Is InstaGC real or a Scam? Honest Review with everything you need to know

Is InstaGC real or a Scam? Honest Review with everything you need to know


Owner: Andrew Day

Price: Free

Rating: 3/5

What do people usually do when they are online – search the web using search engines, visit different websites, look for new apps, try new products, get excited to find new offers, share opinions and watch videos.

Believe me! Even the online businesses, website owners and advertisers want people to indulge in these tasks for purposes like business promotions, improved search engine rankings, brand building and more. What if they are willing to pay out of their pocket for these activities? Exciting isn’t it?

But, they need a platform where they can find people willing to participate in these tasks and get rewarded in return. That gives birth to get-paid-to (GPT) websites that act as a medium between the two parties. 

This review is also about a GPT website called instaGC that has been around for nearly 8 years (started in 2011) and is a much-talked-about online rewards-earning site. What looks exciting about the site is that it offers rewards in many forms – from gift cards to e-checks as well as direct cash deposits and cryptocurrencies too.

However, like most of the other similar websites, instaGC is constantly under the scanner for all types of complaints about it floating in the digital space. Here, we follow an unbiased approach to assess different aspects of the website and also to dig deeper into the buzz, both positive and negative, about it. At the end of this instaGC review, you would be able to decide whether it is legit or a scam and worth joining or not.

What Is instaGC?

InstaGC review

InstaGC derives its name from ‘instant gift cards’ that are the main rewards people can win by joining this GPT (Get-paid-to) site. In order to win gift cards (as well as other rewards explained later) that can be used at some of the popular stores like Amazon, eBay, Apple, Walmart, Starbucks, Best Buy and many more, one must join the website and take part in certain tasks (described in detail later).

The first thing you need to know is that the site is absolutely free to join. Now, you must be wondering who assigns these tasks and why?

The answer is that online businesses and advertisers use InstaGC as the platform to introduce their new products and services or to conduct surveys for gathering valuable market research data. For this, they pay InstaGC a commission which the site further divides among its users after deducting its own profit margin.

As one participates in these tasks, he or she begins to earn points. These points, as they reach a required minimum threshold value, can be redeemed into gift cards and other rewards. You can also earn points if other people join the site on your reference. The whole concept looks good and simple. Let’s delve deeper.

What Is Known About the History and Credentials of instaGC?

instaGC was launched in the year 2011 by Day Online Solutions, an LLC which is based in Sellersburg Indiana and owns scores of websites in the categories like directories, technology, health, affiliate marketing and many other get paid to websites similar to instaGC. Day Online Solutions itself was launched in the year 2007.

What is noticeable about the credentials of the company is that it has received ‘A+’ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB page of the company mentions that it is accredited by the bureau since 2012. The page also confirms the physical office address of the company which is:

PO Box 48, Sellersburg, Indiana 47172

How to Get Started with instaGC?

InstaGC review

To join instaGC, you may be a citizen of any a country across the globe.

The registration process is simple and can be completed in the following 3 steps:

  1. Visit instaGC and provide details like your first name, last name, email id. You will also set a username and password.

  2. Check the inbox of the provided email id for an activation link from the site.

  3. Click the link for verification and get started immediately.

What Do You Need to Sign-up?

To join the site, you must be 18+ (13+ with parental permission are allowed as well) and should have a valid email id. However, the site demands user ID (usually a driver license or a state-issued card) for verification in many cases.

Many users show concern about sharing their ids. Though, the site clearly mentions that the id is used to verify the name and address of the user. It states that the user can blur the other details (including id number, photo etc.) while sending the document to the site. That sounds ok!

The site also demands phone verification for the very first gift card redemption request. It is done either through a text message or an automated phone call.

How Does instaGC Work?

The working of instaGC is simple and easy to understand. Once you get registered with the website, you will be able to access the offer walls that require you to complete a number of tasks in order to earn points. For every 100 points you get, you can transfer that to a payout of 1$.

InstaGC 100 points = 1$

Here is a list of tasks that one needs to complete:

  • Participate in Surveys: The Survey Area of the site updates surveys that require the users to answer some general questions.
    It is important to note that the surveys are available to the users from specific countries that include Australia, Canada, USA and UK as well as France, Spain, Philippines, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Brazil. Also, the surveys become accessible only to only those users who earn at least 500 points through other tasks.

    The site demands that a user must provide complete information so that only the relevant surveys are recommended based on that information. Failing in that may lead to disqualification in the middle of a survey. Still, the site compensates by offering 1 point each for the first 5 disqualifications. However, no point is offered in case of more than 10 such disqualifications on the same day.

  • Use instaGC Search Engine: The site also offers points for using its own search engine. One can use the engine just like Google or any other popular search engine to search the web. However, the site keeps a check that no user abuses the search engine and uses it for conducting genuine searches only.

