Pureprofile Review – Really Pure Money or a Scam for Sure?

Pureprofile Review – Really Pure Money or a Scam for Sure?

Product name: Pureprofile

Product type: Survey Panel

Price: Free to join

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3/5)

Verdict: Legit

Pureprofile survey panel

The online paid survey sites and platforms exist for a reason. Behind the scenes, these work in the direction of market research to help brands collect valuable data insights from different segments of online users.

Now, you may ask why these brands don’t do it directly. The answer is simple – most of the users are reluctant or lazy to participate in surveys, polls, etc. and also to share their information.

Next, you may ask how the survey panels accomplish this task so effortlessly. The answer is again quite simple – they offer rewards (cash, gift cards, vouchers, discounts, etc.) to lure internet users. As they say, there is nothing like a free lunch, the information is exchanged with these rewards and it becomes a great deal for the brands, the survey sites as well as for the survey participants.

Pureprofile is one similar site and you are about to read an unbiased review covering every important aspect of the site. Being around for a respectable number of years and having some impressive credentials do work in its favor. Still, don’t jump to any conclusions before you visit every section below, read it patiently and then decide whether the site is worth your time or not.

What Is Pureprofile?

Pureprofile survey panel

Pureprofile is an Australia-based online paid survey panel, one of the many similar panels with millions of users – some happily recommending it for online money-making and some sharing complaints and concerns based on their personal experiences.

The idea is simple – you join the website for free, share your profile information and participate in what the site calls ‘activities’ to earn real cash.

What makes Pureprofile different from most of the other online survey panels is that it offers real cash rather than points for successfully completing every activity. So, a user knows exactly what he or she earns at the end of the day, rather than indulging into the annoying task of converting points into rewards.

Another good aspect of the site is that it allows users from across the world to register with it. Though, there are some features and advantages available only to the users from Australia and New Zealand.

However, what grabs attention is the fact that Pureprofile users enjoy the freedom to participate in surveys on demand. It means that they don’t have to wait for the site to send survey links to their email ids. They can simply log in to the site and start participating in the surveys at their own pace and willingness.

How Does Pureprofile Present Itself?

When we delved deeper to know the exact profile of the site, we came across a company which is much bigger than being a simple market research survey panel. Pureprofile presents itself as a global media and technology company which is involved in a number of high-end services like quantitative research, programmatic media advertising, big data analytics, and online consumer profiling which help brands to empower data insight collection, online advertising as well as lead generation.

If the language above is extremely technical, you can understand Pureprofile as a company which assists brands to reach their targeted audiences using a number of modern-day techniques. In this entire process, it also rewards the targeted audiences for their role, time and efforts.

Pureprofile Website: Many users, as well as industry experts, rank Pureprofile’s website as one of the best survey panel platforms with an engaging user interface. It greets the visitors with interesting welcome lines like:

You’re fantastic…You’re different…You’re fascinating…You’re engaging and so on…the messages keep on scrolling.

The site tends to give importance to the panelists with another tagline – ‘Earn rewards for being exactly who you are’. As you scroll down the main page, you will find the website’s simple design guiding through the process of joining, the rewards, the blogs, and many more things. Also, there’s a useful FAQ section of the site which provides a great deal of information in a structured manner. It is also recommended to go through the site’s Privacy section to extract more valuable information.

Pureprofile’s ‘The Feed’: The website offers quick updates and all information related to the users’ activities, accounts, and rewards in a section called ‘the feed’. As soon as you register with the website, you will see this section where you will get all information about latest surveys, offers and other opportunities at one place.

Pureprofile Business Website: Apart from the online survey site, you will find a link to Pureprofile’s main business website (business.pureprofile.com). On this website, you will further get to know about the company and the solutions and services it offers. It is a useful resource to assess the company’s background and credentials.

Pureprofile’s Social Media Connection: The company has a strong presence on various popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It also encourages its members to link their social media profiles with their Pureprofile account in order to get more relevant surveys and earning opportunities.

Pureprofile’s Mobile Presence: One commendable aspect of Pureprofile is that it has a highly responsive and mobile-friendly design, thereby allowing its members to earn while on the go – whether traveling or attending a boring party.

Pureprofile Customer Support: Though a user discussion forum is what one expects from online survey sites and other similar platforms, Pureprofile lacks it. It simply has a ‘contact us’ form that can be used to ask queries or submit complaints. It is unknown how good the company is in responding back.

What Is Known about the History and Credentials of Pureprofile?

A lot! If you are that kind of person who likes to know about an online money-making site’s background before joining it, you will be happy to know that Pureprofile shares a lot of verifiable information about its history and the journey so far.

