GreenPanthera 2020 Review: A powerful money-making tool or a scam?

GreenPanthera 2020 Review_ A powerful money-making tool or a scam?

Who doesn’t love making money with shortcuts! Wouldn’t it be lovely if money comes pouring in and all you have to do is shop your favorite brands online or participate in surveys – “Membership is 100% Free”? Sounds lucrative, right? But, the first question that strikes your mind – can it be a scam?

In recent times, the internet is flooded with attractive money-making opportunities or websites promising big wins. The lure of making some extra money without putting much effort is often irresistible – basic human instincts after all! And that’s the catch for scam websites and companies that allure customers with flashy advertisements and guarantees “Earn Money.” While not all such opportunities are a con, you should be careful before making the leap.

GreenPanthera is one such platform that gives you the opportunity to earn money with ease. It is designed for everyone who loves shopping and wants to make the most of their experience. Additionally, it offers other lucrative “earning” options such as participating in online surveys, the poll of the day, and other events to make quick money. So, if you have some free time and want to earn a little more, promises a rewarding experience.

However, if you are not sure whether GreenPanthera is worth your time, this comprehensive review will help you make a wise decision. We have covered diverse aspects of this platform with an unbiased perspective, intending to answer your question by the end of the review – Is GreenPanthera an effective money-making website or just another scam. So, let’s get started right away.

Greenpanthera website

GreenPanthera – An Overview

GreenPanthera is not just “another survey site” – at least not in terms of ways to make money. It is both a survey website and a rebates platform, giving you multiple options to earn. The website accepts free registration and provides a fantastic opportunity to save money as you shop from a vast range of shopping merchants showcased on their portal. The accumulated earning can then be redeemed to avail special prizes and cash gifts directly sent to your PayPal account. Furthermore, lets you participate in surveys and polls, and get rewards for your opinion.

The website provides a chance to make the most of your free time and earn extra money in addition to your regular income. The no-hassle & all-fun experience is indeed attractive for all, especially those who are fans of making money online.

How GreenPanthera Presents Itself manifests itself as a one-of-a-kind platform that paves the way for millions to make quick and easy money online. It is a paid survey site, i.e. the website offers multiple surveys every day for users to take part and get cash rewards. Answering polls and questionnaires are the primary approaches to earn money on the website. It also provides additional earning options – online shopping, offer wall, and coupons. The beauty of GreenPanthera is it offers lucrative cash backs for shopping online at their partner merchants. Additionally, you can also earn good rewards by fulfilling offers listed on their wall.

The U.S. based website claims to have successfully distributed cash backs and rewards to its winners and upholds itself as a trusted survey site, which has gained immense popularity in recent times.

GreenPanthera website: The official website is – a simple and user-friendly site that entices you to take part in surveys or online shopping. Unlike other survey sites, it isn’t too flashy and keeps the message straight. In simple words, it states how the website and the reward system work. Scroll through the links on the top panel of the Home Page to get more information about shopping, coupons, how it works, earning money, and their contact details.

How it works: To get started with making money at, you have to first register for free. For quick registration, you have to just provide your email id, set a password, and agree to their terms & conditions. The website guarantees $5 as your registration bonus, directly credited to your PayPal account. Once you register, you can earn cash by taking part in daily surveys, offers, shopping, and more. With every purchase you make at partner merchant websites, GreenPanthera promises great savings through rebates. Invite your friends to the website and you can earn lucrative rewards when they register with All your cash rewards are directly sent to the PayPal account registered with the website.

GreenPanthera’s social media connections: GreenPanthera upkeeps a strong relationship with its customers, offering multiple options to stay connected via social media. The website has a presence on various social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Stay connected on social media and get the latest updates on new products, surveys, offers, and more.

GreenPanthera’s mobile presence: The website does not have their mobile app, but there are other apps via which you can participate in surveys hosted by GreenPanthera. However, it is not recommended. The website is mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed anywhere on your mobile device.

GreenPanther’s customer support: When you are engaged in online money-making via a survey website like, what worries you most is – are they easily available to provide customer support in the event of non-payment, broken survey link, etc. For GreenPanthera, there is no direct phone number available; they just have an email ID for customer support – For any queries or issues, you can email them in this address but we are not sure whether you will get a reply for the same.

Ways to Earn Money on

Now, let’s come to the most important part of the review (and one that can intrigue you the most) – how you can earn money on GreenPanthera. Herein, we will discuss the earning methods this platform offers and how effective they are to help determine whether this site is for you or not.

1:  Paid Surveys

The best way you can make money with the platform is by participating in daily surveys and polls. Once you register, you will receive survey notifications with links on your email whenever a new survey is available. You can click the links, answer the questionnaire or share your opinions, and get rewarded. This way you do not have to log into the website frequently to check for new surveys.

From customer experiences and reviews, we found that once you register, survey invitations will start pouring in every day – numerous times. Unfortunately, when you will click the links, they are mostly found to be broken. This can be a bit irritating, but you will also receive many surveys that work and guarantee a cash reward for the time spent.

You can also log into to take part in surveys available because most of the money-earning polls are available on the website itself. You can check out the Survey Wall inside the member area to have an overview of the latest surveys available and their corresponding rewards.


