National Consumer Panel Review 2020: A Legit Money-Making Platform or a Scam

National Consumer Panel Review 2020_ A Legit Money-Making Platform or a Scam

Often when you browse the web, you will come across people saying “I made $40,140 online by working from home.” Well, that sounds irresistible. After all, who doesn’t want to earn some extra income from home! However, when it comes to income-earning opportunities, online surveys and market research continue to rule people’s hearts. These platforms definitely help you make good money, provided you choose wisely. But often such lucrative prospects sound too good to be true.

“Why would some company pay just for your feedback?” “Do they really pay?” “Can it be a scam?” These are common questions that will come to your mind, making you little apprehensive about making extra money online. However, not all online survey platforms or money-making opportunities are fake. In fact, if you think you know everything about online survey panels, then National Consumer Panel (NCP) can prove you wrong.

It is indeed a paid survey panel but functions in a completely different way – they gather opinions and shopping data of panel members to help brands make strategic decisions with regard to their products and marketing practices. Panelists get the fantastic opportunity to earn attractive rewards via a simple and fun process – by scanning barcodes of products they purchase every week. Isn’t that fascinating?

But before you take the plunge into this lucrative money-making opportunity, it is important to evaluate whether the National Consumer Panel is worth your time. We hope this review will answer your dilemma – whether NCP is a promising opportunity or yet another scam. Our unbiased approach towards this online survey panel will help you make a wise decision and earn good rewards in an effective manner.

What is the National Consumer Panel?

National Consumer Panel is a joint venture between two leading market research providers – Nielsen and IRi, operating since 1923. They offer you endless possibilities to make quick money by filling out online surveys and consumer insights studies. But their USP is something different from typical market research panels.

Nielsen’s NCP program provides the opportunity to earn gift cards, electronics, sweepstake entries, and other rewards by scanning barcodes of commodities you buy every day. Isn’t that something fun and unique? Once you join the program, they will mail you a scanning device to the residential address which you have to use every time you go shopping.


When you complete one week, the data collected has to be transferred to the National Consumer Panel. Your time and effort in barcode scanning will be rewarded in points, which you can redeem later to earn attractive prizes. In addition to these, NCP also provides other options to get rewards in a simple manner online.

How the National Consumer Panel Presents Itself?

National Consumer Panel is a Nielsen/IRi joint venture that broadcasts the brand as a comprehensive insights platform for consumer buying behavior. They provide high-quality and actionable consumer data that empowers Nielsen and IRi to deliver valuable solutions and insights to their clients. NCP invites panel members for effective participation in data collection through various reward programs that can result in improved panelist satisfaction.

They provide a wide range of earning options that can fulfill your aspiration of making extra income while having an enjoyable shopping experience. After all, who can ever think of earning lucrative rewards on every purchase you make! Being a venture of BBB-accredited market research firms, the survey panel upholds itself to be a trusted source for reward earning online. Without any doubt, NCP is legitimate and has gained remarkable popularity in recent times.

National Consumer Panel website:

The simple and sophisticated look of the NCP website will impress you in the first glance. It isn’t too flashy but communicates the brand message in an engaging manner. The top left panel of the website has quick links to valuable information such as who they are and what they do. However, on its official website, the National Consumer Panel focuses more on client-side and how they aid in collecting valuable consumer data. The Call to Action inviting individuals to become panel members is made prominent so that people do not get lost amidst all the information. There is a separate website for registered NCP panelists.



National Consumer Panel’s social media connections:

National Consumer Panel is a lawful money-earning platform and this is evident from their strong networking on social media. They are present on major social networking channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter where panel members can get the latest updates and special offers.

National Consumer Panel’s mobile presence:

National Consumer Panel has an exclusive grocery shopping app – NCPMobile – that provides the opportunity to earn gift cards and other rewards by scanning the UPC barcodes of items you buy. You can also play games, take surveys and do a lot more using the app. For every activity, you get reward points that you can redeem for amazing prizes.

National Consumer Panel’s customer support:

NCP’s customer support system is backed by Nielsen, a BBB-accredited and recognized market research firm. So, you can expect a prompt and suitable response to all your queries and grievances. Their website provides a complete office address in addition to a toll-free customer support number: 1-800-962-6700 (not sure whether they receive calls at all). Panel members can also seek support via email at The contact information at least lets you have peace of mind knowing that there is someone to listen to your problems and queries.

Who Can Join the National Consumer Panel?

Unlike other online survey panels or money-making platforms on the Internet, NCP does not allow just anyone to become a panel member. Every application submitted undergoes rigorous screening that helps them match target demographics with their key needs. However, they accept members only from the U.S. Whether your membership will be accepted or not will depend on the demographic group you belong to. This may include evaluating how many members you have in your household, where do you live, and other generic information.

How the National Consumer Panel Works?

Sign up process:

To start earning rewards with National Consumer Panel, you have to first sign up for an account. Anyone can submit an online membership form but not all gets approved. In fact, they have a rigorous set of specifications regarding target demographics and will notify you if your household is a perfect match with what they want.

However, the signup process is simple and takes just a few minutes. Once you submit your personal information, they will take a few days to match your household demographics with their requirements. And if you are lucky enough, you will receive an email inviting you to join as a panel member. Upon successfully enrolling as a member, they will mail you the barcode scanner to your residential address. The signup process is 100% free.

Get access to the NCPMobile app:

Once you join as a panel member, you instantly get access to NCPMobile application that makes it a breeze scanning product barcodes while shopping and transmitting the data to NCP each week. The app also allows you to take surveys, play games and much more to earn attractive rewards on redeeming points. You can keep a complete check on your account via the mobile app.

