E-Rewards – A Real Deal or Simply another Scam

E-Rewards – A Real Deal or Simply another Scam

Product name: E-Rewards aka e-Rewards Opinion Panel

Product type: Survey Panel

Price: Free to join (invitational)

Rating: ⭐️⭐️ (2/5)

The customer feedback, experiences, and opinions constitute valuable data that helps brands and businesses to improve their products, services as well as their reputation and image.

Extensive market research is almost mandatory to understand the consumers’ needs and expectations that largely drive the performance of what a company offers them. Hence, the stage is set for market research companies who employ different techniques to gather data from the real and relevant audiences. Operating online opinion and survey panels are such techniques.

E-Rewards, also known as e-Rewards Opinion Panel, which belongs to the same category, is what we are about to review below. It is one of the oldest market survey and study websites that claims to pay its registered users money for sharing their opinions and participating in surveys.

If you have come across e-Rewards while looking for online money-making ideas, it is recommended that you read this review carefully to understand whether it is a genuine platform or just a scam similar to many other online sites. At the end of the review, you will also know whether it is worthwhile to join the website or not.

What Is e-Rewards?💰

e-rewards survey panel website

As mentioned earlier e-Rewards Opinion Panel is an online platform which conducts surveys and studies on behalf of its partners. Here, we answer the two important questions:

  • Who Are e-Rewards’ Partners? These are the businesses and brands that need to gather market data and thus hire the market research companies like e-Rewards that are experienced in the task.
  • Who Participate in These Surveys and Why? The common internet users like you who are also among the consumers of products and services these partners offer. These users participate in the market surveys to earn money as the market research companies like e-Rewards offer money and rewards to these users.

How Does e-Rewards Present Itself?

E-Rewards present itself as a market research company which acts as a bridge between its partner companies and their targeted audiences. Its main motive is to make market research as relevant as possible for its partners. For this, it handpicks relevant audiences only whose opinions matter in real. This is one point which differentiates e-Rewards from other similar opinion and survey panels. How?

Usually, these panels allow people direct registration. It means that anyone can join one of these panels and start taking part in surveys to earn money. But, that’s not the case with e-Rewards.

Registering with the panel is possible only through invitation. It means that only those who receive invitations in their email inboxes to join the panel can register with it. You will learn later how e-Rewards select these people.

e-rewards survey panel

E-Rewards Website: The panel’s website boasts of a simple and clean design which loads fast and has smooth navigation. However, you won’t be spending much time on the site as you would receive links to surveys on your registered email address. It is worth mentioning here that the panel also ran a mobile app which it has discontinued for the unknown reasons.

E-Rewards Customer Support: Unlike many popular paid survey and opinion panels, e-Rewards Opinion Panel doesn’t have a live forum where the registered members can discuss their queries and concerns. The only way to contact the website authorities is via email. They do reply to the members’ emails but the process certainly consumes a lot of time.

What Is Known about the History and Credentials of e-Rewards?

Many reliable sources on the internet confirm that E-Rewards, Inc. was founded way back in 1999 in Dallas, Texas as an online sampling and data collection agency. One of the founders of the company was Harold Brierley (also known as Hal Brierley), an American marketing expert mainly associated with loyalty programs-based marketing strategies. Within a few months, the company managed to register more than 100,000 clients and featured in Inc. Magazine’s 2007 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

In 2009, the company went on to acquire the London-based Research Now Plc and the integration was later rebranded as Research Now Group. A further merger of Research Now Group with another market research company named Survey Sampling International happened in 2017. At the latest, the merger was rebranded as Dynata in January 2019 and the company’s current headquarters is at Plano, Texas.

The e-Rewards credentials with the Better Business Bureau are not much impressive. The page mentions that the company earlier had accreditation with the bureau which was terminated somewhere in 2017 after a number of complaints surfaced against it.

It has a BBB rating of ‘C’ and the bureau has recorded 187 consumer complaints against the company. Most of the complaints mention that e-rewards suspends, locks, deactivates or freezes the user accounts all of a sudden and without any prior information.

e-rewards survey panel

The bureau also claims that on requesting the company to look into the common patterns in the complaints, the company responded in July 2017, providing updates about its revised policy to address the reasons behind these complaints. The BBB as well as the official website of e-Rewards mention the physical address of the company as:

5800, Tennyson Pkwy Ste 600, Plano, Texas 75024-3992

At TrustPilot, e-Rewards has 735 reviews, out of which 47% claim the panel as ‘excellent’ while only 13% claims it as ‘bad’.

Interestingly, e-Rewards also has a sister panel named e-Rewards Medical which is dedicated specifically to medical market research. It is also an invitation-only panel which is open for medical field professionals only.

e-rewards review

How Does e-Rewards Work?

