OnePoll Review: Is it a Legit Survey Site or another Scam?

The allure of making quick money is irresistible. And when it is as simple as taking surveys and getting paid, the fun doubles! Yes; OnePoll – the popular online survey site – offers the fantastic opportunity to make real money by participating in a wide range of surveys.

But wait – take surveys and earn money! What is the catch here?

OnePoll is legitimate and does pay incentives to its users. In fact, it provides a lucrative platform to earn quick money merely by taking surveys and polls online. They even pay fairly. So, if you are a student, homemaker or a professional trying to make some extra money, the survey site does provide a rewarding experience. But that does not mean it is worth your time. “The Power of Opinion” to you is certainly not a scam, but its scope is limited as compared to other legit and more popular survey sites online.

In this review, we will help you understand what is OnePoll, how it functions, what money-making perspective you have…and most importantly – is it a scam and worth your time. Let’s get started.

OnePoll – An Overview

OnePoll is an online survey site that functions as a division of South West News Service, Britain’s premier independent press agency. The survey organization has its office in Filton, Bristol. The website is free to register and incentivizes its users for participating in a wide range of surveys and polls of the day available on their site.

The key purpose of the organization is to provide comprehensive market research services to top-notch retailers in the UK. They do this in the form of inviting members from across the world to join and participate in different surveys in lieu of a certain amount of money as a reward. The data collected from such surveys can then be utilized by the clients for critical business decision-making.

Onepoll review

The website also has a mobile application that allows you to take the surveys in a fast, efficient, and seamless manner. This adds immense flexibility to the users because they can participate in surveys anywhere and anytime, and make good earnings. If you have abundant free time or striving to increase your income, this no-hassle fun online survey platform certainly rewards you for your time and effort.

How OnePoll Presents Itself

As presented at, the survey site specializes in intelligent market research, providing comprehensive and richer insights to businesses. They help empower businesses with the “power of opinion”, leveraging the art and science of effective surveys to gather critical data. The company functions as a full-service agency that creates customized solutions, catering to diverse market research, PR, and marketing needs of the clients. Through bespoke and powerful surveys, they provide in-depth and valuable data.

However, this is just one side of the coin – offering tailored survey solutions to clients. But they do not just design surveys, but also provides comprehensive data collected from such polls. They do this by providing a platform for global users to participate in the surveys and get monetary rewards in return.

Onepoll review

OnePoll website:

The first look of the website is quite impressive. It features a simple and professional design with easy navigation and user-friendliness. With just a single click, you can avail detailed information about the solutions they provide, survey panel, scripting & data, PR surveys, and other valuable data. The “Members Login” and “Members Sign up” tabs are neatly presented at the top right corner of the Home Page to catch your attention instantly.

However, they do not have any dedicated payment page where you can get your payments out or check balances. The PayPal button will only appear when total accumulated earning is $40 and will disappear again. This is a limitation of the website.

Below is OnePoll’s sign up page:


OnePoll’s social media connections:

OnePoll has a strong social media presence, providing its users an opportunity to connect via different platforms. They have dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages, wherein they keep posting and inviting people to join their panel and participate in quick and simple paid-for surveys. Users can also sign up for OnePoll via their Facebook account. The legitimacy and reliability of the survey site is evident from their social media connections.

OnePoll’s mobile presence:

OnePoll has their mobile application that allows users to create an account in a jiffy and share their opinions on a wide spectrum of topics, and get paid in cash or via PayPal. The app makes it simpler and convenient for anyone to take surveys and make quick money on the go. Every time a new survey matching your profile is available, you will receive notifications directly on your app. Complete the surveys from anywhere and anytime, and see your reward balance growing.


OnePoll’s customer support:

Unlike other scam survey sites, OnePoll provides dedicated customer support to its members via telephone and email. Their website clearly highlights their address of contact, phone number and email id where you can connect for any issues. This is a good sign of a legitimate website.

Signing up with OnePoll

OnePoll now invites users from across the globe to sign up and participate in their surveys. Any person over 18 years of age can join their survey panel for free. They also reward you with a sign-up bonus, which can be as lucrative as £2.50.

Their initial signup process is simple where you can register by providing only your full name and email address. Next, you will be directed to the member dashboard where you are required to provide more details about your profile. This step is a little extended because OnePoll wants to assign surveys that perfectly match your profile. This will help prevent irrelevant surveys and save your time. Once you are done, your member page will show several surveys that you can start off with right away.

To check available surveys, you have to sign in your account every time. However, if you use their mobile application, you will instantly receive a notification when a survey is available.

How to Earn Money on OnePoll?

The website provides four earning opportunities to interested users.

