PrizeGrab Review – Is it a real bid to win prizes or a scam?

PrizeGrab Review - Is it a real bid to win prizes or a scam?

What happens when a site says ‘you don’t have to pay for anything, simply join and win lots of prizes?  Well, the first question that comes to mind is – what’s the catch? 

Nowadays, the internet is filled with websites that invite you to come and play an event with the promise of a big win. These kinds of sites use sweepstakes to lure visitors to the site. Sweepstakes started as a form of lottery that is tied to products sold and now it is like a contest where prize/prizes are given to a winner/winners. Today, in the U.S. such sweepstakes are used as marketing promotions to attract existing and new customers for using their products or services. 

PrizeGrab is one such online company. The options of daily, weekly prizes are immensely lucrative but the question is are you going to win in reality? 

In this review, you are about to read an unbiased review of PrizeGrab, covering all the aspects of the site. Many people, as advertised on the company site state to have won, while some have mentioned that they have never won anything. Just, don’t jump to any conclusions! Read the below sections patiently to know whether it is legit or a scam and that if it is worth your time or not.

What is PrizeGrab?

PrizeGrab is an online platform that uses Sweepstakes, to allow its users to enter and win lots of prizes. 

There are a variety of prizes and if you look at the offers on the PrizeGrab website, it all seems highly attractive.  

How does PrizeGrab present itself?

PrizeGrab is a U.S. based online company that claims to have distributed over the years more than $ 2 million in prizes to its’ 6,500 winners. It promotes itself as a trusted sweepstake brand which has become a household name in the last 6 years.

It engages in sponsored sweepstakes for various companies who provide the content but the rules, eligibility, terms for ‘how to enter’, and prizes are governed by PrizeGrab itself.

PrizeGrab’s website: The first impression of the website, is that of a lottery site. It has a ‘bling’ effect.

The website shows the list of recent winners, images and notes from the winners followed by the current prize contests. The bottom panel of the homepage shows further links to other webpages giving information to us about the company, rules of sweepstakes, terms, and conditions. It also showcases the winners in the ‘Winners’ page of the website.

We advise you to go through the ‘terms of use’ and ‘privacy policy’ web pages carefully before joining PrizeGrab.

PrizeGrab’s feed: It constantly updates and showcases the new prizes for grab on its website under the ‘New Weekly Prizes‘ section. So, you get to know about the latest prizes every time you open the website.

PrizeGrab’s social media connections: The company is connected through Facebook and Twitter for its’ social media presence. It also uses the Youtube channel to popularise and showcase itself. You can easily check out the winner videos on Youtube.

PrizeGrab’s mobile presence: PrizeGrab’s site is mobile-friendly. You can stay connected even when you are on-the-go and participate in online sweepstakes from anywhere, any time with your mobile or tablets.


PrizeGrab’s customer support: The company promotes its’ email ID
more than direct calls. It has a contact form wherein you can fill your details and mention the issues that you want to complain about. The company clearly states that due to high demand it cannot respond through telephone calls, hence use the format to complain or contact.

What is known about its’ history and credentials?

Since we didn’t agree with the website for being a promising opportunity to earn extra cash and prizes, so we decided to check out about it further.

We found that PrizeGrab is owned by a company named FunGrab which has an office in Delaware. PrizeGrab was brought to life by two cashanovas – Adam and Greg, who share the passion of hearing winners’ rejoice and decided to give away prizes and cash. They built the PrizeGrab website in 2013 and is active for the last 6 years.

However, we could not get any further details on the founders – the cashanovas (officially) other than their Youtube videos showing them giving a check to PrizeGrab winners.

The company started with two people and now has a team of 15+ employees with it.

The company mentions its office/sponsor address at:

# 548, Market St. #77649; San Francisco; California -94104 – 5401.

Contact number: (415) 671-8076

How do PrizeGrab works?

With a simple click, you can become a member of PrizeGrab. The membership account is free.

To play in sweepstakes you are not required to buy any product or take any online surveys. The moment you become a member, you get to see all the offers and prizes. Some offers sent to your email by PrizeGrab can automatically be entered being PrizeGrab members. For others, you will have to log in to the PrizeGrab website, click “Enter” and then you can play.

Terms and conditions:

We recommend you check out the rules of each prize beforehand on the PrizeGrab websites’ ‘RULES’ webpage and then check out the ‘PRIZE’ webpage to entering sweepstakes.  

  1. The common rule: You get 5 days to respond to PrizeGrab’s email notification stating you ‘WON’. If you do not respond within the stipulated time the prize is forfeited.
  2. No purchase or payment is entertained by PrizeGrab to increase your chance of winning a specific product or gift card.
  3. The number of entries: This may vary from the prize to prize. From 1 to 10 entries per person per 1 day is applicable. For Eg: If you are entering sweepstakes for gift cards – 4 entries per person per 1 day, for instant cash $50 – 1 entry per person per 1 day, likewise, for Cheesecake factory gift card – 10 entries per person per 1 day is permitted. If you try to enter more than the permitted limit, chances are your entry for the said prize will be forfeited.

How to win?

When you choose to play for a prize, each prize has a permissible limit per person. To win maximize the entries per prize per day. The more entries you make for a prize the more chances you have to win.

But what we could gather, that winning in PrizeGrab is just like any lottery win. There is no skill needed, just luck.

How do they announce winners?

We are still trying to figure-out whether actual people win these prizes or not. However, PrizeGrab highlights that there are at least 2 winners announced every day. 

PrizeGrab states that if a person wins, they will inform the winner with email only. No calls, no letters. So, check your emails regularly. PrizeGrab has a winners’ page which shows the list of winners with their comments (if any). 