The first thing you get to know from many e-Rewards reviews online is that it is restricted only for the lawful citizens of the United States. Does that mean that nobody outside the US can access the paid surveys panel? That’s not true.

The e-Rewards Opinion Panel has different versions for different geographical locations, though its operations are almost the same for each one of them. For example, there is a different version of the site for the people of the United Kingdom and it can be accessed at e-rewards.co.uk.

Likewise, it has versions for other countries including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Australia, Spain and the Netherlands. If you are a citizen of the USA, you can access the website at e-rewards.com. Now, continue to learn how it works.

Complete Surveys to Earn Points: When you become a registered user of e-Rewards, tit begins to send survey links to the email id you provide at the time of registration. All you need to do is click on the link that would take you to a survey or market study page.

There, you would be asked some simple questions answering which would complete the survey. After it is done, your account would receive what’s known as the e-Rewards Opinion Points (also known as the e-Rewards currency or e-Rewards dollars). There is no fixed payout for each survey as you may receive different points for different surveys.

Here’s an example of how the e-Rewards survey links might appear in your email inbox:


Redeem the Earned Points: Another point which differentiates e-Rewards from other paid survey panels is the way it facilitates points’ redemption. You must have heard or experienced that the survey panels usually redeem the earned points into real cash which can be transferred to the user’s account via PayPal or any other popular payment option. Though, many of these panels also offer the choices to buy gift cards and other offers with the earned points.

E-Rewards, however, doesn’t allow redemption of the opinion points into cash. As a member, you are asked to choose any of the following ways for redemption:

  • Gift cards (both printed and digital)
  • Magazine subscription (both printed and digital)
  • Hotel rewards
  • Airline miles

Another option is to exchange the points with prizes which help the users to enjoy discounts while buying products and services from the partners of the panel. So, if you aim at earning real cash with online paid survey panels, e-Rewards is definitely not the choice for you. Now, where can you use the e-rewards gift cards? The panel allows using the gift cards with more than 50 retailers, some of which include:

  • C. Moore Arts and Crafts
  • eBags
  • Best Buy
  • Starbucks

Some of the magazines you can subscribe to using e-Rewards points include:

  • ESPN
  • Sunset
  • Vogue
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Allure
  • GQ
  • Golf
  • Travel + Leisure

The choices for hotel and airline point redemptions include:

  • Air France Flying Blue
  • Club Premier
  • American Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Le Club Accor
  • Radisson Rewards
  • Alaska Mileage Plan
  • Etihad Guest
  • United Mileage Plus

Minimum Threshold: e-Rewards definitely try to attract people by keeping the minimum threshold for the redemption of points as $10. Here, you must understand that ‘$’ implies the ‘e-Rewards currency’ and not the real dollar.

Going further, you must also understand that to redeem a gift card of $25 (where ‘$’ means the real dollar), you must have e-Rewards Opinion Points of $60 (where ‘$’ means the e-Rewards currency) or more. It means that one e-Rewards dollar is equivalent to only about 41 real cents. It is clear that to redeem the gift cards; you really need to gather a lot of Opinion Points in your account.

Here are some important things to keep in mind about the working of e-Rewards:

  • Usually, the e-Rewards surveys take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. However, some surveys with more number of questions may take up to 45 minutes to complete.
  • There are chances that a survey might end abruptly in the middle. It happens when either you answer randomly just for the sake of completing the survey fast or are not qualified to take up the survey. In such cases, e-Rewards compensate by offering partial incentives (usually $0.25 of e-Rewards currency). Here’s an example:


  • Registration with e-Rewards is absolutely free. You don’t’ have to pay anything throughout your membership with the panel.
  • The panel allows a maximum of 30 days to complete each of the surveys sent in your email inboxes. Though the panel mentions that a survey link would expire after 30 days, it has been reported by many e-Rewards users that the survey link stays active even after that. So, in case you miss an email with a survey link, you can still click on it after the prescribed deadline and take the survey.
  • It is also important to know that you can redeem the gift card of each e-Rewards’ retailer or partner once every quarter.
  • You can easily choose the redemption options by category, retailer, amount of money and so on. The Reward Center of the panel is a convenient section to explore.
  • The redemption time may vary depending on the option you choose:
  • In case you select e-gift cards, it may take just an hour or so to get the redemption done.
  • The physical cards that would be sent to your postal address by mail may take between 4 and 6 weeks to reach you.
  • With digital magazine subscription, you may receive the magazine in 4-6 weeks.
  • For print magazines, you may have to wait for 5-10 weeks (sometimes it may take 12 weeks).

What Do You Obtain with e-Rewards?

A number of e-Rewards users report on the internet that the panel’s surveys pay higher than many other similar paid survey panels. It might be rare but some e-Rewards surveys even pay up to $14 e-Rewards currency that can be an impressive amount.

