How to Make a Pinterest Board – Easy step by step guide

How to Make a Pinterest Board - Easy step by step guide

How to Make a Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a social media portal that allows a user to share things they are interested in and also to discover new interests from others. It allows users to find out information and topics of interest using the internet. This is done by sharing images, videos, and also GIFs on Pinterest, and by seeing what others have posted. This process of posting on Pinterest is referred to as ‘pinning’ something there, and every image (or video) you post is a ‘Pin’.

The topic wise canvas on which such posts are pinned is called a Pinterest board. Pinterest has been around for 8 years now. Yet it continues to grow at a staggering pace and has already clocked up more than 100 billion pins. Pinterest also comes with a Pinterest Browser Button. A user only needs to add this button to his browser to be able to save on Pinterest any interesting images that he sees on the internet.
How to create a pinterest board

What Is a Pinterest Board

We already saw that each piece of content that is posted on Pinterest is called a Pin. It is embedded with the URL of the website from where it has been taken. Pins can also be shared with other people by sending it to their Pinterest account.

The pins are saved on to a demarcated area called Board. Each board usually has a common broad theme, and all the pins on it follow that theme. You can also create separate boards within a single board to display a sub-theme for the main theme. In this way, you can organize your pins easily.

How to create a Pinterest Board?

As a business owner or a social media marketer, creating multiple boards and posting several pins about your services, products, and brand is very important. This way, you can encourage your customers to follow your brand and find out anything and everything about your services and products in the most relevant manner.

To make you understand how to create a Pinterest board, below is a step-by-step tutorial that will help you learn to create a board in just four simple steps. Follow these steps and get started with using Pinterest for your business:

Step #1: Go to your Profile Page and Click ‘Board’

How to create a pinterest board

On the top right of the Pinterest homepage, you will see your name. Click on it and you see your profile page.

Just below your name, you will see these four options – Boards, Pins, Tries, and Topics. Click ‘Boards’ to create a board.

Step #2: Fill in the Name/Title for your New Board

How to create a pinterest board

Click on the ‘+’ button to create a new board. You will be asked to fill in the Name box with a title for your board. Below it, you will see a button with the name ‘Secret’. Clicking on this, you can make your board private from Public view.

After filling the name, click ‘Create

Step #3: Edit Your Board

How to create a pinterest board

After filling in the name of your board, your board will be created. Select the third option ‘Edit’ from the three options that you will see above your Board’s name.

After clicking the Edit option, you will see a few more options to fill. Below the Board’s name, you will be asked to fill the Description box. Put a short and relevant description about your board there.

How to create a pinterest board

The next option will be to choose the category of the board. You will see multiple options in the drop-down list. Select the most relevant category for your board. Fill other options as per your requirements.

Click ‘Save’.

Step #4: Start Pinning

How to create a pinterest board

You are ready now to add pins to your board. Go back to the home page of Pinterest. You will see a ‘+’ button on the bottom right side of the page. Click the + button, and you will see the options to add a pin either by uploading a Pin from your PC or by saving a pin from a website.

Choose either of the two options and add a description for your Pin.

You can now add multiple pins to your board or you can create more boards.

How to Use Pinterest for Business?

Business people often disregard the power of Pinterest. But here are some facts and the direct benefitsa business could get by using Pinterest:

  • Pinterest relies more on visuals than text. This aligns well with the lower attention spans of people today. Very few are willing to read long paragraphs of texts about the benefits of your products or services.
  • Usage statistics say that Pinterest is being used by more and more millennials, who also are responsible for most spending. Therefore it makes sense to target millennials through Pinterest.
  • According to a demographic of the Pinterest audience, 250 million users are using Pinterest every month, where 80% of the Pinterest users are accessing it through their App. Using Pinterest boards for promotions makes it possible for businesses to tap this spend.
  • The power of referrals and repins on Pinterest gives its pins and boards a geometric progression of eyeballs.
  • Another report published by Pinterest says that 93% of prospective buyers reported logging on to Pinterest for referrals before deciding which product or service to buy.
  • A campaign on Pinterest would cost much less than a traditional advertising campaign.

