Can You Still Make Money on YouTube? – 7 Best strategies to earn more

Can You Still Make Money on YouTube? - 7 Best tips to earn more

Making money on YouTube is the easiest way to earn billions. You probably hear this often. Is it true or just a myth?🌍

Do you know, according to an interesting statistics, the total number of YouTube users is 1.3 billion.

What is the actual scenario after YouTube changed its advertising policy recently?🔍

Can I still earn a lot on YouTube like the one people used to earn some 5-6 years before through their YouTube channel?

Well, I know there are multiple such questions now wandering in your mind. Let me be honest here. Earning on YouTube is not a myth. However, getting millions just to make any video on your YouTube channel will not take you anywhere. Especially after the new advertising policy on YouTube, just by posting videos and running ads is certainly will not make you rich. Apart from earning through vlogging, if you are interested in earning through blogging, check out my previous post on tips to start blogging and making money online.

Do not worry. Here I will tell you some awesome tips to earn good money on YouTube even after they have changed their policy.

How Vloggers Earlier Used to Earn on YouTube?💰

Until recently, YouTube was the Mecca for many to earn huge amount of money. Video bloggers were creating their channel and were turning into millionaires. Yes, YouTube had given birth many money moguls in a very few times.

Nevertheless, many things changed after the new advertising policies. If you are a regular YouTube user, you perhaps have an idea about this. But, if you are a beginner or planning to start a video blogging career on YouTube, this is for you.

Earlier, vloggers used to earn money through ads on YouTube. The concept was very simple. You start a YouTube channel, you get viewers, and you share your video space with advertisers. As the views on your channel increases, your earnings also increase through these advertisements.

Vloggers used to act like a platform where the brands meet their users. They used to help indirectly these brands to increase their conversion ratio of customers and in return earn some.

This is a great example of how much you would earn as a Youtuber per 1.000.000 views directly from Youtube ads revenue and nothing else.

Why YouTube Changed Their Advertising Policy?

It all started after the advertisers’ dissatisfaction about the YouTube contents. Last year in 2018, the complaints of advertisers increased regarding ads being shown on low-quality videos. Sometimes even the racist videos had the ads of advertisers generating a negative impression among the customers.

So, YouTube protected its money source from the advertisers. Hence, it instituted a new policy for video creators. Apparently, now a channel is needed at least 10,000-lifetime views for making money on ads entrenched in their videos.

What Happened Next? Did It Help?

The answer is “NO”. It did not help. The complaints were still coming from the advertisers. Low-quality videos were still getting the ads embedded with their videos. Even, the questionable videos were still earning through advertisers because of their strong viewers base. After all these dramas, YouTube finally brought its new advertising policy for the video bloggers.

What is the New YouTube Advertising Policy?

The new YouTube advertising policy is more appealing to the advertisers rather the small channels. After the changes, you must fulfill the following criteria as a vlogger:

  • 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube video channel
  • You channel must have at least 4,000 hours of watch time over 12-months.
  • Even if you achieve all the above standards, you must come clean in the Google screening. We will talk about Google screening in the later section.
  • Exciting channels that are enjoying monetization are also not immune. Obviously, earning 1,000 subscribers is not a child’s play. You need to have a plethora of videos on YouTube before achieving these many subscribers.
  • Let’s say, you are a popular face and you have earned 1,000 subscribers already. Still, getting 4,000 hours of the watch in the last 12 months is a big hurdle.

Starting Vlogging with your own YouTube Channel

If you are new to vlogging and are planning to start your own channel on YouTube, here are some important step by step tutorials that you shouldn’t miss.

A Step-by-step Tutorial on How to Create a YouTube Channel

  1. Open YouTube on your browser.


2. Sign in to YouTube. If you have already a Google account, sign in. Otherwise create a new account.

Sign in to YouTube

3. Once you signed in, go to the setting from the left sidebar.

Youtube setting

4. After clicking on ‘SETTINGS’, you will be taken to your account page, where you will find the option to create a new channel.

Youtube account page

5. Click on ‘See all my channels or create a new channel’ option. You will be then sent to another page where you will see a clickable box to create a new channel.

create a new channel

6. After clicking on the box, you will be taken to a Google page where you will be asked to create a brand account to create a new YouTube channel. You are required to fill in your brand account name (channel name) and click on the ‘Create’ button.

create a brand account

7. You will be then redirected back to YouTube to your new channel page where you will get the options to upload your channel profile image/logo, customize your channel, and upload a video.

new channel page

8. By clicking on ‘Customize Channel’, you will be taken to a page where you will be able to add/edit your channel icon, add/edit your channel art, and add a description to your channel.

9. There will be a ‘Subscribe’ button on the same page showing the number of subscribers to your channel. Just before the ‘Subscribe’ button, you will see a ‘Settings’ icon. By clicking on it, you will see a pop-up for Channel Settings where you will be able to change the privacy settings and customize the layout of your channel.

pop-up for Channel Settings

You can also control the discussion tab either by allowing viewers’ comment to displace automatically or after your approval. Do not forget to click the save button before closing the setting page.

A Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Upload a Video on YouTube

Once you have made your channel, it is now time to upload your video on YouTube. Believe me, this is actually a child’s play.

1. Click the “upload a video” button on your YouTube channel page by clicking the ‘add video’ icon at the top right of your YouTube page.

upload video

2. As soon as you click the ‘Upload video’ option, a new page will open. You can see here a big window in which the big arrow shows to either select files to upload or drag-and-drop video files from your system.

select files to upload

3. You can here also choose the privacy of your video by selecting from “Public”, “Unlisted”, “Private”, and “Scheduled”.

4. When you upload the video, a new box will open where you can add the “Description of the video”. You can also write the “Title of the video” and add “Tags” to the video.

edit video title and description

5. After it finishes uploading, you can click the “Public” button to share your video on YouTube.

You can also opt for translation and go for advanced settings from here.

How to Earn Money through YouTube?

So far, you now know that only uploading a video, you cannot earn through YouTube. You need to have 1,000 minimum subscribers and also minimum subscribers and 4000hours of watch time over a period of 12 months to start an ad on your channel.

Let me be very practical here. If you think, you can fulfill all the criteria of YouTube for getting the ad on your channel and if you can earn a good amount only by getting YouTube ads, it is the time to burst your bubble.

I am watching people earning money through YouTube very closely. Many of my friends earn a nice amount of money through YouTube. But for a beginner, you need lots of patience and persistence before start earning a single penny.

Let me tell you some easy mathematics about earning through video blogging on YouTube. You must know that a normal blogger earns through Google Ads. Although the amount per page view is less still for a small blogger, something is better than nothing is.

The usual pay for per page view on Google Ads is in between $0.005 to $0.15. Let’s say you have 10,000 views in a month so you will earn around minimum $50 per month. YouTube rates are even lower than this.

A Glimpse on the Real Earning on YouTube:

YouTube shares 55% of the ad revenue with video creators. Let’s say the total earning per 1000 ad views is $10. YouTube takes almost $7.60 per 1000 ad views. Therefore, you get only $4.18 per 1000 ad views on your videos. If you calculate it per view, you are earning only $0.0042 per view.

Now, per view only counts when the viewer watches the ad on your video for a certain period. If the viewer clicks off the ad before the prescribed time, the page view will not count.

Is it confusing? Let me make it easier for you.

Imagine, you publish two videos in a week with an average of 1000 views on both. It looks easy to read but believe me, getting even 100 views in a week is a tough task for a novice YouTube user. So, with 1000 views, you will make even less than $20 a month.

Does it sound crappy? Actually, yes, it is worthless. You cannot earn much with YouTube ads if you are not a brand or an established YouTube video creator.

Does it mean there is not a chance for you on YouTube? Well, it is not like that. There is a plethora of ways to earn through YouTube. Of course, tenacity and endurance is the main key. But, apart from these, you can play smart on YouTube and start earning.

7 Tips to Earn Through YouTube Video in 2019

Before reading further, you must clear your head. Earning by selling advertising space on YouTube is not the right way to earn money. You might have read many blogs about how to make money on YouTube through ads. Believe me, this is certainly not the way in 2019.

So, what are the other ways to generate monetary income through YouTube?

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliates are the best thing happened for video creators. For a novice YouTube video blogger, this is the easiest and quickest way to earn some money. Affiliate marketing on YouTube works just like it works for bloggers in Google.

  • You create videos on YouTube and then apply for affiliates. Many companies like Amazon look for such bloggers.
  • Once an affiliate approves your channel, you have to make people clicking through an affiliate and choosing their services.
  • I know, it is hard to influence people to click through affiliate page but, hey you are a video blogger. You can certainly achieve it.
  • Also for the encouragement, I must say that the commission through affiliates is higher than YouTube ads.
  • Do not forget, you need at least four or five affiliates that can talk sincerely to your target audience. It will definitely solve a common problem because ultimately you and the affiliates both have common target audiences.
  • Create a video exclusively for your users and demonstrate them the services of affiliates.
  • Let the users know how and why affiliate’s services are good for them.
  • You can also interview other users of the same affiliates.
  • Always copy your affiliate link in the description of your video. It will help users to click the link easily. You can mention at the end of every video about the affiliate.

2. Sponsored Videos:

Relying on embedded ads on your YouTube video is just a waste of time. Sponsored videos are good alternatives to monetize YouTube channel.

  • It actually works the same way a sponsored post work for the blogs.
  • You can earn on an average $0.10 per view for sponsored videos.
  • If I do a rough calculation, you can earn around $25 to $75 for 500 views on the video.
  • Certainly, for this much earning, you have to talk about the sponsors in your video.
  • You need to help to spread awareness about the sponsors among your viewers.
  • Do you know, you can earn more than 20-times through sponsor videos than the YouTube ads on your channel.

