LifePoints Review: Can You Really Make Online or Is it a Scam?

LifePoints Review_ Can You Really Make Online or Is it a Scam?

When considering making a few extra pennies online, the allure of survey sites might feel compelling. However, you have to be wise and cautious in choosing a platform that is legitimate and gets you paid well. Otherwise, if you fall prey to scams, it can cost you worse. It is pretty simple to trick us with flashy “money-making” deals and take away our personal information. And many of these fraudulent survey sites have mastered this art. They will lure you to sign up, take surveys, and later not pay with any reason thereof. So, you lose your money and your personal information too. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing online survey panels wisely.

So, you have come across LifePoints and want to know whether it is legitimate? Can you really make money via LifePoints surveys? Or is it yet another scam or a sheer waste of your valuable time? Check out this review to know what LifePoints is, how it works, and whether it is a good option to make a few bucks online. We have taken an unbiased approach in the review to help you make a wise decision.

What is LifePoints?

What is LifePoints?

LifePoints is an endeavor of Lightspeed, the largest provider of custom market research and analysis solutions across 70 countries. LifePoints provides an online platform for consumers to share their opinions and views about top-notch organizations and brands through surveys. It has a broad community of over 5,000,000 global members and invites contribution through survey participation that could help shape future products and services. For your valuable opinions and time, you get LifePoints that you can redeem for a good choice of rewards.

Backed by 20 years of experience of a leading online research firm – Lightspeed – LifePoints is certainly legitimate and does not pose any risk. Their privacy guarantee also ensures your data is safe and secure with them. They also pay well and have enticing rewards up their sleeves for every survey you participate in. No wonder why LifePoints us fast emerging as one of the top survey sites that make you earn good money in a short span of time.

How LifePoints Presents Itself?

LifePoints gives you a fantastic opportunity to “Live your life. Get rewarded.” It does not emphasize itself as a survey site, but a platform where members can connect with LifePoints global community, contribute towards shaping the future of brands and products with their valuable opinions and collect LifePoints for amazing rewards. It is a joint venture of Global Test Market and MySurvey, two most popular platforms online and had lucrative payment rewards, unlike other survey sites. So, you can expect to get paid high for every survey you take.

Signing up with LifePoints is free. They also pay 10 LifePoints immediately when you join. The website offers you multiple opportunities to collect LifePoints, surveys being the most popular among them. You can also earn via product testing, mini polls, and other forms of data collection.

LifePoints Website: The website looks utterly simple and professional, with no flashy messages or money-making hypes. They also have dedicated web pages explaining how LifePoints work, terms and conditions & privacy policy, terms of their rewards program, and help center. The “Join Now” and “Login” buttons are intelligently placed at the top right corner of the Home Page to make it convenient for the users.


Lifepoints – How it Works:

When you become a member of LifePoints, your core activity is to participate in a wide range of surveys. The survey invitation will be sent via email and you are flexible to participate in it anytime during the survey tenure. The frequency of survey invitation will depend on your profile, type of survey being conducted, and whether you are suitable for the same. Various types of surveys that you can participate in are sports, health, travel, or other aspects of your daily life. All the surveys are conducted online and you are free to determine whether or not to take them.

Occasionally, products will be sent to your home address for testing and then you will be asked to participate in a survey about that product. For every survey you take, you will be awarded LifePoints that you can redeem for gift vouchers, PayPal, or e-certificates.

LifePoints Social Media Connections:

LifePoints has a strong presence on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They provide you the option to sign up via social media, get survey invitations, latest updates, and even send your queries to get instant support.

LifePoints Mobile Presence:

LifePoints also have a mobile app that is simple, fast, and efficient. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and provides you a fantastic opportunity to take surveys and make money from anywhere and anytime.


Signing up with LifePoints

To sign up with LifePoints, you have to first provide your email address and choose a password. The website will then require your demographics and personal information, including questions like how many family members you have, income range, ethnicity, etc. This helps LifePoints send invitations for surveys that are most relevant to your profile, with customized earning opportunities that are useful for you.

On signing up, you will instantly receive 10 LifePoints as a joining bonus. You can then browse your member dashboard to find surveys that you want to participate in. LifePoints also sends survey notifications via email and mobile app.

What are the Different Options to Earn Money on LifePoints?

As you become a member of LifePoints, you will get the following options to earn great rewards:

1: Surveys

Surveys are the best ways you can make money and fantastic rewards on LifePoints. When you log into your member profile or get email notifications, you will see available surveys, their respective LifePoints you can earn, and when the survey was posted.


When you receive a survey notification via email, you can see the corresponding reward before you get started. This will help you decide whether to take the survey or not. Typically, the LifePoints and the rewards you earn are quite decent as compared to other survey sites. Additionally, the percentage of disqualification is also low. That means you are likely not to qualify for all surveys that you receive, but the probability of acceptance is high.