The company was launched in Sydney by Paul Chan, who served as the company’s CEO and Executive Director for many years, in the year 2000. So, at the time of writing this review, the company is almost 19 years old which is indeed a long period for a market research online survey site to survive.


It is also known that Paul is a member of Sydney’s Entrepreneurs’ Organization. In 2003, the company began its UK operations, followed by the opening of its USA office in 2011. The company planned to make its USA branch the parent company. However, the Sydney branch again reclaimed its position as the parent company and the USA and UK office became its subsidiaries. The Sydney address of the company is:

Level 20/233 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

The company has its offices in countries like New Zealand, India, Poland and Greece as well.

Interestingly, the company’s USA address has attained ‘A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau as mentioned on the BBB website. The page also mentions the USA address of the company as:

68 South Park Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94107

The company has a long journey of successful alliances and acquisitions. It acquired Sparc Media Group in 2015. In the same year, it formed alliances with News Limited and AA Smartfuel, a rewards program based in New Zealand. In 2018, the company formed a partnership with the prestigious blockchain data company Brontech and with RDA Research’s unique socio-economic consumer classification system called geoTribes for improved research and advertising campaigns. Another remarkable alliance of the company is with Raiz – a micro-investment service.

The website claims to have more than 1.1 million registered users to date. It also boasts of having given more than 1.5 million rewards. There are more than 700 global brands from different backgrounds using the site as a platform for market research.

How Does Pureprofile Work?

Pureprofile works exactly like an online paid survey panel with an added advantage of allowing its members to earn on-demand. Once you register with the site, you can log in to it at any time to check if there are new surveys updated in your ‘the feed’ section.

Usually, there are unlimited numbers of surveys available for each user. Most of the surveys take 20-30 minutes to complete, requiring the participants to answer some very genera questions and to share their opinions. However, there are surveys that may take as long as 4 hours to complete.


What amount of money you will get by participating in these surveys is mentioned along with each survey. Once the survey is successfully completed, the site shows the mentioned money credited to the user’s account. The updated information about the account can be conveniently checked at the feed.

Different types of way you make money with Pureprofile

Profile Information Surveys: In the feed, you may find some unpaid surveys that aim at only collecting information about your lifestyle, habits, purchase behaviors and preferences. By completing these surveys, you share useful information with the site which then updates the most relevant surveys in the feed.

Pureprofile Groups: Based on the profile information you share, you might be put into different groups of like-minded site users. For example, if you own a dog, you would be grouped with other dog owners and you would receive surveys related to pets (like pet grooming, pet care, pet food etc.). Similarly, your profile will feature in other groups which make it easier for the site to send more relevant surveys to you.

Paid Surveys: Once you complete the profile information and are placed in different groups, you immediately begin to receive paid surveys. At times, you might be screened out in the middle of a survey if you are found ineligible for that particular survey. Don’t worry! The site offers to compensate for your time by paying a few cents when it happens.

Other Ways to Make Money: Apart from paid surveys, Pureprofile offers many other ways to help its users earn rewards. These include:

  • Website Visits: You can click on different links leading to various websites. All you need to do is visit the websites and spend some time there and you can earn small rewards for these activities.
  • Watch Videos: Another way to earn rewards with the site is to watch video ads that are updated in the feed section. These videos are usually short in duration.
  • Personalized Offers: Based on the information you share with the site, you will receive personalized offers from some of the popular e-retail stores. These offers have two advantages – you get rewarded for viewing it and you may also use them for saving money (like while shopping online).
  • Referral Program: Like most of the other survey panes, Pureprofile also offers its members the opportunity to earn through a referral program. However, the sad part is that the referral program is not that attractive and the referral income is quite low when compared to other similar sites that offer excellent referral rewards.

Whenever a person joins the website on your reference, you would get $5 as the reward. However, the reward is paid only when the person participates in at least two surveys (one within 30 days of joining).

Also, that’s the only reward you get for bringing a new user for the site. You won’t get any reward against the money or rewards the user earns in the future. That can be discouraging especially if you make efforts to invite people to join the site.  

Rewards: As mentioned earlier, Pureprofile pays in real cash without indulging in the points-based rewards. However, it is up to the user how he or she redeems the earned money – as real cash or in the form of gift cards, e-vouchers and other available options. One thing notable about the site is that it is happy paying in different currencies based on the user’s countries and locations.

Minimum Threshold: Your Pureprofile account must reach the minimum value of $20 (AU, NZ or US) or £20 (UK) before you become eligible for a redemption request. Compared to other survey panels, the minimum threshold value is quite high. You might have to spend quite some time and participate in many surveys to reach the value.

