Is Survey Compare a Scam? Full review

It first sight Survey Compare just look like any other online survey company. In this article I’ll do an in-depth review of Survey Compare, how it works, how to earn money with Survey Compare and whether or not it’s legit or just another scam.💰

This is my honest review and experience with Survey Compare, and as a part of our review sections my team and I always try to make the most fair and realistic review of the platform and websites we try.

So is Survey Compare an amazing opportunity or a scam? I’ll cover everything you need to know about Survey Compare, their payment program and much more in an in-depth review below, hang on!🔍

Survey Compare review - scam or legit

What is Survey Compare?

Survey Compare is a survey platform where users can sign up for free to earn money by doing online surveys for big companies. is also known as SurveyCompare UK since it’s a UK based company, however you can sign up from pretty much any country, to earn money from their survey panel programs.

When you first visit their website, you’ll see a similar picture as my screenshot above of their website. You’ll get instant access to sign-up on their survey platform, and offer payment in forms of rewards (Amazon gift cards and similar) or cash (paypal).

However SurveyCompare is a little bit different than other Survey platforms since they actually refer you to other Survey programs within their website instead of offering you surveys right away. So it’s basically a survey referring program you’ll enter.

When you join they will greet you with a “most popular” list to join as seen below.

surveycompare-sign-up-offers-prymaAfter the signup on Survey Compare’s website you’ll get acces to their Survey list of recommended/partner programs with offers of surveys. There isn’t an actual members area, just a list of offers.

When you sign-up you’ll just agree that Survey Compare can send you offers on popular Survey programs and links you to the sites. While doing so Survey Compare can earn a commission every time you sign up to any of the sites the linked to you, just like an affiliate.

I don’t think this was very clear when visiting their website, and because of this I don’t really trust this company and I don’t think they provide much value. There is nothing wrong with recommending other products or working as an affiliate (I love it myself), but I think you should at least be honest and transparent about your products and what you offer, or in any other way give a disclaimer.

How much can you earn with SurveyCompare?

I quote directly from their website here, since I think this will explain everything by itself

To thank you for providing your valuable opinions, companies are willing to reward you with cash, gift vouchers and other rewards. You won’t get rich from doing online surveys, but if you like to earn extra cash for giving your opinions, you’ve come to the right place!

SurveyCompare continuously searches the fairest, most trusted and most rewarding paid survey companies, and lets you easily join them all in one go. There is no catch, and best of all, it’s free!

So basically, you would be able to earn money with the surveys, however don’t expect to get much. Well at least they are transparent and real about what they offer, which is a plus. However I do agree since with my experience you would NOT be able to earn that much, I’ll explain more below.

They claim you could up to 5$ per survey, however most surveys doesn’t get you much more than 1-3$ and it take some time to do, which I generally don’t think is worth it.

How to get started with Survey Compare

Survey Compare’s own video on how to get started online and earning money with their platform

How do you get paid with Survey Compare?

With Survey Compare you can get paid with cash transferred via paypal or in gift cards.


Who is behind Survey Compare?

Survey Compare aka is a UK based company in London under the name Marketing VF Ltd, and it is a real company, you can actually just call them up by they support at 020 7424 3137 during office hours. They are a totally legit company. Otherwise you can contact them on

By visiting and researching the background of Survey Compare I had a look into both their social accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and both platforms doesn’t seem to be very active. By looking on Marketing VF Ltd the “company behind” it seems like they have multiple sites like Survey Compare, but just in other niches such as solar panels and similar services.

I’m not saying this is a particular good or bad thing, I think you would be the judge of this, I just wanted to let you know. I did however find their website on Bloomberg and Marketing VF Ltd is registered and everything looks ok, but maybe they just have a network of similar referring sites, who know.

Is Survey Compare safe to use and how old you need to be?

Survey Compare is 100% safe to use, it’s not a scam website, however they aren’t 100% transparent about their business model and how they actually earn money. Since they earn money by referring you to other platforms and not by actually providing genuine value or real surveys by them self, instead they are just an affiliate site.

They are however 100% safe to use and will not give you any additional cost or fee’s by signing up.

You have to be 16 or older to use their platform and start with most of the survey panels and programs.

Final overview of pro’s and con’s

In my opinion Survey Compare is not a scam, however I don’t think it’s worth the time, and I don’t think they offer great value. It’s basically just an extra step when signing up, and you could find most of these survey platforms yourself if you did some research.

However I do think if you are new to taking surveys and just want to try and earn a little bit of side income online, this could be a fun way to start and see if this is something you like.

All in all, Survey Compare offer the opportunity to send you links of relevant survey platforms to join, but you could safe this time and just find 1 survey platform you like and you will probably be better off.

I will however be fair and honest and say every site they link you to are also 100% legit and not any scammy websites. They work and a real businesses, the main problem is just that platform isn’t transparent enough with their visitors and audience.

To get a better understanding of their platform head over to their FAQ section.

It’s to confusing when visiting their website and that’s a shame, but for all those reasons, I don’t recommend Survey Compare UK. There are other, better and faster ways of earning money online than using this platform.

Pro’s of Survey Compare

✅ Promotes only legit survey programs

✅ FREE to join

✅ Fast setup

✅ Great for beginners

Con’s of Survey Compare

🚫 Not transparent about their company

🚫 Unclear what you get and what service they provide

🚫 Doesn’t provide any real value

🚫 Difficult and confusing to navigate on their website

🚫 Not a big earning potential

Conclusion & Rating

SurveyCompare is definitely legit and it’s not a fraud or a scam. However you do not get what you think you get. Their website only corporate with other survey panels and doesn’t offer any survey panels themselves, which is a little disappointing. You don’t really get much information abou the survey panels and survey programs before signing up, and the earning potential isn’t that great either.

All in all SurveyCompare is NOT a scam, but I don’t recommend it at all. There are way better alternatives for making money online, with ecommerce, affiliate marketing, better survey panels, blogging etc.


Rating: ⭐️

Price: FREE

Verdict: Legit (not recommended)


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