BTCClicks Review – A Real Bid to Earn Bitcoins or a Scam to Ignore?

BTCClicks Review – A Real Bid to Earn Bitcoins or a Scam to Ignore?

While trying to make money online, you must have come across or even tried to earn from Paid to Click (PTC) programs. A PTC website follows the simple model of paying for clicking and viewing ads.

Whenever you join a PTC site, you would earn money or points (that are later redeemed into real cash) every time you click and view an ad listed on it. The model has been around for years and some sites try to take it to the next level by paying bitcoins instead of real cash. One such PTC site is BTCClicks which is our focus for this particular review.

Better known as cryptocurrency, digital currency or digital cash, bitcoins and in this case you get bitcoins instead of real cash.

Why? Bitcoins allow quick payments internationally, without worrying about the tedious task of currency conversions and it has dramatically lower fraud risks. Even the transaction fees for payments using bitcoins are significantly lower than the transaction fees for credit card payments.

btcclicks website and review

No wonder that the people across the world are going crazy to buy bitcoins (there are a lot of issues with this however).

So, the first thing that BTCClicks does right is wooing people with bitcoins. The best part is that you don’t have to spend real money to purchase bitcoins, but you simply earn them for free by just clicking the ads.

But, is it really that simple and straightforward? Does the site hold a legal status or is it another PTC scam with bitcoins as only an enticement?

We’ll cover everything you need to know about BTCClicks in this comprehensive review.💰

What is BTCClicks? 💵

BTCClicks can also be referred to as BiTCoins Clicks as it combined two popular aspects of online money – bitcoins and Paid to Click. It is a PTC platform where the users earn bitcoins for clicking on and viewing ads. The users earn milliBitcoins (I bitcoin = 1,000 milliBitcoins) per click.

Each ad displayed on the website has a pre-decided payout price and time for which it must be viewed to earn the price. The earned bitcoins can be transferred to a bitcoin wallet after a minimum threshold value is attained. After this, a user can use the bitcoins wallet to use the cryptocurrency online or convert it into real currency (like dollars).

How Does BTCClicks Present Itself? 🔎

BTCClicks presents itself as a bitcoins-paying website which is basically based on the Paid to Click (PTC) model. In other words, the website serves two sets of people:

  • Advertisers: Online advertisers yearn for maximum exposure to their ads (including text ads, banners, video ads etc.). For this, they not only post their ads on different platforms to get organic views but also use the paid mediums like PTC websites to get paid views for their ads. They pay a decided commission to the PTC websites who in turn divide the commission into PTC users after deducting their own profits.
  • People Looking for Online Money: If you are willing to make money online, you are a potential user of the PTC websites like BTCClicks. All you need to do is join the website and start clicking on displayed ads on a regular basis. Every time you click on an ad, a certain amount of milliBitcoins would be added to your account.

The way in which BTCClicks differ from other PTC sites is that it pays in bitcoins rather than real cash or points that can be later converted into real cash, e-gifts, online subscriptions etc.

One benefit of earning bitcoins is the dynamic rate of this popular digital currency. At the point of writing this BTCClicks review, one bitcoin is equal to 10,190.30 USD. It means that even if you earn 1 milliBitcoin with the website, it would hold the value of 10.1903 USD. Exciting, isn’t it?

However, the point is what efforts and how much time is required to earn even 1 milliBitcoin? Find out about it later.

BTCClicks Website: The BTCClicks website is a simple design with no fancy graphics and heavy-to-load images. As you visit the site, you would be greeted by:


As you can see, there are two options to join the site – as an advertiser or as an earner. The sign-up process is quite simple and it takes just a few minutes to get started.

What you really need to notice is that the website makes efforts to help its visitors and users have a better understanding of Bitcoins as it has been designed that way. At the bottom of its homepage, you would find a ‘small blue rectangle’ with a bitcoins unit system menu of – Bits, BTC and mBTC.

If you know about bitcoins, you must be familiar that 1 bitcoin = 1,000,000 bits. According to BTCClicks, 1 Bitcoin = 1,000 milliBitcoins (mBTC).

So 1 Bitcoin = 1,000 mBTC = 1,000,000 bits

By clicking on any of the three options on the rectangle, you can understand the website’s working in the desired Bitcoin unit. It is indeed a good idea to know how much you would earn, what you need to pay to upgrade membership and so on.

BTCClicks Customer Support: One of the important aspects of evaluating a PTC website is the kind of customer support it offers. In this regard, BTCClicks disappoints big time.

Not only does it lack a customer forum, but there is no other way than ‘contact us’ form to reach the team. Many users of the site report that the team is slow in responding back to queries and many of the queries don’t get replies. The FAQ section of the site is of limited help as it answers only a few and typical questions.

BTCClicks on Social Media: The website does have Facebook and Twitter profiles through these show limited activities with no recent updates. Interestingly, both the profiles have almost equal number of followers (13,147 on Facebook and 12,400+ on Twitter).

