Facebook update: Paid subscription FB groups for admins

Facebook paid subscription groups

Facebook launches new updates and features all the time.

This post is about a new test Facebook is doing with the Facebook Groups. Over 1 billion people ( that’s alot of 0’s) are using Facebook groups, which is now a huge part of the Facebook community and have grown for a long time. Facebook groups are also important for Facebook because it have higher engagement rate than normal “wall posts” and business, public figures/ actors and everyone else can create their own private community

According to Facebook’s product director Alex Deve Facebook will now test paid subscription for Facebook groups.

It’s only a small number of pages who will gain access to this additional feature, but if Facebook get good reactions from this, they might roll it out for everyone on a later date, but this is not confirm.

Facebook groups is still one of the un-used placements for Facebook in terms of advertisting, which means this would be a potential revenue increase if they decided to create ads within groups or take a cut of the paid groups.

Why Facebook want to test paid subscription groups

Facebook want to test paid groups because of mainly all the content creators doing a lot of content. This can be DIY gardening, home & kitchen recipes and similar content creators who share their knowledge, tips and skills.

Some of the groups who were able to try this was for example Sarah Mueller who founded the group “declutter my home” with over 40.000 members by the time of writing this post. As shown below is a screenshot demonstration the look of the paid groups (example by Facebook).

Facebook paid subscription groups example

One of the reasons for doing so is to make it able for the content creators to offer more premium and better quality content for their audience. When the content is paid, they will be able to invest much more time and effort into the content.

The content can be offered in a number of different variations but these are some of the most popular by the time being:

  • Video content
  • Live video
  • Pictures
  • Wall post (only textual post)
  • Checklist
  • Support (from messaging or commenting)
  • Exclusive early access / premium access products/ services

As far as published yet, paid groups will be offered as a subscription service and let admins charge between 4.99 USD to 29.99 USD a month for each subscription. Facebook doesn’t take a cut on this so far, but as mentioned earlier they might do in the future.

What this means for the content creators and admins

This is another good way for the content creators to monetize their business/ blog/ audience. They can have a normal group and a paid premium group and offering 2 different type of content, or only providing support and help with the paid group members. You can do this in many different ways (if Facebook decided to grant you this feature), and already have pretty good feedback from the creators.

Sarah Mueller said in a Facebook interview

I will be able to provide this new community with more interactive ways to having an organized home like mini-projects, group challenges, trainings, and live Q&A, while still keeping the original group as a robust community for getting free advice and motivation

Facebook have confirmed that they will keep evaluating and optimize the test groups to better understand and learn how the members feel and react to this. Therefore the look and features might change in the beta period as well because of some of the continuous improvement.

This will be interesting to follow both as a business, as well as a user and content creator, and how this will affect the way people share content and knowledge etc on Facebook.

How the paid subscription groups work

To enter a paid group, you must be a member of the “original un-paid group”, in other words just a normal group.

When this group reach a significant size and popularity Facebook can decide if they want the admin to offer this paid feature, if so, the members who already joined the group can sign up for the paid version. The smart thing is that the members is now already approved by the admin(s) so they’re ready to sign up right away. The members can see a preview card of features available (as shown in the screenshot above) in the paid version before signing up.

The members will be charged when signing up, and billed the same date the next month. This prevent members from signing up and “steal” all the content and leave before the billing period starts or without paying the full price. However members will of course be able to un-subscripe from the paid group at any given time, and everything is handled within Facebook itself. Both for the admins but also the users.

This a good way to help creators do what they love and have a passion about, as well as increasing their quality for their audience, because of this monetisation option (if this will be publicly available).

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