SEO Trends that Require You to Seek Help from an Ecommerce SEO Company

Google is today’s leading search engine. The company has since dramatically changed search indexing and the use of algorithms. The complex computational system rapidly evolved over the last couple of years to accommodate new technologies.

Nowadays, Google search delivers a faster and more accurate website ranking by relevance, page speed, and user experience among others. The company is not just making website searches better but also revolutionising how queries are made. Google search is now AI-enabled, combining both the traditional algorithm and new ranking signals for a more accurate website classification.

It’s not easy to pick how web searches have changed. But during the early days, Google was only able to update a handful of its algorithms each year. The rapid shift of technology enabled the company to make thousands of updates to its algorithm every year. Most updates are unnoticeable because they are so light. But these meagre updates create a drastic effect on your website ranking.

This is the reason why you need to hire an ecommerce seo company to deliver the right value to your business.


The More Important Reasons You Need to Get the Help of an SEO Company

Businesses in the country spring every day. And the competition for audience recognition heightens drastically. One of the problems with having a website is staying on top of the SERP, with SEO trends tending to become demanding for small businesses.

Being able to meet requirements can help sustain your website ranking. Although, sometimes it is not enough, so getting the right professionals to tweak your website and accommodate the latest algorithmic changes always helps to keep your rankings in a steady position.

And this is where an ecommerce seo company helps. An experienced SEO team can take away the critical responsibilities of maintaining website ranking so you can focus on essential tasks.


Major Algorithmic Rollout Affecting your Website Performance

Google has rolled out countless updates in its algorithm that it is easy to lose track of what matters for your business. While some of these updates are non-critical, it can affect your SERP ranking. Some of the major changes in the Google algorithm this year include:

  • Voice search. The addition of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana saw a rapid industry need for its incorporation to Google’s algorithm. Voice search queries accounted to over 33 million in 2017. And the trend continues to rise as younger generations tend to embrace the latest conveniences from technology.
  • Featured snippets. Featured snippets are the tiny bits of information you see when you do a quick online search. It is displayed on the SERP’s first page just above the organic ads and paid campaigns. This search feature has been around for years but was only exploited recently for its ability to impact a website’s organic search traffic.
  • Bidirectional Encoder Representations for Transformers. The neural network-based language technique is a major change in Google since the release of the RankBrain update. It allows users to train a unique answering system that impacts queries. An ecommerce seo company can optimise BERT’s understanding of the natural language through context-based conversational queries.
  • Relevant video content. Gone is the era when all you see on a website are texts. These days, you won’t see a ranking website without a featured video to emphasise its content. Featured videos are also most likely to show up on the SERP’s first pages compared to a website with just plain texts.
  • Mobile search. Mobile searches are starting to dominate the internet as smartphones are everywhere. Google has also created a shift by implementing the mobile-first index to improve search experience using smartphones.

SEO is Both an Art and Science

SEO is both an art and science because it is a primal reason that allows your business to influence people, their emotions and their decision making. Behind the power of SEO also lays common strategies of trend and market observation to make your marketing efforts more productive.

It includes content building, design strategies, and link-building, which are considered an art. Along the processes of an SEO campaign, research is required, including determining a newly enforced search engine algorithm. Numbers are critical parts of determining backlinks, a metadata’s optimal character length, and various website loading factors.

As new trends continue to shape SEO, getting the required help will get you the most of your website investments. Combining all effective SEO strategies will guarantee to provide the right results, removing SEO work from your hands.



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