Website speed optimization – Increase your traffic with 90% after optimizing

Page speed optimization - increase your website traffic

Website speed optimization for your website is REALLY important.

Both for your customers, clients, co-workers, for your organic SEO on google and bing and so much more.

Does speed optimization work? Is it really worth investing all the time and money it costs to increase the speed of your website? Does it have as much an effect as some of us claim?

Yes, yes and yes!!

Speed ​​optimization works! It provides higher conversions, improved user friendliness and more visibility in search engines.

Lastly, I would like to document with a small case from one of our clients who were so sensible to follow the good advice we gave them …

Speed ​​can not be over-optimized

Speed ​​optimizationGood SEO consists of many elements, and for most of them, you just need to be a little better than the others to achieve better visibility in Google. Just a little, not much.

You’ve probably heard of “over-optimization”. Take care of it. It can harm more than it benefits if you optimize certain items too much.

For example, if Your competitors get 5-10 new links each month, so you only have 15 to overtake them. If you get rid of your linkbuilding and create 200 new links each month, you have an unnecessarily risk of hurting  your website, and it could at worst damage your visibility in Google. Focus on good, high quality links and not the quantity.

But in a single area this does not apply: Speed.

I still enjoy meeting someone who says: Yes, your website is pretty cool, but it’s a bit too fast. That’s how Google is.

When it comes to speed, there is no limit to how quickly you can benefit from your website. Over optimization is not available when it comes to speed.

The only thing that can keep you back is the time and cost associated with speed optimization. But you should not let yourself be scared away. Grab one end and do as much as you can as well as you can.

It was exactly what one of our good customers recently did after we had made an SEO analysis of their website and found that one of the main issues was that the site was too slow.

All pages on your website must be optimized

A website often consists of multiple page types, a cover page, category pages, product pages, articles, a blog or a FAQ. Each of these page types usually has some common conditions that can slow down. For example, Be a slow web server or database, or missing code compression.

But in addition, there will usually also be individual relationships on the different page types, or even on the individual pages, within the same type. There may be special elements that reduce the speed, the design of the page and the way it is built. This can be plugins, website CSS, payment processing, video, pictures and all kinds of content or features on your site.

Images are often one of the worst speed criminals. Unless they are scaled and compressed properly, it can only slow down the speed.

Below you can test the speed optimization on your pages. Test all the different page types and write down the results for both desktop and mobile. All pages should at least have a PageSpeed ​​Score of 85 – like higher. If they are not fast enough, read the Google tips below and correct the things that need to be done – or contact us so that we can assist you.

This is just an example of a big wellknown site wikipedia:



Google page speed insight example

Google page speed insight example 2
















Perfect optimization gave 90% progress

And now for the announced case …

It is far from always that customers are so careful to follow our instructions, as was the case in this case. I must truly say I was impressed when, after a couple of months after receiving our recommendations, came back with a list of all their main landing pages and a test that showed that almost everyone scored 100 on Google PageSpeed .

I might not be so surprised when I subsequently checked what the increased speed had meant for this customer’s visibility in Google. I know that it works. But it was still uplifting to see how much the effect had been.

90% progress in visibility (measured show SearchMetrics) and 75% progress in organic traffic from Google!


It is worth noting that the above results are solely created by optimizing speed. Now the customer has moved on with linkbuilding and content optimization and it will undoubtedly make the results even better.

Speed ​​optimization works, but was it worth it?

Speed ​​optimization affects your business in two key areas:

  • You get better visibility in Google = more relevant visits
  • You get higher conversions and happier users

When you multiply the increased traffic, with the higher conversions and customer satisfaction, the bottom line results naturally very attractive.

What exactly is worth it for you should be considered. How much will for example a doubling of traffic + x% better conversions be worth you?

The above calculation should be compared to the cost optimization costs. If you are unsure what it will cost, please feel free to contact us at , and we will help you decide if it will be worth it for you.

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