  • Visit Different Websites: The site regularly updates lists of websites that can be visited to earn points. A user simply needs to click on the provided links, let the websites load fully and browse them for at least 5 seconds. Among different tasks, this one seems to be a simple one with less time consumption.

  • Download Programs: One can also earn points by simply downloading and installing the apps and programs that the site lists. For this, the site advises ensuring that the ad or popup blockers must be disabled. It also suggests that the user use the installed program at least for 15 minutes to increase the chances of earning points.

    The concern, however, is that the site in no way checks if the programs are safe to download or not. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that he or she doesn’t end up downloading any malware or virus.

  • Figure Eight Tasks: Figure Eight, which was earlier known as CrowdFlower, is a third-party micro job website which chooses channels like instaGC to get the tasks like data entry and content review completed. To complete these tasks, one must sign-up for Figure Eight dashboard which can be done through easy steps. It is important to note that tasks available for various users may differ based on locations, accuracy levels and passes percentage.

  • Watch Videos: Watching listed videos on instaGC can also help you add points to your account. The payout, however, is low (1 point for watching 20 videos), though you may find it an interesting task if you love to watch online videos.

    Also, the site offers bonus points for users who watch more than 50 videos in a week. It must be noted that the site puts a cap on the number of videos that can be watched per day. Initially, the cap is 100 per day and the site may increase it to 500 or 2,000 per day subsequently.

    What is interesting is that a video once watched may reappear for viewing and you may still earn points for re-watching it. For this, the site advises clearing the cookies before re-watching the same video. There have been reports from the site’s users that they are prohibited from watching the videos all of a sudden. The site, however, clears the air by mentioning that it happens to the users who tend to watch more videos than permitted or for watching the same video repeatedly.

  • Sign-ups: Signing up for the trial offers can help one earn an exciting number of points. However, the site mentions that points earned through a sign-up are credited only after the trial period gets over. If the user tries to cancel the sign-up before that the points may not credit or may get reversed.

    It is, however, important for a user to ensure that the sign-up expires after the trial period gets over. If not, then you may have to bear the charges for using the product or service in question.

  • Earning Points by Referring: Like other GPT sites, instaGC too allows its members to earn more points through a referral program. A user can obtain a referral link from the site and share it with his or her friends and social contacts. One good way to do it is to share the link on social media platforms. What do you earn when someone joins the site through your reference?The site mentions that a user can earn instant 10 points bonus when someone from Australia, Canada, USA or UK signs up with the site through his or her reference. This referral sign-up bonus is not available for sign-ups from any other country. However, a user is entitled to earn 10% of the entire earnings of his or her referral irrespective of the referral’s country or location. Though, the user is not entitled to win any percentage from the bonuses received by the referrals.So, if you succeed in bringing active referrals to the site, it would add to your overall earning. The site, however, disallows referral signing-up from the same household or internet network.

    Interestingly, there are many other ways to increase your points which many instaGC users fail to recognize. These include:
  • Point Booster Codes: These are the simple codes generated by the site’s admins and fellow users and can be found in chats and on social media pages. All you need to do is paste these codes in the ‘Redeem’ box of your instaGC dashboard. However, these codes are usually time-sensitive and expire soon. So, you need to be fast in order to redeem points through them.

  • Ticker: It is one of the many useful instaGC widgets that update information in real-time about what other users of the site are doing. For example, you can find out which recent offer or survey chosen by a fellow user has resulted in a high payout. You can also choose the same survey or offer.


  • Clicks: It is a small tab on the instaGC offer walls. Through some easy clicks from the tab, you can earn an admirable number of points each day.

  • Sweepstakes: It is an interesting way to earn points. One example is Decimal Pot which is a kind of lucky draw game. Suppose a user has 127.70 points in his or her account. He or she can enter 0.70 points in the pot in which other users too might enter the fractions of their points. In the end, the pot will draw three lucky winners who earn a part of the total number of points entered in the pot.

  • Worth per Point: 1 instaGC point is worth 1 cent. It means that to earn $1, one must collect 100 points in his or her account. It should be noted that the points may be redeemed at different values in different countries depending on the applicable currency. For example, you would need 160 points to redeem them into 1 Pound and 130 points for 1 Euro.

Redeeming Points from InstaGC 

A good thing about instaGC is that you can request to redeem the points at the minimum threshold of 100 points. There are many ways in which the earned points can be redeemed. These include:

  • Gift Cards: instaGC allows its users to redeem the points into gift cards from some of the top retail stores like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, eBay, Best Buy and so on. What is exciting is the fact that some of these gift cards (especially Amazon gift cards) cost as low as $1. So, you can start using these cards as soon as you reach the minimum threshold value of 100 points. As the website’s name suggests, the gift cards can be used instantly without any wait.