GreenPanthera assures decent rewards for participating in surveys. Just you have to be a little patient to scour through hundreds of survey invitations you receive to find out which works best for you.

2: Online Shopping at Partner Websites

Who doesn’t love shopping! Especially if you get fantastic rebates and save more on every purchase! provides this opportunity to help you save big time just by shopping online from your home. The website has partnered with a bunch of merchants, wherein if you buy from them, you will get attractive discounts or other rewards on your purchase amount. You can choose brands from across 51 product/service categories and the website keeps adding merchants now and then.

To buy online and avail cashback, click the “SHOPS” tab on the top menu of the website as highlighted in the red box below:

When you click the option, you will be redirected to the below page where you can see the product/service categories on the left panel and top merchants with their offers. You can purchase randomly or filter your search based on the product category of your choice.


Click on any merchant offer and a display box will appear as shown in the below image. Enter your email id in the field provided, agree to their Terms of Use & Price Policy, and click “Start Shopping.”

A good thing about shopping at merchant websites on GreenPanthera is you have innumerable offers to choose from – the list is pretty big. However, most of the merchants and offers are for buyers living in the U.K, Canada, or the U.S.A.

3: Offer Wall

GreenPanthera also offers another lucrative way to make money online – paid offers. The website has an Offer Wall where all the offers are displayed with great rewards. Take an offer – for example – download a game or an app, subscribe to a website, etc. In lieu of the action, you will be awarded attractive cash rewards. However, make sure you read the terms & conditions carefully before taking an offer. This will help you understand what precisely you have to do to get the reward. For instance, sometimes downloading a game on your phone won’t earn you the cash prize; you might require to play it for a specific time period to be communicated by the advertiser for the reward.

The Offer Wall on GreenPanthera appears as below:


4: Coupons

You can also save money on GreenPanthera with coupons, claims the website. However, this does not apply to users from several countries. To see if coupons are available to you, click on the “Coupons” tab on the top menu of the website and see if the page shows up with coupons. In our case, we found it to be blank, probably because of the country we are from.

5: GreenPanthera Referral Program

Under the affiliate program, you can invite another person to join GreenPanthera and earn a lucrative commission amount when the person signs up. The minimum earning is 10% for every registration under the referral program.

GreenPanthera Payment Procedure

This is another important segment that you should be well aware of – how does the website pay you for your time and effort?

For any earning method you choose, the cash reward is credited directly to your PayPal account. For this, you have to first register your PayPal account with During registering up for the website, you will come across the field “PayPal Account.” You have to provide your email address registered with PayPal to link it with GreenPanthera.

Typically, each survey or poll can get you a reward of $0.75-$1 and can take an average of 5-15 minutes to complete. After the successful completion of the survey, the cash prize will not get credited to your account right away. The website promises to pay the money in 1-2 days after survey submission. However, customer reviews disclose that it usually takes 3-7 days to show in your account. This happens because sometimes the surveys may take longer to get approved; so, you have to be a little patient in this case.

A disadvantage here is that you will not be able to claim payout unless the total accumulated earning is $30. This is considered a high threshold payment amount as compared to other survey sites using PayPal. Reaching this limit needs patience on GreenPanthera because the reward amount is too less. But be assured, it is possible to go beyond the threshold of $30!

Pros of GreenPanthera     

  • Free to join: The website is 100% free to join and additionally rewards you $5 on successful registration. This is an attractive joining bonus and increases your interest to take up various surveys and offers.
  • Payment through PayPal: Since most users have a PayPal account today, payment through this medium is widely accepted. Also, it ensures the security of your earned money.
  • Cash rewards: Another nice thing we liked about GreenPanthera is they pay in cash rather than points or credits. So, you precisely know how much you are earning and there is no need of converting the credits or points to cash.
  • Multiple money-making options: GreenPanthera offers several options to earn or save money on this platform. This way you have multiple opportunities to make money faster and claim the same quickly.
  • Access across multiple countries: The website allows users from over 22 international countries to sign up and make money easily. Choose your own preferred language from the top panel of the site.

Cons of GreenPanthera

  • Too many broken links: The biggest disadvantage of GreenPanthera is you will receive many survey invitations that lead to nowhere, i.e. broken links.
  • High payment threshold: The payout threshold of $30 is way too high than other survey sites.
  • Unpopular brands to shop with: Several merchants that the website has partnered with are not well-known or reputable. That means you are less likely to buy from these stores, making their cashback offers less effective.
  • Poor customer service: Customer reviews reveal that GreenPanthera does not reply to emails and has no phone number where they can contact them directly.
  • Low-income potential: The cash rewards you get on this website are low compared to other popular survey sites. You can expect to earn only $15 a month, which is not worthwhile. This way it also becomes difficult to meet the $30 cash threshold.

The Final Verdict

Considering the pros & cons and customer reviews, we can conclude that GreenPanthera is certainly not a scam. If you are patient enough, you can actually make some extra income using various options available. Many users have really been paid out via PayPal without any hassles. So, the platform does have good potential. However, it has a low-income potential and you would want to sign up some other high-paying survey site as well. Overall, we give a thumbs-up to GreenPanthera.

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