EarnHoney – Scam or Real 2020 Review (With Research You Won’t Find Anywhere Else)

What does GPT (get paid to) sites promise? The opportunities to earn rewards in the form of real cash, gifts cards and more, you would say. But what if a GPT site claims to help you earn rewards 3 times faster than any other reward site? You are sure to raise your eyebrows, both in excitement and disapproval. EarnHoney is the site we are talking about and it makes this bold claim right in its introductory video.

Once you listen to this, your first thought might be that here’s the opportunity you have been looking for so many years. On the second thought, you want to know the truth behind the claim, especially when you have been reading about reward sites turning into scams every now and then. So, what’s true about EarnHoney? Does it live up to its promises? Is it another scam in the making? Or, does it really fit the concept of making money online? You are ready to find it out soon.

Now, what did we do to prepare an unbiased and comprehensive EarnHoney review? We referred to the company’s official site, did a background check, referred to many other reviews (both from the experts as well as from the site’s users) and scanned every possible resource that even had a mere mention of the site. The final decision to join the site should be yours, but we are about to reveal everything that may help you decide.

Earnhoney website

What Is EarnHoney?

EarnHoney is a usual get paid to (GPT) platform where the registered users are paid to perform different activities like participating in surveys to share opinions, watching videos and ads, playing games and completing a variety of offers.

The site offers points for each completed task in its own currency which is known as OPTin coins. One OPTin coin is equal to 10 cents which means that if you want to earn 100 cents ($1), you must collect 50 OPTin coins in your EarnHoney account. That seems easy and simple.

The site allows its users to redeem the earned OPTin coins in a number of ways, the two popular ones being real cash through PayPal and Amazon gift cards. Of course, you need to have certain OPTin coins in your account as the minimum threshold value only after which you can make a redemption request. So, does the website pay?

A lot of reviews and payment proofs from the real users of the site confirm that it does. Though, the complaints and concerns about the site suspending users’ accounts abruptly too can be found in large numbers.

Like most of the other reward sites, EarnHoney is 100% free to join. The site also mentions that the numbers of people signing up with it are in hundreds every single day. It seems to be an exaggerated statement though.

How Does EarnHoney Present Itself?

EarnHoney is in complete awe with itself. The site declares itself as one of the top two reward sites with opportunities to earn money in the spare time. As proof to this, it gives links to the articles on MSN, Business Insider and The Huffington Post on its landing page.

We followed the links to confirm and what did we find? The articles indeed mention the site in its lists of online money-making platforms. Though, we are not sure whether the lists have been prepared through real experiences with the included sites or not.

The site in its introductory video introduces itself as the platform ‘where it pays to have fun online’. According to the site, it pays its members for stuff they already do for free on the internet – from watching videos to exploring new offers and playing games. However, the most interesting part is how the site projects itself superior to other reward sites through the following chart:


EarnHoney Website: For us, the EarnHoney website has a simple interface but it lacks the art of symmetrically presenting the information. A visitor, especially the one who is new to the reward sites, would end up learning nothing about how the site works. Information is there but you need to delve a lot deeper to access it and the same may turn your mood off. In fact, it is better to read reviews about the site to gain information about it in a much better way.

What is worth mentioning about the site is that it allows playing videos passively. It means that you can indulge in other tasks while the videos play in the background. The site doesn’t demand the user to stick to the video.

EarnHoney Mobile Presence: Not everyone knows but EarnHoney site can be run flawlessly on a mobile device in the landscape mode. If you want to watch videos or perform other tasks on the go, it can be a useful tip for you. An even better idea is to download and install the EarnHoney Mobile App which is available at Google Play for Android devices. Though it enjoys the overall rating of 2.6 only and has mainly bad reviews at the store, it is mentioned that the app has been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

EarnHoney Chrome Extension: Google seems to be in love with EarnHoney. Apart from providing EarnHoney app at its app store, it also supports a browser extension for Chrome. Known as EarnHoney OPTin meter, the extension allows users in easy tracking of their earnings. Interestingly, the extension does have some positive reviews.

EarnHoney Social Media Presence: The site is present on the most popular social media platforms and boasts of followers in thousands at each one of them. Its Facebook page boasts of 40,000+ followers and nearly 40,000 likes while its Twitter profile has 22,000+ followers. Its page on Instagram boasts of nearly 5,000 followers. Though, the site is not that active in keeping these profiles up-to-date.

EarnHoney Support: There is a link called ‘Support Site’ at the bottom of the site which takes you to the site’s Help Center. It consists of sections like tutorials, tips, FAQs, announcements and updates, terms and conditions and others. Mainly, these sections compile information about different aspects of the site and offer good information. Other than that, you can only submit a request to ask any query or show concern. Most of the site’s users agree that the queries are usually left unresolved or are resolved too slowly. The site lacks a discussion forum.

