Fusion Cash Review – Is it a legit “Get paid to” option or a scam? 2020 Review

Fusion Cash Review - Is it a legit “Get paid to” option or a scam? 2020 Review

The opportunity of making money for free on the internet may initially seem like a scam. Well, paid survey sites offer you this opportunity. It enables you to take a variety of activities which you can do without much of an effort and get paid in return. Such sites are called GPT or get-paid-to sites. However, before jumping to any conclusion, have you wondered why so many “Get paid To” (GPT) sites exist? 

These sites work as a market research tool to help brands get valuable information from various online users. Now you may think, why companies don’t approach the users directly for such information. Well, it’s simple – most of the time the users are lazy. They lack the patience to take a survey/polls or to give some input that would help these companies to improve their product or service quality. Moreover, many users are simply reluctant to share their personal information. 

Hence, these “Get paid to” sites, which collects information and in return gives cash, different offers, vouchers, discounts and rewards to you. It’s a win-win situation for both! 

Fusion Cash is one such site that claims to be popular and that it has helped people earn money online for over a decade. In here, you are about to read an unbiased review covering various aspects of this site. Here, we’ll try to answer the question of whether it is a legit online reward-earning option or just a hype. And if it is genuine, whether you should consider it over other such “Get paid to” sites or not?  So, read patiently to decide if it is worth your time or not. 

What is Fusion Cash?

Fusion Cash is an American-based GPT site which can be found in all servers in the US and Canada. With its millions of users – some earning easily and happy to some with complaints and dissatisfaction with customer support; it is becoming a popular GPT site with the passage of time. The concept is simple – you register with Fusion Cash by sharing your basic information, pick the task or surveys of your choice, participate in it and earn cash. 

The amazing thing about joining Fusion cash is it’s free and on top-of-that, you get $5 as joining bonus. If you are a  person who enjoys spending time online, Fusion Cash gives you the opportunity to make some pocket-money by simply clicking on advertisements. Through Fusion Cash you can earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, paid trial offers and more. 

The best thing about Fusion Cash is its easy-to-navigate website. The website is highly user-friendly and you can easily switch between various tasks to earn cash and surveys to participate in. Its ‘My Account’ feature gives you complete details of your earings, highlighting your balance details on the left side of the window ‘My Balance’ along with  ‘Cashout’ option mentioned clearly.[See Fig.1]


How does Fusion Cash present itself?

When we dug more about Fusion Cash, we found that it falls under the gambit of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and work from home industry and that it is a legitimate GPT site but it portrays a low-income potential as compared to its fellow competitors. Mostly, offers have cash value below $30, which means you can’t turn this gig into a full-time income source. It does present itself as a loyalty website, engaging customers with large and small brands. 

In simple words, brands instead of spending big on commercials and other forms of advertising for successfully luring customers, pay Fusion Cash to get people for signing up for their product or services like offers. Fusion cash in return shares the advertisers’ money with you keeping its profit margin. So, now you have the option to use a brand’s service or product and get paid for it too. 

Fusion Cash Website: As you open the site, you won’t find the interface quite engaging, rather the pop-up for registration will block you from accessing the site freely. The only thing that will catch your eye is the joining bonus $5. However, if you join, you get to know that the website is simple and easy to navigate. 

Fusion Cash’s ‘Feed’: As soon as you register with it, you get various information about offers and tasks as well as latest surveys that you can choose from, to work with. Along with the feed, you further get complete information on your fusion cash account details, activities list, and current earning balance too. 

Fusion Cash Business website: Apart from the member site, it does not have a separate business site. However, on the homepage of the members’ site, at the bottom-right, you can find the option of ‘Corporate’. When you click on it, you get to know about the company and the services it offers. 

Fusion Cash Social Media Connection: The company has a connection with Twitter on the social media platform and encourages its members to link their social media profile so that you get more relevant offers and surveys, enhancing further you’re earning opportunities. 

Fusion cash Mobile presence: At present, the company has no mobile app. Unlike its fellow competitors, it has yet not explored the segment and lacks to provide its members with the benefit of an earning-while-traveling opportunity.

Fusion Cash Customer Support: It has its own community forum for sorting routine issues. If you need customer support you can post a message at www.fusioncash.net/support.php. You can also try contacting them at the phone number (406) 872-0020.

Moreover, people have shared the common complaints like lack of response from admin concerning frequent site-downs, and taking a long time to build up for minimum cashouts but it is unknown how the company has responded on these issues or whether they resolved it or not. 

What is known about the history and credentials of Fusion Cash?

Not much! If you are a person who prefers a thorough background knowledge of the company along with details of its officials, before joining an online-money making site, then Fusion Cash is definitely not your option. 

All that we found about FusionCash Inc. is that it is a privately owned company, founded in 2005 and with PO box 7095, Santa Cruz, California as its address. We could not find any  ‘Founder’ details whatsoever.  

They say they have over three million registered members across the US and Canada and their website claims to have distributed cash over $3 Million to its members to date.