Scan product barcodes:

NCP does not require setting up anything on the web or mobile application. Simply sign in and start scanning barcodes of groceries and other items you buy regularly via the NCP scanner or mobile app. You might find it a little time-consuming but is super fun, especially because you get exceptional rewards for all that time!

Share Shopping Data:

At the end of every week, you have to share the shopping data with National Consumer Panel.


For shopping data and opinions you share, NCP will credit your member account with points that can be redeemed later for merchandise, gift cards, and much more.

Ways to Make Money on National Consumer Panel                 

By now, you might have got a fair idea of how you can earn rewards on the National Consumer Panel. In this section of the review, we will discuss these earning methods in a comprehensive manner, highlighting the best deals for you.

1: Scan while you shop

The primary way you can earn rewards on NCP is by collecting valuable data about your shopping habits. This is as simple as scanning barcodes of daily household products and groceries you buy. For non-barcode items, you have to provide little information about items purchased. The data collected from panel members is sent to NCP once every week and can help brands and businesses to improve their products and services.

A limitation here is that the scanner provided by NCP often shows up with technical errors which can impede the barcode scanning process. In such cases, using your NCPMobile app seems to be a better choice. In addition to providing data about items you buy, you have to give information about where did you shop, have you purchased online, and such other general info.

Initially, you will start earning 150 points every week as you share your shopping data. The longer you are with the panel, the higher the number of points you get.

2: Take Part in NCP Surveys

Participating in surveys is the second-best way you can earn prizes on National Consumer Panel. NCP collects consumer data by getting feedback about their shopping interests and habits through surveys. By taking these surveys and market research studies, you can earn attractive prices against points gained.

While no valid information is available regarding how many points you get by taking surveys but likely it may vary depending on their length. Special studies can further let you earn extra rewards.

3: Sweepstakes

National Consumer Panel provides a fantastic opportunity to get entry into sweepstakes and earn high rewards. However, this is only for active NCP members who regularly participate in the platform and provide valuable consumer insights through shopping data. The sweepstakes are conducted weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Quarterly rewards can help you earn the biggest reward of $20,000! Other prizes may range from $25-$500 and can also include attractive merchandise that you can win. However, you have to be really active and lucky to get invitations for sweepstake entries.

4: Sign up Bonus & Other Perks

When you sign up as an NCP member, you get reward points for registration and reporting your first shopping data. Additionally, you can earn 250 reward points on birthdays, 1000 bonus points on 6-month & 1-year anniversary respectively with NCP. There are other ad-hoc and seasonal deals that can help you earn extra reward points on participation.

Redeeming NCP Reward Points

For individuals looking to make extra money online, National Consumer Panel can be quite disappointing because they do not provide the option to earn in cash. For every activity that you participate in, NCP will give you reward points that you can redeem against gift cards, home & kitchen appliances, and other merchandise such as luggage, sewing machines, food choppers, electronics, charity donations, etc. You can also get automatic entry into sweepstakes or avail attractive discounts on your purchase.

The NCP threshold to redeem the points is 8,000, i.e. $10 on average. While some users have complained of high threshold limits, reaching this point is not much difficult because the National Consumer Panel provides a wide range of options to earn high reward points. This might be due to the fact that NCP points depend on how long you have been an active panel member with the platform. This is because the National Consumer Panel clearly indicates that members who are associated with the platform for longer tend to earn higher rewards.

Final Verdict

National Consumer Panel is unique from many other survey panels but it is certainly a legitimate way to earn some fantastic rewards and cash prizes in sweepstakes. But whether it deserves your time or not depends on your expectations and experience using the platform. On an unbiased note, it is definitely worth trying because risks are less and rewards can be high if you are patient enough to stick to the platform for long.

Nevertheless, we have summed up the review with NCP pros and cons that will help you have a better overview of the platform and make a wise decision.


  • Highly trustworthy and lawful because NCP is backed by remarkable repute of its parent companies, Nielsen and IRi.
  • Joining the National Consumer Panel as a member is 100% free. Additionally, you can also stand a chance to earn bonus reward points on signing up and reporting your first shopping transaction.
  • Earning rewards on NCP is easy and fun. They offer a gamut of earning opportunities that are simple and less frustrating than wasting your valuable time & effort in qualification surveys. The way to earn great rewards and merchandise is through scanning barcodes of products you buy!
  • The biggest advantage of NCP is they never fail to deliver. They aren’t any scam website and instantly reward you points every time you submit shopping data or take a survey.
  • Approved NCP members can enjoy remarkable perks such as attractive discounts with AT&T and many others
  • Stand a chance to win exceptional prize money in sweepstakes
  • Numerous satisfied users are a member of NCP and its parent companies for decades now


  • Lack of transparency in membership eligibility terms. Signing up on their website does not guarantee that you will be a member
  • No option to earn a cash prize. The reward points can be redeemed against items that you might not need
  • The threshold limit of 8000 points is a bit too high to reach for redemption
  • Technical problems may arise using the barcode scanner and returning it back to NCP when you are no longer a member
  • Scanning barcodes or providing information about every item you buy can be little time consuming
  • For individuals who do not go shopping frequently, the panel can be a bit downside because they will continuously call you if you do not provide shopping data every week

Based on the pros & cons and a detailed review, we certainly give a thumbs-up to the National Consumer Panel. It is 100% legitimate and does not fail to meet your expectations if you are looking for attractive rewards and not cash. Additionally, they have multiple earning options that can hold good potential for you.

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