Moreover, the surveys are highly relevant and typically based on societal, lifestyle, and political topics. A simple trick here is to take the surveys at the earliest of receiving them in order to qualify for certain high-paid surveys that need only limited respondents. The amount that you get as the reward will vary from country to country but is lucrative enough. However, one disadvantage is that you might not have surveyed every day.

2: Free Contests

LifePoints also provides you more chances to earn money, such as free contests. As a member, you can visit their Facebook page where they regularly post contests that are free to participate.


Usually, they ask you a simple and short question with an image posted on their page. You have to find an answer and post it in the comments section. Only one lucky winner will get a reward. It is not a sure-shot way of making money on LifePoints, but you can give it a try and win if luck favors.

3: Mini Polls & Product Testing

LifePoints also conduct mini polls regularly on their panel or on social media. These too come with attractive rewards and are worth trying if you want to earn some extra bucks. Product testing is another compelling way you can make money online with LifePoints. Under this option, they will mail a product to your home address which you have to test and provide your opinion/feedback via a survey. Your opinion will be sent to the respective company/brand, while you earn LifePoints that you can cash out anytime.

4: Payments and Rewards

For every LifePoints survey you participate in, you earn points. These points can then be cashed out through PayPal, gift cards, or donations to a charity. This is a good payout option because it gives you the flexibility to either get paid in cash against the points or avail attractive gift cards from a wide range of choices available. These include Starbucks, Amazon, eBay, and many others. However, exactly determining how much the points are worth is a bit confusing. Approximately, 10 LifePoints are worth $0.15.

To cash out your points and claim a reward, you must hold a minimum of 5,500 LifePoints in your account. Unlike most other survey sites, reaching the threshold limit is not difficult because LifePoints pay you good for each survey. Moreover, if you are an active member and have a complete & updated profile, you are likely to get more surveys. This means more LifePoints to redeem!

It is crucial to understand here that your LifePoints to come with a validity period. For active members, the validity is 3 years; for inactive members, the expiry period may shorten to 12 months.

Pros of LifePoints

  • Multiple ways of redeeming your LifePoints: Once you accumulate 5,500 LifePoints ($5) in your account, you can redeem it in 3 ways – get paid in cash via PayPal, avail gift cards of leading retailers and shopping brands, and donate to a charity. Very few survey sites provide such a reward opportunity.
  • Plenty of money-making opportunities: Through LifePoints, you can make money by participating in surveys, mini polls, free contests, and product testing. Usually, they have a lot of surveys every week, improving your chance of winning big.
  • It is free to join: Registering with LifePoints is free and quick. Moreover, you get 10 LifePoints immediately when you sign up.
  • Low cash-out threshold: You only need 5,500 points or $5 in your account to claim a reward. The threshold limit is low and is easily achievable.
  • Anyone can join: Currently, members from across 70 countries can join LifePoints panel and participate in surveys.
  • The low percentage of disqualification: Unlike many other survey sites, LifePoints does not disqualify you quite often. This increases your chances to boost earnings.

Cons of LifePoints

  • Technical issues: Most users have complained about technical glitches. The mobile app is reported to crash frequently and often the surveys are found incompatible with their mobile device.
  • Not too many surveys: Some members have also reported that the number of surveys available is lower than other popular survey sites. This reduces their chances of making good money.
  • Users are often screened out during a survey: While disqualification rate is low at LifePoints, several users have complained that they get disqualified or screened out after completing almost 80-90% of the survey. And that is quite frustrating.
  • Lack of information available: The website hardly provides any information about rewards and earnings that qualified members are eligible to by participating in surveys.
  • Poor customer support: Users have reported that LifePoints rarely replies to their queries or addresses their grievances.
  • Takes too long to receive money: Another disadvantage, according to customer reviews, is that it takes approximately 2 weeks to get cash through PayPal. Some members have also complained that they have not received gift cards yet.

The Final Verdict

Taking into consideration the pros and cons of LifePoints, it can be concluded that it is a legitimate and reliable survey panel where you can actually make money online. They also maintain strict guidelines pertaining to the absolute security of your data. Regarding payment, LifePoints do pay, i.e. they allow members to redeem their points for cash or gift cards. There are very few complaints regarding payment guarantee, wherein users have reported that their accounts were closed and points were taken away right when they were about to cash out their points. Otherwise, LifePoints has a good reputation of paying its members.

Regarding money-making opportunities and profitability, it aids in decent earning and even allows you to redeem your points quickly since they have a low threshold limit. Despite its minor loopholes, LifePoints is a must-try if you want to make some extra money online. They aren’t certainly a scam and provide you a good opportunity to earn attractive rewards. So, it is certainly worth your time.

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