What Is Known about the History and Credentials of EarnHoney?

Believe us! Performing the background check of EarnHoney was the toughest part of this review. First, different sources offer conflicting information about the site. Second, the information about the site is scattered across sources and we had to follow from one link to another to bring you the exclusive history of the site.

Many sources mention that EarnHoney was launched in 2014 while others claim 2015 as the year of its launch. The fact is that EarnHoney came into being in 2015, while its parent company named Bay Bee which is a Limited Liability Company was launched in 2014.

Manta, a popular online directory of small businesses, mentions Bay Bee LLC as a privately held single location business in the category of electronic media advertising. It also mentions that the company is based in Stamford, Connecticut and has a staff of 2. It names some Jerome Shimizu in the contact information.

On further investigation, we came to know that Bee Bay LC operates with the trade name of DoGood Media which presents itself as ‘the world’s first and only media integrated company founded by marketing analytics and consumer digital behavioral experts. What confirmed the company’s ink with EarnHoney is the presence of the latter’s icon on its ‘About Us’ page. We also came across a LinkedIn page about Michael Sheng who is referred to as the CTO of DoGood Media and also of OPTin Network. The things are falling in place, right?

Our curiosity guided us to the OPTin Network website and there we found OPTin coins being referred to as a type of cryptocurrency. On the website’s ‘Product’ page, we again found a detailed reference to EarnHoney as:

The number one place for engaging with awesome content, while providing insightful information and getting rewarded for doing it! The core marketing research panel that enables the OPTin Network to gain traction immediately with access to 500,000 registered users!

The page also refers to the EarnHoney Android App and Honey Meter Chrome extension.

Then, we searched for EarnHoney with the Better Business Bureau’s database. To our surprise, the bureau provides the topmost ‘A+’ rating to the site. The BBB page also confirms that our research about the company is on the right track as it mentions the names of both Jerome Shimizu and Michael Sheng. What we didn’t understand is that the page mentions the company’s location as Norwalk, Connecticut. Many other sources (including the site’s Facebook page and Google Play) add to the confusion as they describe the EarnHoney’s location as Chicago, Illinois.

How Does EarnHoney Work?

EarnHoney works typically as a ‘get paid to’ platform where the registered members are paid rewards for completing activities. You may come across sources and reviews on the internet still mentioning Honey Dollars (HD$) as the site’s currency. The fact is that HD$ was replaced by OPTin coins at the start of 2018. Earlier, 1 HD$ was equal to $0.01 (1 cent). Now, 1 OPTin coin is equal to $0.1 (10 cents).

Once you register with the site and arrive at the dashboard, you will find that there are many ways to earn OPTin coins on the site. These include:

  • Watch and Earn: The most popular way of earning OPTin coins is by watching videos through Buzz TV and Video Loyalty. The sections contain videos in different categories like entertainment, humor, health, wellness, automotive and more. It is mentioned alongside each video’s thumbnail that how many OPTin coins it is worthy of. Also, some videos can be played only on desktop/laptop while others only on mobile web.

Usually, one earns 0.04 OPTin coins per video. However, it is possible to play the videos passively in the background while you explore other earning options simultaneously. Though, there is a catch involved in it. You should not try to play multiple videos at one time as it may lead to what is known as ‘soft ban’ (temporary ban) of usually 7 days.

  • Apps and CTV:


The section consists of mobile apps and connected TV offers. You need to download the apps and watch connected TV to earn OPTin coins. What is discouraging is the fact that the site always shows only three options in this section – an Android app called Super Pop Quiz, its own EarnHoney app and an Entertainment App to watch exclusive content on mobile. One can earn 0.5 to 8 OPTin coins through these options.

  • Offers: The standard offers from the site are to download the OPTin Meter Chrome Extension and referral income. Many users from the site mention that they are not able to find any other offers from the site. Though, some other users confirm competing premium offers through the site that requires them to sign in for trials.

It is important that you read the terms and conditions before signing in for any of the offers. They might ask you to share your personal as well as credit card information. As it happens with most of the reward sites, the users usually forget to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends and are consequently charged after that.

  • Give Your Opinion: In this section, you will be completing the surveys. However, before you start taking a real survey, you will be asked to complete your profile by answering some general questions. Its purpose is to decide your demographics and offer relevant surveys matching your profile. And guess what! The site pays 1 OPTin coin just for completing the profile.

Many users report that they are suddenly disqualified from the surveys (usually the high paying ones). The site does compensate for the loss of time by paying 1 OPTin coin. However, the disqualification rate is mentioned as high by the site’s users.

  • Play Games: In the name of games, this is what EarnHoney offers:


It is the simple game in which the similar tiles must be connected to form the number 2048. What you get is 0.3 OPTin coins per 10 minutes of the game during which a number of ads would also play. Many users confirm that there is no other game available on the site.

