PrizeRebel Review 2020 – Is the Survey Panel Worth Your Time OR Just Another Scam?

If you are finding ways to earn fast cash on the Internet, then you might have come across numerous online survey sites that guarantee cash money and exciting rewards in lieu of your time. They promise to incentivize you when you take up online surveys and other fun activities. However, most often, these paid survey panels fall short of the big claims they make.

There are two reasons behind this –

  1. You will find there aren’t enough online surveys that ensure good money or rewards
  2. The withdrawal threshold limit of the survey sites is too high, i.e. you are required to make a significant amount of money or points in your account before you can withdraw the same. At this point of time, you might feel it is a waste of your valuable time.

Nonetheless, PrizeRebel is one such paid survey panel that has earned fairly good credibility among users. The website is constantly looking for survey takers and members who need to give their opinion on various types of market research surveys and get points. Participants can redeem the points for cash prizes and tons of rewards.

But before you sign up for any kind of paid survey platform, it is crucial to determine whether it is worth your time and how much extra income you can make from it. This comprehensive PrizeRebel review lets you have an unbiased outlook of this paid survey panel, discussing its pros and cons to help you make a smart decision.

Let’s begin by understanding what PrizeRebel is all about.

PrizeRebel – An Overview

PrizeRebel is a U.S. based paid survey site that aims to bridge the gap between market research companies and end consumers. They partner with various retail brands, service providers, and market research companies who are in constant need to capture consumer’s voice that can aid in product or service improvements, and critical business decision-making. From a member’s perspective, anyone can join the website and get a chance to win rewards by taking surveys or participating in a wide range of activities.

On successfully completing a survey, PrizeRebel will pay you in points that get accumulated in your account. Later, you can redeem these points for cash or gift cards. In addition to surveys, the platform also provides the opportunity to increase your points and get more rewards through a wide range of activities that include playing games, watching videos, referral programs, or signing up with 3rd party websites.

PrizeRebel guarantees 100% confidentiality of your personal information. That means only your feedback, collected through surveys, are available to market research companies, brands, and advertisers. The website claims that they never share any information regarding your identity to third-parties.

So, now that you have a fair idea of what PrizeRebel is all about, let’s get into more details.

How PrizeRebel Presents Itself?

PrizeRebel showcases itself as a trusted paid online survey panel where you can “earn points & redeem for cash and gift cards” from hundreds of renowned brands worldwide. They claim to have a global community of over 9 million members, with 504 exciting gift card rewards to choose from. They also assert paying $19 million in cash and rewards redeemed since 2007.

PrizeRebel website:

Unlike many other paid survey panels, the website of PrizeRebel is completely designed for anyone who wants to join the platform to make money online, and not how brands or market research companies that benefit from their platform. The structure is simple yet impressive, providing all the information that you would need to get started. It catches the attention of the website visitors with the ‘Sign Up’ tab that makes it easy and fast to join the panel. You can also check out their reward options from their “See Our Rewards” section.

PrizeRebel social media connections:

One of the nicest things about PrizeRebel is its strong social media connectivity across all major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. They constantly update about their online surveys, referral program, rewards and much more on these social networks, and even provide regular contests that members can win. Their presence on social media and regular posts fairly indicates their legitimacy.

PrizeRebel mobile presence:

PrizeRebel does not have a mobile application. That means a qualified survey panel has to login using their desktop computer or laptop to take up surveys or participate in other activities.

PrizeRebel customer support:

Though you would not find PrizeRebel’s phone number, address or email id on their official website, they do provide a certain level of customer support through their ‘Contact Us’ form. Once you send in your queries through this form, they promise to get back to your email id as soon as possible. The website can also be communicated through their social media accounts, though we are not sure whether they will address your queries. Additionally, they have a detailed FAQ section where you can get answers for most of your queries.

How to Make Money & Earn Rewards on PrizeRebel?

There are several ways you can earn lucrative rewards and cash money on PrizeRebel. Let’s have a look into different ways of making money with this paid online survey panel.

1: Paid Survey

Surveys are the best ways to earn cash and rewards on PrizeRebel, and delightfully, they have a whole lot of them. When you register with the platform and sign in, go to the “Earn” tab and browse through a wide range of surveys and offers available for you. They provide a list of survey providers PrizeRebel has partnered with and you can click any of them to take a survey you wish.

 For every survey you choose, PrizeRebel will provide you with two vital metrics – how many points you can earn by taking the survey and average survey completion time in minutes. Here, it is important to mention that for every 1 point you earn on PrizeRebel, it will amount to a standard rate of $0.01. So, after evaluating the average completion time of a survey and the amount you can earn for it, you can determine whether the survey is worth your time or not.

Before you get started with surveys, you have to answer certain profile-related questions. This helps PrizeRebel ensure a better quality of its panelists and match you only with surveys that are suitable for your profile and region. At the same time, you will not qualify for all surveys. But do not let that lose your hope. There are plenty that you will qualify for.

Here are some quick tips to earn more through paid surveys:

  • More number of surveys are available on weekdays than on weekends
  • Pick longer surveys to get higher payouts
  • Maintain a high-quality score. If the quality score decreases, you can find it difficult to get fresh surveys
  • Accept surveys quickly. The more you delay, the higher is your chances of not getting qualified

2: Videos

PrizeRebel also provides the opportunity to earn rewards by watching videos. These are typically promotional videos, ranging from travel packages to school shoes, etc. However, you get to earn points for every 30 minutes of watching a video, irrespective of whatever it is.

Even if the video is playing in the background and you do not try to do any other activity on PrizeRebel, you can earn points. Furthermore, you can watch as many videos as you can; there is no limit. However, you can earn only a few points by watching videos. So, if you want to make real money, you have to watch a lot of them.

