SurveyBods Review 2020 – Do They Actually Make it Worth Your While?

SurveyBods Review 2020 – Do They Actually Make it Worth Your While?

We all have opinions and we love to share them. The internet has presented up with multiple mediums that let us take our opinion-sharing habit beyond family get-together and friends groups. Liked a recently released movie? We like to review it. Bought an over-hyped mobile phone? We would definitely like to share our views. But, what if someone asks for your opinions with a promise to pay in return?

Got an opinion? Why not get paid to give it!

That’s how the online survey site SurveyBods grabs one’s attention. The survey panel entices with multiple money-making options like paid surveys, monthly draws and sweepstake entries. It is a part of reputed market research and public opinion polling group which has been around since 2011. You are most likely to be familiar with the ultimate purpose of online survey sites – to gather valuable analytical data on behalf of their partner brands and businesses. SurveyBods does exactly the same.

Surveybods website and review

Now, the question is whether which category of survey panels it belongs to – those which pay the survey takers or those which are nothing more than scams. For this, we collected and reviewed data from a number of resources and SurveyBod’s actual users and thus, we are ready with a comprehensive review of the site. Before you make your mind to join or ignore it, learn about various aspects of the site and then decide whether it is worth your attention and time or not.

What Is SurveyBods?

SurveyBods is a UK-based online survey panel that invites people from all across the country to participate in research surveys and earn points that can be later redeemed into cash or shopping vouchers. The site offers registration to only UK residents who are willing to make money online in their free time.


The site calls its members ‘Bods’ and promises a variety of rewards. However, the rewards are limited only to cash and vouchers (that too, only from Amazon).

How Does SurveyBods Present Itself?

SurveyBods presents itself as a ‘research community’ which conducts surveys, polls and interactive research activities among carefully-selected survey takers. It means that as a registered member of the site, you won’t get just any survey to participate in. The panel would first collect information from you about your lifestyle, shopping habits, demographics and more. Based on the information, it would decide the right members who should be sent a particular survey.

As you can see, the site claims to pay £1000’s every single month to its members, apart from the opportunities to earn bigger money in the monthly prize draws.

SurveyBods’ Website: As you visit the panel’s official website at, you would land on a simple blue-background page with a small (and useless) video on the top right corner.

What shall grab your attention is the mention of a number of popular brands that the site claims to be its partners.

So, if you become a member, you would be participating in the surveys for brands like Nickelodeon and MTV. Coming back to the website, it has only few pages, the most relevant one being the ‘Questions’ section where the website answers frequently asked questions. On registering, you would get access to the surveys and dashboard which summarizes each member’s points, activities, number of surveys and more.

SurveyBods’ Social Presence: The panel on its website shows links to three popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. What might leave you disappointed is that the Facebook page doesn’t exist (or it used to exist but has expired for no known reasons). The Instagram page is either newly-created or not very popular with only about 250 followers and less than 10 posts. The Twitter page does perform better with more than 2,000 followers, though it is not regularly updated.

SurveyBods’ Mobile Presence: Most of the people are unaware of it but the website has mobile apps available both on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. What is even more shocking is that the website has two different apps under the same name on the Google Play Store. The first one which was last updated in 2017 shows 5,000+ installs and a rating of 2.7


The second one was last updated recently in October 2019, though it has yet not received any rating. On the Apple Store, the app enjoys a rating of 3.3. The app has garnered mixed reviews from the users, with many of them addressing the common issue of the site not working for the past 4-5 months.


SurveyBods’ Support: A survey pane is expected to have a good member support system but SurveyBods lacks in this regard. All it offers is a ‘Chat’ option on the website. Interestingly, when you click on the option, you would be redirected to the site’s Facebook and Twitter links, out of which the Facebook page doesn’t open, as mentioned earlier.  A ‘Contact Form’ does exist but is difficult to locate (available in the ‘Questions’ section) and there is no information on how quickly the site responds to the queries.

What is known about the History and Credentials of SurveyBods?

SurveyBods was launched in August 2013 and is owned by ResearchBods which is a well-known company offering solutions and services in fields like data and analytics, insight and strategy, survey programming and hosting and passive and behavioral management. The company was established in the year 2011 and has recently merged with Bonamy Finch, another specialist in customer segmentation and brand tracking, to form Start7 Group.

It has been found that the company has its headquarters at:

4th Floor, 21 Queen Street, Leeds, UK, LS1 2TW

The address can be confirmed from the online company register Companies House.

How Does SurveyBods Work?

SurveyBods works similar to any other online survey panel. Once you sign up or register with the site, you would start receiving the surveys on the email you share while registering with them. All you would need to do is click on the survey link, complete the survey by answering a few questions and that’s it. For completing each survey, your account would be credited with a fixed number of points that would be mentioned in the survey email you receive.

What are the points?

The site awards points for each completed survey. Usually, the points per survey vary between 50 and 300. Each point is equal to £0.01. It means that to earn £1, you must collect 100 points. For completing a survey worth 300 points, your account would be credited with £3.

What are the different types of surveys?

