Insane shopify product research [E-commerce tutorial 2018]


How to make an INSANE shopify product research in minutes!

In this post I’ll show you how you can find some untapped products quick, easy and with a big potential. This works for every e-commerce store / CMS platform, however this was mainly focused on shopify users. If you use woocommerce or any other platform, this technique will still works just fine.


Step 1. Create your shopify store

Create your shopify store if you haven’t already. For more help on shopify and ecommerce, make sure to check it our other ecommerce and shopify post in the “ecommerce” category. You can use other CMS platform as I wrote earlier, however I’ll focus on Shopify in this e-commerce post.
Get 14 days free trial for Shopify here.


Step 2. Visit Amazon

Yes, you read it right. You have to visit Amazon, the worlds biggest ecommerce platform, which is way this is so important. Since Amazon is so huge, we want to take an advantage over the product which isn’t listed in Amazon, because of certain restrictions. This is why we want to look out for certain specific products on Amazon, which have the right potential to sell, which aren’t allowed to sell on Amazon and can be shipped with AE.

Click here, to visit Amazon’s restricted product page

Amazon restricted product page











Scroll down until you see the product categories as shown above. Here you can find the list of products which aren’t allowed and /or restricted to sell in Amazon. There are several reasons why the product can be restricted. There are some products which Amazon don’t want to be related to. Some get flagged as “not safe” and many other reasons.


Step 3. Filter out “Restricted categories”

Now you want to figure out which product and categories that might be interesting for you to sell as your starting your business. In this case, dropshipping in particular we need to have Aliexpress in mind, since this is the platform we’re dropshipping from. Some products won’t even be able to be dropshipped, such as alcohol, drugs and weapons, which make sense. However there are a lot of other categories that are interesting for us.

Why even look on Amazon restricted products?..

First of all, if you have a physical product to sell online, there are a big chance that you can find or at least try to find this on Amazon. Since Amazon have so much traffic, brand awareness, trust and Amazon prime with fast shipping, this is a huge competitor for most online e-commerce stores. So when you aren’t able to find the product on Amazon you instantly gain a huge advantage, and there are a bigger chance that the customer will buy directly from you store.

Amazon restricted product - laser pointer











For example, if you chose “laser products” category, you’ll find the restrictions and definition on the second page. You’ll need to review these terms and conditions before considering if this would be an option for you. Laser products aren’t illegal (bigger ones are) and there will be an opportunity for you to resell these on your shopify store, without gaining any competition from Amazon.

A lot of people miss out in this crucial part, because if you make your online marketing PPC ads with facebook, adwords with google or anything else and cold traffic visit your site, you’ll have a low conversion rate. If this is warm traffic, retargeting or even hot traffic it would be higher, as you already know. However a lot of people also check for similar products on Amazon before making a purchase which is why this is so important. Because if they can’t find anything similar, they’ll need to buy from you in the first place. Which leads to more revenue for you business.


Step 4. Check similar Shopify stores

Check Shopify’s IP adress. You can find this with an easy google search or just copy my search: Shopify IP Address

Shopify ip adress






Next you visit and enter shopify’s IP address in the search results as shown below and click on “other sites on IP”, which then shows all shopify stores, because this will filter everything website on this IP address, which is shopify.

Shopify IP address -












Next scroll down a little further and click on “view all records” or just follow this link. Now we can search and filter out the search within the shopify stores on the shopify IP Address.


Step 5. Compare and choose product

For this particular example of laser lights/ laser products, just type in “laser” in the search bar. Now you will filter out all shopify stores with “laser” included in their domain name. You can also choose a specific country or rating, however I recommend to leave these field blank for the best results. Take a look at the 10 most popular sites within 2-3 keywords of the niche. In this example this can be “laser”, “light”, “gadget”, which all of them are related to laser/ light / gadget products. Look at the related sites and have a look if the resell some products which you we’re thinking about selling. Look at their design the amount of traffic their get and compare these. Try to do this with a few products and evaluate on the ones you like the most. This is an effective technique that some of our clients have used for new stores and they have a quite high “success” rate with focussing on these restricted products.

shopify product research












Make sure to also check with alibaba and aliexpress (for dropshipping) if the product is available or not and if the pricing is right for you. Then compare the stores listed on and try to get inspired. This an extremely effective way to get started and make results fast.

Good luck with your product research and launching of your new store(s).













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