Why you NEED content marketing for YOUR business [easy guide]

Content marketing for your business

Content Marketing

With the increase in technology and the digital memory efficiently replacing its physical predecessors, the world happens to be quickly changing. The greatest indicator of change can be found in the marketing world. The marketing we see nowadays is a huge departure from what was prevalent just 20 years ago. Instead of using newspapers and billboards, companies are now focusing their marketing resources more on social media marketing. Social media marketing involves utilizing social media avenues to market products. Besides just social media marketing, online marketing on a whole is on a rise, and have been on a while. Everyone is hooked with the digital marketing, and that gives companies an opportunity to reach everyone through just a single post.

Another marketing avenue seeing a rise in the current environment happens to be content marketing. Since this kind of marketing involves the use of lengthy content to hook potential customers, it goes against the fundamentals traditional marketing had been built on. Traditional marketing involved catchy lines and slogans to attract people towards products and services. With the increasing use of large swathes of content and generating value to the target audience, to attract people is becoming a popular method of marketing, the rapid change in the world is evident.

Beyond that, content marketing a great strategy for all kinds of companies. Both huge old companies and small new businesses can use it to their advantage. Letting customers know what you happen to offer in as detail as possible is what hooks people towards your company in this era and using it to your advantage is the way to succeed. To understand its benefits, knowing what content marketing is important.

What is Content Marketing

Unlike devising catchy punch lines or slogans, content marketing is all about writing relevant and thorough content for customers. It happens to be a marketing strategy where detailed, informative, and appealing is created concerning whatever a company has to offer, and is distributed with the idea of attracting potential customers towards the product or service that is being marketed. Instead of being as concise as possible with the idea of pitching what you offer as quickly as possible, with content marketing you aim to let people know as much as possible about what they can get from you.

Content marketing is not an entirely new concept. It has been around for more than almost a century and a half. You might have seen companies releasing magazines concerning their products, especially new ones, where they detailed every single aspect of the respective product. The first ever recorded use of content marketing dates back to 1895 when John Deere started issuing a magazine that educated readers about its tractors. After that, a few other companies followed and started issuing brochures or magazines as well. However, content marketing has remained a niche marketing avenue and has rarely been utilized since then. The sudden importance that has been attached to it of late is certainly a surprise for many. But the importance it has is only because it happens to a great method of marketing in the modern times.


How Is Content Marketing Unique

You might have received information booklets from companies throughout your life. Indeed, companies have been issuing them regularly for quite some time. But the brochures and leaflets you tossed aside back then are not related to content marketing at all. When we look at the description of content marketing, one word that happens to jump straight away is appealing. The brochures and magazines companies normally hand out to let you know about how they have been performing and how many great materials they use in their products is anything but. In content marketing, the information a customer receives has to be relevant to their needs and has to be valuable.

Content marketing, as mentioned above, is about appealing to the customers. By creating content that is valuable and appropriate for the people, you can properly get their attention. That’s what it means to market products and services via content. Producing content with the customer specifically in mind instead of simply crafting content about what your product is. Content marketing involves more personal interaction through content. A failure to do so results in improper marketing that ends up not benefiting your company or your needs at all.


Why Great Content Matters for Marketing

No matter what type of marketing techniques a company normally employs, content is highly important for all companies. Here are some marketing areas that quality content happens to be important in:


  • Social Media Marketing
    Social media marketing is all about getting your message across to people directly. Social media provides a great opportunity for companies as it provides a direct link to people everywhere around the world. Most people nowadays, especially the youth, have accounts across various social media websites and mobile applications. With more than a billion people on just Facebook, and a huge percentage of them logging in to view content every day, the reach provided by social media when it comes to marketing is immense. However, with so much content existing on social media, an uninspiring entry might be subject of a person scrolling past your ad. To make sure you don’t see that, you need to have strong and memorable content that will stick with everyone who glances at it. With high quality content you are bound to not only get the reader’s attention, but have a shot at making them interested in what you have to say as well.