The above facts make Pinterest an obvious choice for businesses and marketers.

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog?

  • Instead of making all pins on a single board or randomly pinning your images on multiple boards, it is best to arrange boards by theme.
  • Make a tentative structure of boards before you start. Think of all the themes you want to follow, and create boards accordingly. Nothing you want to highlight should be left out from the list of themes. Also, repeating similar pins on different boards will be confusing.
  • Once your list of themes is ready, start off with your first board.
  • Instead of creating videos and images afresh, it is smarter to first use existing stock of images. This will allow you to gauge interest for specific types of pins.
  • Remember that Pinterest boards are a storyteller’s tool. Your images and videos must weave a story. That will allow you to generate interest and draw traffic.
  • Pinterest boards are a dynamic tool. You need not put all your content in one day like an advertisement. Keep putting pins for newer products, special offers, interesting customer feedback etc.
  • Keep a look out for relevant group boards that your business can join. These groups can help you take the momentum of the traction generated by other participants of the groups. They would also provide you valuable best practices followed by others.

How to Grow Your Followers with Your Pinterest Boards and Account?

When you create a new business account and create your first board, the novelty value will surely draw some initial traffic. But as time goes by, you will notice a drop in followersand repins. That is where the challenge lies. Your business needs to keep holding visitor’s interest and grow the followers organically. Here are some tips you should follow:

  • To grow your follower list, you need to keep generating fresh content. This is where Pinterest boards are different (some say more challenging) from regular marketing. You cannot design one advertisement or one brochure and sit tight. Pinterest is so dynamic that you can quickly drop in user feeds unless you have new content.
  • Having said that, repins can’t be ignored altogether. You can repin glowing client feedback. You could also repin content about developments in your industry. If you have had any press coverage, that would make for great repins.
  • Repinning content from domain authorities of your industry has two advantages. Your viewers will accord more importance to your content. Also, you can catch the eye of the domain authority which might help you later.
  • Talking of domain authorities, you must get into the habit of following people on Pinterest. Domain authorities are the first category you must follow. But there are also other regular users who have a link to your business and are widely followed. When you follow people, chances are high that they will follow you back.
  • Keep the interest alive. Liven things up with quotes, memes, employee engagement pictures, contests, and quizzes once in a while. This will help you grow your followers quickly.
  • It is true that social media is (mostly) free or costs very less. But what it demands is a lot of your time. If you do not have enough time to spend on Pinterest, employ someone to manage your Pinterest boards.
  • Weave Pinterest into your overall social media presence. Have business accounts in other social media platforms as well. Use backlinks from all of them to your Pinterest boards, and vice versa.

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Pinterest Board – Things You Need to Avoid

I spoke so far of things you must be doing to grow your followers on your Pinterest business profile. At the same time, there are some costly errors you should avoid.

  • Pinterest is a dynamic platform. It is not a good idea to shackle it with your rules. Allow people to pin what they like on your board instead of having them choose from a selection.
  • Don’t bug visitors by asking them to put comments on your pins. Focus more on generating content that will draw good comments automatically.
  • I spoke above about the need for regular pins. Do not overdo it. People do not go ‘oh no, not again’ when they get notified about your new pins or boards. If you do post regularly, ensure that each is different in flavor, and entices viewers to click.
  • Assuming your business has a website, do not operate that website in a vacuum. Design your website to be Pinterest-friendly. Don’t forget to put share buttons on your website.

Summing Up:

It is very clear that the right use of Pinterest can be a very potent tool in the hands of a business owner. It can act as a platform for a targeted advertisement for a growing customer base, or a vehicle for information dissemination for stakeholders, clients, and business partners. Distinct boards can be used for different themes, and the use of pertinent and relevant pins can make Pinterest a great tool for business owners.

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