SurveyBods offers two types of surveys to its members:

Profile Surveys: These consist of 4 surveys that every new member must take in order to provide accurate information to the pane. These include:

  • Lifestyle survey: In this survey, the site asks about the member’s gender, occupation, marital status and other similar information.
  • Technology survey: Every member needs to answer questions related to gadgets, like tablets and laptops, as well as mobile networks and digital TV providers.
  • Activities and shopping survey: This survey consists of questions related to shopping habits, brands, hobbies, recreational activities etc.
  • Media consumption survey: The questions related to newspapers, TV channels and shows and other media channels are asked in this survey.


For completing each of these surveys, you would get 50 points. The importance of these surveys is to help the site understand your profile in order to send only the relevant surveys to you.

Paid Surveys: These are the regular surveys that are sent to the registered members’ email ids. Usually, each survey takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. It has been found that each member receives about 2 to 4 surveys every month which is quite less in number.

Other Ways to Earn money

SurveyBods offers the following other ways in which you can earn points or rewards:

  • Focus Group Surveys: The panelists are categorized in different groups and each group receives a specific survey, related to a particular brand, which is shorter in length and usually pays more. However, these surveys are sent occasionally, with many members claiming they never received one.
  • Monthly Prize Draws: With every successfully completed survey, each member received a ticket for the monthly draw. The lucky winner of each draw receives random prizes which usually are either points or cash.
  • Badge System: In order to encourage member loyalty, the pane has a ranking system as described in the following figure:

As you can see, the members are upgraded to a higher badge level based on the number of surveys they complete. Though it is not clear what benefits are offered at each level, the site claims to provide better-paying surveys to the members at a higher level than the others.

Redeeming the Points

In order to redeem the earned points, the site requires that a member should have at least 1500 points (equivalent to £15) in his or her account. There are four ways to redeem the points:

  • Cheque: You would be required to share your address with the site if you wish to receive the payment via cheque. It may take up to a month before the cheque arrives at your mailing address.
  • Direct Bank Transfer: The site transfers the redeemed money directly into the bank accounts of its members. It may take 2-3 weeks for the cash to arrive in your account.
  • Amazon Gift Cards: You may request the site to redeem the points into Amazon vouchers that would be sent to your email address. It takes up to 5 days before you receive them.
  • Sweepstakes Entries: Lastly, you may redeem your points into sweepstakes entries to win many exciting prizes.

Strikes and Account Termination

SurveyBods uses a feature called strikes that keep a check on whether the members answer the survey questions honesty or not. In case it finds any member trying to fake or contradict his or her opinions or completing the survey in a rush, he or she would receive a strike. If the member receives many strikes his or her account may get suspended or permanently terminated.

Screened Out

Many SurveyBods users complain of getting screened out in the middle of the surveys. Though, the site addresses this concern by claiming that it happens due to a member’s disqualification to take the survey. It also compensates every such occurrence by offering a monthly draw ticket to the concerned member.

What do you obtain with SurveyBods?

Let’s understand the income potential with SurveyBods using an example. Suppose that you register with the site and complete the 4 profile surveys to earn 200 points. So, you earn £2 instantly. Next, consider that you get 3 surveys, each offering 100 points that would be equivalent to £1. So, you earn £3 from the paid surveys. So, in the first month, you would earn £5. During the next month, suppose you earn £3 again by completing 3 paid surveys. In order to reach the minimum threshold of £15, you may have to wait for 4-5 months.

Winning in the monthly prize draws or sweepstakes is purely the matter of luck. As you can see, the earning potential is not very impressive for the site.

How to get started with SurveyBods?

To start with SurveyBods, you need to register with the site. It is a 3-step process which includes:

  1. Provide information like name, date of birth, email address etc. and click ‘Join Today’
  2. Check your email inbox where you would receive a verification link from the site
  3. Click on the link and access your dashboard

As you can see above, the site also allows registration using Facebook accounts. However, when you click on the link, it displays an ‘error’ message.

Using the Dashboard

As a member, you would be able to access your dashboard which looks like:

As you can see, the dashboard provides information about your profile, points, surveys, draw tickets, strikes and more.

What do you need?

In order to register with the site, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be a UK citizen
  • Your age must be at least 16 years

Is SurveyBods Legit or Scam?

It can be assumed from the following observations that the site is legit:

  • It has been operating since 2013
  • It is owned by a renowned company ResearchBods
  • It has a verifiable address

However, the user reviews like below can’t be fully ignored:


What you should know is whether the site is worth joining or not. Let’s summarize its pros and cons for this purpose:


  • Free to join
  • Pays in cash
  • Payout per survey is high
  • Mobile apps, if working, add to the panel’s accessibility
  • Partners with top brands


  • Only for UK citizens
  • A limited number of surveys per month
  • High minimum threshold
  • No referral program
  • Lack of customer support
  • Many members report that the Amazon vouchers stay out of stock
  • Frequently screened out in the middle of the surveys

What is the final verdict?

Join SurveyBods only if you are fine earning £15 in 4-5 months. If you are using a number of survey panels and other online money-making sites, this site can contribute a little towards your total earnings. We rate it ‘2.5’ out of 5.

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