story and involve with some strategic conversation.

A brand, when directly connect with the consumer, enhances its credibility. Streaming live video gives the consumer a chance to interact directly with the brand. Also, as a brand, you can easily promote your products on social media. You get the chances to answer the queries of the consumers and share their experiences.

Precisely, you can easily build a strong relationship with your consumers and win potential clients in no time. In addition, the live video helps brands to understand the consumer’s mindset and meaningful insights. You can say it is a two-way channel.  Here service provider and consumers both interact and learn about and from each other.

The presence is necessary for remembrance. If people do not see you, they most likely forget you in no times. While building a relationship with your customers, you are making your presence felt. This further encourages customers to spend on your products or hire your services.

It is not an exaggeration to say that live streaming has become one of the most significant marketing gimmicks for most of the brands.

An Introduction to Facebook Live

Facebook introduced its live streaming service in April 2016. In a very short time, Facebook Live gained tremendous popularity and now it engages triple audiences compared to the traditional video audiences.

Facebook Live allows everyone to broadcast their personal videos from smartphones or tablets straight to their news feeds. The popularity of Facebook live is obvious because of the following reasons.

  • It broke the monopoly of media houses to broadcast. Now every common person can also broadcast anything directly to the news feed.
  • The live streaming helped people under the sky to convey their voices and problems in front of global audiences.
  • It gives several local artists and small business owners to reach the audiences directly with meaningful conversations.
  • It helped to close distances between the brands and consumers. Also, people are now able to witness every significant event live from their places.
  • It also helped brands to build a strong relationship with real customers. Business owners and service providers from every sector are now connected directly with the fan and followers.

How to Go Live on Facebook

Earlier in 2016, Facebook allowed live streaming only from mobile devices. But now, it permits Facebook page owners to broadcast even from their desktop computers. Let us dive more into the process of broadcasting both from mobile and desktop.

Step-by-Step Guide to Go Facebook Live through a Mobile Device:

Step#1: When you open Facebook in your smartphone, you will see the option to create a post on your wall. Just tap on the create post box where you will already see the text ‘Write something here…’.


After that, you will get to see various options including the ‘Go Live’ option.


Step#2: Now Facebook will ask permission to access your camera and microphone. Grant access to Facebook. This is only for the first time. Once granted permission, next time you can go live directly.


Step#3: After you will click ALLOW you will see your phone’s camera open with a blue button with text ‘Start Live Video’. Just click on that button, and that’s it. You will be streaming live on Facebook.


Some Important Points to Consider While Going Live on Facebook:

  • As soon as you allow Facebook to access the camera, the front view of your phone’s camera will open. You can change the camera setting from the front to back depending on your choice of video.
  • You can see various options that pop up. You can choose from them. For instance, you can go live with everyone or add animation and mask to your videos. After selecting your option, click the “Live Video” button.
  • After clicking the live video button, you will not go live instantly. You can change your privacy and posting setting. For instance, you can decide the viewers from “public, friends, and friends except, only me or custom.” For a brand, public view is a necessity.


  • You can also add a description of your video. People can see the description in their news feed. To get the attention of customers, write an eye-catching description.


  • You can also tag your friends and add location to enhance the chances of locating your video by people.
  • Now that you have chosen a location and the mode of the camera, written the description, added the extra effects or animations, tagged the people, it’s time to start your Facebook Live video. Just click the blue button and the Facebook live will start.
  • You can interact with your viewers by giving answers to the queries they have posted on your video. You can also block viewers who disturb your live streaming by their lewd remarks.
  • After you have completed, just click finish and the broadcast will end. You can save your streaming to your profile so that people can watch that later.

Step-by-Step Guide to Go Facebook Live from a Desktop:

Here is the step-to-step guide to start Facebook Live streaming from Desktop:

Step#1: When you open Facebook in your Desktop, you will see the option to create a post on your wall. Just tap on the create post box where you will already see the text ‘Write something here…’.


Step#2: Click on the three dots button () to explore all the options there.


Step#3: You will see the “Live Video” option. Click on the option to move ahead. You will be asked to grant the camera and microphone access to create a live broadcast. This will be one-time permission.


Step#4: After you click Allow, the next screen will show you the preview of what people will see on the live broadcast.

On the right sidebar, you will find a number of options.

  • You can post some text with your live broadcast.
  • You can choose to share your live broadcast on any of the four options:
  • your timeline
  • in a group
  • in an event
  • on a page you manage
  • You can tag people or add a location in your post.
  • You can even add a title to your live broadcast. Make a compelling title to grab the attention of people.


