Facebook advertising – ad set copy get zero purchases

Facebook advertisting - zero sales


In today’s world, everybody know that they need to be on social media as one of their marketing and communication channels (especially B2C).

However, some people prefer to use Instagram, some Facebook and other want Snapchat, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Everyone one of them have great potential and can generate a lot of traffic, leads and sales if used in the right way, with the right targeting and ad copy.

When choosing the social media platform it’s important to know the following

  1. What kind of audiences is on the platform (male/female, what kind of interests)
  2. How many people are using the platform
  3. What is the targeting options


Most of the big platform support such as Facebook (Facebook + Instagram + Messenger) have a huge audience with over 1 billion people in a variety of niches and demographics. Pinterest for example is way more popular in the US compared to Europe, when comparing relatively size with Facebook or Snapchat. Pinterest have a huge audience within the health, yoga and fitness niches, but isn’t that great with getting SEO leads or gaming leads (compared to the other platforms).

Facebook want to help their advertisers to choose the right decisions in order to spend the most amount of money while being profitable (so they want to spend even more money), which is also why they have implemented this new feature for ad sets.

If you want to duplicate an ad set and Facebook don’t think it would be able to get any conversions or purchases you will get the following pop-up “You may not get any purchases” as shown below.

Facebook ad copy get zero (0) purchases

This is an example from on of our ad accounts when we wanted to duplicate an ad set, because we we’re testing different ad copy variations. However Facebook thought it wasn’t that great of an idea.

It’s really clever and help people out by choosing the right decisions and knowing when to kill an ad or an ad set.

How should I overcome this issue with the Facebook recommendation?

When Facebook give you these kind of advices, it’s usually because because you had run this type of targeting for quite some time and already have the FB pixel and microdata installed. If not, Facebook won’t be able to track these events in the first place. So good job with getting your FB data working!

If you ever face this event we would generally recommend to accept this (not duplicating the ad set), because if Facebook decided to show you this it’s because they’re quite sure. Try instead of changing up the targeting. The targeting is by far the best way to start optimizing and editing your marketing campaign, because it would make the biggest difference.

The ad copy is of course important, and you have a lot of different options to choose from, however you should focus on getting your targeting right, and then test different ad copy’s.

If you want to learn more about Facebook advertising, optimisation or just social media marketing in general, or any of the other platforms make sure to check out this page as well as our most popular tools.


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