Facebook ads hack: Removing info and ads tab from your business page

How to remove info and ads tab facebook


This is a short, but hopefully helpful post about the recent facebook update to the business accounts on Facebook.

I guess a lot of you already seen this, but if not, Facebook have added a small tab on your business Facebook page, publicly, where everyone have access to see your ads.

This is a part of one of Facebook’s new strategies, you can read here about the update from Facebook themselves.

You can test this out yourself for pretty much all Facebook business accounts/ pages, as long as they run ads, you can follow along.

For this example, I took a screenshot of Tai Lopez’s account.

This new tab features a few simple functions. First of all you can filter out ads from different targeting countries. As you can see, I have chosen United States for example. You can choose whichever country you like and see if the page run any ads to that country.

Why have Facebook added this feature in the first place?

Well, it’s actually really simple. Facebook have earlier this year (both because of GDPR, Cambridge scandal and UI) told the public that they want to improve the overall user experience and engagement on Facebook, as well as transparency. One of the steps of doing so, is also to make the advertisers, marketers and business more transparent with what they do.

From this “info and ads” tab you will be able to see ads from all over the Facebook network, which covers the following platforms:

  • Facebook (desktop + mobile)
  • Messenger (desktop + mobile)
  • Instagram (mobile app + desktop)
  • Audience network (mobile + desktop)


Is that a good or bad thing for me as a marketer / business?

Well, overall I wouldn’t say this is going to make a huge difference for you. The main point is however, if you are doing e-commerce with dropshipping or are in any niches where it’s easy to “copy/paste your competition”, this might not be something you’re interested in sharing.

For example if you are dropshipping products from Aliexpress or something similar, everyone of your competitors (who know you and your business), will be able to spy on your winning and testing products and replicate it if they want to.

However, they aren’t able to see the targeting, which is still the most important part of the ad (in most cases). I’m not saying the ad copy itself ISN’T important, because it’s really important indeed. Choosing the wrong copy can make a huge difference, but doing the wrong targeting often make an even more significant difference in the result of the ad itself.

But, remember everyone will be even, which means you are also able to spy on your competition, so it’s not like someone have an advantage over someone else.

Remember Facebook will keep adding features like this, to make the business on Facebook more transparent for the user, as well as making the user able to easier understand what the brand and business is doing. Because of this expect more of similar updates from Facebook and it’s advertising platforms.

How to remove “info and ads” tab from your page/ account

So let’s say you want to remove this tab from your page, because you don’t want your audience or competition to spy on your ads you’re running on Facebook, Instagram etc, what should you do?

Well, head over to your business account or personal ad account.

  1. Click on settings (top, right corner)
  2. Click on “edit page”
  3. Template tab -> “edit”

facebook update - info and ads tab

Once you’re on this page you can edit the template of your page, which is basically how Facebook display your page publicly. In other words, they have made some different templates to display specific related pages and menus to fit certain type of needs.

The “info and ads” tab will therefore only appear on the 2 templatesshopping” and “business“, because Facebook think this is the most obvious page-types that would run ads. This also make a lot of sense, and is why you can actually “trick” Facebook from knowing that you’re running ads, by choosing another page template.


facebook update - info and ads tab

As marked with orange, you can see the different menus and pages in the templates section. Which also means that all other buttons and tabs will be removed, as shown with the orange arrow.

We have used the template “videos” for some of our clients and this have worked very well, and doesn’t make any problems or issues what so ever, for the Facebook page.

I hope you enjoyed this “hack”, however we don’t know for sure, how long this will keep working before Facebook might do an update to fix this. For now, you can use this if you want to hide your ads.

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