Top 10 Creative Marketing Ideas to boost business in 2019 [Illustrative guide]

Top 10 Creative Marketing Ideas to boost business in 2019 [Illustrative guide]

What would be the marketing trend next year – that’s the last question in mind every year on New Year’s Eve?

Marketing gurus, from all over the world, focus on the upcoming trends likely to hit the market. While some of these envisioned trends fall flat, a few might just boom. There is a lot of hullabaloo over the trends of 2019, especially with respect to creativity in both B2B and B2C campaigns.

And, why not! A dynamic and equally volatile market always calls for an upgrade.


Experts predict that B2B marketing trends would focus more on online content instead of print advertisements in 2019. Print advertisements are rented spaces on the internet, they barely last for a week, or maximum a month, online.


However, digital content lasts forever as archives on the website. With high-quality content and blogs addressing the target audience, you can uplift the performance of your business. In addition, search engine optimization shall drive traffic to your website.

B2C scene is more or less the same – more personalized content, email marketing, use of email autoresponders, and relationship building would be key factors.

Creating a convincing and effective marketing strategy is the key to a successful business. While this becomes challenging with each passing day, budgetary constraints also add to the complexities of efforts. Forrester research reveals that marketing expenses could exceed $103 billion worldwide by 2019.

Opportunities to do reap maximum returns from minimum investment still exist with an insightful marketing campaign. Only the right approach can help you to make the best out of your marketing strategies.

Small business owners understand that marketing costs can be very high. Hence, the most cost-effective idea can be word-of-mouth. Also called guerrilla marketing, this trend, when done right, can give you greater ROI. It engages social media friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with the national media and local press.

The best way to start guerrilla marketing is using YouTube videos for campaigning. You can make YouTube videos using cheap props and smartphone cameras, which don’t cost much. Here, the right time and place are crucial for marketing.

Having said that, here are the top 10 creative marketing ideas to consider this year:

Let’s talk about each one of the above ideas in detail and make these tips actionable for you. Keep in mind that your marketing strategies need to be in sync with the nature of your business.

1. Find New Business Opportunities

Creativity is all about finding new business opportunities. It could be a giveaway, a contest, a discount or a special offer – anything that grabs user attention is an opportunity for your business. Not to forget, people love to win.

Today, customer engagement is more important than ever. Retaining your prospects should be the topmost priority. But converting engagement into sales is tricky.

Focus more on engaging people and less on giving away or offers. For instance, offering an entry into a deal in exchange of a referral customer or for liking your page can be a great idea to start.

Here, you must note that contests may not work well always as there are limitations. Such as, you need your followers to participate in qualifying for the contest and/or the prize does not match with the kind of customer base you have. Though you need not spend fortunes on this, it should be in perfect alignment with your brand and the target audience.

2. Build a Brand with Quality Content, not Ads

People avoid ads. It is irritating to see ads popping up on the screen. Now and then, ads screaming out of the window annoy people like no other elements. But should you avoid them?

Quality Content

Not really!

According to a 2015 Nielsen Study, the top 4 trusted advertising sources were –

  • People whom you know (word of mouth)
  • Branded websites
  • Editorials
  • Reviews

Ads were then ranking at the bottom of the list and still, do. No wonder, it might just vanish very soon.

By the end of 2019, 30% of all internet users are likely to use ad blockers, which mean traditional ads would fail to reach 30% of its possible target customers. That makes us pretty hopeless, right?

But there’s hope on the other side as there’s still scope for some quality ads. However, ads must be valuable and more relevant to customers. Focusing on that, marketers are now investing in content marketing, referral partnerships, influencer marketing, and similar methods to deliver real value to customers. This change is here to stay.

3. Inspire Creative Marketing with Graphic Designs

Creativity is the most certain part of marketing in the years to come. A well-designed website with quality content and excellent user experience from the beginning till the end is what people look for.

Marketing Ideas

Image Credit:

Seamless experience, easy navigation, and beautiful presentation are the new main.

In addition, you must aim to deliver the best experience to users with the website even before they visit your landing page. To do that, you have to introduce online and mobile marketing strategies to inspire users to visit and click-through your site. For assures returns, you must prioritize your ads and graphic designs.

If your main focus is on digital marketing trends, striking visuals should dominate your website. At a glance, your audience should know what the ad is all about and what you are offering. Only creative and interesting graphics tell a story.

On the other hand, creativity is also about being different from the crowd. Instead of focusing entirely on digital marketing, here is one company that obtained physical addresses of their customers and sent out print newsletters. That is a unique marketing trend. If you can think differently in this otherwise monotonous marketing biz, your prospects would surely note that one.

While everyone is going digital, you can choose a mid-path to be strikingly different from the rest. You can consider integrating creative distribution strategies focusing on multiple ways to engage your audience members, which your competitors are not even vying.

4. Make Use of 1:1 Video

1:1 Video is an evolution in itself. It is unique, trendy, and the game-changer is today’s dynamic marketing scenario.

Video Content

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Using video for marketing, big companies like VidYard and HubSpot are attracting more and more target audiences and prospects. Personalized videos have a story, which sells. In fact, videos dominate user attention, and personalization is icing on the cake. Personalized videos gain more attention from prospects and have better results than ever.

Instructional videos, demonstration videos, advertisement videos, and tutorial videos are online and doing great for business. While it costs a lot, but personalized and amateurish videos are less expensive and more profitable ventures.

By personalizing the video, you ensure that users watch the entire video.

5. Give Preference to Native Ads over Sponsored Ads

There was a time when sponsored advertising was the norm. However, time has changed. The new era of advertising depends on subtle and less apparent ads. Of course, you may have paid for an ad, but you cannot make it evident by popping up from here and there all the time. That’s annoying!

