Website As A Service: Website Design and Hosting For Small Businesses

If you’re an expert in giving life to websites while maintaining a user-friendly experience, then putting up a business that helps small companies with their websites may be a great venture. This can be very lucrative, especially since website services nowadays are in demand.

Apart from offering website design services, you can also throw in website hosting in the package. While website design focuses on the content, appearance, and layout of a website, website hosting, on the other hand, deals with making a site available on the internet through technology and servers.

The concept of Website as a Service for small businesses is, therefore, vital in making their name known online if they want to grow big.

Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Website Design Services

Nowadays, any company likely has a website. However, most are deemed useless because they don’t do anything to boost sales or generate returns on investments. Hence, it’s vital for a company, especially a small business, to hire website design services if they want to get ahead in the competition. Here’s why:

  1. Have a Competitive Advantage

Usually, startups make websites on their own so they can save on money. However, when this isn’t done correctly, they end up having a slow-functioning website. Thus, experts should do the job.

When professionally done, websites can become an asset to the company that earns conversions. This is because most web designers know what features can make up a profitable website, such as the following:

  • Overall Appearance – The color and design used in the website can affect a company’s marketing strategy as it influences how visitors respond. Depending on their target market, you can choose colors that will appropriately convey their brand. For instance, they can use a blue motif if you want visitors to feel relaxed and calm. Purple, on the other hand, invokes the feeling of being regal. Meanwhile, red can make customers take action.
  • Navigation – You can make a small business’ site easy to navigate wherein visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for. Thus, customers won’t leave the site immediately.
  • Calls-to-Action (CTAs) – These are buttons that prompt visitors to take the action business owners want them to. As the website designer, you can make CTAs visible and eye-catching to highlight their message. For instance, if the company wants its customers to press that add to cart button, you can create easy to see this.


  1. Make an SEO-friendly Website

Some business owners don’t know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) as they’re focused on their marketing strategies. Little do they know that one of the most important online marketing strategies nowadays is making their sites SEO-friendly.

This is why a lot of small business owners need web designers to make their websites rank high on search engines. Ranking high on search engines create more traffic and leads that can become buying customers.

As a website designer, here’s how you can help small businesses make their website SEO-friendly:

  • Accessible Design – You can make their website available on all browsers. Keep the site easy to navigate and loading quickly so that visitors won’t immediately leave.
  • Controlled Use of JavaScript – Help their websites avoid crawling issues when using a lot of JavaScript features as this can become unreadable for search engine crawlers.
  • Proper Keywords – Using the right keywords is vital. For instance, you must choose keywords relevant to the business’ services or products, like fashion for clothes. Also, if the business has a physical office or store, using the name of the city can rank the website higher.
  • SEO-friendly Images – Aside from keywords, you can make the website’s images optimized, too, by using 72dpi resolution and a 30kb to 100kb image size. Otherwise, large images can make the site load slowly. Also, use a keyword when embedding an alt text section for the picture.

Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Website Hosting Services

Small business owners don’t have the time to keep their website running online 24/7. Thus, website hosting providers save their day.

Aside from that, small businesses will need you a website hosting provider for the following reasons:

  • Storage – Small businesses will need to upload files regularly to keep their presence online. Thus, as a website hosting provider, you will give them enough space where they can save their site’s data.
  • Operation – A business should not sleep in the online world. When you provide web hosting services, you are also letting businesses run their site throughout the day and night. Especially if it’s an online store, you, as a web hosting provider, can let customers from all over the world access a small business’ site whenever, wherever.
  • Software Updates – You’ll make a business owner’s life easier as you’re also providing software updates. You’ll be responsible for installing an update that’ll work effectively on applications that are being used. Moreover, small businesses won’t have to worry about hackers as you’re also responsible for keeping their websites secure. Otherwise, you may lose valuable customers.

If you’re putting up a web hosting service business, you’ll have a lot of choices. You can also have a hosting service website that caters to different types of businesses. One of our favourite web hosts sites offers well researched reviews and comparisons of popular web hosting providers.

Here are various website hosting services you can choose from:

  • Cloud Hosting – Instead of just one, you can have multiple networks of servers for your hosting services. These are most beneficial for e-commerce websites as they are more secure from DDoS attacks and have better uptimes.
  • Dedicated Hosting – You provide only one dedicated server for one website. It’s pricey, so you can earn more. This is beneficial for small businesses that have increased traffic.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting – This is also an expensive hosting option so you can earn more, but you’ll deal with websites using WordPress. However, you must have more plugins to support pages that are highly customized.
  • Shared Hosting – This is a cheaper hosting option for customers, so more website owners prefer this. This is especially true for startups that don’t have much traffic. In here, you’ll have to manage multiple websites using the same servers.


Your skills in website design and hosting are vital for any business, no matter how big or small it is, especially since business marketing requires a solid online strategy. Businesses are continually growing in the online world, thus there is more demand for website hosting and design services. Through this, not only can you help small businesses, but you can also have a business that you love doing.





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