Survey Junkie: Is it a legit way to make money or a scam?

Survey Junkie_ Is it a legit way to make money or a scam?

Today, online paid surveys have become a basic need for many brands to understand the market pulse and consumer behavior. They are not interested in wasting millions of dollars in launching products and services that otherwise could fail in the market. They rely on these paid survey sites for getting valuable inputs.

However nowadays, if you are looking for a survey company to participate in and earn some extra money, you’ll find a lot of options online. The big question that comes to mind next is, which one to trust?

Survey Junkie is a similar survey site offering you to make some money out of your leisure time. If you are reading this, it means you are interested in it and we intend to help you to make your mind whether it is legit or not. We hope to answer all questions unbiasedly, while you read through all the sections below patiently. This would, in turn, help you to figure out whether it is worth your time or not. 

What is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is an America-based, online survey site with over 10 million members in its online community. Branded companies whether big or small, they connect with Survey Junkie to reach out to you. With the help of various surveys, they collect your opinions and viewpoints on a variety of products and services. In return for your valuable inputs, you are rewarded with cash and gift offers by the company. 

Earning with Survey Junkie is simple. Just pick the survey you want to participate in, answer the list of questions with your personal experience and earn points. {Fig 1}

{Fig. 1}

With an investment of 5 to 20 minutes, you can earn 100 + points easily. Today, millions of Survey Junkie members, in different parts of the world, are happily earning a little more by taking surveys in their free time. 

What is known about the history and credentials of Survey Junkie?

With so many fake and fraudulent sites, it is obvious that you want to know everything before you consider it as your extra earning option. Well, we have dug dipper in Survey Junkie, to get as much information as possible for you.

Survey Junkie started its business in December 2010 which was later incorporated in Feb 2011 in Glendale, California. It is open in the market for business since June 2013.  Armen Adjemian is the founder and CEO of the company. So, at the time of writing the review, the company is more than 8 years old. In a way, it can be stated that the company has good experience for a market research online survey site to survive. It has a small team of 64 employees but has a successful growing business.

 The last annual turnover of Survey Junkie was US$7.4 million. 

Survey Junkie is the online marketing research recruitment arm of DISQO – the parent company. Before 2018, DISQO used to go by the name Active Measure and Blue Media Ventures. The part ‘Active Measures’ was used only for a short while and later it was changed to Blue Media Ventures. The said company is listed as ‘A+’ according to BBB (Better Business Bureau) listings. 

Like the parent company, Survey Junkie too got BBB accreditation in June 2017 but was rated ‘B’ due to more than 200 complaints by customers concerning account closure and customer support. The U.S. address of the company is:

800 N, Brand Blvd # 2100, Glendale, California 91203-1245

Contact No. (949) 743-3217

Other than the U.S, the Survey Junkie offices are also located in the U.K., Australia, and Canada.  

How does Survey Junkie present itself?

Survey Junkie is focused exclusively on surveys. According to The Online Money Page (, Survey Junkie is considered number one in the list of ‘top nine best paid online surveys’. Let us see now how it presents itself to the users in general.

Survey Junkie Website: The website is user-friendly and simple to use. It engages with the users instantly with a catchy punchline – ‘Take surveys. Get PAID’.{Fig. 2}


As you scroll down further, the said page highlights the methodology of earning in three simple steps – Take Surveys, Earn Rewards, and Get Paid. {Fig. 2} A further scroll can provide you details of customer reviews through ‘Trustpilot’

The lower panel of the webpage contains a list of other pages wherein various details in connection to the company are mentioned.  The most useful details are explained greatly in the ‘Help Center section’ of the site, containing FAQs in a structured manner. We recommend you to go through the site’s ‘Privacy section’ too, as it provides valuable information about how Survey Junkie handles the personal information given by you to them.

Survey Junkie website is compatible with all devices – desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones, or any such devices with internet access. However, on smartphones, the survey options are limited to mobile surveys only. 

Survey Junkie’s Dashboard: The website offers all information connected to you along with the latest updates on surveys on a daily basis with your points on the left side panel. It is like a user homepage that can be accessed only after registering with the site. {Fig.3}


Survey Junkie’s Social Media connections: It has a wide range of presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Instagram. It also encourages you to link your social media profiles with Survey Junkies in order to get more relevant and refined surveys connected to your interest.