Native advertising is different, innovative and creative in many ways. It is a way of recognizing your marketing efforts that blend perfectly with the surroundings rather than being too pushy. If you are a regular internet user, you have seen Google promoted ads appearing at the top and the bottom of every search result. Those ads blend entirely with the organic search results taking up the rest of the page. You can only see a small ‘Ad’ written in the corner.

It’s time to focus on the subtleties of marketing to have a better reach across networks. You can see these ad trends almost everywhere, from search engines to email accounts and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In fact, some media publications are also using these trends. One such example is BuzzFeed.

The least apparent ads work because it gives a break from the monotony of seeing the same thing repeatedly. It is often overwhelming, and the advertising efforts are so obvious that it feels like a “fake” deal. As a result, customers develop mistrust for the brand. It is a common notion that good brands do not make too much effort to get noticed.

Native advertising is working because it creates a subtle way for your brand to propagate the marketing content without being too loud or sounding fake. It is more consistent, builds trust in users, gels well with audience consumption preferences. Try your luck by posting a video or visual using Facebook advertising. Explore unlimited creative possibilities.

6. Rule out Internal Barriers

A win-win situation in marketing is when your team works synergistically, without any barriers or hindrances. That is the success of a company.

In the dynamic world of marketing, you have to present engaging content to your users instead of just advertisements. It is crucial to understand consumer behavior, what they want, how they want, and when the right time to deliver is. All this is possible only with engaging and informative content, which also helps with marketing. Also, it enables the sales team and benefits in many aspects such as investor communication, recruiting, internal training, and any other fields of business as well.

To come up with a successful game plan, you have to make the entire sales team work together, hand-in-hand. Any barriers within internal departments are a recipe for failure in this field. All leading marketing companies, brands, and businesses are successful because they work together. For example, content creation is not just the teamwork of the content development team, but also of the marketing team that provides data. Great content fuels other departments of the company, thus reducing cost, introducing better talent, and improving investor relationships.

7. Introduce SnapChat GeoFilters

Snapchat Geofilters

After the blundered SnapChat redesign, marketers were on the way to get rid of it. However, it is the GeoFilters feature that saved it.

SnapChat GeoFilter is a highly underpriced feature. It has great potential in marketing that gives a moment to moment update. For instance, if you are organizing a conference or an event for business promotion or attending a meeting, or you want to be seen in some geographic location, you can get good visibility by using the GeoFilter feature.

For any live event covering thousands of people and a vast area, this is what you need.

8. Prefer Open Customer Communication Channels

Over the past few years, technology has progressed at a much rapid rate. Customers prefer open and straightforward communication. They expect their brands to communicate more often, seek their opinion, ask their reviews, etc. As such, it is essential that marketers are aware of their customers and communication preferences.

Marketing experts have come up with some interesting predictions about customer behavior and communication. Some analysts suggest that nearly 50 percent of all internet searches would happen through voice search, browsing would be screenless, and all this is likely to occur by 2020.

For voice search too, you need SEO to do the needful. Here, we are referring to voice search in question format and not just an ordinary text form. If your business has a physical location, voice search technology is all the more critical. Research reveals that 75% of all smart speaker owners use their smart devices for running a local search at least once every week.

It’s time to update your business with these futuristic features. Voice search through Alexa, Siri, Google, and others are the most popular ones. Smartphones, smartwatches, smart TV, and now smart speakers!

9. Greet Your Web Visitors with AI Driven Technology

AI driven technology

It is a kind gesture to be greeted as you visit a website. This is a trend!

Artificial Intelligence or AI-driven technology is so much fun. You can add anything you like, ask anything you want to know, even on the move. When the AI-enabled greeting pops up, customers feel delighted. It often acts as an ice-breaker and the fast-paced way to customer engagement.

For instance, you can add a chat feature on your site – a feature that enables customers to communicate with your team 24/7. It is an important function with a positive impact. It builds trust, ensures you are available to your customers, expands the horizon of business, and brings customers back for more.

With AI, customers are greeted with an automated message, their queries are answered, and they get instant help. Customized guidance is all your business has to deliver. But, adding a personal touch is still going to be important as autoresponders cannot do it all. So, make your team available to customers via all channels – website, social media, publications, etc.

10. Leverage Email Marketing to Nurture Leads

Email marketing has come a long way and is here to stay. It is the best tool to nurture leads and close a deal.

People who show interest in your brand do not buy it immediately. They may not be ready to take the next big step. So, what do you do? Let them go?

That’s not business!

Your leads are the future of your business. Email marketing is a brilliant tool to take a cold lead from the first point of contact to an ultimate closure. Tools like segmented email list and automated workflows are effective as they deliver all the information your leads want and take them through the sales funnel.

Leading a prospect through sales funnel is the greatest virtue of email marketing. It is also a personalized tool to communicate with your customers and pass on your message.

Final Word

The virtual marketplace has enough potential to draw more and more buyers. As a marketer, your job is to show them the right path and draw them to your brand.

In marketing, content plays a crucial role in bringing prospects to your doorstep. It is not just enough to publish quality articles and blogs from time to time; it requires a facelift. Even the best quality and highest-ranking content and blogs become outdated over time. But a quick priority check wouldn’t harm.

Restructure the website, update its content, optimize it properly, and communicate with your customers more often. Anything that you publish online – content or ad should be valuable, informative and relevant to your consumer’s personas. Publish your content and expand its reach – run ads on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and SnapChat.

The more visible you are, the better it gets for your business. Your visibility builds trust and has the potential of taking your business to new heights, much beyond your goal.

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