BTCClicks Security: A number of users of the site report that BTCClicks easily allow changing bitcoins wallet address (used for withdrawing the earned bitcoins) without sending any confirmation on email. It means that a hacker can easily hack a user’s account and vanish with his or her earned bitcoins. It indeed is a concerning issue.

What Is Known About the History and Credentials of BTCClicks?

Al we know about the history of BTCClicks is that it, in April 2013. However, when we tried to dig deeper and searched the popular Whois Lookup database, it came into light that the company is registered in the city of Panama of the Republic of Panama.

The page mentions that the company’s domain was renewed in 2019 and is scheduled to expire in 2020. The database also shares the company’s phone number as +507.8365503. That’s it!

BTCclicks-start of business WHOIS

Nothing more is known about the identity of its owners and the team of employees operating it. Though, the fact that the company regularly updates its domain name can’t be ignored. When evaluating the credentials of a PTC website, it is good to have some information about the people behind the scene. At the same time, the PTC websites that prove to be scams usually go offline in 2-3 years. BTCClicks has been running for nearly 6 years and it is a point worth considering.

How Does BTCClicks Work?

BTCClicks works exactly similar to how other PTC model-based websites work. As a registered user of the website, you would click on ads and watch them for prescribed time durations and earn milliBitcoins for doing that.

How BTCClicks work in 6 easy steps:

  1. Click on ‘Surf Ads’ on the top menu of the site’s homepage.
  2. You will be provided with a list of ad links. Each ad would have the number of milliBitcoins you would earn by viewing it also the time for which you need to view it.
  3. Click on an ad link that would open the ad on a new tab. The page would have a timer showing countdown. Keep the page open till the countdown completes.
  4. After that, you would be asked to solve a simple Captcha problem (usually mathematics-based) to prove that you are a human user and not a bot.
  5. Once you provide the right answer, the site confirms that the promised number of milliBitcoins has been added to your BTCClicks account.
  6. Keep on clicking on each ad link and follow the same steps.


Now, it is time to answer some important questions that might be present in your mind:

How many ads can one click on an everyday basis?

Usually, the site displays 10-25 ads in one go. However, you may return to check if there are some more ads. There are chances that the site updates more ads for new advertisers.

What is the usual payout per ad?

The price per ad may differ. Usually, it ranges between 0.00002 and 0.00004 milliBitcoins with only one or two ads paying between 0.00005 and 0.00008 milliBitcoins. If we convert it into real currency based on the present bitcoins to dollar rate, the usual price would be between 0.000203806 and 0.000407612 USD per ad which is extremely low.

What is the time duration for which one needs to view an ad

Usually, the time duration is between 10-20 seconds. In rare cases, you may be asked to view the ad for nearly 110 seconds and the payout for such ads would obviously be higher.

BTCClicks Referral Program: Like most of the other PTC sites, BTCClicks also offers its members to earn additional milliBitcoins by inviting more people to join the website. For this, you may choose to go with:

  • Direct Referral Program: As the name suggests, you would need to invite people on your behalf to join the site. You can use the banners, promotional tools and social media share buttons available on the site to do it. The benefit of this option is that you don’t have to pay for direct referrals. However, the drawback is that it may consume a lot of time to bring people to join.
  • Rented Referral Program: BTCClicks maintains a pool of people whom you can rent and they become your referee. You may have to pay for the rented referrals, but they are readily available without much effort. These are the members of the site who join it without any reference (even you can be a potential rented referral). Here you need to know that:
    • A rented referral may cost you 0.0006 to 0.00105 milliBitcoins per day
    • You may rent a referral for 7, 15 or 30 days
    • The site guarantees to provide rented referrals who have clicked on at least 15 ads in the previous 5 days

So, what does the site pay as referral income? The site claims to pay 40-80% of the referral income to the referrer. It means that if one of your referrals earns 0.00008 milliBitcoins for clicking on an ad, you would earn between 0.000032 and 0.000064 milliBitcoins.

The biggest concern, whether you choose direct or rented referrals, is the activity level of the referrals.

If they go passive after a few days, your efforts (for direct referrals) and money (for rented referrals) would go in vain. Even is the site boasts of active referrals who have clicked 15 or more ads in the past 5 days, there is no guarantee that they would continue performing the same way in the future too.

Also, the site doesn’t offer any provision to recycle referrals. It means that the quality referrals might not stay with you always and maybe working for some other member of the site in the future.

BTCClicks Memberships

BTCClicks Review – A Real Bid to Earn Bitcoins or a Scam to Ignore?

One can join BTCClicks for free in the category of Standard membership. However, there is an option to upgrade to Premium membership which obviously boasts of better-earning potential and benefits:

  • Premium members get 200% of the cost per click. If a Standard member earns 0.00002 milliBitcoins for a click, a Premium member would earn 0.00004 for the same.
  • Premium members are entitled to earn 160% of the referral income as against 40-80% available for Standard members.

