Why Graphic Design Is Essential to Marketing Campaigns

Why Graphic Design Is Essential to Marketing Campaigns

Graphic design is often ignored when planning a marketing campaign. For some reason,it is one of those areas of digital marketing that people frown at the costs involved with hiring a graphic designer.

In nearly all digital marketing campaigns we see Ad clicks, content circulation campaigns, search engine optimization, press releases, social media advertising, and software costs included; however, graphic design budgets seem to always come last and more often than not the budget committed to design is too low – here we will explain just why graphic design should be considered at every level of a digital marketing plan.

In this article,we are using some of the principles of the buyer behavior model as the basis to our analysis, but we are only splitting this model into two simple factions – impulsive buyers and those that research before making a purchase decision.

Impulsive Buyers

There are those that are impulsive buyers and they generally do not have time to read chunky pieces of text on your website or in ads in order to make a purchase decision.

Habitually these people will need to absorb as much information as possible in a short period of time. They will not read your website thoroughly. They do not want to read chunky press releases either. Usually,all that is needed is an idea of whether your product/service can give them what they want.

An infographic on a social media ad, via paid ads or on a press release may be enough to persuade this group of buyers to make an instant purchase decision.

Buyers That Research Before Making a Purchase Decision

There are those that will want to read more about your business and compare it to other business offerings.

An advert with quality images and infographics may attract them to your business offering at first. Ultimately, once they have decided to look into your service/product further, they will want to read more about it.

In this case,graphic design serves as a feeder. It gives the potential buyer a taster of what you offer in a quick visual illustration. The text on your website will serve as the final selling point.

How Does Graphic Design Affect These Two Buyer Groups?

To summarize the above the point we are trying to make is that if you do not use infographics or graphic design, you could be missing out on potential online sales. By including graphic design, your business will attract not only those that need to research before buying your product/servicebut also those that are impulsive buyers according to Emedia Creative.

It is the impulsive buyersthat many businesses miss out on because they have ignored the need for a graphic designer. To those impulsive buyers, plain boring text making promises about how good your services are can found anywhere online. They know this and try hard to avoid it.

When they see an image or an infographic, they will take note because infographics help people absorb large chunks of information in a short period of time.

On the other hand, there will be a large number of people that won’t want to read chunky paragraphs of text and scan through bullet points to find out what exactly it is your business offers. These people will want to compare your prices, service offerings, aftercare services, brand reputation and so on with your competitors.

Providing both infographics and text to support the infographics will help you persuade this group of buyers to like your product and buy into it.

In the end. combining images and infographics with your content will help your website convert far more than if you just use text and a couple of images. As a result, you should always include the services of a graphic designer in every aspect of your digital marketing plan.

Look for excuses to use a graphic designer instead of excuses to avoid using one because today images and infographics sell more than text and a few Shutterstock images!

Using Graphic Design With Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to improving your internet marketing ranks nothing does it better than utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization in a few words entails modifying your website for it to have better visibility and accessibility by clients who need to make use of your content. That said you have to know all the twists and turns for you to completely utilize this Search Engine Optimization option.

To fully implement this then it means that you should make use of the necessary tools that come with it. Outlined below are five of these tools that will see your website or web page having unlimited views every time one gets online.

  1. Infographic SEO Outreach

Using infographics for outreach in order to get a link back to your website from a valuable content placement on a site like Forbes.com is one of the best SEO practices you can take on. Firstly, a lot of websites would prefer to publish infographicsand good images as opposed to publishing purely text base articles – obviously this depends on the site you are using.

In addition to this, infographics, as mentioned above, make it much easier for people to absorb as well as interpret the information on the guest post page much faster than text.

  1. Keyword Optimization

Keyword research or keyword optimization is one especially important tool to make use of when you are on a mission to revamping your website. Basically,keyword research/optimization means careful selection of the best keywordsor keywordphrases which will guide clients infinding your website both quickly and easily.

Entering the desired keywords brings your web page or website among the top searched and viewed sites hence eventually affecting its entire performance. Conclusively, come up with the right list of keywords and you are good to go.

This keyword optimization is a tool which has been used for years on end and it proves to be an indispensable way of improving SEO and in the long run, internet marketing. Due to its reliability, it is advisable to carry out this keyword process using other tools such as word stream, keyword eye basic, YouTube keyword tool, ubbersuggestetc.

  1. Copyscape

Copyscape is a plagiarism checker and it allows you to type in the URL for your website or web page and checks if any other page exists which might be similar to yours in terms of content. Having this tool greatly gives you the upper hand to continually change your web content and modify it in a much more original format unique as compared with other websites’ content.

  1. Anchor text tools andALT images

This anchor text tool simply is designed to check for words or text phrases which are over-utilized as content. Ones it finds these texts, it highlights them for you so that you can easily manipulate your content and make it more original; manual review if you will.

When you knowwhich anchors to target, you can then use these as ALT tags for the images on your website. This is extremely useful if you want your images to rank on Google.

  1. Word and Image conversion to HTML

Sayyou used Microsoft word or writer to write your websites’ content. It is now possible to convert this detailed content into clean HTML via the use of the Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML tool. In just a few simple steps your original word document will be set and ready to post in your website.

Your website design will also need to be cut into an HTML format. Coders will take the site map and wireframe for the site and turn this into an attractive HTML design.

  1. Image SEO tool 

This image SEO tool comes well in handy when your website has images in it which are required to enhance its general outlook and content delivery.

It employs basic image SEO techniques which give it the edge to scan your required web page or website and check if the images in it fall well within these techniques i.e. it actively checks the image name, dimensions and finally the alt attribute. All that is required of you is to enter the URL of the web page or site and the rest it does automatically.

When it encounters an undesired problem, it gives you alerts so that you can make the necessary changes.

Using Graphic Design With Social Media

When social media is an integral part of your business, then images are going to become an integral part of your online marketing plan. It is absolutely imperative that when using any kind of Social Media to represent your business, allimages and infographics you use are 100% clean.

When we say 100% clean, we mean the images need to be of the highest quality. Social media tools such as Facebook are used heavily as a due diligence tool. Having as much positive interaction as possible on your Facebook page will help your businessbuild a well-known and professional brand name within your industry. However, you can do exactly the opposite if you let yourselfdown using subgrade images.

Likes and followers can be gained via services like Fastlikessocial media as well as by using high-qualityimages. Services from Fastlikescan help a post start to gain traction. Traction is important because when a social media post gains traction, it has a much better chance of going viral.

Whether a post or promotion goes viral across the entire world wide web or amongst your loyal Facebook fans, the fact that people can see others liking and sharing images and advertisements that have had a professional digital artist design the graphicsshould be enough to pursaude you that committing a budget to a graphic designers is a must.

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