3 Most Common Reasons PPC Campaigns Fail

PPC is one of the most powerful online marketing methods anyone can use, but it’s one that can be difficult to master. The competition can also be very fierce, and unless you have a solid strategy, you might be disappointed by the results.

The best way to start is knowing what you should avoid on your first campaign. By knowing some of the common pitfalls of PPC marketing, you’ll at least be able to learn while making calculated bets instead of burning everything away and blaming your lack of success on PPC. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons PPC campaigns fail.

Keyword Overload

One of the biggest mistakes people make is choosing way too many keywords. They assume that using every obscure combination of keywords that is remotely related to them will bring in some dividends. They assume that the low cost of these keywords and the relatively low competition are worth it, but it’s usually not.

A study by the Digital Marketing Institute found that only 12% of the keywords on the average campaigns are bringing in the majority of sales. Not only that, but they also found that the remaining 88% were responsible for the majority of the ad spend.

That means that you’ll need to start focusing on which if your keywords are performing or not by learning how to use AdWords filters and stop using broad matches, among other things.

Click Fraud

While Google is trying to do everything in their power to stop it, click fraud with PPC is still very common. Click fraud is when malicious agents trigger your ads either to divert attention from your campaigns or sync your ad budget. This can be done by the business owner directly or through bot farms.

If you didn’t know already, bot farms are rampant and can be very dangerous to your campaign. If you want to learn more about them, this piece on how bot farms are taking over lays out the numbers and how much bot farms are costing advertisers every year. They explain how these bot farms look, and how they can affect your campaigns. You’ll then be able to know what steps you need to take to avoid losing your precious marketing dollars to ruthless competitors.

Bidding Too Low

Starting with lower bids is a common strategy some use to test the waters. But that can be dangerous for a very simple reason – it could destroy click through rates.

Your low click-through rates then end up affecting your quality score as both go hand in hand. So, you will need to bid higher at the beginning so you can get those clicks up. Don’t worry, however, as the amount you pay will usually be a fraction of what you bid. You’ll then be able to get the clicks and data needed to refine your bidding strategy and come to a happy medium. The key here is to start small on your budget, not bids.

These are some of the most common reasons why people can’t seem to make PPC work for them. Make sure that you avoid committing any of these errors and always ensure that you constantly refine your tactics.

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