Is ProTypers Legit or Scam – Complete Review 2020

Is ProTypers Legit or Scam – Complete Review 2020

Earn typercredits worth over $200 every month!” Making $200 every month just by solving CAPTCHAS sounds irresistible, right? What a fantastic earning opportunity ProTypers offer you must be thinking. But does the “money-making” platform really pay? Is it legitimate to earn extra income via ProTypers? Or is it yet another scam?

In this review, we will cover everything you need to know about ProTypers before you sign up for this lucrative money-making opportunity online. Let’s get started.

What is ProTypers?

ProTypers is an online earning platform that is suitable for students, stay-at-home mothers, and working professionals who are keen to make extra money in their free time. It is the sister venture of MegaTypers, a popular online platform to make money by solving captchas. At first glance, you will believe that ProTypers offers a job opportunity to convert digital documents into text and earn $200 per month. However, when you sign up, you will understand it is yet another platform where you need to solve captchas to earn money. Typically, the job involves typing in text what you see on the image (See the example below).


When visiting a website or accessing information online, you might have been prompted by a captcha – a combination of numbers and letters that you have to solve before you can proceed. It is a security phrase in the form of an image that you have to write in the form of text in the box below to prove you are not some robot meant for automatic phishing or spamming.

At ProTypers, your job is precisely the same – decipher the codes in a captcha within a specific time and you get paid. Typically, they will pay you between 40 and 90 cents per 1,000 captchas you solve.

How ProTypers present itself?

The online money-making platform presents itself as a data entry company at first glance.

Their website says, “ProTypers is a conglomerate of data entry specialists. We work primarily on converting scanned documents from images-to-text for institutions in all corners of the world. We also offer our services to Neural Network developers that work with image recognition, and provide visual assistive services for the visually impaired (blind).

So the first impression that goes is like – you will work as a data entry specialist whose job is to scan images and convert them into texts, which can be used by various institutions and visually-impaired individuals. That sounds like a decent job, right? However, the job is a little different from what you would otherwise think.

ProTypers Website: The website is too simple and does not descriptively describe your job, payment mode, and other vital information unless you sign up. It has no subpages where you can look for additional information and only requires you to register with them first. The tagline seems impressive but if you are among those who love doing homework before signing up for an online income-earning platform, you may be little de-motivated by their lack of information.

ProTypers’ Social Media Connections: You can connect to ProTypers via social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media is also a powerful platform to get genuine reviews and suggestions about the website, which will help determine whether the company is a scam or legit.

ProTypers’ Mobile Presence: ProTypers does not have any mobile application. You can access the website on your mobile device but it is recommended to use only a laptop or computer because the typing speed you need to decipher and write the captchas cannot be achieved on mobile devices.

How it Works – A Detailed Overview

It is quick and simple to start making money on ProTypers. They do not require you to have any special skills except a typing speed of at least 10 words per minute. Anyone can work with ProTypers to make some additional income online just by working for a few extra hours at home. All you need is a computer with high-speed internet connectivity.

The job is suitable for:

  • Stay-at-home mothers
  • Students
  • Working professionals
  • Parents who want to earn some extra money

Here, we have reviewed how to get started with ProTypers:

Register Online: To begin, you have to first register with ProTypers. Signing up with the website is absolutely free. Click the “Free Signup” tab at the top of the website’s Home Page or “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the page. The below page will appear once you click:


You have to fill up all the fields marked * and check on the box beside “I’m not a robot.” The website offers multiple payment types, but it is recommended to choose PayPal if you have an account with them. It is important to know here that you cannot change the payment method you have selected at the time of registration. So, please be very careful in choosing the right payment option. 

ProTypers also prohibits the use of any third-party software on their website. Any user account that will be found using such software will be suspended permanently with no right to payment. It is only when you agree to the above terms and conditions that you can sign up with the website.

Log in and Start Working: Once you sign up, log into the website with your username and password. On the top left panel of the page, you can check out your member dashboard. It would appear the same as below:


Click the first option “Start Working” and you will be directed to the working interface. Over time, you can use this dashboard to check important aspects such as “Profile & Payments”, “TyperPoints”, etc. The “Guidebooks and Assistance” tab can help you understand how to solve the captchas, typing speed required, payment process, etc. You can also make money via affiliate marketing on ProTypers. Click “Affiliates” to get more details.

Solve Captchas: When you click “Start Working,” the below-shown working interface will appear with similar captchas that you have to solve within 15 seconds.


You will see the captcha adjacent to the “Image” and your job is to convert the image into text and type it in the box “Text” below. If you have deciphered the captcha correctly, click “Submit Answer”; otherwise, click “Don’t Know.” All you have is just 15 seconds to type in the captcha in text format. If you are unable to solve it within 15 seconds, the below-mentioned notification would pop-up on your screen. If you continue to fail multiple times, your account will be banned by ProTypers.