Interestingly, the company in 2019 has attained ‘A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau as mentioned on the BBB website. The company also runs an online forum with over 1 million posts. So, you don’t need to worry about the legitimacy issues now. Fusion Cash is a legit site. 


How does Fusion Cash work?

You join Fusion Cash for free and there are no maintenance fees too. Anyone, 18 years or above, can join however, its membership is limited to residents of the US and Canada only. For US residents, people in the age group of 13 to 17 years can become members too but with parental permission. 

The joining process is simple – put your basic information (see Fig 2) and click on the “Register” button. 

Fig 2

Once you are ‘IN’ you can now view the details of various offers which you can choose as per your interests. Offers are available in wide varieties paid signups, paid calls, surveys, watching videos, PTCs (paid-to-click) etc. With so many tasks options bombarded at once that you feel like accepting all. But we won’t recommend that. Whether you choose one task or all it depends on one important question – How much time you are willing to spend? It all depends on you.

Accepting all offers at once can be confusing and time-consuming too. Therefore, we recommend you to take one offer at a time and then go on checking out various types of offers available further. By this way, you can have clarity about your time investment on each offer as well as the knowledge to scan out better paying offers. Fusion Cash has a wide range of offers to suit different interests, so pick as per your interest and start earning. 

Earn Cash

It is of the major segment of Fusion Cash, wherein varieties of tasks are listed in different categories. The cash value on offers starts from minimum $.25 and then further depends on the type you choose. Some offers would ask for your credit card information right away but if it bothers you, select those offers which do not need any such information whatsoever. 

  • Paid-to-Sign-up: This is the first option in the ‘Earn Cash’ segment. Select and sign-up with these offers with your email ID. [see Fig 3] In case you are not willing to flood your personal email ID with promotional emails, you can always create and use a separate email ID for such purposes other than your personal one. 

                                                                                                                                                                   Fig 3

With the creation of a new email ID, you might get an idea of creating a fake one and encashing the offers. However, fake email IDs does not work. Fusion Cash has very strict fraud policy. If the advertiser informs back to Fusion Cash about such fake email IDs the company does not credit you the cash offers. For this reason, every 20th of the month you will be approved after you request ‘Cashout’ and within 1 to 5  days depending upon the mode of payment you select, you will receive your cash. 

  • Paid-to-Call: Similar to the above, this is the second option, wherein you are required to make calls. [See Fig 4] It is not telemarketing. It is just interaction with company representatives as customers. 

Fig 4


You have to speak to the representative of the said company for a specified time period in order to get selected as a qualifying call. Each client will mention, its terms and conditions in the offer. So you need to read it carefully before you click on it to do the task. 

  •  Radio: It is a new option added to ‘Earn Cash’ segment, where you have to listen to a radio station as stated by the client in the offer. [See Fig5]

Fig 5

It’s very simple, just listen to the radio and get paid for it. For beginners, it is a good offer to start with. 

  • Videos: This is the fourth option in the ‘Earn Cash’ segment. In this paid-videos offer, you can watch videos and earn reward cash. All the videos listed in this section of Fusion Cash are under contract by third parties including Volume11 Media, TokenAds, and HyprMX. All you have to do is take a couple of minutes and watch these videos. Just like Radio, these videos are too low paying offer options. You only get 1 or 2 cents per video. So the question you need to figure out is whether it is worth your time or not. We recommend, to keep it as “on-the-side” option.  
  • Paid-to-Click: Similar to any PTC sites, it is another offer option for you to start with for earning cash. All you have to do is simply follow the instructions. [See Fig 6]


Fig 6

Those who have just started experiencing the online earning concept can begin with this option. 


  • Trail Tasks: This is a lucrative option, wherein you are paid for using the services and products of the company. These are the best-paid offers but they can be tricky as some companies will ask for your credit card details. It is natural to feel reluctant to share such valuable information. So make sure you read the offer terms and conditions carefully. Branded companies always ensure and take measures to provide extra security protection of your card information. With Fusion Cash it is safe, as it offers you the benefit of the optional credit card information. So it is your choice to choose or reject such an offer. The general time for a trial is 30 days and you earn from $5 to $100+ in one offer. However, you need to be organised and have a complete track of the trail offers. 
  • Shopping: This is another good option, where companies give you cash back for shopping when you access their stores through Fusion Cash portal. If you enjoy online shopping, you will like this offer and take benefit if cashback. However, if better cashback is your sole priority then we recommend you to choose Paribus. 
  • Mobile/ Tablets: Nowadays, everyone is becoming tech-savvy. For everything, there is some kind of app available today. Even though Fusion Cash has not launched its own mobile version but with this segment, [see Fig 7] you can download and install various 

Fig 7


apps and get paid for it. Just simply follow the client offer instructions and get cash rewards against those apps.

