Ultimate online marketing guide for e-commerce stores [DIY]

Ultimate online marketing guide for e-commerce stores [DIY]

It takes a lot of courage to even bounce around the idea of building an e-commerce business or store. So if you’ve bounced it around enough in your head for you to search for how to actually bring your dreams to reality, go you!

In this article, we’d be discussing a few tips on how to start your e-commerce store and slay at marketing it, DIY fashion! Some of these steps are actually questions which you’d have to step back to ask yourself and provide clear answers to.

Starting Out

What product(s) do you want to sell?

To build an e-commerce store, you have to first identify the products you want to sell. While this may sound basic at first, you realized that because of the vast amount of possible products to be sold, you might get confused as what’s a right fit for the brand you’re trying to build.

Some ways that might help you choose a product include: discovering a need and merging it with what you love. Remember that you aren’t selling to yourself, and so, what clients need should always trump what products you consider ‘cute’. What a blessed day when you have both the need of your clients covered, and love in your heart for a product line!

How Do You Know the Product Will Have a Good Market Base?

After choosing a product, you then need to test it to see how it’ll perform on the market. This is particularly effective when you employ tapinfluence influencer marketing tips or solutions to get your word out.

E-commerce Marketing

There are some terms to keep in mind for marketing your e-commerce store, and we’d be looking at 7 of them:

●     Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Want to attract organic search traffic to your website? With the aid of SEO and SEM, you are well on your way to doing that, by using certain keywords in your write-ups.

One quick way to know how to optimize your search engine rankings is by auditing your site (SEO auditing), and then you can optimize it when you know what changes have to be made e.g. to your website, page descriptions, content and link up systems.

●     Social Media Marketing

Social media is warm, and this trait can be exploited when trying to market your e-commerce store. For example, you can reach your targeted customer populace in an interactive manner, with the aid of social media.

●     Pay-Per-Click Advertising

To get highly targeted traffic directly to your website’s landing or sales page, you should consider Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. The clientele this kind of marketing works for, are those who are searching for the product you offer, and so, there is a very high rate of sales conversion with this marketing strategy!

●     Email Marketing

Want to promote your product, or push your service to an email list that has subscribed to your website? Email marketing also helps to reach out to targeted audiences with minimal stress on your part.

●     Content Marketing

This sort of digital marketing helps you build relationships with your targeted audience, as a premium brand. The tool here is mind-blowing, well-thought-out content which is relevant to your business or brand, yet presented in such a way as to produce a genuine interest in your clients.

●     Visual Representation/Infographics

Graphics sell because everyone loves good pictures. We might scan through content- even well-written content, but visual representations often hold us spellbound! To tell better stories to targeted audiences and to resonate more with them, consider the use of infographics.

●     Press Releases

Online press releases are the DIY solutions out of sponsoring a promotion campaign through a regular traditional media channel. As a matter of fact, online press releases have also been noted to reach wider audience bases.

There’s no harm in making use of influencer marketing via Tapinfluence Influencer Marketing strategies, as it’s also a proven DIY means through which your e-commerce store can get the much-needed promotion; thereby upping your sales. Wouldn’t you want that?

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