However, the site doesn’t offer any additional ways to earn points and rewards. There are other survey panels that promise additional earning ideas like sign-up offers, offer walls, quizzes and more. In this regard, e-Rewards ranks lower than its competitors.

Income Potential: It is difficult to estimate how much one can earn from e-Rewards on a monthly basis, especially when there is no real cash to earn. According to what is being said on the internet, it may take several hours (some users mention 100 hours) to earn Opinion Points up to $75 e-Rewards currency. As a result, you can expect to redeem gifts cards and other options only after participating in a fair number of surveys.

How to Get Started with e-Rewards?

You already know that e-Rewards is an ‘invitation-only’ opinion panel which means that you can’t start with the website by directly registering with it. So, there are two options left:

  • First, you wait for an invitation from the site to register with it. The site usually sends invitations to the people who are the existing customers of their partners (including retailers, airlines and hotels).
  • Second, you can search the partners of e-Rewards, visit their websites and search for links that allow you to register with the site. Yes! These partners offer the links and here is the example of how American Airlines allows its subscribers to join e-Rewards:


There are many advantages to choosing this option. First, you don’t have to wait infinitely to receive an e-Rewards invitation (which may not arrive at all). Second, signing-up through these e-Rewards partners would help you earn bonus points.

Whether you receive the invitation or join through a partner website, here are the simple steps you must follow to complete the registration with e-Rewards:

  1. Provide personal details like name, date of birth, etc.
  2. You would receive an email to complete an enrolment survey which you must complete within 30 days.
  3. After you complete the enrolment survey, the panel would immediately start sending you more surveys and you can start collecting points by completing them.

The purpose of the enrolment survey is clear. It helps the e-Rewards team to understand your demographics, interests, hobbies, etc. Based on this data, they would decide the types of surveys you qualify for and only the relevant surveys would be directed to your email inbox. It is therefore important to answer the questions of this survey in the most honest way.

In addition, you must know the following things to get started with e-Rewards:

  • The eligibility requirements to join the site may differ based on whether you stay in the USA, UK, or any other country. For example, the minimum age requirement to join the site for the USA citizens is 13 while the same for the UK citizens is 16.
  • E-Rewards demand users’ mobile or landline numbers when the latter request for the redemption of the earned Opinion Points. While the site makes it clear that the step is only a security measure, many users have reported that it leads to call spamming by the partner businesses of e-Rewards.
  • Not many e-Rewards users know that they can log in to their accounts and start taking surveys there. It means that you don’t have to wait to receive surveys in your inbox. Apart from taking surveys emailed to your id, you can also take surveys directly from the website.

Is e-Rewards Legit or Scam?

There are many considerations that must be kept in mind while declaring whether e-Rewards is legit or scam. Here are the things that work in its favor as well as those against it:

E-Rewards Pros:

  • Unlike many online money-making destinations and paid survey sites, the e-Rewards physical address is available and verifiable.
  • The site has some of the most reputed names as its partners, including American Airlines, Best Buy, and Twitter as well.
  • If you are an avid shopper, the gift cards available with e-Rewards may excite you.
  • Likewise, if you are a regular traveler, the hotel rewards and airlines miles are something you would love about the site.
  • If you search for the real user experiences, you would find people mentioning that they have been earning rewards through e-Rewards for the past 7 or 10 or more years. That the panel is two decades old adds to its credibility.

E-Rewards Cons:

  • E-Rewards surveys are relatively longer than what you find on other similar panels.
  • One of the biggest downsides of the site becomes apparent when you spend nearly 30 minutes answering the survey but are suddenly disqualified for the survey and are offered only a small partial compensation. If it happens repeatedly, you may start losing interest.
  • The fact that one can’t earn real cash through the site may discourage many to join it. Also, there are no ways to earn through popular techniques like referrals.
  • It is also reported about the site that one has to answer a number of questions before actually starting a survey. It means that you have to take a survey to take an actual survey that can be discouraging.
  • Most importantly, the fact that the Best Business Bureau’s accreditation for the site was removed recently can’t be ignored. You must spend time reading complaints from e-Rewards users as well as the e-Rewards team’s responses to these complaints on the BBB.
  • There has been an increased number of instances when the site suspended users’ accounts without any notification in advance. Many users mention that the site reactivates the accounts on being investigated but the accounts again get suspended in many cases. Moreover, the lack of live support and active forums add to the frustration of not being able to get concrete answers in these situations.

What’s the Final Verdict?

It might not be wrong to consider e-Rewards as legit. However, a better question to ask is whether it is worthwhile to join it or not. It is worth mentioning that no investment in terms of money is required to join it.

However, you may have to spend a good amount of time to extract the benefits. Our recommendation is that you may join e-Rewards only for some exciting gift cards and other rewards but don’t devote your entire attention towards the site as there are many other online paid survey sites that offer real cash and exciting payouts. On the scale of 1 to 5, we rank e-Rewards at 2.5.

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