  • Games: Nowadays, playing games on mobiles/ tablets are a common activity. Games are not just children or teenagers thing anymore. Today the adult gaming industry is a million-dollar industry. Fusion Cash offers various games which you can download and install on your devices and earn real cash. [See Fig 8]


 Fig 8


  • Referrals: This segment of Fusion Cash increases your earning like MLM. It is an easy way of earning if you have a good network of friends. Just refer your friend by sharing his/her email ID.  [See Fig 9]

Fig 9


You will earn $1 every time a friend joins. Further, you earn $2 whenever your friend completes their first offer and $5 for their first cash out. So in total, you can earn $8 per friend and an additional $5 each time from their account for all such future cashouts. You are free to make any number of referrals of friends and family members and just like any MLM business your earnings multiply with each addition to your network.

FC Surveys

It is another segment of Fusion Cash, wherein varieties of paid survey tasks are listed. Majority of the survey tasks are provided by Precision Sample LLC. There are other surveys providing companies too.[See Fig 10]

Fig 10


The surveys are e-mailed to you as well as you can choose from this segment of ‘Paid Surveys’ of Fusion Cash by yourself. It is an easy and proven way to earn money. However, surveys can be time-consuming. Some surveys redirect you to other survey sites leading to wastage of your time and fewer cash rewards. So choose carefully before you agree to participate in a survey.

Redeeming the Rewards:

Fusion Cash offers three reward payment options – Check, Direct Deposit and PayPal.  PayPal is the most widely used option in the US and Canada. Whereas the ‘Direct Deposit’ and ‘Check’ reward redeeming option is available only for the US. Whatever mode you choose for encashing your rewards no fees or cost is levied.

Minimum Threshold: The minimum payment threshold is $25 in Fusion Cash out of which $15 needs to be your own earning from completing offers and tasks apart from your referral income. Simply make a Paypal account and connect it with Fusion Cash for getting your cashouts directly. [See Fig 11]

Fig 11


Redeem period: Fusion Cash takes 30 days to redeem your cash rewards. With verified PayPal accounts the payments can be quick.  All rewards and payments by Fusion Cash are issued in US dollars, unlike any other GPT websites. The month-long wait time for reward redeeming is actually the major reason that is raising a lot of complaints against Fusion cash. 

Account Suspension: In case you wish to cancel your account, you can simply unsubscribe from their email list and follow the stated instructions from your member’s access area. However, if you do cancel you will not be allowed to create another account ever again as per the policy of Fusion Cash. 

What do you obtain with Fusion Cash?

The topmost way of earning in Fusion Cash is ‘Paid Trials’ tasks and ‘FC Surveys’. However, both needs experience in choosing the right offers as they can be tricky. Both of them have higher payouts up to $4 to $100+ but are highly time-consuming.  The easiest ways are shopping, videos, radios, ‘Paid-to-Click’ and games. But the earning potential is as low as 1 or 2 cents per task.

Income Potential:  When you start earning with Fusion Cash, we suggest you adjust your expectations correctly. Some users have earned an average of $30 to $100 in a month but not everyone. The earnings with Fusion cash can be a side income or simply like extra pocket money but it cannot be a full time earning option for you. 

How to get started with FusionCash?

In order to start earning rewards, you need to register with fusioncash.net. [See Fig 2] Fill the information in the pop-up box – Username, email Id, password, confirm password and zip code and click ‘Register’. Make sure the email Id is valid as Fusion cash sends the verification mail on it.  

You can also join the site through Twitter. 


What Is Required?

  1. Your valid email ID
  2. The site requires its members to be age 18 or above for the US and Canada. For US residents 13-17 years old with parental permission, the option is also available.
  3. Fusion Cash can ask for your contact number for SMS verification after the first cash redemption request.
  4. The PayPal account details if you wish to redeem through it and agree to link it with Fusion Cash.

Is Fusion Cash legit or scam?

As per our observation, we found Fusion Cash a legit form of GTP site. 

  • It is around for almost 19 years. 
  • Users have reported payment proofs from the site.

Now, to answer the question of whether it is worth your time or not let us see the pros and cons of Fusion Cash in a nutshell. 


  1. The site pays cash.
  2. The site is user-friendly.
  3. It has over 3 millions registered customers in the US and Canada.
  4. It has received A+ accreditation with BBB(Better Business Bureau).
  5. It has an online forum with over 1 million posts.
  6. It gives $5 joining bonus.
  7. It has a wide range of variety of tasks to suit the varied interests of people.
  8. It has good referral income $8 at first and $5 on each time your friend or relative cash-outs.


  1. We couldn’t get any details of its founders.
  2. There is no registered physical address found other than a PO box address in Santa Cruz California.
  3. It has low -income potential hence it cannot replace a full time earning option.
  4. The minimum threshold is too high $25, which takes a lot of time for accumulating for cashout 
  5. Fusion Cash is only restricted to the US and Canada, and it has no such plans to extend it for the rest of the World.

We recommend you study the pros and cons thoroughly before investing your time in Fusion Cash.

What is the final verdict?

In our opinion, it is a good legit site. But the absence of founder and registered office location details raises doubt in mind. Moreover, the restricted membership access, which only benefits the US and Canada people and low-income potential make it a less viable option for a GTP site.  If you are looking for quick cash, you can sign up with Swagbucks which much more highly rated than Fusion Cash. We rate it 2.5 on a scale of 1 to 5. 

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