Step#5: After you have selected and filled all the required options and you are ready to go live, click on the blue button at the bottom-right side that says ‘Go Live’ and that’s it. The video will appear on both your timeline and news feed.

If you prefer video, you can also view the video below, explaining how to do Facebook live video as business or brand:

Going Live on Facebook through your Business Page to Represent your Brand:

You can go live on Facebook through your Facebook business page also. It’s the most trending way to represent your brand on Facebook and communicate with your audience and customers. You can go live either by a smartphone or by a desktop. You need to follow the same steps which are mentioned above to go live through your business page.

Analyzing Facebook Live Video Performance:

  1. Open your Facebook profile and look at the insight tab at the top of your page.
  2. Click the insight tab. A drop-down menu will open. Choose “Video” from that menu.
  3. Now, the link of all videos that you have posted will open. Choose from the top videos or go to the library and search the video.
  4. You will see these two options – Pre-recorded Video and Facebook Live Video.

Pre-recorded Video: You can analyze the pre-recorded video for

  • minutes view
  • Unique viewers
  • 10-second view
  • Average % completion
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Breakdown of reactions, and
  • Video-views

Facebook Live Video: You can analyze the Facebook Live video including the below metrics

  • Peak live viewer
  • Total view
  • Average watch view
  • People reached
  • Demographical view

You can also check graphical representation of the past performance by clicking each matrix.

How to go live on Instagram:

Although Instagram is owned by Facebook, over the years, the popularity of Instagram is giving tough competition to Facebook. According to the statistics presented by Statista, Instagram reached 1 billion monthly active users in June 2018. Also, Instagram has 25 million active business profiles.


Benefits of Instagram Live:

  • Instagram algorithms place you at the top of your follower feed if you have uploaded a video.
  • Instagram Live allows companies to make direct contacts with the clients and builds a strong customer relationship.
  • Instagram Live enables clients to approach the business directly with their queries, questions, and problems.
  • Instagram Live help brands to boost their credibility and popularity through the valuable and informative post.

A step-by-step Guide to Go Instagram Live:

  1. First, open the Instagram App on your phone and log in to your account. Now click on the camera button. You will find the camera button at the top left corner of your phone. You can also swipe right to open the camera.
  2. The “Stories” section of the phone will open.
  3. Check the number of options at the bottom of the page. You will find options like:
  • Rewind
  • Boomerang
  • Hand-free
  • Normal

Every option has its own prerequisite. For instances, Boomerang allows a looping GIF from the photo and rewind, means your video will play in reverse order. Hands-free allows a 15-seconds video without touching the button.

After scrolling down, you will see the “Live” option. Hit the button and now you can start the video streaming.

  1. Before starting the broadcast, you can also manage the setting as per your need. Hit the gear icon in the left corner at the top. Here you can decide who can watch your video and who can comment. By default, the Live video has the public view.
  2. After streaming the video, you have to toggle “save shared video”. If not, the video will not appear on your news feed.
  3. Finally, when you have to edit the video, tap the “Start Live Video” and you will be able to do live streaming.

Also if you prefer video you can watch the video below, explaining how to go live on Instagram

How to Go Live on Twitter:

Going live on Twitter is easy. Almost 46% of Twitter users are active daily. 80% of Twitter users access their Twitter account using their smartphones, and the traffic source of 93% of video views come from mobile phone users. With these statistics, it is easy to understand the importance of Twitter for the brands. Let us see how you can go live on Twitter.

Twitter Live Video:

Twitter allows four ways to go live. A brand can broadcast professionally while an individual can go live by mobile and mobile periscope. The third party live is also possible for the brands and service providers.

You can go live via the Twitter App from your smartphone with the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account through App.
  2. Create a new post.
  3. The next page will open with the dialogue “What is happening”.
  4. Below the dialogue, you can see the various options. One of them is “Live”.
  5. Tap the “Live” button and your phone camera will lead to the video.
  6. You can see the red button below the camera stating “Go Live”.
  7. Before tapping the red button, you can set the view of camera i.e. front and back.
  8. Create a title and tap the red button. You are now Live on Twitter.
  9. After finishing, tap the end button to stop the streaming.

Once again if you prefer video you can watch the video below on how to go live on Twitter:

Some Tips for Going Live on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Live video has opened the new door of advertising for the business. Earlier, the brand used to advertise through the various media channel. However, live streaming on social media, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have decreased the gap between the brands and consumers.

Live video is the medium through which brands and service providers’ direct communication with the customers. It also helps to lure more potential customers towards the brands.