Survey Junkie’s Mobile presence: This year in May 2019 DISQO has launched an Android-friendly Survey Junkie App for those who are mobile-friendly first than other devices. With the app now, you can access surveys anytime and anywhere at your convenience. Additional features enhancements will be done further by DISQO in the coming months for a smooth user interface. 

Survey Junkie’s Customer support: You can simply click on ‘Contact Us’ and provide your details and description of trouble in the set ‘Customer Support’ format. The company also has a separate address for handling claims, complaints, and legal notices – 1200 S. Brand Blvd.# 200; Los Angeles, California 91204. But due to the limited number of staff, time taken to respond or resolve a complaint can be more than 5 – 6 days. However, under ‘Trustpilot’ we could see that customer issues and complaints were replied promptly by the Survey Junkie team. 

How do Survey Junkie works?

Survey Junkie works exactly like any other survey website. The moment you become a registered member and complete your email ID verification, you get instant access to a variety of survey options.  The Survey Junkie Dashboard {refer – Fig. 3} shows each rewardable action or survey that has a specific number of points represented with a green button inside.

As you take one after the other surveys and complete it, the points keep on adding. You can redeem once you reach a minimum of 1000 points which is equal to $10. The company gives you the option of e-gift cards as well as cashouts whichever you feel like to use for redeeming your points{Fig.4}

The surveys are overall easy to attempt but have limited capacity. They get filled up fast generally within 24 to 48 hours. There’s no need to feel disheartened, Survey Junkie provides you with ample numbers of surveys to choose from. All that the company is looking forward to hearing from you is an ‘honest response’ towards the surveys so as to assist the brands in the market research. 

A single survey can take on an average of 5 to 20 minutes, however,  one minute to a hundred minutes of surveys are also available. {Fig.5} 


The average points available per survey are 15 to 70. But, if you have time, there is simply no limit to the number of points you can make from these surveys. It’s not like you can get rich by taking surveys but with committed participation on a regular basis, you ‘ll get an opportunity to earn some extra cash every month.

How to join Survey Junkie?

The joining process in Survey Junkie is free and simple. Just visit the  Now enter your email ID and password. With further basic information like date of birth, gender, and zip code your joining process is complete. You can join through your social media connections too. {Fig.6}


Immediately after signing in you will receive a text message on your mail for ‘identity verification’. Simply verify your email ID and your registration is complete. The unique feature of Survey Junkie is rewarding you for each action. The opportunity to earn points starts even before you pick a survey.

  • Joining bonus –  25 points.
  • For your basic information – 50 points.
  • Email verification – 25 points.
  • Take a ‘How to Works’ tour – 5 points.
  • Complete Profile surveys – 10 points each.

You can earn a total of 100+ points just by answering questions about yourself, your demography, and family-related questions. It is important that you take some time to complete various profiles so that you get surveys more related to you. {Fig 7}


Now, just click on the surveys you want to take and start your earnings. 

How does the Point system work?

Survey Junkie gives points instead of cash as it is more economical for redemption through e-gifts than financial transfer to bank or Paypal for small amounts. Many users often have expressed their confusion over the point system in Survey Junkie. However, the calculation and conversion from points to cash is simple – 1 point = 1 cent.

Whenever you complete a survey a pop-up message of congratulating you for the efforts along with your earnings will get displayed. {Fig.8}

Let’s see the point systems in Survey Junkie now, we’ll try to help you understand it better.

  • Lifetime Points:  They are the points which you earn during your entire membership period and they do not expire. They are displayed under the said category on the ‘blue panel’ of your membership dashboard. {Fig.9}

However, if while closing membership you have not redeemed them it will lapse. So, we advise you to redeem all your points first before closing your account.

