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Many people already know that SEO is important for their business, and especially linkbuilding (for the off-page SEO part). However not everybody stay up-2-date with google’s algorithm and what have changed since the last one. Here I would like to share one of the new ways of thinking about backlinks and linkbuilding in general.

One of the most effective ways to create links to your website is that you actually creates value and completely forget about Google.

Yes, you heard right. In spite of being a Google and SEO nerd here at Pryma, we would actually recommend that you think a little less about Google when you are going to make linkbuilding and much more on a number of other things.

In this post, I will look a little closer to the background of this recommendation …

What is the value of links?

Long before Google, and the search engines, before they began to use links as a ranking factor, links also had a value. In fact, we were already part of the work to create links to our and customers website. And why did it?

Many have apparently forgotten today, but a good link – a link that appears in the right context, which appears as an exciting reference, source or elaborate referral, actually makes people click on it. And the people who click on it are highly motivated to read what’s on the page they click on. The motivation is at least as high as if they found the link in a Google search.

In other words, you can consider a link – a simple hyperlink text reference, for an advertisement. And if you measure on the value of such well-placed “text ads” then they can actually be very high. Sometimes higher than the invalid value that the same links may have in Google.

As a good example, we have a larger client at our agency, which we have made linkbuilding and SEO for. They are doing well and they have good positions in Google. But one day when we decided to look a little closer to the “raw” value of the many good links they’ve got – that’s how many of those who had clicked on one of them also ended up buy something, we were still a bit (postitively) surprised.

Because they found that this client who runs a webshop has generated a revenue of no less than 20 million, over the past year, based solely on references from other sites. That is, links.

Without telling how much we billed this customer, I can reveal that it’s a lot less than $ 20 million a year! Their ROI on linkbuilding – based on the value of the visits these links provide far exceeds their linkbulding costs.

And of course, of course, the value it has for them in Google …

Google weighs good links

Most people have spend time with linkbuilding in the last few years know that Google has been working to better distinguish between awesome content and links and spammy low-quality content – even in relation to links.

There are many links that do not make sense to add value, and they try to filter Google. Conversely, there are also many links that make sense to add a greater value.They are trying to identify Google.

One factor for a link’s value is, of course, which site the link comes from. This has been the case for many years. A link from, for example, is far more worth a link from example a small little family blog. But it’s far from the only factor Google is looking at today.

Already in 2009, Google patented the idea of ​​adding links that people actually click on, a greater value than links that no one clicks on. So simple, logical and wise! For it is quite obvious that links on a page that people actually click on, all else being equal, is a more relevant reference (or “voice” as Google also refers to links) than a link that no one clicks on, or at all notice.

And then we are back to my argument in the introduction …

Because when Google weighs links that people actually see and click on higher than links that are unobtrusive and responsive, it may be a good idea to forget about Google in your linkbuilding and to work more with links as if it were the only one promotional value they provide.

That does not mean you should not work to get links from the most well-known and read sites. On the contrary. For a well-placed editorial link on a highly visited website like, of course, will give more attention and clicks than a link on a website that almost no one knows or visits.

The point is that you need to have links to where people see them and you have to work to create a real motivation for the link to be there and that people want to follow it.

Measure the value of your links

As a logical consequence of being more focused on the links you get, creating more attention and direct visits, I would recommend that you begin to measure the direct value of your links.

For example, if you use Google Analytics is very easy. Under “Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Channels” you can get an overview of how the traffic to your site is distributed. And if you’ve set goals or e-commerce tracking (which I definitely recommend you do!), You can also see how many converts and the value of these conversions.

Below you can see an example from one of our clients website. I have veiled some numbers as we do not share all data.

Linkbuilding - example case from client









You should be aware that some of the visits listed under “Direct” may be references.This is because it is not always that the necessary “referral data” is sent when people click on a link.

As you can see, Direct and Referral conversions are among the best, which underlines my claim that targeting is at least as high as when people search. In this case even higher.

All in all, we still get the largest number of conversions from organic search, but that’s because we have so many good rankings and therefore much traffic that way. But if we look at the raw value of the visits we receive, links from other websites are some of the best.

It should also be noted that we only measure the form filling through Google Analytics. Many of their customers call them instead (called offline conversion), but we’re tracking that with another system. The total conversions are therefore somewhat higher.





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