We found that, in the event of winning, they collect your personal information, pictures, or voice recordings, and/or biological information like age, gender, etc. to use it for promotional purposes in the future on their website.

So, you will not have any say in it and they can use this information further without additional consent from you.

Types of prizes: 

There are a variety of prizes ongoing at the time of writing this review. It changes from time to time. Some of them are daily, weekly and even monthly prizes. They are like Gift Cards, Instant Win Prize Cash giveaways, Bonus Cash Giveaways, electronic appliances like air-fryer, refrigerator, iPhone, touch laptop, digital camera, etc.


What are the points?

Points are awarded to you for your activity on the site. These points are based on the goals you meet in the category of – number of days you are active, the number of prizes entered, and total entries have done. 

With each point, you progress to a higher level like Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold and further. These points and your level are visible on your membership page.

There are dozens of such point levels. The higher your level gets, the larger you can get rewarded with bonus prize opportunities. 

Other ways to make money:

Apart from playing for a prize, PrizeGrab also has online surveys, which you can take on its’ website. These surveys can be related to PrizeGrab or their third party products and services. 

We dug further to find out whether you can make money out of these surveys or not. The answer is ‘NO’. There are no other ways to make money with PrizeGrab.

While registering for surveys, you need to keep your ‘guard-on’ as they could be trying to collect your personal information through them.


Redeeming the Rewards:

The moment you get the information, on email about your winning, you are required to submit an affidavit of eligibility. The ‘Prize Fulfillment Team’ looks after that and you get the prize that you won. You don’t have to pay anything for the prizes, the said team looks after the best possible way to deliver it to you. Cash prizes are generally given in the form of a check.

Redeeming Period:

It is 5 days from receiving the mail and for some reason, if you are not reachable and do not claim, the prize is lost to you and it goes back for re-draw.

Account Suspension:

If you are not interested to continue with your PrizeGrab account, all you need to do is go to the “UNSUBSCRIBE” page and enter your email ID and click unsubscribe. Your account will be closed and you will not receive any further notifications from PrizeGrab.

In case of any issue, you can email the support department –

What do you obtain with PrizeGrab?

If you are looking for an extra income opportunity, then PrizeGrab is not the right option for you. There is no certainty of winning cash and prizes. We found that there are a small number of winners as compared to the number of visitors on the size. 

If you check thoroughly, their ‘Winners’ webpage, there are less than 3000 winners information and now if you compare the number of visitors to the site it is 1.41million as in September 2019 according to Similarweb. So, now you can understand what is the probability of your winning in general. 

The probability of winning a $10 gift card is more as compared to any high-value items or big cash prize. The daily prizes are mostly of a small amount of gift cards and instant cash. Big items event take generally in 3 – 4 months for a draw.

So, you should look forward to other online money earning options to earn some extra cash. We do not agree there is any steady earning potential with PrizeGrab that you can obtain. 

How to get started with PrizeGrab?

Simply log-in with your email ID or sign-in through your Facebook account.

Now you can choose the prizes you are interested in and click “enter now”. The moment you click once, you will get a “Processing Entry” confirmation from PrizeGrab, which means you are in for the play. Make sure you scroll through the various pages of prizes and keep clicking. 

The winners are chosen randomly by PrizeGrab, but its’ team makes sure that there are multiple daily winners luring you with the marketing gimmick of a ‘high-winning deal’.

What is required?

  • You must provide a valid email ID
  • You need to be 18 or more to be a member of PrizeGrab at the time of entry.
  • You have to be a legal resident of any of the 50 states of the United States (including the District of Columbia), Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other U.S. territories.

There are some restrictions to entries too.

  • Employees of and their family/household members are not permitted to play for prizes in PrizeGrab.
  • All those people from the void outside the 50 states of the United States (including the District of Columbia), Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other U.S. territories cannot join PrizeGrab.
  • Since PrizeGrab is a form of a lottery, there are many places where it is prohibited by law. 

Is PrizeGrab legit or a scam?

As per our observation, we find PrizeGrab a kind of a ‘SCAM’. It may not be taking advantage of you in monetary terms, which scams are in general, but it is collecting your information and selling it to a third party by understanding your interests.

They could also be keeping tabs on your online activity, as many customers have complained of odd pop-up messages and advertisements on Facebook after joining PrizeGrab 

In short, PrizeGrab is building its database of users and making money by selling email addresses of these users to interested third parties. 


  • Variety of Prizes from gift cards to a refrigerator, television, iPhone, etc.
  • Constant updating of new daily, weekly, monthly prizes.


  • Customers complaining of receiving ‘Spam’. That’s why we advise you to use a different email ID other than your original email ID which you use for important correspondence purposes.
  • A small probability of winning over and over causes’ overall probability of winning once is low.
  • They do not respond to the “do-not-track” cookies, which is a clear sign that they are tracking your online habits.
  • The limited time of 5 days to redeem prize otherwise it is forfeited is an irksome clause.
  • Binding arbitration agreement and class action waiver: When you agree to join PrizeGrab, you unknowingly let go of your legal rights to take the company to court in case of any dispute and your right to a jury for such cases. The company binds you in the arbitration agreement as per its terms and forces you to give up your right to class-action suit too.

What is the final verdict?

We cannot say for sure whether it is legit or not and if they are tricking you in some or the other way. 

However, one thing we can say for sure that there are plenty of other ways to earn extra income on online platforms where you should invest your time rather than PrizeGrab. We rate it ‘2.5’ on a scale of 1 to 5.

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