How Do Food Bloggers Make Money?

How Do Food Bloggers Make Money?

Are you ready to start learning how to monetize your food blog? Even if you’re a beginner blogger or have been blogging for a while, you can turn your passion for food into a way to make money.

With the right strategy, patience, and a dedicated mindset, you can turn something that was a hobby into an exciting part of a career.

In this article you’re going to learn the strategies of marketing, affiliate programs, and ways to make money from food blogging so you can turn your food blog into an exciting passive income.

How To Monetize A Food Blog

The first thing you need is a blog platform, you can use whichever one you are comfortable with. Once you have your blog and domain name setup, you need to start establishing your presence online. To start a food blog, begin by posting lots of content!

Monetizing your blog is linked to building a large enough audience within your blog niche. One marketing strategy is that you need the world familiar with who you are, what your brand and content is focused on. You can’t drop something like a cool new cookbook with no one knowing who you are or where to find it!

By building an audience you market and establish yourself as an authority in the food niche. You start building your audience by posting regularly and create quality content that readers will benefit from. This is content that you know but your audience doesn’t know yet.

By creating these blog posts, your expertise shines through. Whether you write about cooking or the food you are tasting, become a teacher in your food blog. Building an audience is part of the process that takes the most time but once you build a decent amount of followers, you’ll then be able to make money from your food blog.

Affiliate Programs For Food Bloggers

There are companies that will pay you to advertise their products and you will receive a commission for every person that buys their product through you. This is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is how a lot of bloggers make money from their blogs. Think of your favorite knife, apron, or kitchen gadget that you’d like to use. There’s probably an affiliate link for those gadgets and products. Look into if that company has an affiliate marketing program.

Once you find which companies have an affiliate marketing program, get approved and use the link in your blog for your favorite products.

You can center certain blog posts topics or videos with the product associated with the marketing program. This is a key way to monetize your food blog.

Here are different companies that do affiliate programs with food blog companies:

  • Plan To Eat is recipe-sharing and meal-planning website. Check out their affiliate program so you start making money from your meal planning ideas.
  • Eat Drink Paleo. Are you a paleo-diet based blog? Check out how you can flaunt your creative paleo ideas through this company.
  • The Fruit Company creates beautiful and decorative fruit baskets. See if you can come up with a creative idea around fruit baskets in order to work with this company’s affiliate program.
  • Amazon is a great one for you to market your favorite tools. See if the product you love to cook with is available on amazon and then look into being a part of their affiliate program, so other readers can use those tools too!

Display Ads

Advertisements are another way for you to make money on your food blog. There are different kinds of adsthat you can look into for placing on your blog. However, display ads are most common. If you are looking into display ads, Google Ads Sense is one method of getting ads displayed onto your blog and a route in monetizing your food blog.

eBooks and Courses

You can also sell your knowledge in a form of a eBook or course. Spaces like Udemy or Skillshare are platforms where you can sell your courses online.

This leaves a lot of creative space for what you want to teach your audience. It can be a cooking course, nutrition guides, or even how to be a great food photographer. If you have a lot of knowledge in tasting food or being a food critic, you can start your course on how to get started in these ways.

You can spend time videotaping yourself, so you can sell these courses online or you can place them in an easy form of a book.

Once you have your followers stacking up because of your great content, presenting them with a product with great value will help elevate your sales.

Physical Cookbooks

Similar to an eBook, a cookbook can be an exciting endeavor. If you are a budding chef, creating a cookbook will place a personal stamp on the food world.

Creating a cookbook will also open other doors of marketing and networking. This will also show your followers that you have tried and true methods of cooking that even they can try in their homes.

Cookbooks are fun, unique, and a cool way to monetize your blog.

Again, once you’re producing good content and getting your name regularly seen in the food blogosphere you can start writing sponsored posts on other websites.

You can pitch yourself to bigger network sites or you may even have other blogs asking you to posts for you.

People will pay for you to write on their sites with your knowledge, so definitely negotiate getting paid for blog posts you may write in other spaces that aren’t your own personal blog.

How To Make The Most of Monetizing Your Food Blog

Using a combination of these strategies will get you ahead of the game in making money and optimizing monetizing your food blog.

Of course, these extra avenues will take some extra effort but the reward from making a lasting product is an unbelievable reward.

You will especially benefit from the money that you make passively without having to work many hours for doing it. Get started today!

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