One can upgrade to Premium membership in the following ways:

  • 215 milliBitcoins for 90 days
  • 43 milliBitcoins for 180 days
  • 888 milliBitcoins for 360 days

Withdrawing the Earned Bitcoins:
A member becomes eligible to request for withdrawal once his or her BTCClicks account acquires the minimum threshold value of 0.1 milliBitcoins. Some important things to know are:

  • Withdrawal would charge 1.5% of the withdrawn amount as the processing fee.
  • If you wait and withdraw after you earn 10 milliBitcoins, no fee is charged.
  • The usual waiting period for the transaction is up to 24 hours.

For Advertisers: If you are an advertiser, you can use BTCClicks, ‘Advertiser’ signup to place your ads on the site. It offers different advertiser packages to choose from. The site also maintains a list of ad categories that are prohibited. These include ads related to spyware, malware, adult sites, products like weapons, drugs, etc., copyrighted material and so on.

How much can you earn with BTCClicks?

BTCClicks Review – A Real Bid to Earn Bitcoins or a Scam to Ignore?

It is easy to have an idea about how much one can earn with BTCClicks. Lets’ understand it with the following example:

Consider that you click 10 ads per day for 10 days and the cost of each click is 0.00004 milliBitcoins.

So, your income would be 10ads*10days*0.00004 which equals to 0.004 milliBitcoins.

Suppose you have a referral who also clicks on the same ads for the same number of days. So, his or her income would be the same. Considering that the site decided to pay 80% of the referral income, you would get 0.0032 milliBitcoins.

Therefore, your total income would be 0.004 + 0.0032 which equals to 0.0072 milliBitcoins. In terms of USD, you would earn 0.07337016 (at the present bitcoins to dollar rate).

Income Potential: The income potential with BTCClicks is extremely low as is clear from the example above. Your referrals’ activity level can be a major deciding factor in this regard.

How to Get Started with BTCClicks?

Getting started with BTCClicks is absolutely straightforward. It can be done in 4 simple steps:

  1. Visit the site and choose the ‘Earner’ sign-up option.
  2. Provide a valid email id.
  3. Verify the email id by clicking on the received link.
  4. Set a password and start to Surf Ads.

What do you need?

To join BTCClicks, you would need:

  • A valid email id
  • A Bitcoins Wallet account when you need to withdraw the earned bitcoins

As a member of the site, you must keep the following things in mind:

  • The site follows a strict policy of one account per IP address. So, be careful if there are more family members in joining the site.
  • If you stay inactive for 45 days or more, the site is most likely to suspend your account and erase the available balance.
  • While clicking on the ads, prefer to click on the one with the highest payouts first. It happens that the ads expire before you click on their links.

Is BTCClicks Legit or a Scam?

To answer this question, you need to consider things like:

  • The site exists for 6+ years
  • It is free to join (at least for Standard membership)
  • No concrete history and information about site owners
  • Reports from users about suspended accounts are many in numbers
  • However, payment proofs from many users are available
  • Also, there are an equal number of proofs of non-payment from the site floating on the internet
  • There have been additional reports of user accounts getting hacked and their balanced transferred to unknown bitcoins wallets. So, account security is a concern

One may conclude that the site might not be exactly a scam but its functioning is not up to the mark. Regarding suspended accounts and non-paid users, these may have resulted from violating the site’s terms and conditions. Still, you need to use your own discretion to decide whether to trust the site or not.

Going further, you can decide whether to join BTCClick or not based on its pros and cons:


  • Bitcoins is definitely an exciting thing to earn
  • You get to earn bitcoins without buying them
  • If you spend a lot of time online, devoting more time on this site may help you make decent money


  • The overall income potential is extremely low, especially when compared to many other popular and higher-paying PTC sites
  • The numbers of ads you get to click on an everyday basis are limited which further hinders the earning potential.
  • The minimum withdrawal threshold of 0.1 milliBitcoins may appear low, but it may be extremely difficult to achieve it. For example, consider that you get to click on ads, each paying 0.00004 milliBitcoins. So, in order to reach the minimum threshold value of 0.1 milliBitcoins, you would need to click on 2,500 ads. Let’s take it further. Suppose each of these ads demands the viewing time of 20 seconds. So, you will be spending 50,000 seconds or approximately 14 hours in it.
  • The site offers poor customer support that can be discouraging for the first time PTC users. There is no way to discuss the concerns and queries that these users might have.

What’s the Final Verdict?

BTCClicks is NOT a SCAM, however it’s not recommend at all because of the very low income potential and there are other way better ways to make money online also if you still want to do PTC sites.

Overall, BTCClicks is not a good way to earn money online, especially when there are many other PTC and online money-making websites available. The only exciting thing about it is the chance to earn bitcoins, the future of currency. However, you may come across other bitcoins-paying sites with higher payout-rates.

Some would say that the referral program of the site is a plus point. However, monitoring the referrals’ activity levels can be again tedious and one needs to devote more amount of time in doing so. Only if you have enough time, then you can think of putting extensive efforts and energy in this direction. On the scale of 1 to 5, we rank BTCClicks at 1.5.

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