1: Paid Surveys

OnePoll provides you the opportunity to earn quick money by sharing your opinions and participating in surveys and polls. Once you register with the website, you can see all the available surveys that are best matched to your profile. The surveys are mostly short, ranging from 2-10 minutes on average. The validity of the surveys may span between 24 hours and one week. For every survey, you will see the respective reward money. Typically, OnePoll pays £0.20-£1 for most surveys. Occasionally, you can also get the opportunity to earn £3-£5 per survey.


The monetary reward for participating in surveys is quite low and it is only less often when you get the chance to earn £3 or £5. User reviews also state that most surveys take plenty of time to complete. So, earning money on OnePoll through surveys might take a test of your patience.

2: Referral Program

OnePoll also provides the opportunity to make money through referral program.


The survey panel allows you to tell your family and friends about OnePoll and refer up to 15 people. For every person that signs up on your referral and answers a survey, you earn 50p. And that is not all. When a member referred by you reaches the threshold of £20.00, you will earn £1.00. When they earn £40.00, you will get £2.50. All you have to do is complete a form by providing out email addresses of fifteen people to whom you want to refer OnePoll.

The offer might sound interesting, but the terms and conditions related to earning money on referral might put you off.

3: Prize Draws

 There is not much information available regarding Prize Draws, but the terms & conditions specify that users can participate in prize draws as a reward earned by taking up specific surveys on the website. OnePoll conducts random sweepstakes or prize draws for amount ranging between £100 and £1000.

How OnePoll Pays You?

OnePoll provides three ways to redeem your accumulated earning:

  • PayPal: If you have a PayPal account, verify it with OnePoll and you can easily redeem your earnings once you reach a specified threshold.
  • Checks: This is another way of getting your earned money, but to avail checks, you have to belong to the UK.
  • BACs – It is an automated payment system, primarily operating in the U.K, and has several electronic payment affiliates linked. Your hard-earned money will be wired directly to your registered bank account using BACs.

But you are only eligible to redeem your earnings once you reach the minimum threshold of £40. This amount is quite high in comparison to the per-survey reward money they offer and it can take a lot of time to reach this goal. Regarding payment getting credited to your account, OnePoll claims it to be 2-3 business days. But in reality, it is mostly 7 business days. Many panel members have even reported that it takes 28 days before the payment is actually received. And that’s too long a time!

Pros of OnePoll

  • 100% free to join: Signing up with OnePoll is absolutely free and anyone from across the world can join their survey panel. Furthermore, when you join, you earn a lucrative £2.50. This is a good incentive to keep you hooked into the platform.
  • Multiple payment methods: A good thing about the website is that they allow users to redeem their earnings via three payment methods – PayPal, checks, and bank account transfer through BACs. Multiple payment options ensure more flexibility to the members.
  • Anyone can sign up: Another advantage of OnePoll is it accepts member registration from across the world. That means anyone can join to participate in surveys and make money regardless of the country they belong to.
  • Several earning opportunities: OnePoll is essentially a survey site, but provides other earning opportunities as well. People can make easy and quick money by participating in daily surveys, through OnePoll’s referral program, and prize draws.
  • Low disqualification rate: Unlike many other survey sites that can penalize you for little things with your money gone in vain, OnePoll rarely disqualifies users. This means you can continue participating in surveys on their platform, with money flowing in.
  • Participate and earn money from anywhere: They have a cutting-edge and user-friendly mobile application that allows users to take surveys from anywhere and anytime, and make quick money.
  • Trustworthy: OnePoll is a division of one of the world’s top-notch market research companies and has premier organizations as their clients. This validates the fact that they are legitimate businesses and do pay for your efforts.
  • Excellent customer support: According to user reviews, they provide world-class customer support via phone or email id.

Cons of OnePoll

  • Low reward money: The biggest drawback of OnePoll is their reward money for taking surveys is too low…£0.20 on average.
  • Higher threshold limit: They have set a minimum payment threshold of £40. That means you can redeem your earnings only when the total amount is £40. With per-survey reward money to be as low as £0.20, it would take several days and numerous surveys for you to reach the threshold limit and get your hard-earned money.
  • Not too many surveys to take: The website provides surveys based on your profile and this might not be too many throughout the day. So, you need to check every now and then to ensure you do not miss out on profitable deals.
  • Money does not get credited quickly: Unlike OnePoll’s commitment of 2-3 days, your payment can actually take around 7-28 business days to get credited into your account.

The Final Verdict

From the above-discussed viewpoints, it is clear that OnePoll is certainly NOT a scam. It is a legitimate survey site that does pay you for your valuable time and effort. In fact, there are negligible user reviews stating non-payment for surveys taken. Additionally, their joining bonus of £2.50, lucrative referral program, and high-quality relevant surveys from top-notch companies are worth appreciating. However, their reward amount is too low and has a high minimum payment threshold limit. This is a little setback for the members. Otherwise, if you have patience and looking for a trustworthy platform to make money online, OnePoll is certainly worth considering. 


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