How do you get paid and redeem rewards?


There are many ways in which you can redeem the earned money. These include:

  • Cash (Direct Bank Transfer): You are allowed to redeem between $20 and $70 (AU, NZ or US) or £20 and £70 (UK) per transaction.
  • PayPal: Similar to the cash transfer, each PayPal transaction allows redemption between $20 and $70 (AU, NZ or US) or £20 and £70 (UK).
  • Pureprofile Rewards Card: There are two options – first, you can choose a rewards card of $20 (AU, NZ or US) or £20 (UK) and second, you may also choose a rewards card of $70 (AU, NZ or US) or £70 (UK).
  • Hoyts Movie Vouchers (only for Australian members): Between $20 and $30
  • Raiz Redemption (only for Australian members): Between $20 and $70
  • AASF Discounts (only for members from New Zealand): Between $2.5 and $70

There are two additional things that are very important to note about the redemption process:

  1. It is also worth noticing that the site allows redemption of $70 or less in the time period of 2 months or 60 days. It means that if you redeem $70 in one transaction, you will have to wait for the next two months for redeeming more cash. The waiting period is indeed disappointing.
  2. For the first cash redemption request, the site follows the procedure of user verification through SMS to certain that the request is made by a real user only. So, you would be required to share your mobile number with the site for only the first redemption.

Redeem Period: Pureprofie takes up to 1 month or 30 days to redeem the earned cash through cash and PayPal options. The processing time is unusually high when compared with many other sites which usually process the redemption requests within a week or two. The reward card redemptions, however, are processed immediately.

Account Suspension: It is clearly mentioned on the website that a user’s account is suspended when there is no activity over a period of 12 months. However, there have been complaints from the site users about their account getting suspended or blocked without any valid reason or advance notification. Though, such complaints are common for most of the online survey panels. Many experts believe that it happens when certain users fail to adhere to the site’s terms and conditions or commit violations in one or the other way.

What Do You Obtain with Pureprofile?

The topmost way to earn with Pureprofile is through participation in as many surveys as possible. In general, surveys pay between $ 1 and $3. There are surveys that pay between $10 and $35, but they are posted occasionally. Also, these higher-paying surveys may take between 1 and 4 hours to complete.

One thing most of the site’s users recommend is that to be honest about completing the profile information as it can lead to high-paying surveys regularly appearing in the feed. According to them, linking one’s social media profiles with the site further helps in this direction as the site is able to extract more valuable information about the user through these profiles.

Income Potential: When you start using an online survey panel, we expect that you understand that it won’t make your rich. Pureprofile is not an exception in this regard. Some of its users claim to earn between $30 and $100 in a month and that should be considered a decent range when it comes to these sites.

How to Get Started with Pureprofile?

Pureprofile survey panel

In order to start earning rewards with Pureprofile, you must register with the website. The registration is free of cost and can be completed in 4 easy steps:

  1. Visit pureprofile.com and click on the ‘Join Us’ button
  2. Choose the country you live in from the drop-down menu
  3. Provide a valid email id and choose a password
  4. Check your email inbox for a verification email from the site and click on the verification link

That’s it! You will be immediately redirected to the feed where you will find various money-making opportunities including paid surveys, offers, videos and more.

Please note that you can also join the site using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

What Is Required?

  • You must provide a valid email id
  • The site requires its members to be of age 15 or more
  • You will be asked for your phone number for SMS verification after your first cash redemption request
  • A PayPal account if you wish to redeem cash through PayPal

Is Pureprofile Legit or a Scam?

Going by the following observations about the site, we find Pureprofile as a legit online paid survey panel:

  • It is around for almost 2 decades
  • It has a reputed company with a well-known history behind it
  • Users report payment proofs from the site
  • There are verifiable physical addresses of the company’s offices
  • The company has some respectable names on its board of directors

Now, you may ask whether the site is worth the effort. Should you prefer it over other similar sites? For this, let’s revisit the pros and cons of Pureprofile.


  • The site pays in cash
  • There are a large number of surveys available on per day basis
  • The website is mobile-friendly which means you can use it anywhere anytime


  • The referral income is too low. There are better-paying sites in this regard
  • The minimum threshold value of $20 is too high (in case you don’t come across high-paying surveys)
  • Many of the site’s UK users report that the surveys expire too soon (might be due to time difference)

What Is the Final Verdict?

Pureprofile is NOT a scam. In our opinion, Pureprofile is a good site if you are about to begin using online survey panels or even if you have been a player for a while. You should join many other similar websites simultaneously to add to the overall earnings. We rate it at 3,5 on the scale of 1 to 5.

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