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Youtube Ads [2018] - getting started with youtube ads

A Crash Introduction To Running Successful YouTube Ads

Video is king! This has become the reality of the digital marketing world, what with video content taking about 70% of web traffic in 2017. And when we talk about video content, nobody does it as well as YouTube.

YouTube is undisputedly the number one place to go for video contents. A lot of companies and organizations have been making use of this platform to reach its over 6 billion users. YouTube ads are served in between the videos you want to watch so users can’t help but watch the ads they are served.

But then, there is this problem of how does one properly utilize the power of YouTube ads and run a successful YouTube ad campaign. I will be taking you through a short crash course YouTube ad tutorial in this article, so grab your notepad and a pen as we explore the basics you need to know.

Before we delve into the ‘how to’ we need to know what exactly we will be getting from YouTube ads and the cons of running it. I’ll start you off with the pros as well as a short preview of the youtube advertising formats.

Youtube - Ads formats 2018

Pros – The pros of YouTube marketing

  1. The Viral effect

With YouTube came the use of the word ‘viral’ in a way that doesn’t have us reaching for the next sanitizer or rushing to the next health center in panic of a ravaging disease. Viral in YouTube speak means when a video is watched time and time again and has become popular.

If your video ad is catchy enough and presses the right emotional buttons in the people watching it, you can sit back and relax as the views keep pouring in and traffic to your ad keep going up. In other words, your content begins to advertise itself with little to no additional effort from you.

  1. Better SEO rankings

Your organization will get a higher ranking from search engines, especially Google, when you have video contents on YouTube. Given that Google is the parent company for YouTube, and it is the largest search engine, you can rest assured that your content will be treated with special care when the search engine is used.

  1. YouTube is free

Hosting your videos on YouTube is free, making your video with YouTube director, the dedicated YouTube video making app is also free. Also, when placing ads on YouTube, you get the first 5 seconds of a user watching your ad video for free.

Cons – The cons of YouTube marketing

  1. Advertisements

If you are using your YouTube channel to host videos for your organization, then you should expect ads to be inserted in your video. This is the downside to making use of the free feature on YouTube and you can work around this by using a paid subscription plan.

Imagine the horror of having your direct competitor’s paid ad, offering a discount, come up on your video while a prospective client is watching your own video offering the same product or service.

  1. Poor customization and usability

There is limited customization on YouTube, this is another serious downside to running ads on it. You can only make use of the standard options that YouTube presents to you while setting up your ads.

  1. Low security

Your videos are not copyright-safe on YouTube. There are several free tools out there that can be used to download your video without regard for your copyright. Someone else can download your content and upload it as his own. This duplication might not be easily discoverable and it will have an effect on the SEO ranking of your website.

Now that we’ve explored the pros and cons, I will take you through the steps of creating your first YouTube ad campaign. Note, this is a ‘how to’ tutorial not a magical portion to make you a YouTube ad guru overnight. We’ll post a longer, more in-deepth tutorial soon, with more ad examples.

Creating your first ads

  1. Get Your Google AdWords Account

The first step is for you to get your Google AdWords account. You can get this on  After this, go to to start your first YouTube ad campaign.

  1. Link your AdWords to your YouTube account

From your Adwords dashboard, you can link your YouTube account by clicking the navigation menu then click on “Linked YouTube accounts”.

  1. General Settings

The next step is for you to set the budget you want to spend per day. It is advisable you start with a small amount and increase it when you see the ad is getting maximum view. There is also the option where you only get to pay when the user watches your ad to the end instead of skipping it when half way through.

  1. Select your preferred location

Here is where you get to localize your ad. You target it to the particular locality you want your ad to be displayed. If you run an organization that supplies Mom and Pop shops in Texas, it will amount to a waste of money when your ad is being served to people in New York. The best strategy is to target it to your immediate audience.

  1. Upload Your Video

Once you are done with your localization, the next thing is to upload the video content you want to serve as the ad. Ensure that your video is as short as possible, with video length of 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds having the best results.

  1. Advanced Settings

From the advance settings on your dashboard, you can specify the days and specific time you want your ads to be served. You can also set the date you want the ads to start running and when it should end.

  1. Choose your Keywords

The final and most important part of setting up your ad is the selection of your Keywords. Look for the keywords your target clients are searching on YouTube. You can make use of the Google Keyword Tool to sort through the keywords based on their relevance to what you are targeting and looking at.

Make the keyword as long and specific as possible, as this will help you narrow down your audience to the specific people you want to see your ad.

Once you are done with this, make your video go live then sit back and monitor the performance of the ad. A common trick with digital marketers is having multiple ads running at the same time so you can compare their performances and choose the best performing one there.

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