  • HoneyCodes: These are the codes that the site shares on its social media accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and more. You can copy these codes and enter them in HoneyCode box on the site to redeem OPTin points. However, these codes expire soon and are not easy to find.

  • Referrals: Keeping up with the tradition of reward sites, EarnHoney also offers its users the opportunity to earn rewards through a referral program. You can invite your friends, family members and others to join the site. What you get is 10% of the lifetime income of your referral on the site.

One good thing about the site is that it allows multiple accounts per household. So, you can easily earn referral income by making your family members join the site. It also offers more than one ways to send invitations – via email, through social media posts, using a referral link (which you can advertise on your blogs) and so on.

In addition, EarnHoney offers rewards in the following ways:

  • Sign-up bonus (2 OPTin coins)

  • Bonus for watching the tutorial video and answering subsequent questions after you join the site

  • EarnHoney VIP which pays up to $5 per week for activities related to market research. However, the enrollment to the program is on the ‘invite-only’ basis.

  • Writing articles (of minimum 100 words) for Buzz TV

  • 33% bonus earnings through selected sites

Redemption: EarnHoney offers two ways to redeem the earned OPTin points:

  • Standard Redemption: The users can request for redemption twice a week through Amazon gift cards, PayPal payments and prepaid VISA cards

  • VIP Redemption (for EarnHoney VIP enrollees): It allows quick redemption of a portion of OPTin points. It means you won’t have to wait for the rewards to reach you. The redemption options include prepaid VISA cards in the denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100.

Minimum Threshold: For redemption request with EarnHoney, you must have the minimum of 50 OPTin points ($5) in your account. It is indeed an exciting highlight as 50 OPTin points are easy to earn.

Account Suspension: Talking about a number of complaints from the site’s users about unexpectedly suspended accounts, the site responds with the factors that lead to this:

  • Speeding through surveys

  • Using bots to perform various tasks

  • Creating multiple accounts per person

In addition, the advertising partners of the site monitor the activities of each user. If they find the user indulging in things like playing multiple videos at one time or showing less activity, they impose ‘soft ban’ on those users. To monitor your performance, you can watch the user panel which looks like:

Here ‘this machine’ refers to the device sued by a user to access the activities. If your performance (rated from 1 to 9) falls in green, everything is fine. If it falls in yellow or red, you may experience soft (temporary) or permanent ban by the concerned advertiser.

What Do You Earn with EarnHoney?

Many users from the site confirm that even if you watch videos continuously for a major part of a day, you can easily make $1. It means that by watching videos alone, you can make $30 in a month. Another good way to maximize your earnings is through the referral program. Make sure you play by the rules and invite as many people as you can.

Income Potential: It is difficult to give you an idea of the income potential with EarnHoney as it would depend on a number of factors like:

  • Availability of the tasks

  • OPTin points each task

  • Amount of time you can devote

However, you can’t expect to make a regular income from EarnHoney or any other reward site. It is just a way to earn some bucks for simply spending time on the internet (which you must be doing already).

How to Get Started with EarnHoney?

It is easy. Here’s a simple 3-steps process to register with EarnHoney:

  1. Visit earnhoney.com and find and click on ‘register now’ link or button

  2. Provide a valid email address and choose a password

  3. Check your email to confirm the registration by clicking on the verification link

As soon as you are done, the website plays its one-minute tutorial video and asks a few questions related to your gender, income etc. You can immediately start exploring your dashboard to participate in the available activities. You may also register using one of your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Who Can Join? Though, the website mentions that its website is available only for the USA, UK and Canada citizens, it allows users from all over the world. The only difference is that users from other countries are offered fewer features and activities.

Is EarnHoney Legit or Scam?

Let’s summarize a few aspects of the site:

  • Operating since 2015

  • BBB rating of A+

  • Payment proofs available

  • Parent companies have verifiable physical addresses

  • Claims to have offered 70 million OPTin coins

These points indicate that the site is 100% legit and not a scam. Now, let’s switch to a more important question. Does the site offer a good money-making opportunity? For this, you must consider its pros and cons.


  • Passive earning through video watching

  • The low minimum threshold for redemption

  • Multiple accounts possible per household

  • Referral program available

  • Amazon gift cards, prepaid VISA cards and cash redemption options are good


  • Limited activities per section

  • The soft ban is imposed too frequently

  • To play videos, the users first need to visit the advertiser’s social media account and then to his or her website. The process can be annoying

  • Survey disqualification rate is high

What’s the Final Verdict?

EarnHoney wins on many fronts, though a few hiccups do exist in utilizing it as the perfect online money-making platform. Still, it is worth giving a try, especially when you understand that GPT sites are not meant for a regular income source. However, make sure you go through the site’s do’s and don’ts lists to enjoy regular OPTin coin earnings. We give 2.5 stars to the website on the scale of 1 to 5.

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