3: Paid Offers

Another exciting way you can earn rewards on this platform is through a wide range of offers they provide, listed in the ‘Offer Wall’ under their ‘Earn’ tab.  

Offers are a good way to earn fantastic rewards in a fast and simple manner. Offers can be anything from playing a Facebook game, registering for a free subscription at a website, downloading and opening an app, participating in quizzes, taking surveys, etc. Even if your daily quota of earning points through surveys has got exhausted, you can still earn more through offers. You can even get offers that will pay you up to 50 cents!

4: Playing Games

PrizeRebel also provides the option to play games and earn exciting rewards. Earn points when you download and install certain game titles on your mobile phone. You can also earn more if you play the game in real and reach specific levels as mentioned in the offer.



5: Daily Challenges 

Daily Challenge is another way you can earn nice little bonuses automatically when you participate in PrizeRebel activities every day. You can see the Daily Challenge on the left panel of your screen when you log into the Earn section.

The challenge is time sensitive and you have to reach a certain number of points as specified within that time period. If you are able to complete the challenge, you will earn an extra bonus. As you participate in different PrizeRebel activities and earning points, you will get closer to winning the challenge.

6: Referral Program

You can also earn rewards by referring PrizeRebel to your friends and family. Once they sign up on PrizeRebel, you can earn from 15%-30%, depending on the level you are. And you will continue earning points until they get points on this platform.

So, this isn’t one-time earning that you get; it’s a lifetime opportunity that will continue until your referred people earn points. The more you get on board, the more points you get.

7: Online Shopping

PrizeRebel also lets you earn points and get rewarded when you buy goods and services through their affiliate links. It is a sort of cashback program where you shop and get a certain percentage as cashback as well as few points accumulated to your PrizeRebel account.

If you find PrizeRebel’s earning methods lucrative enough, let’s find out how to sign up with them.

Signing up with PrizeRebel

Unlike many other paid survey sites, signing up with PrizeRebel is fast and simple. According to the website, it takes just 10 seconds to register. All you have to do is sign up directly through your Facebook profile or create a new PrizeRebel account by providing your name, valid email id, and password.

After you click “Start Making Money,” you will receive an email from PrizeRebel. Click on the link provided in the email to activate your account. Next, you can sign in with your email id and password, and complete your profile. PrizeRebel will like to know more about where you live, your lifestyle, type of work you do, where have you traveled in the past, what you love to do in free time, etc.

While you might think the questions are too intrusive, but the website does this to build your unique profile and match it with the right marketing surveys and offers. This is important because, suppose, a market research company in the US wants to capture the voice of American citizens to get feedback for their product. Then it makes no point matching an Australian citizen with this survey.

As a matter of fact, your individual profile plays an integral role in matching you to new survey opportunities for which you can qualify. Therefore, it is important that you complete the profile with due diligence.

Once you sign up and complete your profile, PrizeRebel will credit your account instantly with 10 points.

PrizeRebel Level System 

The paid survey panel uses a ‘level system’ that lets you maximize your earnings as you go up each level. Initially, you will receive the status of the Bronze Level. Followed by this, are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels. To move up from Bronze to Silver, you have to earn 1,000 points or $10 in earnings.

With every level, your PrizeRebel perks also go up. For instance, Bronze account members can earn 15% as a referral bonus, whereas it is 30% for Diamond account members. Additionally, Gold level members can cash-out their rewards automatically, while in standard levels, you might have to wait for 7 days. With Gold, Platinum and Diamond account, you will also earn 1%, 2% and 3% discounts on chosen rewards.

How does PrizeRebel Pay?

For every completed survey or offer, PrizeRebel will pay you in points that get credited to your account. Once you reach their threshold limit, you can redeem the accumulated points for cash or gift cards from leading brands. The threshold limit to cash-out your points is very low as compared to other paid survey platforms.


If you want to redeem your points for hard cash, you will need to register your PayPal account with PrizeRebel. However, for that, your registered email address with PayPal must match with that of your PrizeRebel account. To cash-out, you have to reach a threshold limit of 500 points, or $5. After this, PayPal has its cash-out limits at $5, $15, $20, $50 and $100. Make sure you cash out every $5-$10 so that you are not left with unusable points.

Gift Cards:

You have two options here – get an Amazon voucher code at a minimum point limit of 200, or pick a prepaid voucher backed by Visa. Additionally, there are numerous other gift cards to choose from, with a minimum threshold limit varying from 200 points to 500 points.

PrizeRebel Review – The Final Verdict

In a gist, PrizeRebel is definitely one of the best paid survey sites you can consider to make some fast cash or earn great rewards. It is 100% legitimate and there is nothing fishy about their mode of operations (except few negative reviews). Being in the industry since 2007, they have already built a good reputation with a huge global user-base. Most importantly, they pay!

To further help you make a wise decision, here are the pros & cons of PrizeRebel:


  • Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can join PrizeRebel for free. Get a joining bonus of 10 points
  • Multiple ways to make money or earn rewards online
  • Flexibility to work anytime; a great option to earn part-time
  • Low payout threshold limit unlike many paid survey sites
  • Get customer support, instant notifications on social media
  • Redeem points against cash or gift cards


  • Few members have complained of getting disqualified for too many surveys
  • Negative reviews about the account getting closed right before payout and without warning
  • Complaints about not getting paid ever

While we cannot always trust what is being said, it is up to your understanding to decide whether PrizeRebel is worth your time or not. On a general note, it does offer many earning options and numerous members have successfully claimed their rewards on this platform. It is certainly worth trying once. We suggest holding onto your patience to make it big on online survey sites such as PrizeRebel.

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