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Coursera Certified Best Digital Marketing Course - Guest post

It has been very easy for learners to find a course online these days as a large number of providers are available for almost every domain. Considering a big market of online course providers, authenticity and value delivered is a genuine and crucial concern to a learner or user.

What is the importance/value of a Coursera certified course?

Coursera is considered one of the most authentic platforms for online learning available today. It was incorporated in 2012 by computer science professors of Stanford University Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. According to an official report, Coursera has more than 33 million registered users and more than 2,400 courses to offer.

Coursera works with some of the well-known educational institutes all around the globe. According to a report, Coursera partnered with 149 institutes across 29 countries till Feb 2017. University partners include Yonsei University in Korea, the University of London in the United Kingdom, the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, the Indian School of Business of India and institutions like Yale and the University of Pennsylvania. Moreover, Coursera and many other trusted platforms have worked well to reduce problems like authenticity, value, and recognition. Learners who want to have a certified degree or certificates will have to prove their identity through photo and government-issued ID verification processes via webcam. The same level of strictness and security will be followed in every sensitive area.

Significance of Certified Digital Marketing Course:

If you are a professional marketer or sales professional, you might have witnessed the scope of digital marketing in the market. A marketing professional can’t seek growth in a career without having a strong grip on digital marketing as it is not an option anymore but an integral skill to learn.

If you are a student, you will surely have a clear idea about the importance of the internet in today’s world. The digital industry is the future of today’s world. Choosing a digital marketing course can guarantee a rewarding career in a nearer future for you.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for ways to expand or grow your business, digital marketing is an essential and resulting factor to work on. It can directly affect your sales and growth positively in lesser time.

What will you learn?

In the digital marketing course, you will get a detailed understanding about modern and effective marketing strategies. You will be able to plan and implement effective, efficient, and convertible marketing campaigns from scratch. The course will contain every possible topic which needs to be covered in the prospect of digital marketing.

Topics to be covered:

Let us take you to some of the major topics and chapters which will be covered in the course.

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing.
  2. Webmarketing – Best Digital Marketing Course.
  3. Social Media Marketing.
  4. Content Marketing.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  6. Display & Video Advertising.
  7. Email Marketing.
  8. Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads.
  9. Analytics with Google Analytics.
  10. Digital Marketing Strategy.

Introduction to Digital Marketing:

The first module will be about the historical background and principles of digital marketing. It will highlight the purpose and objectives of digital marketing. You will know the details about digital research, cultural research, and industry related research methods and techniques.

Webmarketing – Best Digital Marketing Course:
Exploring ideas to build and bring out a well-designed effective performing an optimized website which is aligned to your business goals. Essential components will be used of web design to design, produce and print and productive site and select the most eligible and budget-friendly hosting option.

Social Media Marketing:

In this module, the focus will be towards marketing prospects on social media. It will be about the established social media platform and upcoming channels as well. You will learn about the technicalities of every current social platform. It will educate you about the dynamics of social media marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing:

This module will help you to gain knowledge and skills which are required to deploy highly effective content marketing strategy. It includes basic concepts of content making, content research tactics, content ideas/plans, and more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
This module is regarding the upcoming inventions which will be helpful for you to construct an organic marketing strategy which in return will attract the righteous visitor to your website. The knowledge provided will be helpful to boost conversions, compete effectively against any challenger ensuring the best possible ROI.

Display & Video Advertising:
Its name depicts the module which holds the fundamentals of display and video advertising and illustrates how one can set up and run a YouTube channel. It includes Ad formats available in Google Display Network and YouTube along with the tact to deal with campaigns.

Email Marketing:
This module reveals the elementary email marketing and also clears the ideas of timing, segmentation, engagement along with the legislation, personalization, and rules enclosing data security underpin an effectual email marketing plan.

Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads:
In this module fundamentals of paid search and its benefits are to be discussed along with the illustration how to execute and manage Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns utilizing Google Ads. You will also experience the essential concepts underpinning bid auctions, managing paid advertisement budgets, and how you can optimize paid search campaigns.  

Analytics with Google Analytics:
Essentials of web analytics and the associated legal responsibilities will be covered following the best practices regarding data collection, privacy, and consent which triggers a digital marketer to produce actionable interpretations from website or marketing channel data.

Digital Marketing Strategy:
This module reveals the central ingredient of an effectual digital marketing plan and also describes the steps to develop an effective budgeted strategy and measures the ROI for digital activities.

EndNote: Instead of going for the free and non-reliable options in the market, start your digital marketing career in a proper manner by choosing a proper channel to learn. It will ultimately help you empower your concepts and understanding of digital media. As well as, you will enjoy the professional testing system in parallel.

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