Here are 10 most useful tips for going Live on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

1. Adding Value to the Video:

The question is very simple. Why would a person watch your video on the social platform? If you do not have to say something new and valuable, you can easily lose your audience.

Before going live, ponder about the reasons for live streaming. Without proper planning, your video will not affect the customers the way you want. Adding value simply indicates make a proper list of the things you are going to talk. Add some real and relevant data, some humor and some harsh facts.

Today, people want entertainment. Do not forget that customers log in to social media to check on their friends and social life. Your video is most probably not in their list. You have to grab the attention of the people. Give them a real reason to watch your video.

2. Use Eye-Catching Visuals:

Even though you are streaming live video, you can add eye-catching video to grab the attention. A good background, well-dressed and groomed anchor and an attracting face are all about to get the attention of the viewers.

People watch what appease their eyes or shock them. National Geographic video always amuses me. I love to watch how they film the wildlife and how they ignite the curiosity of the viewers.

Mostly the visuals of wild animals in their natural form are the best bet to get the viewers. Similarly, I love to watch live videos of brands when they launch products. The glitters and glamour surely grab many eyes.

3. Invite Social Influencers:

If I am following a social influencer, most likely the person impresses me. Imagine that person is on live streaming talking about a brand. It is natural that I will at least check the video once.

Social influencers are one of the main keys to getting viewers on your video. People listen to them, follow them and many times go by their advice blindly.

4. Use Chat box to Communicate with the Viewers:

Talking to the viewers is one of the most important parts of live streaming. When you talk about your brands, people tend to ask multiple questions. Replying to few of them or acknowledging the query boosts your viewership.

Acknowledging your customers is the most important key to relationship building. When you revert to the viewers, you give them due respect. Even a simple “hi” or a name shout out can get you, loyal customers.

During live streaming, you can read the viewer’s comments on the chat box.  They ask a plethora of questions. Some troll, some appreciate, some complaint and some have the valuable suggestion. The way you handle these people during live streaming shows the credibility of your brand.

5. Prepare a Story to Tell:

During live streaming, your content is also important to get the viewers. You can share data during live streaming but these are dull in absence of good content.

A good story binds the viewers to your video. Once you get the attention of the viewers, it does not guarantee their stay on your video. To make them stay, your content must be good.

History says the story has been always the best way to get people attention. When you have a story to tell, you can emotionally connect with your customers.

6. Check the Best Time for Live Video Streaming:

The right time for live streaming is when you can get the maximum viewers. Mid-day is the best time to stream video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It is the time when people take their breaks from work for lunch.

Obviously, they love to spend their free time watching some interesting videos on the social platform. You get the maximum viewers in- between 12 Am to 3 PM. So, plan your live video between these hours.

7. Provide Interactive Training:

Personally, when I surf the social media, I stop at videos that are teaching something. Who does not want to acquire some extra knowledge? If you are a brand, you can involve people through some interacting training session.

Many brands are using interactive training as their powerful tool to engage viewers with their video. How to guide videos are always a hot cake and grab many eyeballs.

Today, many cosmetic brands or mobile brands are using interactive training for getting views on their live video.

8. Stream your Events on Social Platforms:

Glam and glitters always attract people. When you stream your events live on social platforms, you give your customers a chance to attend the events from their comfort place.

Live streaming of the brand events also helps customers to get a hand on information about your products. They feel valuable and respected.

9. Check your Connections before the Live Video:

The main setback of live streaming is the disturbing connection. You cannot expect your viewers to wait patiently for your video during hindered streaming. Apparently, they have several other interesting videos to watch.

Be very sure about the internet connection and speed. Arrange alternatives if there is some problem with the internet. At any cost, make your streaming smooth and attractive.

10. Focus on your Customers:

Customers are the undisputed king of the market. Whatever you do, however you do, the ultimate goal is always luring customers towards your brand. Make your live streaming customer-centric.

You must have something to give to the customers during the live video. It could be some valuable tips, useful information or some giveaway to increase the traffic.


Live videos are the future of brand marketing. According to a blog post by Neil Patel, it is estimated that in the next four years, 80% of the global internet users will prefer internet videos over blogs.

The reasons behind it are that they are budget-friendly, take just a few minutes of customers, interesting, and the quickest way to reach the customers. Thus, Live Broadcasting on social media is the easiest way to boost sales.

Statistics say that video live-streaming market is gaining fast pace day by day. According to the predictions, live streaming videos will face double in growth by 2021. Evidently, in near future, live streaming videos are going to cross $70 billion industry. It is the next happening thing of the marketing gimmick.

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