3. Creating Your Own Courses and Products:

For me, this is the best way to earn money through YouTube channel. This could be the ultimate goal for every blogger as well. You cannot always depend on YouTube ads, affiliates, and sponsored videos. These are unpredictable. Just like, YouTube changed its advertising policy and many small video bloggers certainly lost their earning.

  • Self-publishing videos are famous on YouTube. You demonstrate your product and then you share the link from where the viewers can buy the product. You earn through selling your products and through YouTube ad or affiliates.
  • You can also offer free training to your viewers. For instance, you can teach them cooking or some art and craft or some technical stuff. I am a hardcore fan of tech tutorials on YouTube. I have subscribed many channels there as well. I bet you must have also subscribed one or two tutorial YouTube channel.
  • It is a win-win situation for both video bloggers and viewers. As a video blogger on YouTube, you get loyal viewers who stick to your blogs in thin and thick. Viewers also get free learning for which perhaps they had to spend money somewhere else.
  • Also, you can influence the viewers to peruse your paid courses. Imagine if a one among 1000 viewers converts to your $250 course, you earned $0.25 per view. This is even 59 times higher than YouTube ads earning on 1000 views.

4. Selling Your Video on YouTube:

Now, this is a very important part of the whole article. No matter you have posted thousands of videos on YouTube, without the viewers, these videos have no existence. A non-performing video is like a lost cause that will give you nothing other than increasing your frustration.

So before thinking about YouTube ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored videos or selling your products, you need viewers. On average, people post 300 hours of videos on YouTube every minute. Approximately 20% of the viewer’s leave the video after the first 10 seconds.

You must have gotten an idea. It is easy to create a video. Sometimes it is also easy to get viewers. However, it is damn hard to make these viewers stay on your video, like it or subscribe it. I told about the YouTube advertising rules. Even, you do not get YouTube advertising, you cannot earn from other methods as well if you do not have viewers.

So, your prime goal must be to sell your video on YouTube. Here I am going to share some of my personal experiences to help you with selling your YouTube video.

5. Content is the King:

No matter you are a blogger on Google or doing video blogging on YouTube, if your content is not good, you cannot dream of success on YouTube. Your video must have something that attracts viewers.

For example, there are multiple videos about “How to earn through blogging” on YouTube. If I say you to watch them, how many will you actually watch? Let me tell you what you or almost everyone does. You perhaps surf the YouTube channel, check the views of every video and open those who have maximum views. You can perhaps open a random video as well.

However, would you watch the whole video if you do not find the video interesting? No, you probably move to another video and finally watch the one that offers something exciting to you.

The moral of the story is the content of your video is the first key to sell your video on YouTube. There are some must do rules regarding the content.

  • The contents must be informative if you are selling the information.
  • The presentation must be attractive. It may be possible that 10 videos try to sell you the same information. But, the one having the most entertaining and pleasant presentation always win the race.
  • The content must be crisp and precise especially self-producing videos. If you are not posting dramas or music, the average length of your video must be between 2.30 to 4 minutes.

6. Always Provide a “Call to Action” in Your Video:

You must tell your viewers to regard the “Call to Action”. For instance:

  • You must tell your viewers to click the link you mentioned in the description.
  • You can tell them to like, subscribe, and share your video.
  • If you have a podcast, you can tell them to check out the podcast by clicking the link you have provided in the description.
  • Use your video description to mention all your “Call to Action” links.

These buttons are very useful in the long term to earn money on YouTube.

7. Some Miscellaneous Tips:

  • Stay consistent and always upgrade your video. Some few failures are necessary to give you the sweet taste of success. Do not leave after a few failed attempts.
  • Upgrade your equipment and post high-quality contents.
  • Listen to your viewers. They always give you an unbiased view. So, hear them and then follow their advice. But, do not take negativity from them. It is most obvious to get some nasty reviews and some rude viewers. They are as if the essential part of the whole package so royally ignores them.
  • Make your headline attractive. These headlines are your YouTube address. They are the assurance that you are not lost in the crowd of videos on YouTube.
  • Create good thumbnails. These can probably get you more clicks and visitors.

Here at last, we included a video as another example of how you can earn money with Youtube, and how you would be able to make up to 10.000 USD a month, or maybe even, if done right.


Earning through YouTube vlogging is not easy. But again, what is easy in this world? Once you master in creating a great YouTube video, your awesome earnings are not far away. However, you must understand that your video must have high quality and catchy content. A small and steady always wins the race. As I said earlier, to earn money from YouTube, listen to experts and post consistently.

If you are in it for the long game, it would be worth it, but don’t expect to make huge amount of money from your video views alone. This is often the least profitable income source, since affiliate, info products and other own products would be much more profitable. Try this out for yourself, but make sure to do some good research in the niche you want to create content in, to make sure the competition isn’t too hard.

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