  • Current Points: ‘Current points’ are similar to ‘Lifetime points’. But they are the points that are not yet redeemed and can only be redeemed after the accumulation of 1000 points. {refer Fig 9 Eg – 1,064 points are current points and 2,127 are lifetime points}
  • Pending Points: Sometimes, on completion of surveys, the points are not immediately transferred to your accounts. Survey Junkie needs to hold these points as it has not received the survey completion information back from the company. Generally, it takes 24 to 48 hours to clear these ‘Pending points’ and get credited to your account. These points cannot be cashout unless and until they credited to your account. 

The points of active members never expire. However, if you have not logged-in once or completed a single survey within a period of 12 months, all your points are forfeited. 

Membership Eligibility / Cancellation

To be eligible for being a member of Survey Junkie, you have to be 13 years and above and from countries – U.S., U.K, Canada, and Australia. 

If you are looking for canceling your Survey Junkie account, you must remember that once the account is deactivated you cannot join again with the same email ID. The company can also terminate your account if any fraudulent activity is detected by the company.

In case, you still want to cancel your membership, follow the instructions provided in your membership account. By clicking the unsubscribe line contained in the survey invitation and following instructions on the opt-out webpage you can cancel your membership.

For any issue in an opt-out request, you can further contact

Redemption Policy

Normally, the minimum limit for redemption is $10. But, at the time of writing this review, a special offer of $5 redemption is given by Survey Junkie to the new users who sign up from 09/16/2019 through 10/31/2019. 

All rewards are generally redeemed through e-gift cards, Paypal, Dwolla, and Bank transfer however the option of e-gift cards and bank transfers are available only for the U.S. residents. 


Your earning is taxable as per the tax laws of the land if your amount of earning through Survey Junkie falls in that category. In this situation, the company will mail you a form to obtain your Social Security Number for tax purposes. 

Survey Junkie Pulse (the extension)

It is the new segment of the Survey Junkie. It is a browser extension that connects you automatically to exclusive surveys based on your browsing pattern. They do not collect any personal information like passwords or bank information, etc.  {Fig.10}


You can add Survey Junkie extension in two ways-

  1. When you open the Survey Junkie account, a pop-up will prompt you to add the extension. Simply click and follow the instructions and it will be added to your browser.


  1. In case you have missed out on the pop-up option, you can easily access through your “QuickStart Checklist” and click on the “Add Extension” option. 

{Fig 12}

The reward points for the installation of the extension are only credited after one week of the 30 days period for installing and enabling.

What is required?

  1. All registrations are connected through email IDs. So verified email ID is a must.
  2. The age limit is 13 and above mandatory rule for membership.
  3. Bank information is a must for the U.S. resident and for other countries’ resident’s Paypal account.

Is Survey Junkie legit or a scam?

Yes, Survey Junkie is legit. It is known for its simplicity and convenience of usage. In addition to it, the variety of viable payment options makes it a reliable option for earning a little extra through online surveys. 

Pros :

  1. Company history, office location, and founder information are available.
  2. Free joining with no hidden conditions.
  3. Easy and fast set up with 100+ rewards points before even taking a survey.
  4. Wide variety of surveys with new additions each day. 
  5. $10 is the minimum payout threshold.
  6. Customized surveys based on your profile information.
  7. The benefit of exclusive surveys through Survey Junkie Pulse
  8. A compatible website with all devices connected to the internet.
  9. Complete privacy of personal information, as the company does not sell or share your information with 3rd party marketing companies.
  10. Earning points for surveys, even if you have not qualified for. {Fig 13}



  1. The income potential is low. You cannot earn substantially enough to make a dependable career out of it.
  2. At times, high paying surveys can get tricky to qualify.
  3. It is limited to four countries – U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada.
  4. The surveys get filled up fast before you get a chance to opt for it sometimes.{Fig.14}


What is the final verdict?

In our opinion, it is a legit site if you are thinking of using online surveys. It’s a good option for teenagers, college students, retired people and stay at home moms/dads who are looking for some extra pocket money by investing the free time.

Survey Junkie is particular about user engagement, profile information security, and its accuracy.  Hence it is mandatory to review and update your profiles once every 6 months. Overall, millions of happy customers who have been paid on time. 

Our final wording is – ‘Check it out’, you may feel it is worth your time. We rate it 4 on a scale of 1 to 5.

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