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Importance of Electronic Device Insurance to Promote the Education Experience

Providing electronic devices to inculcate and promote learning in students is a great initiative taken through district or school 1:1 program. Unfortunately, such devices may fall prey to accidents or get misplaced, causing mental trauma to the students as well as their parents. Investing in educational tech device insuranceis one of the best ways to cover the loss caused due to unpredicted perils, and enhance the student’s education experience.


Insure Educational Technology to Encourage Learning

More number of schools and districts are providing electronic devices such as laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, etc. to students as a part of their academic program. In most cases, the students and their parents are responsible for taking care of the devices. However, what if the device is damaged, lost, or stolen when in their possession? Be prepared to spend heftily on the repair or replacement of the device, or forget coping up with your educational needs!

Harsh but true! Most students and their parents tend to overlook the crisis that may strike if they do not have educational technology insurance. Even the school administrators aren’t much concerned about protecting their devices to enhance the academic learning experience. The device may be repaired or replaced under the typical manufacturer’s warranty, but what if it does not fulfill the warranty-claim conditions? What if the device is lost or stolen?

To avoid such situations, it is ideal to have device insurance. It will not only cover for the loss but also ensures peace of mind. With insurance, the students can enjoy their learning and focus better rather than worrying about safeguarding the devices. The schools can also relax knowing their sponsored devices are safe with the students. This can foster academic learning, and fewer students will be reluctant to study via electronic devices.


Educational Device Insurance Coverage Options

So, what are the different coverage options available to you for safeguarding the educational technology device?

This may vary depending on the insurance provider.

Typically, educational tech device insurance coverage is available on items such as hardware, batteries, earphone, and other accessories. Some insurance providers also offer coverage for the device being stolen or lost. However, before you buy, it is important that you get the details in writing to avoid any hidden cost that may arise at the last minute.

When you choose a reputable educational device insurance provider, you get a wide range of coverage options. These include:

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft
  • Broken screens
  • Electrical failure
  • Charging failure
  • Water damage
  • Vandalism
  • Loss
  • Flood and fire damage

Some insurance providers provide one-year protection, while others may offer multi-year coverage. It is also crucial to check whether they provide insurance for your kind of device model. What each insurance policy covers will vary; however, in most cases, they charge a $50 deductible per claim.

To know what kind of educational device insuranceideally suits your needs, it is important to consider several factors – what is covered by each insurance provider, what is the process of getting your device repaired or replaced under the insurance,  the amount of deductible you will have to pay, or how much time is required to get the claim settled.

In best cases, you should buy a policy that provides quick claim settlement so that you can have a device replaced the next day. This will help avoid unnecessary delays that can affect you or your children’s studies.


Benefits of Educational Technology Insurance

Are you a student or parent worried about safeguarding your educational device? Alternatively, you are a school administrator who wants to protect your investments in education? Getting electronic device insurance is the answer.

Not quite sure? Here are some benefits you would get with insurance:

  • Lessen your financial impact that is involved in device repair or replacement
  • Protect your educational technology device from accidental damage, natural disasters, or theft
  • Get complete flexibility about insurance coverage type, additions, and length
  • Choose from a wide range of insurance policies that are financially viable
  • The coverage options and terms are easy to understand
  • Ensures complete peace of mind


How Educational Tech Device Insurance Works?

Once you purchase a policy, it is important to file a claim if the device becomes damaged, stolen, or is lost. The student, parent, or the school authority have to report the damage to the school’s library and then take it to a repair shop. If you need to pay any deductible amount as per the policy, you have to pay the amount upfront.

Depending on the kind of damage, the device will be repaired or replaced and delivered to the school library. The insurance provider will pay the service center for the damage.

The process is simple, quick, and hassle-free.


How to Choose the Right Educational Device Insurance Provider?

When you plan to buy insurance for your educational tech device, it is important to choose right. With several service providers offering insurance protection for your devices, make sure you pick one who is trustworthy and offers value for money. Here are some tips for you:

  • Experience – Choose an insurance provider who has years of experience offering comprehensive coverage for educational technology devices. More experienced a company is, the more reliable it is.
  • Insurance Coverage Options – This is the most important factor to consider when choosing educational technology insurance. The more coverage options they offer, the better it is.
  • Check Reviews – Do a little homework verifying the credibility of the insurance company. Check reviews and recommendations online.
  • Compare Prices – Finally, do not forget comparing price quotes from different insurance providers. Make a viable decision based on the type of insurance, coverage options, deductibles (if any), and cost to you.



Without technology, it can be a major roadblock for the students as they pursue education. Buying educational technology insuranceis one of the best ways to protect the electronic devices against perils, and ensure an uninterrupted and seamless learning experience to the students. Invest wisely and promote education experience.

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