  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
    These days, people prefer to use a search engine to look for everything and anything instead of going to the library or checking out the newspaper. Search engines such as Google and Bing are the most popular webpages on the internet, with hundreds of millions of people opening them every day for all kinds of information. A search engine returns a host of links to webpages that are relevant to what has been searched. These webpages are not random as you might figure them to be. They are sorted in their place by an algorithm that determines the best fit for what the user has searched. Manipulating that algorithm in your favor through special content is called search engine optimization (SEO).SEO involves crafting content in a way that appeals to the search engine’s algorithm and makes it put your webpage above others on the priority list. The content created for SEO needs to be optimized in a certain way to have the desired effect on the algorithm. The optimization involves utilizing keywords and headings to make a more structured piece of writing. The content normally preferred by Google’s search engine happens to be full of details instead of a short piece of writing. As SEO develops with the years, it becomes more and more focused towards well-written pages as opposed to ones filled with keywords. With a focus towards making your content specifically aimed to capture a search engine’s attention, you can market through Google by having your webpage near or close to the top.If your SEO edits go beyond just one page and are focused on each and every page on an independent level, you need to practice some on-page SEO for the greatest success. On-page SEO involves creating each and every web page in a way that would appeal to search engines when the topics related to those web pages are searched. It essentially means that you are optimizing each and every section of your website to appeal to the algorithm in its specific manner and rank your website near the top. On-page SEO hence becomes a very coveted too with its immense benefits in helping your webpages gather more traffic. SEO or on-page SEO, the importance of high quality content becomes clear here.


  • PR (Public Relations)
    This section is unique as it does not get in more customers. Rather, it is aimed towards keeping the old ones happy by engaging them in something thoughtful. By creating content for PR purposes, a company can constantly interact with customers and engage with them in stuff beyond simply business. An online lucky draw or other kind of contests are highly popular. With PR content, a company can create successful PR strategies that directly aim to deal with any and all user problems and issues. Content marketing allows a more focused look at PR, making the company’s relationship with the customers themselves improve and trust increasing between the two.


  • Make PPC Work
    A number of websites all over the internet strive with the PPC system. PPC means pay per click and is a system of internet advertisement where the website hosting the ad is given money for doing so every time an ad is clicked. If done properly it could become a very important tool for many websites and allow them to increase their revenue as well. To make PPC work however, you need to have fantastic content that sells an ad to the people. Wary of spam, malware and viruses, people these days rarely click on internet ads. To make them click on the ads you prefer, compelling them through words is the best way. Hence, if websites want to explore a working source of revenue for themselves, they need to have great content creation.


  • Inbound Marketing
    As mentioned in the SEO section, you can use content marketing to make search engines prefer your website over others. This is called diverting traffic towards the webpages you want, and is knows as inbound traffic. Content marketing thus encompasses inbound marketing as well as it helps divert and control traffic towards your website and leads with the customers as well. It automatically makes your company more successful and increases its chances by giving it more customers and a framework to expand.


  • Content strategy
    Yes, content strategy is not the same as content marketing strategy. We already have an in-depth look at content marketing but content strategy, though sounding similar, happens to be quite different. Content strategy involves the normal publications a company sees during a business year. This includes all magazines, brochures, and other content that is normally published. The influence content marketing can have on this department is immense. By applying the fundamentals of content marketing here, the content strategy takes an entirely new route. It now happens to be more customer focused and becomes far more appealing than before.


The Importance of Content Marketing and Developing a Plan

With the influence of content detailed above in the article, the importance of proper content marketing becomes clear. Content is literally driving everything we see around us. From social media to snippets of audio commercials on the radio, well-organized and well-crafted content is what happens to attract people towards products and services in the modern era. It’s what businesses can use to forge a stronger connection with their customers and develop better relations with them. Not only does it influence the traffic coming in towards your website and business, but it happens to help engage the traffic as well. It is the perfect way to obtain new customers and sustain them.

Of course, to utilize this great tool to the most of its ability, you need to have a thorough content marketing strategy or content marketing plan. A content marketing strategy is the framework that the company follows when it comes to content marketing. This includes any and all content marketing avenues. Everything from social media to traditional ads to company magazines is discussed and laid out specifically in this plan. To make a good content marketing plan, you need to be aware of just what you need to be aware of just how your company can offer the solution to a problem that exists. Furthermore, your content should make people evaluate your services compared to your competitors and look at how what you offer fits their needs more than the rest. Finally, the content should be strong enough to convert those people towards your company and purchase what you have to offer. A focus on these three aspects leads to a successful content marketing plan.


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