InstaGC review

  • Direct Deposits: The option is available only for the members from the USA. It allows the members to request for direct electronic payment to a checking or savings account. The process may take 3-5 days and a processing fee equivalent to 15 points is charged for the same. The account must have a minimum of 500 points for direct deposit.

  • eCheck: Using this option, a user can request payment through electronic check which is sent to the user’s email id from where it can be printed. The process takes 1-3 days and a fee equivalent to 25 points is charged. For eChecks too, the account must have a minimum of 500 points.

  • Prepaid Cards: One can also opt for a prepaid card to redeem the points. The card can be processed instantly (for amounts equal to or less than $25) or manually (for all amounts, may take 1-7 days for the first-time redemption).

  • PayPal: instaGC allows point redemption through PayPal payments. The first-time request may take up to 7 days while all subsequent requests are fulfilled in up to 2 days. A fee equivalent to 20 points is charged for each request. One concern of many users is that they have to ink their PayPal account to the website for redemption. Also, the option is accessible only after a user redeems $50 through gift cards and cash.

  • Bitcoins: Cryptocurrency called Bitcoin is also a redemption option. However, it is available only after a user redeems 5,000 points through other options.

What Do You Obtain with instaGC?

First of all, a user receives a sign-up bonus of 10 points. You can further obtain rewards in the form of gift cards, bitcoins, cash, eChecks, etc. from instaGC. However, what you obtain would depend on which tasks you choose to complete and what points each task carries.

Here are some examples:

  • While using instaGC search engine, you may receive 1 point for as many as 10 searches

  • Surveys may help you earn between 2-105 points. So, even one survey with 105 points can help you reach the minimum threshold value in one go

  • Referral income depends on how many people you bring to join the site and how actively they participate in various tasks

  • Weekly bonuses are also a good contributor to income. The site allows a member to earn up to 100 bonus units each day. For this, a user must be actively involved in different tasks.

Income Potential for instaCC:

Many instaGC users confirm that they earn 100 points on an everyday basis. The site also claims to have a user who earn 500 or more points daily. So, the income potential would depend on one’s activity level.

How Does instaGC Present Itself?InstaGC review

InstaGC presents itself as an online reward-earning website that maintains and regularly updates offer walls (like the one shown above) which list a variety of tasks you need to complete in order to earn rewards.

The site is open to users from almost all countries across the world, though it offers some special benefits to those from specific countries like USA and UK. Also, there are a lot of things to do on the site and you need to devote adequate time to get familiar with each one of them in order to maximize your points.

instaGC Website: It is one GPT website with an absolutely user-friendly design which loads fast and is easy to navigate. The site has tremendous amount of information in its ‘Support’ section where it not only guides in detail about points, rewards, accounts and more but also shares useful tips to help users make the best out of their experience. In my personal opinion, going through each of these guides answers every single question about the site.

instaGC Mobile Presence: At present, there is no instaGC app. However, the instaGC mobile website is extremely responsive and allows easy reward-earning on the go. It is mentioned in the ‘Support’ section that the mobile site reveals more features when a device is held horizontally (in the landscape mode). It also says that the users accessing the site on Android or iOS mobile devices are entitled to win daily bonuses.

instaGC Social Media Presence: The site’s presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram has been swelling. One example is that of a feature called Point Booster Codes that the instaGC admins and users frequently share on these platforms to earn more points.

instaGC Customer Support: Though many people report that instaGC support is slow, my findings in this direction differ. The site’s admins and moderators are actively involved in answering the queries and concerns of the users not only on the site but across different platforms. One example is the Trustpilot page where the team can be seen responding to almost all the comments. The live chat support of the site allows its users to discuss among themselves about various things. Also, there’s a provision of support tickets that can be used to contact the site admins.

Is instaGC Legit or Scam?

Let’s answer this by reviewing the site’s pros and cons:


  • In business since 2011 and the parent company holds BBB’s ‘A+’ rating

  • 1,236,900+ gift cards redeemed (at the time of writing this review)

  • Low minimum payout threshold of 100 points

  • Reward-earning options are many and easy

  • Customer support is terrific (as per my opinion)

  • Payment proofs exist in good numbers


  • People are concerned about sharing Paypal details, ids and phone numbers. Though, the site addresses each of these concerns.

  • Complaints about accounts suspended or blocked without any notice are there. Though, the team behind the site tends to respond to each of these complaints individually.

What’s the Final Verdict?

instaGC seems to be absolutely legit and is one of the top GPT websites worth joining. The fact that the website’s ‘Support’ section answers every possible concern adds to its reputation. We rank it at 3 on the scale of 1 to 5.

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