Is your website secure? Now there is now way back without SSL

HTTPS and SSL Certificate for maximum security

SSL Certificate – A must-have for every website, business and e-commerce store

With the latest version of the Google Chrome browser, those who visit your web site will be warned that it is uncertain if it is not hosted on a secure web server (SSL). Many of you have already experienced a scenario like below:

No SSL Certificate - not secure website service








If your visitors get such a warning, it’s certain that a lot of them will hurry away again. You will therefore miss a lot of the customers you would otherwise receive if your website is not hosted on a secure, encrypted connection.


What is SSL?

On a regular website that does not run on a secure (SSL) server, information is sent between users and your web server as plain text. This means that hackers that break into the line can see what your users send via, for example contact forms, search features or orders.

With a secure connection (SSL), the data is sent between users and your web server. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers to read the text.

SSL has always been used when sensitive data were transferred – for example. Credit card information when to pay online. However, with the increased focus on protecting personal information, there has been an increased interest in encrypting all data.


SSL as ranking factor in Google

Already in 2014, Google announced that SSL would now become a ranking factor. In practice, it means that websites that use SSL have a little better chance of doing good in Google. So in short, you’ll also increase your organic SEO rankings by having SSL on your website/ store/ blog.

There are of course many other SEO factors, and SSL has so far been a relatively small factor. But after all, a factor. And all the factors we can optimize contribute to increasing the likelihood that you will rank well.

However, there is also a small potential problem with SSL – it makes your pages a bit slower. If you have implemented SSL properly, you will hardly experience this. But if there is an error, the lower speed may have more harmful effects on your SEO than SSL benefits.

With Google’s new standard, where all sites that do not use SSL are marked as unsafe, there is no longer any way. Your website should run SSL now!


What does SSL cost?

Until recently, it has cost from a few hundred dollars, several thousand a year, to get an SSL certificate so your website could run SSL. But today there are completely free solutions that can be used.


How do I get SSL on my website?

If you have made your website yourself and use a regular hosting, please contact your hosting company and find out what solutions they offer. Some support free SSL certificates like LetsEncrypt, others do not. In any event, they are the ones who need to set it up for you.

If you are hosting your site or use a virtual server that you are self-managing, you must purchase and purchase the SSL certificate and set it up on your web server. It’s a little nerdy task, so if you have not tried it before, then we recommend that you grab someone who has. If it is not done correctly, your website will stop working at worst.

If you have purchased a comprehensive and hosted web solution, please contact the supplier. Many have unfortunately not sent to SSL yet and in that case you should put pressure on them to make it happen. Unfortunately, you can not do much about it yourself other than switching to another vendor if your current can not offer SSL.

You should always have SSL certificate

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