How to use influencer marketing for an e-commerce store

How to use influencer marketing for an e-commerce store

What is influencer marketing?

If you are new to influencer marketing, no worries it isn’t as complicated as some people think. The term “influencer” is basically just a term for a person on social media who can influence other people with their following. The most typical platform at this being is Instagram, which has become very popular for influencer marketing related campaigns.

Influencer marketing involves a company (your business as an example) selling stylish shoes online with e-commerce and then who then partner up with an influencer agency or directly with individual people who can promote your company’ products.

Because influencer marketing is tied together with social media, the industry is very vulnerable for changes in the behaviour and algorithm of the platforms, both for Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat which are the most common platforms.

Why is influencer marketing important for e-commerce?

Well, influencer have every year since 2014 become more and more popular with even more businesses and influencers partnering up to make campaigns. This is also an important dropshipping marketing tip, even though you aren’t creating your own products, you could still gain a lot of benefits by utilising influencer marketing.

There are many reasons to why you should use influencer marketing in your business, but I’ll list some of the most important here in this post:

Amazing for branding

Branding is everything in todays world, and for dropshippers this is no different. Why should someone buy stuff at your store compared to someones else or maybe Amazon? Well branding and trust is definitely a big factor to whether or not you will convert your visitors in to buyers and sales. With influencer marketing you can easier close this gab between you and your audience because of the branding and trust of the influencer who promotes your shop.

Good for awareness

Really good for reach and awareness. If you run retargeting campaigns on the side, this is a killer combo if setup correctly. Once you create the posts with the influencer and get the traffic, you’ll first of all get a lot of traction, attention but hopefully also traffic to your e-commerce store.

If you create a reach / awareness campaign on Facebook or Instagram as a regular add you wouldn’t get good results. This was back in the good old days that these kind of marketing campaigns actually made sense. Today, if you want a solid quality reach, you’ll need the right “face” to get the right attraction for the awareness and that is through influencers.

Methods of influencer marketing for e-commerce stores

When you are ready to start your influencer marketing campaign there are a few different methods you could choose from.

Sponsored content

Sponsored content as you might have seen all over Instagram, is a very popular and great option. With this method your company will pay the influencer directly, to get a post and/or story from their profile with your product. This can be some of your own content they promote or maybe something the influencer have made up all by themselves to match the product and your brand.

Discounts/ affiliate links

Using discounts or affiliate links is another common strategy for e-commerce stores when it comes to influencer marketing. Affiliate links is a special and unique-coded link where if this link generates a sale or lead, this would get tracked and the affiliate (in this case the influencer) would get a % in comission.

With this strategy you can combine a discount embedded in this affiliate offer to gather even more attention with the influencer post/ ad, and make a good reason why people should use this link to buy something from your shop.

The good thing about affiliate marketing campaigns in general is that it’s CPA based (cost per acquisition) which means that you only pay your affiliate of they generate a sale or lead. If nothing happens you pay nothing. On the other hand if they generate a lot of sales you’re then paying out a lot in commission to the affiliate(s).

Contests & Giveaways

Contests & Giveaways is great because people in general like to receive something for free. This is just the nature consumers and consumer purchasing behaviour. When doing a contest make sure that you follow the user and contests guidelines for the social media platform you use. Facebook and Instagram are very strict about how and what you can offer and do with a contest on their platform.

The good thing about giveaways is that you can get a lot of attention and some viral potential for less money, though you will need to give something away for free.

Brand ambassador

If you want to have a brand ambassador this is a more “permanent” solution where you pay a bigger amount upfront or then monthly to make the influencer a “part of your company” which in that terms means that they are the face and brand for your business. They can typical have a permanent link to your shop from their profile and regularly do related posts for your products etc.

Value of influencer marketing

So when it comes to influencer marketing value there are generally 3 different types of value you can get for your business.

Increasing sales

So this is for most people the most important one, which in terms of the long I totally agree. Increasing sales and generating more revenue is the goal of every business and this is no different for e-commerce and dropshippers. Many studies show that a lot of businesses get a significant higher ROI from influencer marketing than their average ROI for their marketing activities.

In the start you might not see amazing ROI, because the could audience needs to be warmed up and you have to A/B test different kind of posts and influencers etc. to see which and what will be the best match for your company.

Social proof

Social proof is also extremely important and without social proof no-one or maybe only a few people will buy from your store. In general having some social proof really increases the conversion rate and therefore having a really big impact of your ROI as well.

Better connection to your audience 

To get a better connection to your targeted audience is never a bad thing. This is basically in a more broad term and doesn’t necessarily need to be sales-related. In general having a good and strong relation to your audience will get better and more engagement from your social media posts and campaigns, more reach and when they convert, way more happy customers.

To learn more about dropshipping you can checkout another great website for AliDropship marketing tips.

I hope this post with another dropshipping marketing tips could give you some inspiration for what you could do with your dropshipping and e-commerce business to grow and generate more revenue.

There is no “right” and “wrong”, but make sure to stay original and transparent both with your influencers but also in regards of the audience. If the campaign doesn’t look or sound trustworthy, it isn’t going to get any results, because they would know.

Don’t use click-baity titles and descriptions and over-promising. Just think like you should advertise something to a good friend. By doing so, you’ll get a more honest and good ad and a better potential of getting qualified traffic and happy customers.

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