Once you submit, another captcha will appear and the process continues unless you click “Submit and Pause.” For every 1000 captchas you solve, ProTypers will pay you somewhere between $0.45 and $1.5. So, if your rate is $0.75, it means your earning will be $0.7 for 1000 captchas you solve. The rates vary depending on what time of the day you are working.

Important Tips for Higher Payout

Here are some suggestions you can use to get a higher payout:

  • It is crucial that you type the captchas accurately and fast. 15 seconds is enough to solve a captcha; even a complicated captcha will take 10-13 seconds to solve. The faster you type, the more income you will earn.
  • Make sure you maintain a high precision rate of 90+. This is mandatory to stop your account from being suspended permanently.
  • Low accuracy scores, mistakes, and kick-outs can also result in permanent suspension of your account. This means your hard-earned money will also be forfeited. So, make sure you solve all the captchas correctly and superfast. At any point of time, if you feel exhausted, then click “Submit and Pause.” Get back when you are ready again. This is better than getting kicked off several times.
  • Solving captchas isn’t as difficult as it might sound. Just be patient and analyze carefully to decipher the captcha accurately.

What are the Pre-requisites of working online at ProTypers?

There are no set guidelines or prerequisites that one must fulfill to start working with ProTypers. Registering with the website is 100% free. Anyone, including working professionals and students, can work and make money online in a seamless manner. All you need is access to a computer or laptop and steady internet connectivity. Having a good typing speed of 10 words per minute should also help.

Does ProTypers Really Pay You?

Now we will come to the most important part of the review – do you really get paid for solving captchas on ProTypers?

The bait of earning $200 extra every month is indeed irresistible for many, but the reality might be a little different. The most intimidating part of this “data entry” job is you get paid in pennies for a grueling bunch of work you do. That means they pay only $0.45-$1.15 for 1000 captchas solved. The amount is negligible in terms of the countless hours you put into this job.

From customer reviews, it can be understood that the website actually pays if you follow their terms and conditions, and is able to avoid the account from getting suspended. For PayPal accounts, the payout threshold is $3, i.e. ProTypers will automatically pay you when your accumulated earning reaches $3. If your payment method is Bitcoin, you can cash out your earnings at $1.50. And if you opt to be paid through Western Union, expect the payment once every month.

You might see customer reviews stating that ProTypers is a scam or they do not pay. While in certain circumstances this might be true, in most cases the accounts might be banned and payment is suspended. So, while the website is legitimate and they do pay, you have to make sure that you do not get the account banned. If you have worked for several hours and there is accumulated earning in your account, you can never collect the same if the account gets banned. Therefore, you have to be careful not to make too many mistakes or type too slowly so that you get kicked off.

Can You Read the Captchas Every time?

No; you can’t. Many customers have complained that the captchas are simple in the beginning, but often get so complicated that you might not figure it out precisely. And for too many wrong answers or if you get kicked-off multiple times for being a slow solver, your account gets banned! Sounds legitimate!

How Can You Make More Money on ProTypers?

According to ProTypers, you can earn bigger and faster with Boostpack – a special service that tends to speed up the frequency of captchas.


This way you can solve more captchas in a short span of time. Since the website is flooded with thousands of members, you might get a handful of captchas to solve, reducing your total earning. However, with Boostpack, you can be ensured that most captchas will come to you. It costs 0.0259 TyperCredits and will last for 15 minutes.

The ProTypers “Typer Solver” software is another way you can solve captchas efficiently and make more money, claims the website. The software is designed to be installed on any computer or laptop with Windows OS. The website suggests that the app works much better than the web version and also lets you earn more with bonuses that you get by using this software.


However, the legitimacy of such software is still not validated and it is better if you refrain from installing it on your device.

The Final Verdict

We have reviewed hundreds of user reviews and honestly speaking, most are unfavorable. The website is certainly not a scam and does pay. However, many users have reported ProTypers not paying them or stealing their money. On the other hand, the website has also received some positive reviews, validating that ProTypers do pay. Check out the two reviews below:


Based on the reviews, we have summed up the pros and cons of the website as below:


  • You can sign up for free; no cost of registration or commission payable to ProTypers
  • The job of solving captchas is fast and simple if you have a good typing speed
  • Anyone can join ProTypers and make some extra income; there is no prerequisite to start working on the website
  • Ensures high flexibility of working from anywhere and anytime


  • Lack of transparency and trustworthiness; does not provide any customer support information
  • Converting captchas into text is a tedious and lowest-paying online job, not worth your time and money
  • High probability of getting your account suspended permanently and your accumulated earning will get forfeited forever
  • By deciphering captchas, you are perhaps helping hackers and spammers in their unscrupulous phishing activities
  • Important information is missing from the website, including Terms & Conditions, Income Disclosure, and Privacy Policy
  • The captchas are mostly hard to read

Based on the review, pros, and cons, the decision finally lies on you whether you will work and earn on ProTypers, or stay from the scam. We do NOT recommend ProTypers at all.

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